The debut event for BritWres newest promotion Wrestling Carnival comes to Nottingham’s Portland Centre on August 1st 2021. Curtain Call tickets will be on sale on June 1st here at 8 AM BST, a day before for the followers of the company who are receiving their newsletter. The price range goes from 10 to 25 pounds.

Session Moth Martina, Kanji, Gisele Shaw, Charles Crowley, Warren Banks, Elijah, Lizzy Evo and more wrestlers are announced for that show. The Carnival Gauntlet, a showcase match for Wrestle Carnival which will open the doors on Aug 1st. Charles Crowley, Lion Kid, Jerry Bakewell, Hari Singh and Terry Isit will take part in a gauntlet alongside the best fancy-dressed fan. Brady Phillips will also be coming to The Carnival on Aug 1st.

Wrestle Carnival will be back to Nottingham’s Portland Centre on 12th September 2021, featuring stars from Ring Of Honor Wrestling. Matches from the event will be featured on ROH Week By Week YouTube show, including an official ROH Pure Rules Main Event with a former ROH Pure Champion. Doug Williams, Joe Hendry, Dean Allmark, Session Moth Martina, Kanji and Gisele Shaw are already announced to compete.

Tickets for that show will go on sale on the same date and on the same link as Curtain Call. Tickets for November 14 show (same place, same hour) will go on sale on September 1st (same link). For everything related to policies and procedures, Wrestling Carnival created a page to answer all the questions and worries of the fans but also the talents.

Due to COVID, the first official Wrestle Carnival show at Milton Keynes was cancelled but it will happen anyway this summer in Nottingham. The company was created by Gary Ward last year and was expecting to start its shows earlier this year. Over the weeks following its creation, the company has announced the signing of Lion Kid, Gisele Shaw, Alexxis Falcon, Charles Crowley, Spike Trivet, Charlie Sterling.

For more information on Wrestle Carnival, visit their website here, YouTube channel and Twitter page.

All pics and videos courtesy of Wrestle Carnival

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