Some people would think that hitting 63 years old and having a career steeped in politics and exploding deathmatches would be enough for them. For Atsushi Onita that is not the case. As yesterday was FMW day, celebrating the anniversary of his first foray booking a company, Onita held a press conference announcing the formation of a new company dedicated to explosive deathmatches.

FMW-E is Atsushi Onita’s new company dedicated to the global distribution of electric current explosion matches. In the announcement press conference (transcribed through Yahoo Jp), Onita explained:

“The meaning of E is Explosion. It is an explosion. It is an organization specializing in hardcore that is said in the world. There is a request to see an electric current blast in the United States, and we are doing an electric current blast all over the world”

This could directly tie in with the current Exploding Barbed-Wire Time Bomb deathmatch that main evented AEW’s Revolution PPV recently between Jon Moxley and Kenny Omega and the hype it received. Onita had given his blessing for the match and expressed a desire to bring his brand of explosive violence to the US.

The company’s first show will be held at the Tsurumi Fruit and Vegetable Market in Yokohama City on July 4th. The date was consciously picked to tie in with American Independence Day. Through the company’s Twitter account we’ve learned that these FMWE shows will be distributed to North America, Europe, and Asia as well as its native Japan for a price of 1000 Yen or £6.60. More details are sure to follow about streaming and tickets. So far, the only confirmed event is the Independence Day Explosion Match.

With Onita’s era of FMW being remembered so fondly and being so influential at the time, we could see FMW-E become a big player in the wrestling market. Onita and his co-director Hidetaka Kajiki are aware of this and are trying to mix the old style of FMW with entertainment.

“Because of this era, I would like you to feel the power from FMW by returning to the origin.”

You can be sure as more details emerge of this upstarting Explosion and Hardcore company, we here at SteelChair will keep you updated. The entire press conference can be watched below as well as viewing the company’s site here. There has already been an outcry of interest from the wrestling world so hopefully, more details will be soon to follow.

All images courtesy of FMW-E Twitter, Video courtesy of FMW-E YouTube,