Welcome back to ChocoPro Wrestling. It’s day four of Golden Week and time for another celebration. This episode will house the tenth-anniversary celebration match of the Yoga-powered Operatic warrior Trans-Am Hiroshi. He will face off against Baliyan Akki in a match that is sure to leave everyone confused and amused. Alongside that, we’ll see Sayuri try to withstand the rampant chaos of Kaori Yoneyama and Lulu Pencil look to rebound from the heart-breaking fallout with Chris Brookes by beating Sayaka. It was time for fights, fury, and unexpected musical numbers. Let’s get into it.

Kaori Yoneyama defeated Sayuri via Wall Slam Roll-Up

The show opened with a dose of chaos. Kaori Yoneyama was back and she was bringing the fun against the ChocoPro Ninja, Sayuri. It was going to be a battle of veteran chaos vs Ninja Magic as Sayuri looked to get a win over someone as high up as Yoneyama. This match could go anywhere given who was in it. The duo started with duelling chants with Yoneyama being the clear favourite despite Sayuri’s best efforts. They battled over wrist control and Sayuri launched Yoneyama with a dropkick after Yoneyama tried to break her fingers. Yoneyama threw her by the hair and locked her in a Camel Clutch after more hair pulling. Sakura wouldn’t allow the hair pulling and also stopped Yoneyama from raking Sayuri’s face during the clutch. They stopped to compare Ninja garb and techniques before busting out a guitar for a musical number. It turns out Sayuri is rather good at playing guitar. Sayuri won the music contest so Yoneyama threw a fit, hijacking the camera and throwing Masa Takanashi at Sayuri. She gave everyone a first-person view of the Sayuri beatdown and Sayuri started a chop battle. Yoneyama hit her in the gut and tried to charge her against the wall but Sayuri dodged and took Yoneyama to the mat with the wall-run takeover. She locked on a Sleeper in the window and ran through the other to nail the Yakuza Kick. The pair fought over a body slam until Sayuri overpowered Yoneyama and drove her into the mat with her first-ever successful body slam.

She spent too much time celebrating so Yoneyama attacked back. Sayuri countered another slam attempt into a small package and blasted Yoneyama with the rolling wall slams. She tried for a Crucifix but Yoneyama kicked out, bounced Sayuri off the wall, and won with a folding roll-up. Yoneyama had stolen the victory after an amazing performance from Sayuri. The ChocoPro Ninja had fallen today but every match she’s in continues to show her improvement. Yoneyama was the craftier fighter today and earned a musical version of her theme song from Hiroshi.

Sayaka defeated Lulu Pencil via Bridging Suplex

Up next, a battle for redemption as Lulu Pencil looked to give it her all once again against a new opponent. It’s been a tough time for Pencil and now she was ready to rebound and try to pick up a win over Sayaka. It’s been a roller coaster for Sayaka since she’s returned, was Pencil about to derail that ride? They started fast as Sayaka overpowered Pencil and Pencil tried to roll Sayaka up, then tap her out. Pencil went for the Figure-Four but she forgot how to apply it and Sayaka kicked her away. Sayaka locked in the bow and arrow and tried to squeeze the life out of Pencil with a body scissor. Pencil stabbed free but missed a Stabber and got stomped back down. Sayaka locked on the Camel Clutch and tried for a crab but Pencil stabbed free again, jabbing her in the head after a pin attempt. Pencil landed the back elbow drop and crushed Sayaka with a Stabber. She hit a second Stabber to her back and started a slugfest. Sayaka dropped Pencil with a forearm so Pencil hit her in the throat. She tried to pull that trick again but Sayaka lifted Pencil’s arms and slugged her in the chest. Sayaka locked on the Crab and stepped over Pencil to climb up the window. Pencil kicked Sayaka out of the window with a handspring kick and chopped away at her when she got stuck on the window frame coming back in. She tried to stab up Sayaka with giant pencils but Sakura forbade her from doing so. Sayaka reversed her wall whip and smashed into Pencil with a wall-trapped forearm. She splattered Pencil against the wall again with a dropkick and tried for a slam but Pencil turned it into a small package. Pencil continued the pin attempts but couldn’t keep Sayaka down for three.

The pair battled over a backslide and Pencil nailed another Stabber to Sayaka’s throat. Pencil attempted to win with clotheslines and La Magistral but still couldn’t keep Sayaka down. Pencil climbed to the top and nailed the diving Stabber but it still wasn’t enough. She dropped another back elbow and tried for another clothesline but Sayaka dodged, hammered Pencil with a forearm, and won with the Bridging Suplex. Pencil had once again given it her all and had Sayaka on the ropes for so much of this match but just couldn’t get the job done. She didn’t quit, she was just trapped in something she couldn’t kick out of. Much like Sayuri, you can see the improvement across her matches. Pencil Army continues to hold strong.

Trans-Am Hiroshi defeated Baliyan Akki via Fake Peace Roll-up

Last but not least, the main event. It was time for a celebration. Trans-Am Hiroshi had reached his tenth year in wrestling and he was celebrating it with a match against Baliyan Akki. He was rocking a very unique look and was ready to show Akki the ways of yoga and vocalised weaponry. For Akki, Hiroshi was just reminding him of home. They started with a very limber technical exchange and battled over wrist and head control. Akki broke off the exchange with a mat slam, then went back to trying to break Hiroshi’s wrist, locking on the Namaste Stretch. Hiroshi found his zen in the stretch so he wasn’t hurting, he was relaxing and about to burst into song. Akki cut him off with gut punches but this wasn’t enough to stop the power of opera. Akki went gut-punch wild and slammed Hiroshi into the mat to stop the singing. Akki wrapped up the legs and tried to tap out Hiroshi with a stretch but again Hiroshi burst into song. He transitioned to a single-leg crab but the song lived on. Akki continued to get angrier as his offence was met with more opera. Even with his whole body wrapped up in a knot, Hiroshi found the energy to sing. The Spider knocked the wind out of Hiroshi and Akki dropped him across his knee for a backbreaker. Akki dropped a knee and repeatedly splashed his legs, trying to break every limb. He applied the Deathlock but Hiroshi still wouldn’t quit. He signalled for the end with the Namaste Splash but once again Hiroshi burst into song. Akki flattened him with a Swanton and leapt up to the sink for another Namaste Splash but again he was cut off by the power of song. Now Akki had seriously lost his temper and struck Hiroshi in the throat. Hiroshi kept on singing so Akki hit him with a double thrust and tried to choke him out but Hiroshi still sang on and earned another pummelling.

Things got taken to another level when Akki jammed Hiroshi in the throat with his tag title belt and Sakura had to step in and stop him actually killing Hiroshi as the others tended to him. Hiroshi meditated and stopped Akki in his tracks once again with his most powerful voice blast yet. He took out Akki with clotheslines and jabs before downing him with a superkick. He trapped Akki in an abdominal stretch and calmed him by singing Amazing Grace. They stopped fighting and Hiroshi took the win with a sneaky roll-up. That anger was straight back and Akki gave Hiroshi another battering for betraying his trust. Hiroshi had won his anniversary match but it had been a battle of survival and cunning. They both made up at the end and enjoyed a mug of Chai tea together, wishing the best to India. I promise you you’re never going to see a main-event quite like that again. Tomorrow, we close out Golden week with three more high-impact matches. There’ll be a battle of devils as Waka Tsukiyama battles the boss Emi Sakura, Washoi chants return as Sayaka battles Ayumi Hayashi and Best Bros take on the good friends team of SAKI and Sayaka Obihiro. Let’s close this madcap marathon in style!

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move, Sayuri, Emi Sakura, FlyingVTrigger, Video courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube

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