Welcome back to ChocoPro Wrestling. It’s time for another weekend double-bill starting with #116 and three matches of hard-hitting fun. The Pencil Army was split across two matches today as Emi Sakura opened the show against Sayuri and Lulu Pencil was teaming with Baliyan Akki against Sayaka and Chie Koishikawa. With the melancholy of Chris Brookes’ betrayal and assault still lurking in the air, now was the perfect time to get some wins. Then, in the main event, Yuko Sakurai returns to the Chocolate Square again to battle Mei Suruga. At one and one, a fight against an ace is about to make or break her streak. Let’s see who won and lost and get into the action.

Emi Sakura defeated Sayuri via Triangle Roll-up

The first fight of the night would see Pencil Army battle a ninja. Despite Sakura’s ninja aspirations, she was here to represent Pencil Army and best Sayuri to improve the faction’s win streak. Sayuri has constantly been improving though so Sakura was not in for an easy ride. Sayuri instantly attacked during the Pencil Army introduction and stomped down Sakura. She posed against the wall and baited Sakura into chopping the wall. Sayuri stomped her down again and went back to the pose to lock up Sakura’s wrist. Sayuri started a chop battle but since Sakura’s shoulder was busted, she could only throw kicks. The rapid-fire chops came and Sakura fought back the chopping urge with a double foot stomp. She threw Sayuri by the head and Sayuri snapped her shoulder again to hit the rolling wall slams. She locked Sakura in the bow and arrow, then crushed her arm further with a duo of rolling sentons. Sakura punched at Sayuri’s foot and gave her the head flick. An angry Sakura stomped down Sayuri and flattened her with a Pencil Roll, turning it into a crushing submission by lying on Sayuri’s back. She trapped Sayuri in the Lion-Tamer and tried for a wall charge but Sayuri tripped her into the wall. Sakura fell again in slow-motion and another chop battle broke out. Sayuri won it and climbed to the window, snapping Sakura’s arm off the window frame. She blasted Sakura with Yakuza kicks and ran into a Dragon Sleeper into a straightjacket from Sakura. Sayuri broke free with an arm throw but got caught by a chop-line. Sayuri turned this into a triangle but Sakura rolled her up and stole the win. Sayuri had been on fire here but the veteran savvy of Sakura had scored the win here. Sayuri had destroyed Sakura throughout the match but she had left herself open to a pin trap. She is definitely not ChocoPro’s weakest wrestler.

Baliyan Akki & Lulu Pencil defeated Sayaka & Chie Koishikawa via Labyrinth on Koishikawa

Next up was a wild tag bout between the makeshift teams of Baliyan Akki and Lulu Pencil battling Sayaka and Chie Koishikawa. Lulu Pencil has been on a constant losing streak but her luck might just turn around here with Akki by her side. Akki might not like Pencil Army but after Brookes’ antics, Akki was determined to get her a win. Akki let Pencil start and she got into a rapid technical exchange with Koishikawa, getting dragged on a run and into a Guillotine. Pencil reversed the hold and the pair tagged out. Akki and Sayaka went through the same wrist battle and fought around the wall until Akki could lock in the Namaste Stretch. Akki held Sayaka in place and Pencil stabbed her as he tagged out. She flattened Sayaka with a Pencil Roll but couldn’t follow up as Sayaka forearmed her against the wall and tagged out. Koishikawa came in fast and locked on the bow and arrow. Pencil escaped and blocked a Demon Chop with a throat stab. She whipped Koishikawa into the wall and dropkicked her knees before tagging out again. Akki tried to snap Koishikawa’s arm off and splashed her against the wall. He continued to try and make Koishikawa quit, then engaged in a strike-fest. He tried to block the arm-drag but Koishikawa took out Pencil, then ran into a second arm drag on him. She tagged and Sayaka traded forearms with Akki. He slugged her down and Sayaka brought him crashing down with a body slam. They battled over pinfalls and Akki nailed the Swanton. Sayaka found a second wind and she rallied with Koishikawa to hit Akki with double dropkicks. Akki kicked out and caught the X Chop into a backbreaker. Pencil took over and hit Koishikawa with the stomps and chops. She tried to hit the clotheslines but she just did more damage to herself and awoke Demon Chie. Pencil countered into another submission and Koishikawa reversed La Magistral into the muffler and a Demon chop.

Sayaka jumped in for a double submission but Akki battered both away. Koishikawa knocked him away and tried for the diving X chop but Pencil sent her falling with a handstand kick. She hit Koishikawa with another low dropkick and Akki launched her into a splash. Pencil made the tag and Akki went into a chop battle with Koishikawa. She hammered Akki with chops but he caught her out of the air to lock on a Deathlock. Sayaka made the save and Koishikawa hit the diving X chop but only got two. Akki reversed the muffler and trapped Koishikawa in the Labyrinth pin for the win. He had done what he set out to do and given Pencil a win. She was over the moon and Akki tried to use this as a way to teach her the power of teams and being strong. This had been an excellent tag bout full of competitive action and the heart-warming victory for Pencil, even if it came via Akki.

Mei Suruga defeated Yuko Sakurai via Lucifer

Last but not least was a battle of good vs evil as Yuko Sakurai returned to the Chocolate Square to fly the flag of AWG against the Big Apple Mei Suruga. Sakurai has had some tough fights since making her first appearance and now she was in for the hardest yet against the evil apple. They opened with a strong lock-up and Suruga escaped a wrist lock to hit the jump-scare arm drag. Sakurai stopped her in her tracks and smashed Suruga of the studio walls. She threw Suruga by the hair and when Suruga tried to do the same, overpowered her and threw her with a second Biel. Sakurai knocked Suruga down with a shoulder tackle but couldn’t make the pin as Suruga rolled into the Kawaii pose. Suruga reversed a Camel Clutch into a body scissor and trapped Sakurai in the Kawaii pin. She dropkicked Sakurai against the wall and put Sakurai in a hair-pulling Camel Clutch. A forearm exchange broke out and Suruga snapped Sakurai into an armbar. Suruga continued to target the arm with twists, snaps, and stomps. Sakurai dodged another wall dropkick and kicked Suruga’s chest in with a basement dropkick, much to ref Akki’s amusement. She reversed a Cazadora into a choke and bombarded Suruga with more nasty strikes. Suruga battled out of a head-scissor and gave Sakurai a nasty double stomp to the back. Both fought out of the other’s patented submissions until Suruga finally locked on Lucifer. Sakurai escaped and Suruga bounced her off the wall softening her up for the wall-run double chop. They battled over a body slam and Suruga blasted Sakurai with another wall dropkick. Sakurai landed the body slam and locked on the Cobra Twist. Suruga escaped so Sakurai tried for a Suplex.

That failed so she struck Suruga into the Dragon Sleeper and used the window for extra leverage when Suruga tried to escape. Sakurai hit her bridging Suplex but Suruga kicked free. She tried for a second but Suruga turned it into a falling pin and flattened Sakurai with the wall-run crossbody. She tripped Sakurai into the bridging Deathlock and when that didn’t tap her out, stabbed through her with a double stomp. The pair went back-and-forth on roll-ups and Suruga locked on Lucifer a second time and took the win as Sakurai’s shoulder had taken too much punishment. Suruga had taken the win but Sakurai had given her one hell of a fight. Sakurai must have enjoyed the fight as she didn’t use any dirty tricks to win. What a way to end another kick-ass show. For #117 we’ll have two more intense matches as the Best Bros battle Yuna Mizumori and Tokiko Kirihara and Pencil Army goes to war with the Egg Tarts. Pencil Army picked up some much-needed wins today but would those winning ways carry through onto tomorrow’s show?

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move, Sayuri, FlyingVTrigger, Video courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube