Welcome back to MLW Underground. The historic delve into MLW’s past is taking an extreme twist this week as we have two hardcore bouts and an ECW Icon taking on one of indie wrestling’s best. We’d see Jerry Lynn take on Homicide, The Samoan Island Tribe battle Monsta Mack and B-Boy in hardcore tag warfare, and the main event where Sabu had a spike match against the Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels. There was going to be blood and plunder aplenty as we look at the too hot for TV violence of MLW. Let’s get into it.

The Samoan Island Tribe (Samu & Ekmo) defeated Monsta Mack & B-Boy via Table Splash on B-Boy

Up first was a tag team warfare match as Da Hit Squad and Samoan Island Tribe continued their hostilities. It was Falls Count Anywhere, no DQs, and No Mercy as the two teams looked to kill each other. Samu and Ekmo were about to give Monsta Mack and B-Boy a beating they wouldn’t forget. They’d already taken out Mafia, now it was time to kill Mack and his upstart. The two teams collided and the Tribe singled out B-Boy, bouncing him off the ropes and slamming him into the canvas. They did the same to Mack with a double chokeslam and clotheslined him back to the outside. B-Boy was sent following after with a Savant kick and the Tribe gave chase going after both of the Squad. Samu crotched B-Boy on a guardrail and both men to their chosen Squad member into the crowd. B-Boy got a beer thrown in his face and Mack got smacked with a signpost. Mack and B-Boy were getting pulverised around the building. Mack found the great equaliser in a steel chair but Ekmo launched him head-first into it as B-Boy was still being used as a crash test dummy outside. Ekmo killed off Mack with a Uranage and Samu killed B-Boy with a chair. B-Boy answered back with a low blow and clipped Ekmo with a guillotine leg drop before dropkicking a chair into Samu. Mack attacked Ekmo with a ladder and set it up in the ring but the pair took too long getting organised and Samu pie-faced B-Boy with another chair. Ekmo knocked Mack off the ladder and kipped up to climb the top rope and end B-Boy with a massive table splash. The Tribe had left their message in broken tables and broken bodies. This had been pure brawling chaos and a whole load of fun. For those who don’t know, B-Boy would go on to be one of the most respected men in the indies, hell he still is.

Homicide defeated Jerry Lynn (w/The Sinister Minister) via Full Nelson Pin Trap

Time for a young lion’s challenge. Jerry Lynn had embraced the dark side and he was looking to make his point felt across MLW. He had issued another challenge and this time; Homicide was answering the call again. Homicide had already claimed one win over Lynn, now he was going for a proper roster spot. The pair went into a quick technical exchange as the camera cut out for an ad break. When it returned, Homicide was a bloody mess and Lynn was trying to cave his head in with the ring bell. Homicide reversed into a bulldog on the bell and the pair continued to throw exhausted hands. Lynn muscled Homicide into the TKO for a two-count and set up for Cradle Shock but Homicide dragged Lynn into a Full Nelson pin trap for the win. Lynn was furious and attacked Homicide post-match with Cradle Shock and a diving ring bell to the throat. The Evil F’N Show had given Homicide a roster spot but he sure as hell wasn’t going to let him use it. I wish they’d shown this full match, it looked like it could have been incredible.

Between the matches:

  • Steve Corino and the Extreme Horsemen gave another big speech ahead of the WarGames match. They were excited and ready to give those legends a serious ass-kicking and taking WarGames to another level. The legends gave a similar speech as Sandman enjoyed a cigarette whilst Lawlor seemed disgusted by the situation, he was in.
  • Bill Alfonso and The Sinister Minister were all delivering promos about their client’s respective opponents. Alfonso referring to how Sabu is a scarred-up freak and Sinister Minster talking about people becoming the king of the jungle. Mikey Whipwreck wanted to sing but this was a serious moment.
  • CM Punk had another message for Raven. He was tired of the saga and he challenged Raven to taken on his newest straight-edge army member, NOSAWA. Raven was more than happy to beat up Punk’s flunky.
  • Sonjay Dutt wanted to be accepted for MLW’s Global Junior Heavyweight tournament as he claimed to be the best junior on the planet.

Sabu (w/Bill Alfonso) defeated Christopher Daniels (w/The Sinister Minister) via Spiked Camel Clutch

Last but not least, the main event. This promised to be one of MLW’s bloodiest matches as Christopher Daniels met Sabu in a spike match. Both men were on a quest to take the other’s eye and stab the other until they could fight no more. It was going to get messy. Sabu was fighting with a damaged arm but that had never stopped him before. This is the same guy who taped his bicep up to keep fighting. The spike was hammered into the table and the match began. Daniels did his best to stay away from Sabu as he danced around the ring. Sabu went for a leg and an ad break played as the pair got technical. The action returned as Daniels had Sabu down for not one but two of the Best Moonsaults Ever. Sabu kicked out and the Minister directed Daniels to get the spike. Sabu blocked the stabbing with his cast and smashed Daniels in the face with uppercuts. Daniels tripped Sabu into the Koji Clutch to avoid getting spiked and rocked him with an enzuigiri. Daniels hit a second and the fight fell to the outside where he made sure to bounce Sabu off as much of the ringside furniture as possible. He dragged a table to ringside and placed Sabu on it before climbing to the top. Alfonso distracted him and Sabu battered him down from the top for the diving leg drop. Sabu tried to set up the table but Daniels cut him off with an STO. Sabu kicked Daniels into a DDT and put Daniels through the table with the Arabian Facebuster. The Minister tried to spike Alfonso but Sabu sent him packing and Alfonso saved Sabu from a fireball by pouring water over an interfering Whipwreck. Sabu finally introduced the spike to Daniels and continued to stab away at Daniels as he applied the Camel Clutch. Daniels gave up and Sabu had won this battle. This had a way better build than I’d have expected. It wasn’t full-on balls to the wall and actually built to the monumental spiking. It had great action from both guys and wasn’t too all over the place. What a great way to end another violent episode of Underground.

All images courtesy of MLW Twitter, Video courtesy of MLW YouTube

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