Welcome back to ChocoPro Wrestling. It’s the grand ending of the Golden Week marathon. Five days, five shows, and now, five reviews. We’ve seen some crazy matches along the way and now, we were going to end it with another trio of hard-hitting bouts. Waka Tsukiyama got her biggest test yet against the boss Emi Sakura, Ayumi Hayashi returns to spread Wasshoi joy against Sayaka and we get another chaotic tag team finale as the Best Bros battle the good friends when Baliyan Akki and Mei Suruga take on SAKI and Sayaka Obihiro. Let’s get into the last stop of this madcap marathon.

Emi Sakura defeated Waka Tsukiyama via Romero Stretch

We started with a battle of devils. Waka Tsukiyama, the devilish newcomer to ChocoPro was facing her toughest test and toughest chops yet, Emi Sakura. Both fighters aren’t afraid of getting evil so there was a distinct likelihood things were going to get ugly in this one. Sakura has been plagued by back and shoulder pain which could just give Tsukiyama an opening to victory. They opened with a shoving battle and went into an exchange of wrist-locks. Tsukiyama broke the rules first by yanking Sakura’s hair so Sakura promptly did the same to Tsukiyama. Sakura applied a chin lock and Tsukiyama tried for a slam. Sakura’s back gave out, causing her to fall to the floor. Tsukiyama sensed blood like a shark and instantly went for a Boston Crab. Sakura threw her off and did the same, locking in a deeper Crab. More hair pulling forced a break and Sakura stomped down Tsukiyama’s back. Tsukiyama escaped the underhook and tried for Devil Horns but Sakura fell against the wall. This didn’t stop Tsukiyama though as she still bent up Sakura’s arms and tried to break her already damaged shoulder. She snapped Sakura an English lesson whilst trapping her in a double armbar, punishing her whenever she got a pronunciation wrong. She tried to use the lesson to make Sakura give up but Sakura refused and fought her way free. She gave Tsukiyama a kicking and repeating those English phrases back at her. She tried for a wall whip but Tsukiyama reversed it and dropkicked Sakura into the wall. She delivered a second dropkick to Sakura’s shoulder and climbed to the top.

She tried for another submission but Sakura threw her off. She tried to forearm Sakura down but Sakura just planted her into the mat with the twisting facebuster. Sakura went for La Magistral but Tsukiyama countered into a Hammerlock Splash. She finally locked on Devil Horns and reapplied it from the window. They fought over roll-ups and Sakura downed Tsukiyama with a chest-bruising chop. She dragged Tsukiyama into the Romero Stretch and made her quit. Tsukiyama had definitely left her mark on Sakura but based on the aftermath of that chop Sakura left a whole handprint. This had been an amazing little match with Tsukiyama really getting to show off her varied arsenal and intensity. Sakura brought the best out of her before crushing her dreams of victory. Tsukiyama continues to be one of the best new additions to the roster and I only hope she keeps making return trips.

Ayumi Hayashi defeated Sayaka via Wasshoi Stretch

Next up was the return of the Wasshoi chants. Ayumi Hayashi was back in ChocoPro and her next opponent would be Sayaka. This might just be Sayaka’s trickiest test as it is someone she has never fought before. Was she about to get the upset win of the season so far by silencing the power of Wasshoi? They too opened with a technical battle and both scored surprises with cartwheels and roll-ups. They reset with a test of strength which Sayaka won and Hayashi got her vengeance with multiple snapmares. Sayaka fought off the Wasshoi dance and trapped Hayashi in a body scissor. Hayashi broke free and forced Sayaka to dance. She smashed Sayaka into the floor and locked on a Camel Clutch where she made Sayaka dance again. She wrapped up Sayaka’s legs and trapped her in the bow and arrow. When she broke the hold, Sayaka fought back with a forearm and the pair slugged it out until Hayashi trapped her in a Full Nelson and faceplanted her into the mat again. She hit Sayaka with the musical chops and Sayaka overpowered Hayashi into a slam. She trapped Hayashi in the Boston Crab and forearmed her against the wall. Hayashi dodged the wall dropkick and tried to lock on the Wasshoi Stretch but Sayaka found the wall first. Hayashi dropkicked her into the window and Sayaka tied Hayashi in a knot. Hayashi forced a break and Sayaka launched her into the glass wall of the studio. Hayashi dropped her down again with a Cazadora and launched Sayaka into the mat with a fireman’s carry. The Wasshoi Stretch followed and Sayaka quickly tapped out. This had been a very even contest but the power of Wasshoi had won the day. Hayashi had pushed Sayaka to her limit and taken the victory today but Sayaka is definitely getting stronger as her matches go on.

Best Bros (Mei Suruga & Baliyan Akki) defeated SAKI & Sayaka Obihiro via Namaste Splash to Obihiro

Last but not least, the main event. The Best Bros were back in action and they would be battling off some stiff competition in SAKI and the workhorse Sayaka Obihiro. SAKI and Akki had worked incredibly well as a team, how would they work as enemies? Sakura had already screwed the Best Bros out of their introduction, would she screw them out of a victory too? Akki started against SAKI and they opened with a contest of double chops and shoulder shunts. They kept throwing Namaste chops until SAKI pulled their pose and Akki recoiled. They both tagged after the awkward exchange and Suruga quickly took Obihiro for a ride with the window-sill arm-drag. Obihiro nailed Suruga with a throat thrust and booted away Akki to conduct a rolling senton train with SAKI into dual diving headbutts. Akki booted both of them for posing and got chopped away for his trouble. Suruga jump-scared them both and the pair nailed the crossbody combo. Best Bros posed and a four-way brawl broke out. Best Bros tried for dual charges but ran into dual posing gut punches. Both teams battled for suplexes but couldn’t get the job done so Suruga hopped on Akki’s back and rained down slaps on SAKI and Obihiro. Akki threw Suruga into a Hurricanrana on SAKI and Suruga went after Obihiro’s arm. Akki did the same and dropped Suruga onto Obihiro for a double stomp. Obihiro reversed the wall charge and threw Suruga into the wall, then quickly locked on her twisting stretch. She hammered on Suruga but Suruga went back after the arm and dodged her throat thrusts. Suruga crashed and burned on the Super Mei Punch and got spiked in the throat by Obihiro. Obihiro tagged and SAKI instantly dived on a pin but Suruga wasn’t out just yet. She cracked Suruga with an Atomic Drop but couldn’t follow up with the big boot and got rolled up for it. Suruga slugged SAKI down but SAKI killed off her momentum with more gut punches. She nailed Suruga with a sponsor sign and booted her face off, then locked on the hanging surfboard. This was bad enough but SAKI made it worse by swinging Suruga into Obihiro’s throat thrusts.

Suruga fought off another wall whip and rolled up SAKI again. She locked on Lucifer and tried to ram SAKI into the glass wall but Akki and Sakura stopped her. Instead, Akki locked her in the Namaste Stretch as Suruga covered the main wall in sponsor signs. She bounced SAKI off the sign pile and slammed even more signs off SAKI’s back with a double chop. Sakura refused to count the pin so Suruga climbed to the window for another attack but SAKI caught her up there and the pair battled for leverage. Suruga dodged disaster and smashed SAKI off the wall again but her attempted pin saw her get trapped on SAKI’s shoulders. Akki tried to help but his efforts at kicking SAKI down saw her fall forward and smash Suruga’s head into the winch hook. Akki caught her as she fell but Obihiro and SAKI tripped them into a body pile pin. Suruga turned a slam into the rolling Swanton Combo and SAKI used Akki to launch Suruga out of the window. SAKI ate the Spider and Obihiro saved her from a Suplex by sliding under the pair and nailing Akki with a throat thrust. SAKI threw Akki with a Suplex and crushed him with a Vader Bomb. She tagged and Obihiro lit up Akki with heavy chops. The bridging Suplex followed but Suruga broke up the pin. She landed Obihiro Magic on Akki but Suruga broke it up again and dragged Obihiro into a double La Magistral. Akki was murdered against the wall and further flattened when SAKI threw Obihiro onto him again after a rolling senton. Suruga saved him from yet another pinfall and Akki caught SAKI into a backbreaker. The Super Mei Punch followed and Suruga knocked down Obihiro with a wall-run crossbody. The Namaste Splash quickly followed and Best Bros were the winners. They had seen off another tough team and racked up another win. This had been an explosive match with a whole lot of fun moments. That ends Golden Week but don’t worry more ChocoPro will be coming soon. #115 brings us a very special match as the Pencil Army will be back in action against Chris Brookes (hiss), Yuna Mizumori, and the Deathmatch, Prince Drew Parker! I’m scared to think about what he can get up to in the Chocolate Square.

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move, Sayuri, FlyingVTrigger Video Courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube

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