Welcome back to ChocoPro wrestling. With Golden Week in the dust, it’s time to deal with the fallout of some nasty Pencil Army business. Following Chris Brookes’ painful separation from the group, the army has not been the same. Now it was time for some revenge, in a card subject to change style. Yuna Mizumori was making her grand return against Chie Koishikawa, Pencil Army Dark was up against the Best Bros and Chris Brookes was facing off against an angry Emi Sakura. It was time to see if Pencil Army could rebound better or if it was time for more losses. Let’s get into it.

Yuna Mizumori defeated Chie Koishikawa via Wall Run Tropical Splash

Up first were the triumphant returns of Yuna Mizumori and Chie Koishikawa after their tour of Michinoku Pro. Mizumori had turned the squat goals into a sing-and-dance along and now it was time to pick up a return win. Her opponent, Chie Koishikawa, a fighter who has improved a hell of a lot since their last meeting. Koishikawa started fast and quickly went on a run, tanking a pair of forearms to take a second lap. Mizumori finally took her down with a shoulder tackle and crushed Koishikawa under her knee. Mizumori went to the wrist but Koishikawa took her on a third run, however, Mizumori was able to drag Koishikawa down into an armbar. Koishikawa escaped but the wrist-based assault continued as Mizumori looked to take away Koishikawa’s chopping ability with crushes and wall smashes, even cracking the handoff of a stool. A forearm battle broke out so Mizumori slugged Koishikawa back into the mat and smashed Koishikawa’s arm off the table. Koishikawa blinded Mizumori with a sponsor sign and locked on the Guillotine. Koishikawa tried for a crab but Mizumori kicked free and catapulted Koishikawa into the wall. She tried for a roll-up but Koishikawa held on. Koishikawa hit the rolling leg drop and Demon Chie chased Mizumori around the mat. Mizumori rolled into a dead end but blocked the soul-crushing chop with her head and whipped Koishikawa into the wall for an arm-wringer throw. She locked up the wrist again and delivered a tropical splash to the outstretched limb. She missed a second so Koishikawa fought through the pain to deliver a barrage of chops into the dropkick. The Muffler followed but Mizumori escaped, ducked a second chop, and headbutted Koishikawa’s arm. Koishikawa escaped a body slam into an arm-drag and nailed the flying X chop but couldn’t pin. Mizumori blasted Koishikawa with a dropkick and crushed her with a body attack. The wall run Tropical Splash followed and Mizumori was declared the winner. She had been deadly efficient in her return match and showed just how dangerous she could still be. What an opening assault of a match.

Best Bros (Baliyan Akki & Mei Suruga) defeated Pencil Army Dark (Lulu Pencil & Minoru Fujita) via Knotted Double Stomp on Pencil

Up next was Lulu Pencil trying her best to score a much-needed win for the Pencil Army alongside Minoru Fujita. Sadly, this wasn’t going to be easy as they were against the Best Bros. One of, if not the strongest team in ChocoPro. It would take everything she had to best the Best Bros, especially given how much Best Bros don’t like Pencil Army. Chaos erupted as both teams charged and Suruga beat the hell out of Pencil as Fujita and Akki traded. Fujita was murdered against the wall and Suruga stomped him into the Bridging Deathlock. Pencil tried to help but Akki locked her in the Namaste Stretch. The stomps continued on Fujita and Best Bros continued to double-team him to death. Pencil attacked Suruga as she went to the window and Pencil Army set up tables. Suruga tried to fight off Pencil Army but they dragged her down the table. They attacked Suruga with marbles and Fujita tried to keep pressing the attack. Suruga scared him into the rolling Swanton combo and the pair trapped him in a double submission. Pencil made the save and Fujita escaped from Akki’s clutches with a Russian Leg Sweep. He pummelled Akki and tagged out. Pencil rushed Akki with clotheslines but he shrugged them off so she stunned him with a falling back elbow. She fired up the stomps and chops but Akki caught her arm and kicked out her legs for a backbreaker. She reversed it and hit him in the throat, then dropkicked out his legs. A back elbow drop followed and she shrugged off a tag to deliver some forearms only to get slugged hard to the mat by Akki.

She matched Akki’s fire but couldn’t stun him with her strikes, earning a hard chop and a backbreaker. Suruga tagged back in and hammered Pencil with forearms. She smashed at Pencil’s arms and chest, then grabbed a pair of scissors to stab her. Fujita pulled these away and got dropkicked into the tables for his troubles. Pencil tried for the wall whip but Suruga tripped her out of it and bounced her off the wall. She locked on Lucifer but Fujita made the save. Suruga went back on the arm offensive but the Best Bros double-team missed and Pencil fought off both. This only worked for a time and she was hit with the double-chop backbreaker. Fujita made the save again and threw Pencil into a DDT on Akki. Fujita speared the soul out of Suruga and Pencil hit a Stabber off a chair. Akki made the save this time and Best Bros murdered Fujita with splashes and cross-bodies. Suruga charged Pencil but was tripped up by more marbles. She reversed La Magistral and the Best Bros ended Pencil Army with a knotted up double stomp. It had been another valiant effort from the Pencil Army but as has become all too familiar, Pencil found herself eating the loss. Maybe it’s unfair to put them against the Best Bros? It had been hard-fought but once again Best Bros stood tall and Pencil Army had been bested. Suruga seemed impressed though and thought with that amount of heart, Lulu Pencil might just beat Chris Brookes one day.

Emi Sakura vs Chris Brookes ends in a massacre

Last but not least, the main event. The big bad villain of ChocoPro was back. Chris Brookes had torn himself away from Pencil Army and was back in his pure, best form. He wasn’t going to get to kill the whole Pencil Army this time, he was just going to snap one of the pencils in the case, Emi Sakura. On the other hand, Sakura had promised to break Brookes’ foot so he could match Drew Parker. Brookes wouldn’t even let her get the Pencil Army intro out as he punt-kicked her in the head. He stabbed up Sakura with her pencil and mocked the pose. He continued to disrespectfully slap and strike at her so she clawed his face and stomped both his feet for a low double knee. She gave him another knee and walked a hand up his body to flick him in the head. Brookes went after the damaged shoulder and locked up her ankle after more angry stomps. She tried to pull his hair so he bit her arm and dropped a knee on her other ankle. He clawed at her back and threw her across the mat by her hair, watching as she collided with the tables and the sponsor signs. Brookes smashed Sakura in the shoulder again and started tearing up any pro-Pencil Army signs, force-feeding one to Sakura. He hit Suruga’s sponsor sign double chop and put on Sakura’s army cap to deliver a double hand stomp. Sakura tried to disembowel him with a claw and tried to boot the cap off his head, sending it flying with a running knee. She put her cap back on and tried to power up but Brookes snatched it back and threw it out of the window. Sakura tried to go after it and trapped Brookes in the window for more claws and leg-based death, using Brookes’ foot as a punching bag.

Brookes kicked back and crushed the hat under his boot. Sakura knocked his knee away and tried to dive for the hat but Brookes dragged her back and stole the hat for himself. He taunted but Sakura snapped his fingers and headbutted him with the cap bridge. She whipped him into the wall, chopped him, and hit We Will Rock You to his feet. She hit multiple more across Brookes’ body and crushed his ankle with a Stabber. She baited him into punching the floor and locked on an Octopus. The chops came out and Sakura hit the mat like she’d been shot after Brookes caved in her chest. Sakura’s injuries were mounting up and she couldn’t hit back and Brookes floored her with another stiff strike. Sakura found a second wind and lit up Brookes with machine gun chops and Kawada Kicks. She floored him with a PK and double stomped his legs to pop him up for a chop-line. The pair fought over underhooks and Sakura dumped Brookes with a back body drop. She looked set to hit the clothesline but Brookes dropkicked her head off. Sakura returned fire by reversing the Praying Mantis Bomb into La Magistral. Brookes cracked her with an Air Raid Crash against the wall and dragged Sakura up again to smash her lifeless body off the wall a second time. People were starting to get concerned after a third smash and when she would quit, he kept mashing her back against the wall. Suruga tried to stop him and met the wall so Sakura slapped him hard. He broke her across his knee with a backbreaker and whipped her with his belt. Brookes had snapped and he attacked anyone who tried to help Sakura. Fujita knocked down Brookes but Mizumori dropkicked him out of the equation. Brookes tried to garrot Fujita and shunted Mizumori away when she tried to stop him. Bodies lay everywhere and only Masa Takanashi had the power to calm Brookes’ anger. Brookes stormed out and everyone was left with a sombre reflection of just how destructive he really was. This was chaos from start to finish. A battle of one-upmanship and one of the first no contest calls I’ve seen. Something tells me Brookes’ vendetta against the Pencil Army is going to stop here. What a horrifying sight to behold, however, Pencil Army have a new resolve, to become the Chris Brookes killers.

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move, Chie Koishikawa, FlyingVTrigger, Video courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube