Welcome back to Paradigm Pro and the UWFI Rules series. We’ve reached the season finale of this second dose of UWFI rules goodness and Paradigm was set to end it with a bang. We had not one but two tag team bouts and four high-impact singles matches to enjoy. Unsigned and Don’t Care would take on the Lost Boys, Freddie Hudson took on Lexus Montez, Big Beef got his next shot at Lord Crewe, Max the Impaler had stepped out of the wastes to take on Alex Kane, Robert Martyr battled Yoya and Matthew Justice ends out another series as the Lifers take on Team Filthy. Let’s get into the action one final time.

The Lost Boys (Hoodfoot & Chase Holliday) defeated Unsigned & Don’t Care (Aaron Williams & Gary Jay) via Straightjacket German Elbow Barrage on Williams

Up first was the first taste of UWFI tag team action. The Lost Boys, Hoodfoot, and Chase Holliday were about to go to war with one of the heaviest hitting teams on the indies, Unsigned and Don’t Care, the unit of Aaron Williams and Gary Jay. Which of these slugging squads would come out on top? Williams scored the first down with a head kick on Holliday, prompting him to tag out. Hoodfoot came in and tanked Williams’ leg kicks to down him with a club. Williams tagged and Jay came at Hoodfoot with hard strikes. Hoodfoot fired back so Jay jumped on his back for a sleeper. Hoodfoot made the ropes and launched Jay with a belly to belly. Jay came back with Muay Thai knees and knocked Hoodfoot off his feet with a palm strike to the ear. He tagged and we got Holliday vs Jay. These two threw bombs at one another with both knocking the other woozy until Jay tanked Holliday’s back-elbow to down him a forearm. Another tag was made and Hoodfoot dumped Jay on his head with a backdrop but Jay popped right back up with a rolling forearm. Both tagged and we got our original duo back. Holliday rushed Williams but Williams dodged and spiked Holliday with a piledriver. Holliday dragged himself to another tag and Hoodfoot met Williams for another gruelling battle of the strikes. Hoodfoot tanked through and dropped Williams on his head with a straightjacket German, then elbowed Williams into submission. The Lost Boys had taken another scalp over two of the heaviest hitters in the indies. This was one hell of an opening match with all the best of striking UWFI bouts. They’re coming for Team Filthy next after their blatant disrespect towards the former Heavy-Hitters champion.

Lexus Montez defeated Freddie Hudson via Kimura Lock

Up next was a good one. The Shooter Freddie Hudson was about to go one-on-one with The Prince of Sport Lexus Montez. These two have very different styles of fighting and were about to unleash those styles on each other. This wasn’t their first rodeo but it was their first battle under UWFI rules. The pair took the fight to the mat and battled for mat control. Hudson tried to fight up but Montez threw him overhead with a German. Hudson fought back into the match and threw Montez with an Overhead Suplex. Montez got to his feet and gave Hudson a Muay Thai knee tour of the ring. He downed Hudson with a head kick and went for the kill but Hudson turned it into an ankle lock. Montez regained control of an arm and tapped out Hudson with a Kimura Lock. Hudson had managed to even the playing field on many an occasion but Montez was just too laser-focused on the win. This had been an excellent little technical showcase that saw Montez get a well-deserved win. Montez told a story to end his match by talking about his fall from grace and how he looked to seek redemption by killing off the Wildheart of a company that hadn’t respected him since he’d arrived.

Lord Crewe defeated Big Beef via TKO

This was going to get nasty. We’ve seen a war between Beef and Crewe in the past with Crewe coming out the winner that time. They opened series one and now they were going to be part of the closing of series two. Beef has been on a killing spree this season but now he was looking to beat the one guy he’s never been able to Lord Crewe. Beef instantly charged Crewe and pummelled him with palm strikes before dragging him off the ropes for a massive Gutwrench Suplex. The two got into a very heavy striking bout as Crewe woke up pissed and Beef dropped him with another Capture Suplex. The striking continued around the ring as the two just tried to kill each other. The pair created some separation but an insult from Crewe sent Beef into a frenzy. Beef launched Crewe with a third vicious Suplex and waited for the ref’s count. Crewe made it to his feet, shook off more hammer blows, and downed Beef with a rolling strike to the back of the head into a sliding forearm. He mounted Beef for more ground and pound until the ref called a stoppage. Beef had come so close to besting his rival but Crewe had held on and used his anger to his advantage to pull out the win. This had been a brutal fight with both guys throwing kill shots for most of the match. Beef was not happy with the result as again; a ref had deemed him unable to continue. Crewe meanwhile is setting his sights on the Heavy-Hitters title.

Yoya defeated Robert Martyr via Armbar (FALL 1)

Robert Martyr defeated Yoya via Headbutt KO (FALL 2)

So, it was time for a battle of the outspoken grapplers. Both guys love to run their mouths and throw hands and I feel like that is what we were about to see here. Yoya and Martyr are both excellent technicians but only one was going to get their hand raised in victory. The pair went from cagey standoff to a mat-based grappling contest as both jockeyed for position. The fight reached the ropes and Martyr caused a reset. Yoya clipped Martyr with a strike, prompting another lock-up that saw both rolling to the outside. instead of a nice clean break though, Yoya elbowed Martyr in the head and snapped his arm in a guardrail. Not to be outdone, Martyr slammed Yoya into the guardrail and rolled back inside cradling his arm. Once both were back in the ring, the ref administered a warning and both went back to fighting. Martyr took down Yoya again and drove his knees into his midsection. Yoya went after the arm and Martyr accidentally tapped. He disputed this with the ref but the decision had been made. Yoya had it overturned and the match restarted. We got another standoff and Yoya knocked Martyr loopy with a roundhouse kick. Martyr regained consciousness and caught another kick into an Overhead Suplex. He followed up with a Butterfly Suplex and punt-kicked Yoya in the ribs. The strikes came out again and Yoya crushed Martyr with a double stomp. He went back to smacking Martyr in the head and Martyr tried for Lock Jaw. Yoya reversed into a Judo Throw but Martyr was back up and KO’ed Yoya with a headbutt. Yoya’s generosity had bitten him in the arse as Martyr was able to throw himself into a win. This had been another nasty little bout with a lot of attitudes. With one good arm and a mic, Martyr called out the UWFI Samurai, AKIRA, in a very impassioned promo. Will he get his wish?

Alex Kane defeated Max the Impaler via German Suplex into Rear-Naked Choke

You have to be a very special type of fighter to challenge Max the Impaler. You either have to be very brave, very self-assured, or very stupid. It takes guts to not only challenge them after they had just bested one of the submission specialists but to be damn sure you’d beat them. That’s exactly what Alex Kane had done and now, he had to back it up. Would the warrior from the wastes claim him as another victim or was Max about to get all of that work? Max instantly charged and fought through a grappling bout to club Kane into a German. They stood tall over Kane as they had just hit the Suplex Assassin with a lethal Suplex. Kane found his feet and took Max to the mat. Max fought up and avoided a second German attempt before headbutting Kane into a Belly to Belly. Kane found his feet again, rocked Max with a forearm, and dumped them into the mat with a belly to belly. The straps came down and Kane launched Max with a German and made sure they were asleep with a Rear-Naked Choke. Despite Kane’s UWFI record, this has to be considered an upset. Not only did he survive Max’s lethal suplexes and strike, but he also put them to sleep. That is a very big statement to make. The Suplex Assassin is definitely a killer and even Max respected that. Kane took the post-match promo time to run down Isaiah Broner once again. Broner came out and proved that Kane wouldn’t be able to Suplex him. The roster broke them up. That match happens at Terminal Combat.

The Lifers (Matthew Justice & Bobby Beverly) defeated Team Filthy (Filthy Tom Lawlor & Dominic Garrini w/Matt Makowski) via Knee Drop KO on Lawlor

Last but not least was the main event. The Lifers were back for a one-night-only performance against the villains of this series, Team Filthy. Matthew Justice and Bobby Beverly were out to knock Team Filthy out and now they had a chance under tag team UWFI rules. These two were about to have the longest epic of the series. Beverly started and instantly dropped Garrini with a Saito. Two more followed as Beverly tossed Garrini like he was a ragdoll. Garrini tagged out and Lawlor wanted Justice. Justice obliged and trapped Lawlor in a grounded headlock, throwing in a gator roll for good measure. Lawlor got the upper hand so Justice grabbed the ropes to cut him off. The fight broke to the mat again and Justice tried for a Guillotine but Lawlor used the position to hit some nasty strikes. Lawlor got on a standing Guillotine but Justice tripped him back to the mat and tried for another choke. Justice used the ropes again to avoid being locked up and we got another standing striking bout into a lock-up. Lawlor looked to be succeeding in locking up Justice again so Justice bit him. Lawlor tagged out in outrage so Justice taunted him on the way out and got into a grappling match with Garrini. Justice used another rope break and made the tag to Beverly. Garrini tossed Beverly with a German and Beverly went for leg kicks but had his Saito reversed into a Guillotine. Beverly turned it into a full-mount for elbows but Garrini quickly countered again into a Rear-Naked choke. Beverly broke out again and went back to elbowing Garrini but Garrini went after the arm, then his leg. Justice assisted Beverly but it still cost his team a point.

Beverly made the tag and Justice was back in the battle. Garrini tried to bait Justice in but it didn’t work and the pair battled over leg locks. Justice stomped free and slid back into the guard to what looked like, crush Garrini’s head. Garrini regained control and looked for a double-wrist lock. The pair continued to roll through holds and chokes until Garrini locked on a triangle. Justice couldn’t powerbomb free but Garrini tried for an arm breaker and Justice was able to knee free. Both guys tagged and we got Beverly vs Lawlor. Lawlor quickly locked Beverly up and trapped him in a double leg lock. The pair struck it out and Lawlor kicked out Beverly’s leg before smacking him in the temple. Lawlor tried to keep up the pressure but Beverly knocked him down with a block and the pair both tagged. Garrini and Justice went into another cagey strike bout and Garrini to the fight to the mat to knee Justice in the head. Justice trapped Garrini in a head-scissor and struck Garrini back when he tried to shift position. Garrini launched him with a German but Justice was able to tag just as he got thrown. Beverly tried for a surprise Saito but Garrini turned it into a choke. Both knocked the other down and both tagged. Lawlor beat the hell out of Justice and both guys got hurt by kicks. Justice took out Lawlor with a spear and dropped the knees to get the win. Justice had just picked up a win over Filthy Tom Lawlor. Talk about another upset. This is the second UWFI season Justice has ended as the final victor. This had been a 16-minute epic that saw everyone shine and Lawlor fall to the UWFI Wildcard. The show ended with a three-way standoff between the Lost Boys, The Lifers, and Team Filthy. This division is far from done. See you soon for Terminal Combat and the Middleweight Grand Prix.

All images courtesy of Paradigm Pro, MySkewedView

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