Welcome back to ChocoPro Wrestling. The crossover with AWG and more accurately, the Colours of AWG, continues as another new face joins the ChocoPro regulars today. We have three more fun matches to enjoy as Ayano Irie joins up with Waka Tsukiyama against Mei Suruga and Sayuri, Pencil Army battles Chie Koishikawa and Sayaka and in the main event, Baliyan Akki goes one-on-one with a familiar foe, Tokiko Kirihara. It was going to be another chaotic blast of high-quality wrestling so let’s get into the action.

Mei Suruga & Sayuri defeated Ayano Irie & Waka Tsukiyama via Propellor Pin on Tsukiyama

Up first was a new debut. Ayano Irie, another standout from AWG, was coming to join the party. She was teaming up with the devilish Waka Tsukiyama against the Big Apple Mei Suruga and the ChocoPro Ninja Sayuri. This was going to get wild and based on two people in this match, quite evil. Irie and Sayuri started with a battle of wrist control and Sayuri going for a quick roll-up. The chops came out early and the pair went into a submission battle. Colours trapped Sayuri in a double armbar and Irie went for an early finisher dropkick for two. Suruga cut off a second attempt and we got a sleeper standoff between the teams. Tsukiyama tripped both Suruga and Sayuri into the mat and posed in victory, then ate a Suruga crossbody missing a clothesline. Suruga continued to pummel and stomp Tsukiyama before hitting a pose with Sayuri and starting a chain of sponsor sign sentons. They ended the chain with double diving headbutts and Suruga went to work on Tsukiyama’s arm and neck with twists. She whipped Tsukiyama into Sayuri’s sleeper and Suruga took over when she escaped with a Guillotine. Suruga took the fight to the window and tried to distract referee Akki as she crushed Tsukiyama in the frame. The double chop followed and Tsukiyama collapsed against the wall. She tried to boot free of Suruga but Suruga kept catching her foot and attacking her leg. She was eventually successful and blasted Suruga with a wall dropkick, finally earning her freedom from the beatdown.

Irie came in hot and threw Suruga by her ears across the mat. Suruga dodged another dropkick to the ear but couldn’t stop Irie grinding her face into the wall with her boot. She backed off and hit the ear dropkick against the wall. Suruga rolled out of a slam and scared Irie into a low dropkick and Lucifer. She tried for the bridging Deathlock but Irie just booted her into the floor and rolled into an inverted crab. Suruga tried for a roll-up and locked in the bridging Deathlock hold before tagging out. Sayuri came in with a Yakuza kick and hit Irie with the rolling wall smashes. Irie tried for numerous roll-ups and tagged out to Tsukiyama. She continued her trend of getting chopped in the chest and kicked Sayuri away with a dropkick. Suruga took over and bounced Tsukiyama off the wall after kicking her in the chest. She fought to lock on Lucifer and stabbed through Tsukiyama with a double stomp. Irie came to the rescue and Colours double-teamed Suruga into a near-fall, Sayuri just breaking up a double pin. Both Suruga and Tsukiyama went for roll-ups and Suruga crippled Tsukiyama with another double stomp. The Propellor Pin followed and Suruga had racked up another win for team ChocoPro. Tsukiyama and Irie had put up one hell of a fight but they couldn’t best the craftiness of Sayuri and Suruga. Suruga even rubbed more salt in the wounds by calling them both evil. Ayano will be back in action soon and will hopefully get another chance to show off as she was fun to watch here.

Chie Koishikawa & Sayaka defeated Pencil Army (Lulu Pencil & Emi Sakura) via Diving X Chop on Pencil

Next was another tag team showcase as Pencil Army tried to regain their wins before the big Brookes bout. Pencil had gained one win alongside Akki but had yet to find that magic moment alongside Sakura. Maybe Koishikawa and Sayaka would provide that? Both teams charged and Pencil Army double-teamed Sayaka. Sakura threw Sayaka around by the head and brought in Pencil. Sayaka instantly rolled up Pencil and brought in Koishikawa. Pencil whipped Koishikawa into the wall and stabbed her in the back. Sakura came in and delivered a wall chop, then tried to play darts with her pencil case. Koishikawa had learned and chopped this away, throwing the case back at Sakura. She tagged and Sayaka tried to stomp Sakura into a Camel Clutch. Sakura escaped but got quickly trapped in a double bow and arrow after a double rolling leg drop. Sakura tried to swim away from a crab but swam right into Koishikawa and promptly changed direction, colliding with Sayaka and more stomps. She chopped Sayaka out of the air and returned the stomping favour before tagging out. Pencil splashed Sayaka’s back and nailed the back elbow drop for a two-count. Sayaka forearmed free and got tripped into a Pencil Roll Hold. Sakura trapped her in a Camel Clutch and Sayaka took her down for some ground-and-pound forearms into a crab. Pencil tried to help break the hold but Sayaka just swatted her with forearms. Sakura avoided double-team disaster but couldn’t slam Sayaka and ate double dropkicks. She dodged one of Koishikawa’s and angrily stomped her into the mat. This wasn’t very effective though as Koishikawa popped up, slugged her in the chest, and downed her with another dropkick.

Things went from bad to worse with a Demon Chop and Koishikawa trapping her in the Guillotine. Sakura slammed free and hit her own Demon Chop before tagging out again. Pencil came in with the stomps and chops and tried to take Koishikawa out with clotheslines. She ran into Sayaka and got trapped in a double-team muffler. Pencil escaped and sent both flying into the wall, then tripped both into a double Stabber. Sakura threw Pencil into a splash but only got two. Koishikawa reversed a diving Stabber into a roll-up and Sakura dragged her into a Crucifix. Pencil Army hit the La Magistral Combo but Koishikawa kicked out. She punished Pencil with a Demon Chop and locked on the muffler but Pencil escaped. The pair had a chop battle and the Army took Koishikawa out with double clotheslines. Koishikawa slugged Pencil away and floored her with a Diving X Chop for the win. It had been a hard-fought effort but once again, it was another loss for Pencil Army. It had been an excellent showing for Sayaka and Koishikawa as they continue to rack up wins and show off but I was also impressed with the double-team from Pencil Army here.

Baliyan Akki defeated Tokiko Kirihara via Namaste Splash

Last but not least the main event. Each time Baliyan Akki and Tokiko Kirihara meet, they burn the studio down. Both have nice blends of striking and technicality that always lead to fun, close bouts. Kirihara has yet to beat Akki but every time they meet, she gets closer and closer to victory. Maybe this time she’d find the solution to her problem? It opened with a kicking contest and the pair teed off on each other with knees, forearms, and chops. Neither could keep control as the other just unleashed more nightmarish strikes and kicks. It was a back-and-forth mass of knees, strikes, and kicks as both fighters always had an answer. Akki started working a leg and Kirihara tried to break an arm and lock on a Triangle. Once again, the pair went almost move for move as the counters did not calm down. Just when Akki had a grounded headlock on, Kirihara would reverse into a choke, then a shoulder breaker. Only for Akki to then reverse into a headscissors takedown. It was an absolute wrestling chess game. These two were masterfully escaping holds and locking on new ones with ease, making for one intense-as-hell main event. After an agonising grounded session, Akki went back on the attack with more kicks and the striking exchanges began again. Kirihara matched Akki’s stiff kicks and drove Akki into the mat with a body slam. Akki countered her with the ultimate insult and locked on a straight jacket, then transitioned it into a Gory Special. The trading resumed as everyone in the studio winced at how hard the pair were hitting each other. Akki escaped the Cobra Twist and Kirihara counter the Spider by getting her knees up. She followed up with more kicks but Akki blocked the STO so Kirihara kneed him into submission before planting him with a second attempt. She tried to hit the dancing foot stomp but Akki caught it and turned it into a Deathlock. Kirihara escaped but was quickly knocked down again by more stiff palm strikes. Another kick battle broke out and Akki chopped Kirihara’s soul out.

He tried to end things with a Suplex but Kirihara countered into a Stunner. She nearly decapitated him with a Buzzsaw Kick and tried to choke him out but Akki was out of bounds. Akki transitioned her hold to a bow and arrow and reapplied the Deathlock. He climbed to the top for the Namaste Splash but Kirihara sent him crashing from the window with a Monkey Flip. He angrily charged but got thrown again with a Judo Throw. Akki escaped another choke with a backpack stunner and crushed Kirihara with a wall-run Swanton. He tried to go for the Namasté Splash again but only ate knees. Akki countered her charge into a backbreaker and finally nailed the Namasté Splash for the win. This had been brutal. A semi-shoot fight of exceptional striking and technicality that culminated in a desperation sprint to victory. This oozed drama and intensity as the pair beat the absolute hell out of each other. This is definitely one of the best main events of the season. Just wall-to-wall hard-hitting violence. Tomorrow will have another tag showcase episode as Ayano Irie returns to team with SAKI against Waka Tsukiyama and Chie Koishikawa and Best Bros battle the Pencil Army. Be sure to come back for that one.

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move, FlyingVTrigger, Sayuri, Video courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube