Welcome back to ChocoPro Wrestling. We’re at show three of Golden Week and with that, we have a new debut and two returns of ChocoPro favourites. Across today’s three matches we’ll see, Yuko Sakurai return for her second day to battle Chie Koishikawa, Mei Suruga fights the newly debuting AWG fighter Rina Amikura and Baliyan Akki resurrects his team with SAKI to take on the horrifying unit of Emi Sakura and Chon Shiryu. The action is showing no signs of slowing down so neither is the writing. Let’s get into the action.

Yuko Sakurai defeated Chie Koishikawa via Bridging Suplex

Up first was the next match for Yuko Sakurai as she looked to pick up a ChocoPro win. She’d lost to Tokiko Kirihara but she’d been given another chance against the Hyperactive Chopping Machine, Chie Koishikawa. With Koishikawa going on quite the winning spree at the moment, was Sakurai about to even out her win/loss column, or was she about to fall to those lethal chops? They started with a lock-up and went into a battle of wrist control. Koishikawa took Sakurai on a run and Sakurai tried to choke the energy out of Koishikawa with a headlock into a head-scissor. Koishikawa escaped and tried to make Sakurai give up by locking up her legs. The bow and arrow followed and Sakurai had to roll away from Demon Chie. Alas, she couldn’t escape and Koishikawa gave Sakurai a soul-crushing chop. Koishikawa dragged her across the mat and locked in a Crab but Sakurai escaped. She dodged another chop and pointed Koishikawa at the camera for a roll-up. She trapped Koishikawa in the Cobra Twist and flattened her with a wall splash. Koishikawa chopped back and locked Sakurai in a Guillotine. Sakurai ate more chops but she dodged the Diving X Chop only got dropkicked against the wall. A roll-up battle broke out and Sakurai blocked the muffler and another demon chop into another pin attempt. Sakurai nailed Koishikawa with a dropkick and finished her off with a Bridging Suplex. This was a packed little match with Sakurai having an answer for most of Koishikawa’s deadliest weapons. She’d gotten her record back in order and beaten one of ChocoPro’s fastest rising stars.

Mei Suruga defeated Rina Amikura via Propellor Pin

Next was the big debut of Rina Amikura. Suruga claims she doesn’t like loud opponents so Amikura was in for a rough time against her, especially since Suruga had threatened to break her voice box. This attitude leaked into the action as Amikura sang her own entrance as Suruga was shushing her from the sidelines. The match started with Amikura showing her power advantage over Suruga as she dragged her around the mat and tried to crush her into the mat. She flattened Suruga further with a falling splash but missed a second and tuned up the ChocoPro choir to annoy Suruga. She hit Amikura with a mimic of her splash and ran across her with a chain of double stomps. Amikura forearmed back and tried to charge but Suruga dropkicked her into the tables. Suruga threw her into the wall and geared up for more punishment but Amikura screamed at her. Suruga clamped a hand over her mouth and tried to choke Amikura out. Akki dragged her off and told her to behave so she hit Amikura with the wall-run double chop and twisted up an arm and her neck. She tried to shut Amikura up again and took another sickening forearm. Amikura started a slugfest, then put Suruga down with a shoulder block. She hit another big splash and climbed to the top but got pushed out the window by Suruga. She snapped Amikura off the window-sill and crushed her throat in the door, again earning more admonishment from Akki. Amikura burst into song once again and forearmed Suruga when she tried to interrupt. She put Suruga in a half crab without going off-key and got taken for the ride when Suruga countered her follow-up slam into the window-sill arm-drag.

Suruga assaulted Amikura against the wall and trapped her in the bridging Deathlock. Amikura threw her off into the wall and smashed her against it with a Canadian-Style slam. She flattened Suruga again with a senton and dodged both the wall-run double stomp and Super Mei Punch. Amikura pounced Suruga into the wall and dumped her into the mat with a Gutwrench Suplex. Suruga prevented her from climbing to the top and dragged her into Lucifer but couldn’t seal the deal as Amikura escaped. The wall-run double stomp followed and she trapped Amikura in the Propellor Pin for the win. Wow did this match show off Suruga’s evil side. She really had tried to break Amikura’s neck throughout the match in an effort to silence the singing. Amikura had proved to be a powerhouse fighter her and hopefully, she’ll be back again against more stiff competition. Just please don’t let her tag with Trans-Am Hiroshi.

Baliyan Akki & SAKI defeated Emi Sakura & Chon Shiryu via Namaste Suplex on Sakura

Last but not least, the main event. The Curly Crazies were back as SAKI and Akki were tagging in ChocoPro once again. It was a happy reunion but they would be battling a sadistic unit in Emi Sakura and Chon Shiryu. Suruga was refereeing the match too; would she make him pay for interfering in her fun with Amikura? SAKI and Sakura started this action with a frantic strike-fest with SAKI blasting Sakura with a boot and Sakura scoring a knockdown with a shoulder tackle. They tagged and Shiryu got the better of Akki with a misdirection wall trip. The pair went counter crazy and both nearly scored a quick win with roll-ups. Shiryu and Sakura attacked during a standoff and hit Akki with nasty trapped chops. They did the same to SAKI with trapped throat thrusts until she dodged and sent Sakura into Shiryu. Akki chopped Sakura away and tried for a double Namaste Stretch with SAKI but Sakura spoiled the fun. She was swatted away again and Akki held Shiryu in place for SAKI’s double chop. She did the same for Akki as Shiryu started to regret signing on for this match. He raked SAKI’s eyes but couldn’t capitalise as he ran straight into a body slam and boot. Akki landed a chain of splashes but it backfired the final time as Sakura jumped on him. He shook this off and trapped Shiryu in another posing submission. He dropped knees on Shiryu’s chest and tagged out, holding Shiryu in place so SAKI could splash him. SAKI trapped Shiryu in another stretch and Akki posed beside them. She transitioned it to a Camel Clutch but Sakura broke the hold and Shiryu caught her with a headlock takeover into a dropkick. He tagged and Sakura turned her attention to SAKI’s shoulder. Sakura splashed the arm against the wall and tried for a Cross-Armbreaker out of an underhook. SAKI tried to fight free and Suplex Sakura but Sakura turned it into the Twisting Facebuster.

Shiryu saved her from a retaliation surfboard and worked with Sakura to throw both of them into the wall. Sakura whipped Shiryu into We Will Rock You and tagged out. Shiryu lit up Saki with palm strikes and tanked a wall whip to trip her through the window. He used Suruga as a stepping stone for a step-up window kick and tried for the diving Yakuza kick but SAKI dodged and Akki threw him down for SAKI’s handstand splash and dropped a diving knee. Shiryu and Akki went for another round of countering and Akki crippled Shiryu with a backbreaker. The Spider followed and Akki nailed a Swanton but couldn’t follow up as Sakura trapped him on the sink. Shiryu brought him down with a Frankensteiner and Sakura sent him into the mat with a Chop-line. Akki tried to boot back so she sent him into the wall again with a Hurricanrana and Shiryu used both Sakura and SAKI as stepping stones for another dropkick. Shiryu gave Akki a head kick into Sakura’s La Magistral but SAKI made the save and Akki thrust kicked her in the face again. They both took out Shiryu with a head kick TKO and finished the match with a Namaste Suplex on Sakura. This was another frantic tag affair with the Curly Crazies getting a big return win and got to watch as Sakura and Shiryu fell out. Sakura attacked everyone with throat thrusts post-match but Akki put a stop to this with more kicks. Sakura lives to double-cross and that’s what she did here. Meanwhile, time apart didn’t seem to dampen SAKI and Akki’s teamwork as they worked almost flawlessly together. Next up in the Golden Week chain of shows is a full show of singles matches. We’ll see Trans-Am Hiroshi celebrate his 10th anniversary with a match against Baliyan Akki, Lulu Pencil battles Sayaka and Kaori Yoneyama will go to war with Sayuri. ChocoPro #113 looks to be the most unpredictable yet so come back soon to read all about it.

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move, Chie Koishikawa, FlyingVTrigger Video courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube

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