Welcome back to Paradigm Pro. This week we have an absolute monster of a show to dive into. Nine matches were here to dig into featuring some of the absolute best and brightest on the indies. We’d see Calvin Tankman battle the Beef, Chase Holliday put his Champion’s Chain on the line, Billie Starkz tangle with Everett Connors, AKIRA cripple a businessman, Suge D put on a masterclass with Lee Moriarty and so much more leading to the main event where Dylan Derringer got a shot at Myron Reed’s Paradigm Pro Title. Let’s get into the action.

Hoodfoot defeated Hardway Heeter via Saucy Bomb

Up first was a faction grudge match. Hardway Heeter and Hoodfoot are two of the heaviest hitters in the game right now. It was a battle of Lost Boys meets KOBK/The Office/Crux Wrestling in the most vicious of fashions. Who would be left standing and how much of a jaw would they have left? This was every bit as heavy as you’d expect. It was about five minutes of stiff strikes, power plays, and trash-talking. Mr. Stuff tried to interfere to aid Heeter and it did give him an early advantage but Hoodfoot withstood the horrendous onslaught of stiff shots and a surprising reverse Chokeslam to run through Heeter and kill him off with a Snap German and his second Saucy Bomb for the win. it was a short but sweet opening bout that showcased the perfect blend of hard-hitting meets personality wrestling the company has become so known for. Hoodfoot can take such a beating it’s scary and Heeter really does live up to the KOBK moniker.

Calvin Tankman defeated Big Beef Gnarls Garvin via Rope-Hung Tankman Driver

Who wants a hoss fight? Well, if you answered yes, you’re in luck. That is what we were about to get as Big Beef and Calvin Tankman were ready to beat the absolute hell out of each other. These two are hybrid monsters so we could see almost anything in this match. This started with grappling and quickly escalated into Tankman showing off his inhuman agility with dropkicks and a misdirection pounce. Beef did what Beef does best and threw himself into repeated horrific shots at Tankman, even jumping off the apron for a guillotine elbow drop. The pair continued to beat the hell out of each other as Heavyweight Hustle met Trailer Park smash-mouth. The bombs kept dropping and both men kept defying physics in their quest to kill each other. Tankman regained control and after another nasty slugfest, took a near-fall with a KO blow into a backbreaker/clothesline combo. Beef was still breathing though and booted Tankman into a Saito Suplex. Beef took himself out and Tankman was more than happy to double up the damage with a headbutt. He dragged Beef through the ropes and ended him with a rope-hung Tankman Driver. This was a vicious battle of words, fists, and fury. Both these guys killed it and damn do I want a rematch from them.

Adam Slade defeated Colt Storm, Jody Himself & Shawn Kemp via Falcon Arrow on Storm

Time for a bit of four-way fun as Jody Himself, Adam Slade, Colt Storm, and Shawn Kemp found themselves in a battle for dominance. This was going to get chaotic fast as only one could have their hand raised in victory. With multiple factions represented, the fight was only going to get more bloodthirsty. Colt Storm started hot by murdering everyone in the name of the Office. He’d already spent the most time trash-talking and now he was ignoring sportsmanship for an early lead. Slade sent him packing and crushed everyone on the outside with a dive. Kemp got a chance to kill with a Corner DVD to Slade and Storm but couldn’t keep either down and ate an Ace Crusher. Jody watched Storm hit a flatliner/DDT combo on his opponents and rushed the ring to nail everyone with a rolling elbow, flatliner, and an Unprettier. Storm was pissed and nearly turned Jody into an accordion with a Package Piledriver. Storm and Slade accidentally worked together to get rid of Kemp and Slade took the win with a Roll the Dice into a Falcon Arrow on Storm. The Lost Boys had racked up another win over the Office and survived a chaotic four-way dance. I’d have liked this to have been a little longer but as a sub-five-minute fight, it delivered nicely enough. It’s nice to see such a melting pot of styles and personalities. Things went from bad to worse for Jody as Glitch attacked him.

Midwest Territory Champion’s Chain: Chase Holliday defeated Shain Bender via Texas Cloverleaf

Our first title match of the night was for the Midwest Territory Champion’s Chain. Chase Holliday was back defending his rightful prize and his newest challenger was Shain Bender. I wasn’t too familiar with Bender so it would be interesting to see how he matched up with the Beast King. Bender took a cheap shot by hitting Holliday with a Hook Kick during introductions and dived onto Holliday and the rest of the Lost Boys with a Tope Con Hilo. Bender withstood a lethal chop and kept Holliday down with another stiff kick. These kicks continued for much of the early stretch and only got more ferocious. Holliday got his wind back with a spinning back elbow and made Bender pay with lethal chops until Bender created more separation with an enzuigiri. This did him no favours though as Holliday fired back with a Black Hole Slam but it couldn’t keep Bender down, who gave Holliday more kicks into an elbow drop. He was too loud calling for a double stomp and Holliday killed him off with Splash Mountain into a Cloverleaf for the win. This was another fun and furious sprint that let Bender show off a lot of cool offence before falling to the Beast King. The Lost Boys are really on a tear tonight.

Billie Starkz defeated Everett Connors via Cross Arm Package Piledriver

Now for something completely different. Both of these fighters are on a meteoric rise in popularity and now, it was time to see them fight. Billie Starkz is an absolute prodigy and Everett Connors is the most fashionable fighter around. The pair work incredibly well together but now, Connors wants his independence. This had the makings of something incredible. Connors opened by showing off his repertoire of chain wrestling holds and frustrated Starkz by holding mat dominance as he went after her arm. Starkz kicked free and snapped at his arm but he used the ropes to escape and tripped her down for a pose. Starkz wanted him to take the fight seriously and trapped him in a series of pinning predicaments. The pace picked up and Connors smashed Starkz in the face with a misdirection dropkick. They battled over a Suplex until Starkz tossed Connors into the buckles with a brainbuster. Starkz continued to batter Connors around the ring and a nasty slugfest broke out. The pair continued to trade shots until Connors crashed down hard off of a crossbody. Starkz tried for the deadlift German but Connor broke free and nailed the slingshot DDT. He nailed Starkz with the rope-hung piledriver but still couldn’t get three. He went for broke with Sliced Bread but Starkz broke free and ended Connors with a brutal cross arm package piledriver. This was awesome. The two knew how to play off each other and tactfully upped the intensity throughout the match. Everything clicked and it once again proved why both fighters are so beloved.

Kerry Awful defeated AKIRA via Crux Armbar

It’s hard to decide if this was a fight or a business meeting. Kerry Awful, wrestling’s biggest business…man was about to test the mettle of another killer in AKIRA. Given how much these two crave physicality, this one was going to get scary. Awful was limping before AKIRA had even gotten in the ring, clearly carrying some damage from previous wars. Awful tried to make it a mat fight so AKIRA obliged and went straight for that damaged knee. He took a breather outside and started a chop battle with AKIRA before raking at AKIRA’s face. This seemed to have little effect as AKIRA came back to match Awful’s slugs and chops. Awful went to the throat and AKIRA collapsed Awful with a Kappu Kick. The knee buckled again so AKIRA went right back after it with a nasty kneebar into a Deathlocked STF. Awful had to pull the ring mat to drag himself to freedom as AKIRA tried to break his fingers. He bailed outside again after eating a dropkick and the pair battled around the outside. AKIRA hit a Suplex onto the mat outside and used the apron for an ankle lock before knee-dropping that injured knee. The pair got into a mocking battle so AKIRA bit Awful’s finger and Awful raked AKIRA’s eyes again with a hidden weapon. Another horrendous chop battle broke out and Awful took advantage with a foot stomp into a back chop and forearm rake. We got more mutual hand biting and AKIRA started trying to break Awful’s arm. AKIRA dodged death and hit the Kimura-plex but Mr. Stuff pulled him to the ropes. Stuff ran away and AKIRA gave chase, unwittingly giving Awful all the time to recover. Awful dropkicked AKIRA into the guardrail and the pair traded sickening headbutts. AKIRA took his elbow pads off and softened up Awful for the Pele kick and the Hesitation dropkick. He tried for a Suplex but Awful escaped, drilled him into the mat with a spike DDT and forced a stoppage with a twisted double armbar. I had a feeling this one was going to be brutal but this surpassed expectations. It was hard-hitting, technically excellent, and plain violent. Awful wanted a killer and he got a murderer. There better be a round two on the horizon.

Suge D defeated Lee Moriarty via Fold-up Pin

Time for the match I was most excited for. What happens when you put two of the best wrestlers around in the same ring? Well, we were about to see. Both of these guys have a stake at the title of king of the independents, now we’ll see who’d rise to claim it. As expected, this opened with an exceptional technical exchange as TAIGASTYLE and the intergalactic King of Catch locked up. Suge got mean and tied Moriarty up in even more knots with extra aggression but that couldn’t stop Moriarty from keeping up with him. The technical trials continued and both guys picked up the pace to incorporate some British wrestling techniques, all while throwing in verbal barbs. The back-and-forth pendulum of momentum kept swinging as both guys engaged in the wrestling game of what you can do, I can do better with some comedic tones and classical grappling. The gloves came off as Suge finally snapped and the pair really picked up the pace. The counters kept coming until finally, Suge was able to knock down Moriarty with a deadly uppercut. He continued to push Moriarty into the mat and toe kicked him out of a bridge. He tried to break Moriarty’s fingers and stomped onto his elbow, coming back to when Moriarty refused to do it to him earlier. Moriarty took out Suge’s leg so Suge took Moriarty back to the mat and dug into Moriarty’s leg. Suge had him trapped to the mat but dragged Moriarty up for a chat and got headbutted for the trouble. The kicks came out but Suge cut Moriarty off with a bitchslap. Moriarty shook it off and answered back with a cavalcade of kicks. Suge answered back again with a Low German into a sliding uppercut and Moriarty was able to fight back into a Saito. Both men fired up as Moriarty tried to cave Suge’s chest in with kicks and Suge fired back with a leg capture into a Spinning Wheel Kick. The pair countered again and Suge trapped Moriarty in a fold-up pin. This was incredible. Both guys are exceptional in-ring talents and both told an excellent story. Suge D and Moriarty are both must-haves for any company and I will continue to shout about how good Suge D is. If you’re sleeping on him and his talent, then I really don’t know what to say. The man can do anything and now he’s coming for Reed’s title.

PPW Title: Myron Reed defeated Dylan Derringer via Cap’n Crunch

Last but not least, the main event. The PPW Title was on the line and Myron Reed would have to contend with a very game challenger in Dylan Derringer. Could Reed retain his stranglehold on the PPW Title or would Derringer cause an upset? Suge D was watching this one with a vested interest. This seemed to perturb Reed as he would shout over at commentary to send Suge a message as he dealt with Derringer. Reed tried to make light work of Derringer but Derringer used his speed to try and counter. Reed caught him into a backdrop and stomped him into the mat. Derringer tried to make a comeback but Reed Lawn-darted him into the buckles. Reed charged so Derringer caught him with a corner kick and drove him head-first into the mat with a Poisonrana. He lit Reed up with a combo of strikes and staggered to the top for the elbow drop. The chest protector absorbed some of the impact and Reed escaped a Hammerlock driver to blast Derringer with a thrust kick. Derringer dodged the Clout Cutter and clipped Reed with an enzuigiri, then folded up Reed with a Code Red. He tried for the Driver again but Reed turned it into an Ace Crusher and threw Derringer into the top buckle down to the floor. Reed ordered his entourage to throw Derringer back in and drove him into the mat again. The Clout Cutter quickly followed and Derringer kicked out at two. Derringer nearly won with a roll-up and nailed a Hammerlock Suplex but didn’t go for the pin. He went to the top again and took too long so Reed dodged his Swanton. Reed booted Derringer’s face off and ended the fight with Cap’n Crunch. Derringer had put up way more of a fight than Reed had expected but just like any other opponent, they’d fallen before Reed. This was a fun if slightly clumsy match with Reed sending a clear message to Suge D. It was a fitting end to one hell of a fun super-show. Paradigm just keeps delivering and I will always be happy to spread the word.

All images courtesy of Paradigm, MySkewedView, ThatRoseTattoo

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