Welcome back to Paradigm Pro. With Jody murdered and the natural order restored, it’s time for Paradigm to do what they do best, put on some excellent matches. This week we have six more to enjoy as Big Beef meets Dread King Logan, Jaiden meets Myron Reed, Cole Radrick meets Hardway Heeter, and my personal favourite, Filthy Tom Lawlor meets Suge D. There were big moments to come and violence to enjoy as the Paradigm regulars came to fight whilst J-Rose tried to keep things under control and Kerry Awful looked to make business more interesting. Let’s see how they did.

“Big Beef” Gnarls Garvin defeated Dread King Logan via Beefy Bomb

The show opened up with the ultimate hoss fight. The Dread King was back in Paradigm and he was taking on the most violent man on the roster, Big Beef Gnarls Garvin. The audio has hinted that Beef might be searching for something more but for now, he’d have to settle for maiming Logan. They traded verbal barbs, then threw forearms. They took the fight outside and Logan hit Beef with a huge diving uppercut. The pair continued to pulverise each other around the outside and Beef crotched Logan on the middle rope after taking a vicious boot. Beef crushed Logan’s head against the ring post and both guys went to the eyes. Beef kept the pressure on with knees and launched Logan with a Butterfly Suplex. Logan kicked out at one and tanked Beef’s offence to hit a DVD into the buckles. He hit Beef with a diving leg drop and headed up for a second but Beef caught him into a Powerbomb. A Saito and the Beefy Bomb followed to end the match. Logan was done but he had taken the fight to Beef in a way we’ve seen no one manage to in quite some time. This was intense, vicious, and very impactful. Just the type of opening match I want.

Cole Radrick defeated Hardway Heeter via Little Sebastian’s Curse

Heeter had been made a confirmed killer by Kerry Awful. He now proudly represented Crux Wrestling and KOBK and brought an air of realism. His newest opponent though was the wild heart of the company, Cole Radrick. Could Heeter get another kill or would Radrick knock him back to square one? Heeter ambushed Radrick on the bell ring and avoided a dive by forearming him in the ropes. He dragged Radrick through the ropes for an inverted DDT on the apron and continued the beatdown around the ring. Cole slugged back but Heeter cut him off with a shoulder tackle. This trend continued as Radrick tried to fire up but Heeter kept cutting him off in his tracks. Radrick broke free of a fireman’s carry and slapped up Heeter for an enzuigiri. He followed up with a springboard cutter but couldn’t keep Heeter down. Heeter countered Radrick into a spinebuster but couldn’t keep him down either. Radrick fought through an underhook and turned it into Little Sebastian’s Curse for the win. Radrick had taken a pummelling but yet again that weapon in his arsenal destroyed his foe. Heeter has nothing to be disappointed about here as he beat the hell out of Radrick, he just fell to the new deadliest move in the game.

Matt Makowski defeated Flash Thompson via Cross Armbreaker

Up next was a battle between Forgotten Fight Team and Team Filthy. Makowski had fallen at the hands of Beverly during the UWFI series, would he fall to his former team member Flash Thompson too? MMA was about to meet boxing in a big way. The fight started with a cagey standoff and Makowski took the battle to the mat for a Rear-Naked Choke. Thompson fought out and tried to match the grappling but Makowski kept him locked up. They continued to battle around the grapples until Thompson forced a rope break. Thompson wanted to throw hands so Makowski obliged and got hammered with an arm-trap clothesline. He took control of the match and booted Makowski before locking in a neck crank. Thompson threw more stiff strikes but Makowski woke up after Thompson missed a corner splash and the trading began anew with a Bix kick and a headlock Suplex. Makowski tried for an Armbreaker but Thompson locked his grip and after more trading locked on the kneebar. Makowski booted him off. They threw more deadly strikes and Makowski nearly KO’ed Thompson with a head kick. Thompson kicked out so Makowski locked on the Armbreaker and tapped Thompson out. This had been way more competitive than I might have thought but that didn’t stop me from enjoying it. Both guys continued the trend of beating the hell out of each other and Makowski showed MMA beats boxing.

Suge D defeated Tom Lawlor via European Clutch

Okay, dream match time. What happens when you put the thinking man’s wrestler and grappling extraordinaire in with one of the trailblazers of modern MMA-fused wrestling. Filthy Tom Lawlor and Suge D are some of the top boys in their fields, now they were going to collide and it was going to be epic. They opened with some high-stakes grappling as Lawlor tried to go for an early kill. The grappling games continued as the pair had counters on counters and continuously switched limbs based on the situation. Lawlor struck out of some sportsmanship so Suge made him pay with a split trap, slowly pulling Lawlor into a very painful predicament. He frustrated Lawlor with more classical wrestling and reminded him just how close he’d come to losing. Lawlor brought out the strikes and beat down Suge in the corner. He willed Suge back into the fight just to knock him back down with another stiff forearm. He assaulted Suge with cravat knees and nearly scored the win with a sliding clothesline. Suge went to the fingers and seriously injured Lawlor’s hand, making it hard for him to punch. The hand abuse continued so Lawlor kicked out a leg. A striking chess game broke out and Lawlor booted Suge to the outside. Lawlor used this chance to smash Suge into the guardrails and Suge demanded to be hit harder. Lawlor obliged and ate a rebound forearm when Suge bounced off the rail and took them both out. They both staggered to the ring and struck it out again, trading rubber-legged strikes and headbutts. Suge D escaped doom by reversing a slam into a DDT and teed off on Lawlor with slaps and chops into a bridging German. Suge tried for an Octopus but Lawlor nailed a slam and locked in a Rear-Naked Choke. He tried to rebound off the buckles but Lawlor dragged him back into the choke. The pair traded pins and chokes until Suge threw Lawlor into the buckles. Lawlor tried for the choke again but Suge turned it into a European Clutch for the win. This was incredible. A true grappling, throwback match with a modern flavour and a lot to offer. This is a must-watch from this series. 15+ minutes of pure wrestling artistry.

Dylan Derringer defeated Eli Knight (w/Shawn Kemp & Kayla Kassidy) via Spinal Tap

The ragtag group was back but this time, only one of their members was fighting. Eli Knight, the cocky high-flying superstar was going to take on fellow high-flyer Dylan Derringer. Knight considered this his ticket out of the group so he was going to show off. Knight feigned sportsmanship and the pair tried for quick pinfalls. They hit each other with violent forearms and Derringer launched Knight out of the ring with a Tornado DDT. Knight kicked Derringer in the ropes and dropkicked him to the outside for a drive-by dropkick into an Asai moonsault. He bounced Derringer off the guardrail and took his head off with a jumping clothesline. Derringer tried to come back with a jawbreaker but Knight cut him off with an elbow. Derringer came back again with an enzuigiri and dropkicked him into the buckles. He hit Knight with a running shooting star press and an imploding senton but couldn’t keep Knight down. Derringer hurt his ankle crashing down for another top rope move and Knight crushed him with a vicious combo. Knight ate knees on a moonsault and Derringer took the win with a brainbuster into the Spinal Tap. This was a ridiculously athletic showcase with both guys showing off their arsenals. Knight didn’t get the win here but with a performance like that, he had to have impressed.

Paradigm Pro Championship: Myron Reed (w/His Goons) defeated Jaiden via Cap’n Crunch

Last but not least, the main event. Myron Reed had tried to weasel out of any matches until the season end again but J-Rose wasn’t going to let that happen. He’d convinced Awful to let them have an early-season title match against Jaiden. The problem was Awful had let Reed have his friends at ringside. This was not going to be a fair fight. They opened with a lock-up and Reed forced Jaiden into a corner. Reed tried to trash talk so Jaiden tripped him up and tried for a double stomp. Reed bailed to the outside and Jaiden flattened him with a tope. The pair went counter crazy and Nikeem Avent distracted Jaiden so Reed could bounce him off the buckles into a twisting Suplex. Reed kept Jaiden grounded and launched him off the ropes into a neckbreaker. He slowly dismantled Jaiden, occasionally leaving time for Avent to get some licks in too. Jaiden fired up with dropkicks and leapt over the ropes for a twisting flatliner. Avent saved Reed from a Code Red and Reed blasted Jaiden with a superkick for the Louisville Slugger. Jaiden got his knees up for the No Cap Splash and got a two-count with a roll-up. Jaiden hit Code Blue and hit the BME but Awesome Odyssey dragged out the ref. Jaden took them all out with a tumbleweed and Reed used the distraction to recharge and catch Jaiden out of the air, into the Cap’n Crunch. Jaiden had given this a damn good effort but Reed’s goons had given him another win. This had been a fun way to end the show but we’re continuously left asking, just who can beat Myron Reed?

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