Welcome back to ChocoPro Wrestling. Today is a big one. Episode #120 marks the next big test for Pencil Army. We have one match and it is the ultimate war. The Chocolate Square was at nuclear levels after the great Chris Brookes betrayal and rampage on Pencil Army. Now, it was time to see if Pencil Army could get some revenge. Lulu Pencil, Emi Pencil, and Mino Pencil were here in force to take on Chris Brookes, Yuna Mizumori, and their hired gun, the hottest free agent in Japan, VENY (or as you may know them, ASUKA.) Could Pencil finally get that win she so desperately craved and could the Pencil Army finally prove they were every bit the force they believed themselves to be? Let’s find out and get into the action.

Just before everything kicked off, we learned that the Masahiro Takanashi produce show will go forward on July 13th from Shinjuku FACE with the main event of Takanashi taking on another of the scene’s hottest stars, Fuminori Abe. He is coming back and he is going to show injury hasn’t stopped him.

Chris Brookes, Yuna Mizumori & VENY defeated Pencil Army (Lulu Pencil, Emi Sakura & Minoru Fujita) via Torture Hold on Pencil

The tension in the studio was at palpable levels. Chris Brookes made himself a marked man in ChocoPro and now he was stepping back into the lion’s den with an army of his own. His original squad had been sidelined by injury and now VENY had come in to boot some faces. It was time for Pencil Army to prove themselves or suffer. Mei Suruga was the ref meaning Brookes was automatically unhappy with the match. Fujita opened the action with a shoving contest against Mizumori. He baited her into a wall crash and tripped her into a Pencil Roll. Mizumori bridged out but Fujita kept the upper hand by reversing a senton with his knees. He gave Mizumori a throat stab and tagged out to Pencil. Mizumori instantly overpowered Pencil and downed her with a forearm, stomping away a Pencil Roll and tagging out to Brookes. Team Brookes stomped down Pencil and Brookes tortured her by tying her in knots and fish-hooking her. Pencil stabbed free of Brookes and reversed a wall slam into a choke. She got the blind tag to Sakura, who spent 30 seconds getting fired up to eat a big boot. Sakura just beat the ten-count and charged into another boot. He went for a third boot and countered Sakura’s attempted knee breaker into a swinging sleeper. Sakura escaped with a wrist bite and stomped his feet and thighs, bringing him down to size for a Pencil Soldier to the eye. He caught Sakura into a backbreaker and tagged in VENY, who instantly blasted Sakura with a dropkick to the head into a dancing kip-up. They mockingly kicked at Sakura and taught her how to throw a real headbutt, hitting one so hard it floored Sakura. A mocking pin later and VENY tagged back out to Brookes.

Team Brookes swarmed Pencil Army and ripped up the sponsor signs to cause a distraction as VENY continued to torture Sakura. Brookes stomped a sign into Sakura’s back and choked her out with another as his team applied extra pressure. VENY worked to break Sakura’s wrist and floored her with a hard elbow and Mizumori swatted away the other Pencil Army members as she tried to apply the Tropical Crab. Sakura fought back and managed to escape doom with a series of headbutts into the Underhook backbreaker. She brought in Pencil and watched as Pencil took it to Mizumori with the stomps and chops. Pencil took out Mizumori’s shins with a low dropkick but couldn’t fire up as VENY interjected and no-sold her forearms. They strutted around the mat and Brookes blasted Pencil in the back as she followed. Brookes caused another disrespectful distraction and the rest of his team crush Pencil under their boots. VENY locked on a nasty crab and forearmed away Sakura when she tried to make the save. Brookes attacked Pencil with a basketball and rained down shots whilst torturing Pencil with holds. Mizumori catapulted Pencil into the wall and knocked out Pencil with another forearm. Someone threw a pencil case at Brookes so he used it to stab Pencil in the throat. No matter who was in, they tortured Pencil like it was nothing with no respect or upholding of the rules. Pencil finally reversed a wall whip and escaped with a trip on Mizumori. Fujita came in swinging but all of Team Brookes came in to attack. Fujita escaped doom with an eye rake and tricked Mizumori into spearing her teammates. He trapped Brookes in a stretch and reversed the Octopus into a faceplant. A strike fight broke out and the pair traded stiff chops. Brookes won the exchange and VENY came in to kick heads. They used Suruga as a human shield and kicked Fujita in the balls before dropping him with a DDT. It was looking like the end for Pencil Army…

Fujita kicked out and tripped VENY into the wall, then crushed their head against it with a high knee. He tagged out and Sakura came in with more lacklustre offence. This just pissed VENY off and they swung on Sakura again. The heat picked up and VENY downed Sakura with a superkick. Sakura fired herself up with Riverdance kicks but ran straight into a spinning wheel kick from VENY. They made the tag and Mizumori crushed Sakura with a Tropical Splash and a handstand senton. Mizumori went for the wall charge but Pencil made the save and trapped Brookes on Mizumori’s shoulder when he came to help and walked him into the table. Mizumori charged Sakura into the table as vengeance but blindly charged in again and got cracked off the table by Sakura. Both tagged and Brookes renewed hostilities with Pencil. She tried to unload on him with strikes but it had no real effect. Brookes shunted her away so she charged with Pencil strikes but just got booted away again. Pencil wiggled out of the Praying Mantis Bomb and downed Brookes with a dropkick She tried to stab at Brookes again but he bent her wrists and bitchslapped her away. Suruga took umbrage with this so Brookes knocked her down for the Shoop Cutter. Pencil army took out Team Brookes with a Pencil joust and tried to do the same to Brookes but he twisted it into a Tornado DDT on Fujita. Sakura had seen enough and whacked Brookes with a series of chops and a chop-line but he booted her in the face and Mizumori and VENY played striking ping pong with her body. Pencil fought them all off but they all hit her with their hardest shot, Brookes getting the final shot of the combo with a John Woo. They tried to go for triple submissions but Pencil Amy turned it into a chain of Octopus stretches. Sakura tried for We Will Rock You and hit it when Fujita and Pencil kept the team in place. They hit Brookes with triple Stabbers and Fujita trapped him under a bunch of stools. Fujita climbed to the window but Mizumori stalled him and VENY dumped him onto the stool pile with a head-scissor after Brookes had escaped.

Brookes threw Pencil through the stool pile and tried to swing one at Pencil but she tripped him onto it, face-first. Pencil tried for the lariats and dropped the suspender to hit a double clothesline with Sakura. They put Brookes on a table and hit him with Pencil stabs, then held him as Fujita clawed himself up for a table splash. The table didn’t break but Brookes sure did and that would have been it but his team saved him. Mizumori came in angry and tried to hit Sakura with the wall-run splash but Sakura countered and nailed her with it. VENY killed her off with a gutbuster and booted her out of the window. Fujita met the window too and VENY KO’ed him with a spinning heel kick. Brookes became a platform and VENY nailed Fujita with a beautiful moonsault, then threw him out of the window too. They followed him out with a springboard window senton and Brookes went back to torturing Pencil. Brookes tried to fire her up and chopped her down every time she failed. Brookes drilled her with a punt kick and rolled her up in the mat. He dragged her into the camera, incriminating the audience in Pencil’s fate, and tried to slam her on the hardwood floor but Pencil bounced him off a table again and tried for La Magistral. She kept hitting the pin but Brookes wouldn’t stay down. She pelted him with a stool and hit Brookes with a DDT on the exposed floor. Brookes kicked out again so Pencil climbed to the top to end it with the Stabber but met Brookes’ knees. He dragged her into a final submission hold and stomped in her head until she tapped. Pencil had given up again but the heart displayed moved the whole studio. This war had been incredible, we’d seen ChocoPro get more hardcore than ever but sadly, Brookes was right. Fairy tales don’t come true, life ain’t fair and Brookes had destroyed the Pencil Army once again. Chris Brookes is a wrestling genius, every time he is in the Chocolate Square, he brings this magic out of everyone. The next ChocoPro is in a couple of days to celebrate Mei Suruga’s third anniversary in wrestling, hopefully, the tone will be a bit cheerier.

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move, FlyingVTrigger, Video Courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube