Welcome back to MLW Underground. We’ve seen the rivalry between Steve Corino and Terry Funk reach nuclear levels as The Extreme Horsemen have tried to eradicate the hardcore icons of the past. Now, it would be the ultimate fight as Wargames was upon us. It would be the Extreme Horsemen and their hired guns battle the Funkin’ Army with some surprise help. It was about to get very messy. But, before that, we’d have the first match in the MLW J-Cup as Sonjay Dutt battled Tony Mamaluke. Let’s get into the carnage.

MLW Junior Heavyweight J-Cup USA: Sonjay Dutt defeated Tony Mamaluke via Hindu Press

Up first, we had a match from the J-Cup. Sonjay Dutt, the Playa from the Himalayas had made the bold claim at being the best junior heavyweight and now he looked to back it up with a dominant match over Tony Mamaluke. Would Dutt put himself on the tournament map or was he about to crash and burn in round one? They opened with a fast and furious rope running technical exchange and Dutt sent Mamaluke to the floor with a split-legged slingshot Hurricanrana. He missed his follow-up dive and had his knee destroyed by a chop block from Mamaluke. Things went from bad to worse as Mamaluke, then crushed Dutt into the concrete with a somersault senton and continued to torture his knee in-ring with a breaker and Dragon Screw. Dutt tried to escape destruction but Mamaluke dropkicked his knee and destroyed the knee further with rope-trapped corner kicks. He trapped Dutt in a Guillotine and tried for a Tornado DDT but Dutt blocked it and stunned him on the top rope. Dutt crunched Mamaluke with a Muscle Buster and ended the match with the Hindu Press for the win. He had withstood everything Mamaluke had thrown at him and powered his way into a quick win. This was an awesome little opening match and showcased the earlier career of one of the best high-flyers around, Sonjay Dutt.

Between the matches:

The show opened with Steve Corino shooting on WWE and the fact that Jerry “The King” Lawler had been pulled from Wargames and they announced their new members, PJ Walker and Barry Windham. The crowd was livid that Corino had such a long promo but it was bloody hilarious to listen to.

WarGames: The Funkin’ Army (Terry Funk, Sandman, Dr. Death Steve Williams, Sabu & Bill Alfonso) defeated The Extreme Horsemen (Steve Corino, Simon Diamond, C.W. Anderson, PJ Walker & Barry Windham) via Texas Toe Hold on Corino

ORIGINALLY REVIEWED HERE. Time for the main event of main events, Steve Corino and his Extreme Horsemen were about to battle Terry Funk and his makeshift Funkin’ Army in the two-ring cage of hell, Wargames. We won’t go play by this time because I’ve done that before but know this was a well-built shorter Wargames match that featured a whole mess of chaos from start to finish. It had been advantage Extreme Horsemen until Funk’s found reinforcements in Sabu and Bill Alfonso. We had a whole host of violence and bloodletting as things got Extreme. To list out all the wild and questionable stuff that happened in this match would take forever but we saw Funk attack Corino with a branding iron, ladders enter the mix and just pure chaos unfold as the extreme royalty of the Funkin’ Army really shone through against the new blood in The Extreme Horsemen. Funk even came in as one of the first entrants of the match and took one hell of a beating. When Sabu appeared, he killed everyone to prove that the veterans were more than willing to play as Fonzie looked on from the outside. Eventually, even Alfonso grew sick of the Horsemen’s BS and evened the numbers by throwing himself, quite literally into the match to even the odds. By the time the doors were locked for good, everyone was dead, even Fonzie who had just entered the match. It was a mess of blood, broken tables, and broken bodies. Corino got the worst of it though as Funk took out every bit of anger, he had on him with a branding iron, a fireball, and a Texas Toe Hold. Per the terms of the match, Funk now had a chance at the MLW World Heavyweight Title and had just tapped out the leader of the Extreme Horsemen. Despite the odds, the Funkin’ Army had won in this no-holds-barred bout of brutality. I loved it the first time I saw it and it still holds up on a second showing. Some Wargames matches live to be pure chaos, this had one hell of a story to it. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled to SteelChair as we’ll be bringing you all the happenings of the MLW Open Draft as it airs at midnight.

All images courtesy of MLW Twitter, Video courtesy of MLW YouTube