Right here, right now. Happy Day 119 of 2021. Rebellion time is over. Deal with it, find yourself a new spot if the sun is not shining anymore where you were used to sunbath. Once again, there are new players in the game and more will come in a few months. “Our world is changing,” they say, again… Right here, right now, be careful, daggers are flying low so make no mistakes when you choose your family. You won’t be forgiven like you won’t be forgotten.
On the menu this week, from Nashville, Tennessee, Ace Austin will face off Josh Alexander in a “rematch” of Rebellion. Taylor Wilde will make her comeback to the Impact Zone against Kimber Lee. W. Morrissey will make his official debut in a singles match. Kenny Omega will also celebrate his big Title win in the ring. So no more words, let’s get ready for some action, but your French Enygma Steph way, of course…


The Nygma’s Chart of the Week

D’Lo Brown and Matt Striker were on commentary. On ‘Before The Impact’, James Storm w/ Chris Sabin defeated Deaner w/ Erin Young, Joe Doering and Rhino.

  • The whole roster was at Scott D’Amore’s door asking for a World Title Match. He said he will address now in the ring. Callis was planning a Zoom celebration with Omega, but D’Amore demanded he shows up in person tonight.

  • In the ring, with all the talents at ringside, EVP Scott D’Amore reminded us we have a new IMPACT World Champion in Kenny Omega. He congratulated Rich Swann and announced the Rebellion match contract had no rematch clause. At Under Siege, there will be a 6-Way Match to determine the new #1 contender for the World Championship. Over the next two weeks, six qualifying matches to determine the participants of the match at Under Siege. D’Amore called Jake Something to the ring first. D’Amore said he has the perfect opponent for him.

  • Under Siege Qualifier Match: Chris Bey defeated Jake Something, with a little help from Rohit Raju.
  • Backstage, Don Callis was on the phone, he advised Omega to just take the jet and pop in to IMPACT. Sami Callihan approached, warning Callis that he is coming after Omega and what’s his, the Impact World Championship.

  • Backstage, Taylor Wilde told Gia Miller how excited she was to be back. Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb approached her. Tenille told Wilde she is looking for a tag team partner. Wilde politely declined her offer, but Tenille and Kaleb weren’t reading it that way.

  • W. Morrissey massacred Sam Beale. He cut a promo before the match, saying in this business, there are bad guys. But the difference between him and the others is that he’ll tell you to your face that he’s a bad guy. He is not afraid to say it and to be it.
  • Backstage, Gia Miller asked Kimber Lee about Taylor Wilde. Kimber Lee was ready to be the first woman to get her hands on the returning Taylor Wilde. The Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo said she is going to watch Lee’s match from the back. Lee and Susan were cool with it. Gia Miller asked if Purrazzo has a trick up her sleeve. Purrazzo was offended she would ask a question like that. “The Virtuosa” corrected her and said she has beaten every Knockout in this division, and she isn’t scared of anyone. Just as she turned around, Havok was standing right in front of her. Both women stared at each other down.

  • Backstage, Willie Mack told Gia Miller how confused he was confused as to why every new guy has to go through him. He wants W. Morrissey at Under Siege.

  • Taylor Wilde defeated Kimber Lee w/ Susan. After the match, Susan attacked Wilde, Tenille came to make the save, Wilde was confused by Tenille’s assistance.
  • Backstage, Gia Miller was asking Scott D’Amore if he had any updates on Kenny Omega’s whereabouts, nope, when Moose interrupted them and told D’Amore he’s the guy to yank the title off of Omega. Moose questioned why he has to go through qualifying matches. He threatened D’Amore as James Storm approached. Storm handed Moose two Jason’s Deli bags as packed lunches for next week’s ass-whooping.

  • Josh Alexander defeated Ace Austin w/ Madman Fulton to retain the X-Division Championship.
  • Backstage, Swinger and Hernandez approached Don Callis who was back on the phone with Kenny Omega. Swinger owed them $20,000 but Callis made a deal with him. Swinger arranged for his man to pick up Omega from the airport.

  • Backstage, Jordynne Grace told Gia Miller that Jazz made the right call to pick Ellering as her partner. Fire ‘N Flava interrupted their interview. They wanted their title rematch at Under Siege.

  • Under Siege Qualifier Match: Matt Cardona defeated Brian Myers. Cardona’s knee was still pretty weak.
  • NJPW’s El Phantasmo is coming to IMPACT next week.
  • Backstage, Violent by Design discussed the word “disappointment.” Despite Deaner losing to James Storm on Before The Impact, they are moving forward and looking towards their future. Rhino from VBD will take part in this qualifier for a shot at the Unified Impact World Championship.

  • Under Siege Qualifier Match: Sami Callihan defeated Eddie Edwards via DQ when Kenny Omega and The Good Brothers attacked Callihan. Don Callis came and said that was a great way to celebrate.

The Nygma’s Nutcracker(s) of the Week

– Chris Bey vs Jake Something

Everyone was at ringside, making the match look like a Lumberjack one. Jake muscled Bey up who flipped out of some dangerous territory. Jake tried to press Bey who reversed it into a sunset flip variation but hit it on the repeat. Bey hung him up in the ropes and delivered an elbow. Bey then sent an elbow, a kick to the back of the head and hit a clothesline from the top. Jake launched Bey setting him up for a big forearm shot.

Jake hit him with a shot to the back but ate a spinning back kick in return. Bey got powerbombed. Jake went for a Black Hole Slam but ate a Code Red. Bey hit the ropes for a cutter but Jake caught him. He popped up with a huge discus lariat. Jake latched the arm and sent him against the ropes but Bey escaped. Jake looked for a Spear but Rohit Raju snatched the leg on the outside. Bey kicked Jake into the corner and rolled him up for the win.

– Josh Alexander vs Ace Austin w/ Madman Fulton

Josh started with relentless pressure but Ace used his speed to take advantage, nailing a bulldog. Ace delivered elbows to the head and the body of a grounded Josh. Ace snatched the wrist and a playing card, delivering a paper cut. Ace hit a double jump hurricanrana from the top and met Josh in the corner with a clothesline. He went for the double jump roundhouse but Josh connected with a Chaos Theory, nice Doug Williams touch. Josh clubbed away at Ace and looked for the Divine Intervention but Ace popped out with a jumping knee. Ace flew in with a kick but got his ankle picked. Ace went off on Josh landing flush with a spinning back kick.

Josh fought back with a huge forearm buying a breather. He followed Ace to the apron where he got backed into the corner. Ace caught Ace on the apron but Ace flipped out. Josh picked him back up and plopped him onto the apron, dropping to the floor. Fulton tried to take out Josh but got sent into the steps. Ace looked for The Fold but ended up with a double springboard kick instead. Ace hit a twisting senton onto the knee of Josh and looked to steal his move. Josh caught Ace from the top, powerbombing him onto his knee and locking an ankle lock to retain.

The Weekly “Enigma For a Nygma”

Some things don’t need an explanation. That was not on the show but I needed to share that one with you…
If Kenny Omega was beating the dinosaurs, we can now easily imagine he is also responsible for the Big Bang…

The Nygma’s Noticeable Facts/Awards of the Week

– Taylor Wilde

Like she said herself, it doesn’t look like she retired 10 years ago. During the 3 years she spent on TNA, from 2008 to 2011, Taylor Wilde was synonymous with honour, success, loyalty. She refused to be the bad girl, played the game until the end, and retired as a former one-time Knockouts Champion and two-time Knockouts Tag Team Champion. At that time, I was used to saying we had Trish Stratus in WWF and Taylor Wilde in TNA. They were beautiful, they were wrestlers and they were trying to exemplify what women are about. Taylor Wilde is back, let’s turn the past into the present because she is beautiful, still a talented wrestler and an example for generations of women.

– El Phantasmo

What a surprise… The 2-time Super J-Cup winner and 2-time former IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champion with Taiji Ishimori, member of the Bullet Club, is coming to Impact Wrestling. I have no specific thoughts on him and his in-ring abilities. I just start to ask myself some questions on how he could whether go for the X-Division belt or against Kenny Omega for the World Title. Between cross-promotional work and loss of identity, the frontier is thinner and thinner…

Under Siege

When I watched the PPV, I was so focused on the Slammiversary date announcement, for strictly personal reasons, I just didn’t realize Under Siege is taking place in just 16 days on Impact Plus. Thankfully, the card is already on the work, with some matches announced and others in the making.

To be eNYGMAtic…

For a post-PPV Fallout episode, it was very good. Action-wise, it was great. Then, Chris Bey is back, Taylor Wilde is back, W. Morrissey is in the house, El Phantasmo is on his way. That’s pretty interesting as the build-up for Under Siege was there. Two weeks is nothing and the company seems to master its game plan. Promo-wise, it was slightly too much but we’re on a build-up phasis so that’s quite normal.
Then comes Kenny Omega. The hype turned into a 2-minute beatdown. Is it what I was expecting from him? Absolutely. The next few weeks, and probably months, will be difficult if we are unable to have the Champion we deserve, I mean a defending IMPACT World Champion. When you want to be hated, that’s exactly what you’re supposed to do.
On this “Nygma is not Supposed to work on French Labour Day” note, until next week (if I want), take care, stay safe, go get vaccinated, watch wrestling, and never EVER forget to stay #eNYGMAtic…

All pics, videos, and screenshots courtesy of Impact Wrestling and AXS TV. Photocollage custom made by @frenchnygma exclusively for @steelchairmag.

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