Welcome back to ChocoPro wrestling. Golden Week continued with our second show of the week as the Chocolate Square was blessed with two new debuts and three new matches. After Pencil Army and the Best Bros/Egg Tarts alliance tore the studio up yesterday, we’ll see the Best Bros try to keep their winning streak going against the FREEDOMS Tag Champions Minoru Fujita and Rina Yamashita, Waka Tsukiyama teams up with the woman that terrorised her, Chie Koishikawa against Sayuri and Emi Sakura and in our opening contest, Tokiko Kirihara welcomes AWG’s Yuko Sakurai to the company. Let’s get into the action.

Tokiko Kirihara defeated Yuko Sakurai via Hanging Cobra Twist

Up first was a warm ChocoPro welcome for ActWres Girlz Yuko Sakurai. She was making her way to Ichigaya and her debut match would be against the submission specialist, Tokiko Kirihara. Would Sakurai get the big win in her debut or would Kirihara put a stop to those dreams? The pair started technically as both battled over wrist control and grounded head control. They reached a stalemate and Sakurai threw Kirihara by her hair. In retaliation, Kirihara used Sakurai’s hair for a straightjacket. Both women bounced off the wall and Sakurai locked in a head-scissor. Kirihara picked a leg and trapped Sakurai in the Figure-Four. The pair kept reversing the pressure and a break was finally forced. They traded abdominal stretches and Kirihara threw Sakurai at the camera for a roll-up. Both women tried for slams and Sakurai ducked a clothesline into a Cobra Twist. She rolled up Kirihara and rushed her with a dropkick into a sleeper. Kirihara bounced her off the wall and slammed her into the mat, then climbed to the top for the dancing foot stomp. Sakurai reversed a second wall whip and hit Kirihara with a wall-trapped back elbow into a shoulder block. She charged again but Kirihara tossed her away with a Judo throw. Sakurai kicked out but Kirihara turned this kick out into an armbar. Sakurai tried some desperation roll-ups and charged again but Kirihara swept her into a deadlift Cobra Twist. Sakurai tried to escape but Kirihara pulled up her legs and left Sakurai hanging, forcing her to tap. Sakurai had had a great first showing and took the loss as a lesson. Hopefully, we’ll see her back again as she has a nice fighting style that lends itself well to the Chocolate Square.

Emi Sakura & Sayuri defeated Chie Koishikawa and Waka Tsukiyama via La Magistral on Tsukiyama

The second match of the show was the tag team debut for the alliance between former foes, Waka Tsukiyama and Chie Koishikawa. They had bonded after the match and were most likely going to be evil on purpose (thank you Akki. Their opponents, Emi Sakura and Sayuri. One is a ninja, the other wishes she was but somehow, they make a pretty good unit. Which team would have their hand raised at the end of all this? Sayuri and Koishikawa started things where Sayuri stopped Koishikawa going on a run and nearly scored the win with a quick roll-up. The pair tagged and Tsukiyama got a shot at the boss. Both dragged the other to a wall and Sakura tried to break Tsukiyama’s shoulder. Sakura choked her out against the wall and injured her own shoulder dropping an elbow on Tsukiyama’s leg. Tsukiyama locked on a choke and flattened Sakura with a crossbody. She tagged and Koishikawa hit the rolling leg drop into the Bow and Arrow. The pair trapped Sakura in a sleeper/half-crab and Sakura blocked Tsukiyama from throwing her by the hair. She grabbed Tsukiyama by the hair and Tsukiyama hit her in the throat. Sakura blocked a slam and taunted Tsukiyama so Tsukiyama just yanked on her hair. Koishikawa took over and tried to snap Sakura around but Sakura cut her off and snapped her over into a stomp.

Koishikawa swam to safety and tagged again, bringing in Tsukiyama. She tried to slug it out with Sakura but Sakura just cut her off with a devastating chop. Sayuri came in and kept the trend going with a full clip of Kunai edge chops before hitting the rolling wall slams. Tsukiyama blocked a slam and the pair played snapmare ping pong with Sayuri. Demon Chie came out and chased Sayuri into the cameraman, where she delivered a soul-stealing chop. Tsukiyama mimicked it by smashing in Sayuri’s chest with soul-crushing forearms. Sayuri caught Koishikawa off guard with a Crucifix and lit her up with more Kunai edge chops. She tried the slam again but couldn’t muscle Koishikawa up so Sakura held her for the spinning knee drop. Tsukiyama saved Koishikawa from the Bow and Arrow and tried to make Sayuri tap with a double armbar. The Devils trapped Sayuri in an elevated stretch but Sakura made the save and Sayuri unleashed even more chops, then booted her down with a Yakuza kick. Sakura did the same but Koishikawa dodged the backbreaker and threw with an arm-drag. The muffler came next and the Devils hit dual dropkicks. Koishikawa hit the diving X chop forcing Sayuri to make the save. Tsukiyama locked on Devil Horns and Koishikawa aided her in turning it into a Romero Special. Sayuri made the save again but it didn’t help as Sakura ate the body slam. Sakura tanked it though and hit Tsukiyama with the twisting facebuster. Sayuri rolled her through and Sakura ended the match with La Magistral. Koishikawa and Tsukiyama had worked incredibly well as a team but it just hadn’t been enough. This match rocked and both teams should be proud.

Best Bros (Baliyan Akki & Mei Suruga) vs Minoru Fujita & Rina Yamashita ends in a 20-minute draw

Last but not least, the main event. FREEDOMS met ChocoPro as Minoru Fujita finally introduced his FREEDOMS tag champ partner Rina Yamashita to the Chocolate Square. She wasn’t getting an easy welcome though as she would be facing the Best Bros, the Asia Dream tag champions. It was time for a tag team battle of the titans. Suruga started the action against Yamashita and the pair locked up. Yamashita tossed Suruga aside on the first one and pushed her into Fujita with the second where the pair tried to intimidate her. Suruga fought back by twisting up Yamashita’s hair and arm, then tried for the window-sill arm-drag but Yamashita turned it into her own arm-drag and out-scared Suruga. Suruga compensated by scaring Fujita and getting the arm-drag on the second attempt. Both reluctantly tagged out and Akki went back to war with Fujita. They went into a technical exchange but it didn’t last as Yamashita attacked from behind and the pair took him out with a double shoulder tackle. Suruga tried to make the save but Fujita booted her down and prepared to slam Yamashita onto her… and completely missed. Best Bros took the pair out with wall-run cross-bodies and Akki threw Suruga into a double stomp on Fujita. Best Bros locked both Unchain members in submissions and Akki pulled Suruga out of the bridging Deathlock to deliver a backsplash. Fujita narrowly avoided the Namaste Stretch so Akki elbowed him down and applied a nasty Deathlock. This abuse continued as Akki locked him up again and Suruga ran over Akki with double stomps. Suruga crushed him in the window and used ref Sakura to hold the window as she delivered a double chop. She hurt her hands so she tagged out and watched Akki continued to pummel Fujita against the window. A backbreaker followed and Suruga trapped Fujita on the mat as Akki delivered a splash chain. Yamashita saved Fujita from the Spider and Fujita kneed Akki in the head before tagging out. Yamashita came in pissed and crushed both Best Bros against the wall. A basement dropkick followed for a two-count and Akki ducked a lethal lariat to land another backbreaker. Yamashita fought out of a Suplex and nailed the lariat on a second attempt.

Fujita tagged in and a slugfest erupted. He stunned Akki with knees and dodged the wall-run head kick to deliver a backsplash. A second slugfest broke out but this time Yamashita got involved and threw both Akki and Fujita out of the window. She locked the window and we saw the pair fighting through the frosted glass. As those two fought in the street, Yamashita dragged Suruga outside and chopped her into the gap between the wall and front window. Sakura watched through the sponsor signs as Suruga was brutalised. The fight finally returned inside and Akki started kicking back. He threw Suruga into Fujita for the rolling Swanton and tied up Yamashita for the wall-run double stomp. Suruga ran Fujita into the wall and bounced him off it with a dropkick. Fujita fought free of Lucifer and the double-team backbreaker, then Unchain broke Suruga with a double-team backbreaker. Yamashita slammed Suruga’s head off the mat and wall, then winded her with a wall-trapped lariat. She tried to lock on a Rear-Naked Choke but Suruga quickly escaped and accidentally took out Sakura spinning Suruga into a second choke. Fujita attacked Akki with a chair and passed it up to Yamashita who took herself out trying to hit a chair splash on Suruga. She tripped Yamashita into a roll-up and into a wall slam but couldn’t keep her down so Akki hit a wall-run double chop and threw her into the Propellor pin. Fujita made the save and dropped Suruga onto Yamashita’s boots. She followed up with a diving splash but Akki was ready to make the save.

Chaos erupted as both teams fought to beat the clock but couldn’t get the other down. Unchain hit a trio of kill moves as they hit a spear, dual thrust kicks, and a sliding lariat but it was just not enough. Just as Yamashita was about to hit Splash Mountain, the bell rang and the match was called a draw. Both teams had beaten the hell out of one another and probably would have gladly gone for another 20 minutes. It was a great first showing for Yamashita and hopefully one of what should be many appearances for Unchain in ChocoPro. I hope they become Best Bros next big rivalry. Especially since Akki wanted to propose a title vs title match and Suruga couldn’t stop pulling people’s hair. Golden Week will continue tomorrow with another three-match show with another new debut. Another AWG member makes her debut as Rina Amikura takes on Mei Suruga, Yuko Sakurai battles Chie Koishikawa and SAKI returns to team with Baliyan Akki against Emi Sakura and Chon Shiryu. Let the good times keep on rolling with ChocoPro.

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move, Mei Suruga, Sayuri, FlyingVTrigger Video courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube

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