Welcome back to ChocoPro Wrestling. The double-bill concludes with another two-match spectacle of tag team warfare. Ayano Irie gets her shot at reclaiming a win in her debut weekend alongside SAKI as they take on Chie Koishikawa and Waka Tsukiyama and in the main event, your Asia Dream Tag Team Champions Best Bros will be taking on the Pencil Army once again. We all know their feelings towards Pencil and her soldiers so that should get explosive. Let’s get into the action and find out.

Ayano Irie & SAKI defeated Chie Koishikawa & Waka Tsukiyama via Michinoku Driver on Koishikawa

Colours were back to play again as Irie had her second match with ChocoPro. This time she was paired up with SAKI and taking on the rivals made friends team of Chie Koishikawa and the devilish Waka Tsukiyama. Could Ayanotan pick up her first win and could Tsukiyama avoid getting chopped again? It was weird seeing Suruga actually try to enforce the rules as she tried to stop Tsukiyama from using her trident as a weapon. She swung at SAKI but missed and got her foot stomped. SAKI stomped it again and ran right into a stab from the trident. Tsukiyama looked to follow up with a dropkick but SAKI dodged again and after a quick roll-up the pair tagged out. Irie and Koishikawa picked up the slack with a technical exchange and Koishikawa enlisted Tsukiyama for a double bow and arrow. She teased Irie with a Demon Chop but held back and tagged out. Tsukiyama flew in with a dropkick and the pair stretched out Irie. SAKI broke it up and Irie snapped Tsukiyama over into a body scissor. SAKI tried to rip Tsukiyama’s arms off and trapped her in a hair-pulling Camel Clutch. She tried to use the trident again but Suruga was dead set on enforcing the rules. Irie came back in and tossed Tsukiyama across the mat by her ears and then by her horns. She slammed Tsukiyama into the floor with a body slam and SAKI trapped her in a Boston Crab. Koishikawa broke the hold and had to rush in to save Tsukiyama from another double submission as Suruga couldn’t decide if Tsukiyama’s horns counted as hair pulling or not. Tsukiyama grew tired of this, stomped Irie’s foot, and dropkicked her way to freedom again.

Koishikawa came in chopping and baited Irie into an arm-drag. She punished Irie with the Demon Chop and had to fight out of four different roll-ups as Irie panicked. Koishikawa dropkicked away and Tsukiyama drove her into the mat with a body slam. Irie did the same and trapped Tsukiyama in another crab. Tsukiyama escaped and dodged the dropkick to the ear so the pair fought over another slam. Irie succeeded and brought in SAKI who smashed Tsukiyama against the wall and flattened her with a handstand splash. A slugfest broke out and Tsukiyama reversed another body slam into a double-team Devil Horns. Irie saved the day and Koishikawa chopped SAKI into a sunset flip. SAKI kicked away the muffler and Irie pushed Koishikawa into a big boot. Both teams tried for double dropkicks with Tsukiyama and Koishikawa succeeding. SAKI ate a double chop and the muffler but wouldn’t quit so Koishikawa climbed to the window. SAKI plucked her away but Koishikawa reversed the fireman’s carry into a Koji Clutch. Irie made the save and everyone started beating on everyone. SAKI broke through multiple double clotheslines and used Tsukiyama as a weapon for a double bulldog. She booted Koishikawa in the face again and tried for the Vader Bomb. Koishikawa dodged and tried for the Demon Chop but SAKI dodged that into an Atomic Drop. She reversed a charge into a Michinoku Driver and took the win. Irie had her first win and the new team on the block got to show what they could do. This was a whole lot of fun with SAKI keeping the wheels turning. What an excellent opener.

Best Bros (Mei Suruga & Baliyan Akki) defeated Pencil Army (Lulu Pencil & Emi Sakura via Namaste Splash on Pencil

Last but not least the main event. Pencil Army had a daunting task ahead of them. With their big revenge tag match against Brookes and his army at the next show, they needed to pick up some momentum fast. Unfortunately, they were against the Best Bros, a team with no love for them and no off switch. This was going to get rough. Akki started by trying to break Pencil’s wrist and the pair went into a strong technical battle. Pencil got away by stabbing Akki’s throat and the pair tagged out. Suruga and Sakura started with a race which Suruga won. She celebrated by snatching up a sign and slapping it into Sakura’s face before taking her out with a dropkick. Suruga continued to pummel Sakura against the wall and went after her injured shoulder when she tried to fight back. Sakura collapsed out of the arm-drag and the pair went into a rapid if dirty technical exchange as Sakura threw Suruga across the mat by her ponytail. She tagged and Pencil stomped Suruga into a Boston Crab. Suruga easily escaped and tripped Pencil into a Deathlock as Akki berated her to tap. Akki reapplied the hold when she escaped but Sakura broke that up so he tortured Pencil with the Namaste Stretch as Sakura watched. Suruga tripped her when she tried to intervene and Akki drove his boot into Sakura’s back as he stretched out Pencil. The Best Bros continued to torture Pencil as she got stuck in a loop of throat thrusts onto Suruga’s knees because Sakura kept making it worse. Akki did the same and nearly snapped Pencil in half as Sakura pissed him off with a head flick. Suruga tried for Lucifer but Pencil escaped and whipped Suruga into the wall but the rolling dropkick got countered into a roll-up. Suruga blasted her with a wall dropkick and tried for a double stomp but Pencil tripped her into the wall again and escaped with the rolling dropkick.

Sakura made her presence felt with Riverdance Kicks and caught a crossbody into a backbreaker. She stomped Suruga’s feet and tried for the head flick again but Suruga bit her finger. The pair fought over wall whips and Suruga bounced Sakura’s head off the wall for a wall-run double chop. She tried for Lucifer but Sakura scooped her up and crushed her against the wall. She tried for We Will Rock You but Akki booted her away. She tried to whip Akki into Suruga but he jumped over her and took out Sakura with a standing Spider. He threw Suruga into a double stomp and Suruga trapped both Pencil Army members in a double Deathlock as the camera focused on Sakura’s terrified face. Akki joined in and the pair stretched out both Army members. Sakura forced an escape so Suruga tagged to Akki. She battered him with jumping shoulder tackles and splashed his arm against the wall. She tried to mimic the Best Bros pose but just hurt her own shoulder. She embarrassed Akki by trying to chop and got floored with a stiff hand from Akki. She stunned him with a clothesline but Akki floored her again with a thrust kick. Pencil made the save and Sakura tripped Akki into the wall for the We Will Rock You. Sakura made the tag and Pencil instantly trapped Akki in the Pencil Lock. She clipped him with a low dropkick and hit the Stabber, then hit a second off a chair. Suruga made the save so Pencil held Akki in place for a fist drop from Sakura. They tried to set up for dual Stabbers but Sakura took too long climbing to the top allowing Akki time to dodge and Suruga space to jump Sakura. Best Bros trapped both in submissions and Sakura tapped but she wasn’t legal. Pencil continued the fight and nearly won with La Magistral. We got another frantic closing section and Best Bros faceplanted Pencil for the Namaste Splash and the win. it was another valiant effort from the Pencil Army but as always, they just couldn’t find that killing blow. Best Bros had won the day but it hadn’t been easy. Now, the real test for Pencil Army comes in a couple of days as the full Pencil Army battles Chris Brookes, Yuna Mizumori and ASUKA. That is going to be incredible.

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move, FlyingVTrigger, Sayaka Obihiro, Video courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube

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