Welcome back to ChocoPro Wrestling. Today is a special day as it marks Mei Suruga’s third year in wrestling. The Apple Girl has come a long way in those three years and was now going to show that progress with the main event match against Diana’s Haruka Umesaki. Alongside that, we’d see Yuna Mizumori continue her Pencil Army bullying in a singles match against Lulu Pencil and a rare three-way dance between Baliyan Akki, Chon Shiryu, and Chie Koishikawa. There was a lot to enjoy here so let’s get into the action and celebrate Suruga’s third-year completion.

Yuna Mizumori defeated Lulu Pencil via Wall Run Splash

Up first was another shot at redemption for Lulu Pencil. Yuna Mizumori had been on the team that beat Pencil Army and now they were going to have another match against each other. Pencil wasted no time and tried for a roll-up as Mizumori finished her introduction. Pencil tried for more and tried to bait Mizumori into a Pencil Trip. Mizumori jumped over these but Pencil grabbed her leg and bounced her off the wall. Pencil climbed the window and dropped Mizumori with a Tornado DDT. She stabbed Mizumori up and tried to choke her out. A slugfest broke out and trapped Pencil in a crab. Pencil escaped so Mizumori bounced her off various parts of the studio. She catapulted Pencil into the wall and hammered her spine with forearms and splashes. Pencil escaped further doom and dropkicked Mizumori into a table. She tried to jump off a chair but Mizumori caught her. Pencil escaped again and took out Mizumori’s knees with Pencil Rolls to flatten her with a Pencil Split. She fired up the stomps and chops but Mizumori headbutted free and KO’ed her with a Coconut Crush. Mizumori climbed to the top and fought off a handspring kick to deliver a diving crab. Pencil tried to slug back but Mizumori just booted her down again. Mizumori tried to charge her into the tables but Pencil fought over to the stools and hit a Stabber off them. Pencil tried for the clotheslines but Mizumori dragged her into an ankle lock and nailed another splash. The handstand splash followed and Pencil nearly scored the win with a sliding clothesline reversal. Pencil tried for La Magistral but couldn’t keep Mizumori down. Mizumori got her knees up on a Stabber and ended Pencil with a sliding clothesline into the wall run Splash. Pencil had lost again but as always, she kept growing and showing new techniques. This has been a wilder match than I’d anticipated and it’s nice to see Mizumori busting out new moves too.

Chon Shiryu defeated Chie Koishikawa & Baliyan Akki via Pin Trap on Koishikawa

Due to Sayuri tweaking her ankle, we now had an explosive three-way dance to enjoy. Chon Shiryu would have to fend off not only Baliyan Akki but also the Hyperactive Chopping Machine, Chie Koishikawa. There were going to be no brakes on this ride. They opened with a three-way test of strength that Akki dominated but Shiryu kicked away Koishikawa and went into a Lucha showcase with Akki. Koishikawa ran around both of them and gave Shiryu a boot. Akki trapped Koishikawa into the Namaste Stretch and Koishikawa avoided more danger with a chop into a dropkick. Shiryu reappeared to rake Koishikawa’s eyes and scraped her face for a fist drop. He trapped Koishikawa in a hair-pulling Camel Clutch but Akki broke the hold with a kick. Shiryu lit him up with strikes and the pair went into another counter chain. Koishikawa was swatted away and Shiryu stretched out Akki. Demon Chie appeared, broke the hold and wandered round to a terrified Shiryu’s back for a demon chop. She did the same to Akki and laughed maniacally. She nailed both with vicious chops and everyone tried to hit creative pins. Akki hit both with the Spider and tried for the Namaste Splash but Koishikawa interrupted and threw Akki onto Shiryu. The trio continued to deck each other and Shiryu used Koishikawa as a step for a window wrecking ball on Akki. He paid homage to Sayuri with the Ninja sleeper through the window and launched Akki with a head-scissor. He wrapped Koishikawa in a pin trap and took the win. This had been pure chaos but that is exactly what a ChocoPro triple-threat should be. Everyone showed out and Shiryu got the crafty win. Great fun all-around.

Mei Suruga defeated Haruka Umesaki via Propellor Pin

Last but not least, the main event. Mei Suruga was going to celebrate her third anniversary with a match against a former classmate, Haruka Umesaki. The pair had trained together but had since gone their separate ways. Sakura had brought them back together for another fight and now we’d see if Suruga could win this celebration. They opened with a strong lock-up and battled over wrist control. Suruga tried for a quick Guillotine and Umesaki turned it into a grounded headlock. Suruga did the same and the pair both showed off with cartwheels. Umesaki avoided taking the ride and trapped Suruga in a Guillotine. Umesaki grabbed onto Suruga’s hair and threw her by the head. Suruga fired back and struck at Umesaki but couldn’t hit a wall strike and got bulldogged into the mat. Umesaki went back to hair pulling and locked on the bow and arrow. They exchanged stomps and Suruga began to work on the arms, biting into Umesaki before putting her in a Camel Clutch. The pair battled around a body-scissor and Suruga hit Cute on Purpose. Umesaki kicked out so Suruga punished her with knees to the arm and back. The arm-twist followed and Suruga bent up Umesaki’s wrist. The arm abuse continued and Suruga climbed to the window but Umesaki followed and the pair forearmed each other in the window frame. Suruga snapped Umesaki’s arm in the window and hit another diving arm stomp. Umesaki went face-first into the window again and Suruga dropkicked a sign into her back. Sakura refused to count so Suruga went for the wall slam but Umesaki shunted her into the wall instead, then blasted her with a dropkick.

Umesaki kicked at Suraga’s legs and locked on a bridging leglock. Suruga fought off a Northern Lights with another Guillotine and reversed a pin attempt into a double stomp. The Apple Cut Mutilation followed but Umesaki forced a break. Suruga bounced Umesaki off the wall and hit the sign double chop. Sakura refused to count again so Suruga blasted Umesaki with a dropkick and tried for a body slam. After a struggle and some body punches, she finally got the slam off and trapped Umesaki in a rather unique submission before transitioning to the bridging Deathlock clutch. Suruga tried to charge but Umesaki caught her with a leaping clothesline and the pair struck it out. Both fighters threw stiff forearms and Suruga avoided further punishment with a wall-run crossbody. She charged again and Umesaki caught her into a Suplex. Suruga wouldn’t stay down so Umesaki hammered her with short-arm clotheslines and fought out of a roll-up. The pair traded pins and Umesaki met the wall again. The pin battle broke out again and Suruga nailed Umesaki with a wall run double stomp. Suruga went back to the arm and Umesaki tried La Magistral. Umesaki missed a Missile Dropkick so Suruga tried for the Propellor pin, Umesaki kicked out so Suruga hit another double stomp and hit a second Propellor pin for the win. It had been a hard-fought battle but Suruga had won her anniversary match. Umesaki had pushed her past the limit but it had been worth it. She had proved her mettle and given everyone a match to enjoy. I hope that’s not the last we see of Umesaki as she was quite the fearsome foe. That ended another awesome ChocoPro episode with more mysteries as to what comes next. Congratulations once again to Mei Suruga on her three years. Here’s to many more.

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move, FlyingVTrigger, Mei Suruga, Video courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube

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