Welcome back to ChocoPro Wrestling. It’s time to finish out that double-header as we get into the second show of their weekend. It was a return to normalcy (or as closes as you could actually get in ChocoPro) as the regulars were about to put on a duo of tag showcases. First up, the Egg Tarts were back and they were ready to put Pencil Army back in the loser’s column. Then, in the main event, the Best Bros were about to put on a tag team clinic against Yuna Mizumori and Tokiko Kirihara. Anything could happen in a match like that, let’s get into the action.

Egg Tarts (Chie Koishikawa & Hagane Shinno) defeated Pencil Army (Lulu Pencil & Emi Sakura) via La Magistral Reversal on Sakura

Up first was the return of the Egg Tarts. It’s been a minute since they aided in the last Pencil Army assault and now, they were going to beat them back again. Lulu Pencil was riding the high of her win with Akki but would that high continue with a win alongside Sakura? The trickery began before the match could as Sakura pelted the Egg Tarts with items in her pencil case. Shinno started against Sakura and the pair threw each other around before kicking out at each other. Sakura stunned Shinno with a slap so he retorted with a swift kick to the legs and tried to break her shoulder. Koishikawa came in and trapped Sakura in the bow and arrow but Sakura rolled through into a grounded headlock and made the tag. Pencil rolled all over Koishikawa and Sakura damaged her shoulder trying to mimic the running muffler. Koishikawa tried to swim away from a crab attempt but hit her head on a table and Pencil stabbed her in the head with her pencil case as the ref was distracted. Pencil tied Koishikawa in knots and Sakura tried to help her apply the Figure-Four. Sakura came back in again and chopped Koishikawa against the wall. She took aim and threw her pencil case like a dart, crashing it into Koishikawa’s chest. Koishikawa tried to escape with an arm-drag but tweaked Sakura’s broken shoulder and just pissed her off instead, earning a barrage of stomps. She nailed it on a second attempt and tagged out to Shinno. He took out Sakura with a flying clothesline and applied a double armbar but Sakura wouldn’t quit. He blasted her in the back and tagged out for Koishikawa’s dropkick. The dropkicks kept coming and Sakura was bounced from wall to wall. She got revenge for the pencil case shot with a Demon Chop. She looked for the rolling leg drop but Pencil tripped Koishikawa onto Sakura’s knees. A slugfest broke out and Koishikawa won but a fallen Sakura fell into a tag and Pencil came in stabbing. She hit the stomps and chops but Koishikawa cut her off with a back chop. She trapped Pencil in the Guillotine and pummelled Pencil with chops but her climb to the window was cut off by a throat stab.

Pencil hit the clotheslines and tried to win with a series of roll-ups. She flattened Koishikawa with multiple Stabbers but Koishikawa rolled her up and demon chopped her into the muffler. Shinno tagged in and played a game of chopping cat and mouse with Pencil then splashed her against the wall. Sakura interfered and Egg Tarts got tripped into dual La Magistral. Sakura got into a kicking battle with Shinno and instructed Pencil to dropkick his knees for We Will Rock You. They tried for a double stabber but Shinno pulled them into a double triangle and double splash. They exchanged lariats and Sakura fired off chop-lines but Shinno latched onto her injured shoulder. Pencil interfered and they tried for another La Magistral but Koishikawa made the save. Shinno got angry and punt kicked Sakura in the throat and reversed another La Magistral into a roll-up for the win. Sakura protested but the ref’s decision was final and the Pencil Army was back to losing. It had been an incredible war with Sakura, Koishikawa, and Pencil carrying most of the match. Shinno let them work and kept the wheels rolling. It was another fun tag bout from ChocoPro’s eclectic tag division.

Best Bros (Mei Suruga & Baliyan Akki) defeated Yuna Mizumori & Tokiko Kirihara via Propellor Pin on Kirihara

Last but not least, the main event. Best Bros were back in action and they were taking on some familiar foes in a new order. All of these fighters have had wars in the past, but not quite like this. Now, this melting pot of foes were about to battle in tag rules under the gaze of referee Shinno. Best Bros were in for a rough time. Mizumori started the match overpowering Suruga and growing frustrated when Suruga did the same to her. Suruga went after Mizumori’s wrist and tried for the window-sill arm-drag but Mizumori cut her off for more technicality. Mizumori got a spook and Suruga took her on the ride after a second attempt. The pair grudgingly tagged out and Kirihara met Akki for another technical exchange as Akki locked on an early Deathlock. Both fighters went to the legs and Kirihara and Mizumori locked Akki in a double submission. Suruga made the save and Akki tagged out, holding Kirihara in place for a Suruga chop. Suruga bullied Kirihara with stomps and Akki trapped her in the Namaste Stretch. Mizumori broke that up and Kirihara got into a slugging exchange with Akki before Suruga came back. Suruga locked Kirihara in a rear-naked choke and when Kirihara tried to break it, Akki slugged her into Suruga’s cute on purpose. Kirihara kicked free of it so Suruga gave her some angry stomps before Akki could drag her away for a tag. Akki came in to get booted down as Kirihara kicked her way to freedom and Mizumori. She came out swinging and took out Akki with shoulder blocks before reversing his backbreaker into a cutter. She crushed him further with a Tropical Splash but he chopped away her lariat and the pair traded bombs. Akki whipped Mizumori over for the Spider and Mizumori countered a trip into a body attack.

Both hit the mat after a wall-run head kick and both dragged themselves to tags… or would have had Suruga not cut off Mizumori by kicking in Kirihara. She tried to bounce Mizumori off the wall but Mizumori kept blocking it so Suruga elbowed her in the leg to finally hit the wall charge. Mizumori caught Suruga out of a Cazadora and a Crossbody but Suruga was able to roll Mizumori into the Swanton combo. Mizumori countered more double-team and took out both Best Bros with a double spear. She tagged and Kirihara came in trying to knee a hole through Suruga. She smashed Suruga off the wall and locked on a straight jacket, then used a taunt to lock on the Cobra Twist. Suruga rolled free and nailed a double stomp before letting Akki throw her into a second one. The two went counter crazy and Suruga tripped Kirihara into a pin. We got double table charges from Mizumori and Kirihara, then Kirihara hit the dancing foot stomp. The pair slugged it out and Suruga locked on Lucifer, swatting away Mizumori in the process. She tried for the Propellor Pin but Mizumori clotheslined her head off. Akki saved Suruga again and took out Mizumori with a thrust kick but couldn’t hit a Suplex and got thrown away with a Judo throw. Suruga cut through Kirihara with the Super Mei Punch and got the win with the Propellor pin. This had been a vicious match with Kirihara and Mizumori gelling well together to punish Best Bros. It had not been a walk in the park for either team. It had been one hell of a main event and a nice way to restore calm after a turbulent couple of weeks. We’ll see how long that calm lasts when ChocoPro rolls back around once again.

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move, Chie Koishikawa, FlyingVTrigger Videos courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube

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