Welcome back to Terre Haute, Indiana, for another action-packed show from New Wave Pro. Earl Joseph and his company of chaos may have their biggest show yet as they’ve brought in their regulars to take on some of the indie’s best and biggest names. In this show we’d see Eric Dillinger take on Sage Philips, Jake Crist take on Nate Matthews, Don’t Die Miles take on Jordan Oliver, Cole Radrick take on Mike Bennett, and much much more leading to the main event where the baddest man on the planet Aaron Williams comes for Solomon Tupu and the NWP Heavyweight Title. Let’s get into the action.

Eric Dillinger defeated Sage Philips via Sit-Out Triangle Bomb

The show opened with everyone’s favourite villain, the public enemy Eric Dillinger going to war with ring wizard Sage Philips. Both of these guys have very different styles of fighting, it was time to see which would reign supreme here. The pair gave you exactly the match you’d want to. From bell to bell, it was an intense clash of technical wizardry, gritty striking and high-impact shocks. Philips had an early advantage but Dillinger slowly brought himself back into the match and used his power advantage and dirty tricks to regain his foothold in the match. The pair took a nasty spill off an over-the-rope Suplex and Philips seemed to have an answer for almost anything Dillinger threw, even a low blow couldn’t stop him. He had Dillinger on the ropes multiple times but in the end, power trumped technique as Dillinger got the three-count reversing a triangle. This was an absolute belter of an opening match and reminded everyone why these two are major assets to the company.

Conan Lycan defeated Jay Marston & Campbell Myers via Diving Splash on Myers

Up next was something more chaotic. The Huntsman was taking on Campbell Myers and the athletic monster Conan Lycan in triple-threat action. This was going to get very messy very fast as anyone could be a threat at any second. This started with Myers and Marston working to take out Lycan but in-fighting quickly broke that down and the match blew up. Lycan got to show off his high-flying and high-speed offence whilst Myers showed off a wide range of clever double-opponent moves and clever counters whilst Marston became the ultimate opportunist. Everyone here got their time to shine and the pace of the match never slowed down for a second. Nobody wanted to slouch and it resulted in an excellent sprint of a triple-threat. I can’t find a complaint with this one.

Ultra-Rapid Title: Nate Matthews defeated Jake Crist via Leverage Pin

What is art? Well, that is all subjective but Jake Crist has taken a different approach to art. He lives to catch people with a backslide and if that fails break them with plunder. He is a very different type of artist and the Ubermensch Nate Matthews was a very different type of model. This had show-stealer written all over it. Whilst it wasn’t the smoothest match of the night this did offer some of the most outrageous counters, power moves and technicality. Crist was the perfect foil to Matthews as his resilience and cunning matched his as well as the ability to counter almost anything. Matthews made sure to show off against his high-calibre opponent and the pair ended up putting on a competitive match full of mind-blowing manoeuvres. Matthews shocked by countering a superplex into a powerslam and Crist nearly clutched the win with a splash counter cutter. Matthews had been able to avoid the backslide and stole the win with a dirty pin the ref didn’t see. This was a struggle for Matthews and the desperation of his win proved it. How he wins though, sadly doesn’t matter and he is now one step closer to a title shot of his choosing. Hopefully, this won’t be the last time we see Jake Crist in New Wave. There are more opponents for him to mix it up with.

Don’t Die Miles defeated Jordan Oliver via Destroyer

Miles has been continuously tested since being in NWP. He’s been the saviour of the company, the winner of the Crossroads Tournament and now, he was taking on one of indie wrestling’s biggest star killers, Jordan Oliver. Worse yet, a motivated Jordan Oliver wanted this match. Miles has been an iron-man in the past, but this could just be the toughest match yet. This started fast and went everywhere in the venue. What started as a respectful bout soon descended into a bout of murderous flying, hard landings on chairs and floors and clutching to the ropes for pure survival. Both of these guys beat the absolute hell out of each other as Oliver really wanted to test the Don’t Die part of Miles’ name. Between cool cutter, debilitating kicks and power plays, the pair put on an absolute wrestling classic. Miles is such a natural underdog that Oliver decided to get mean since the fans didn’t want to cheer for him anyway. If it wasn’t for the number of heart Miles has, I don’t think he’d have made it out of this one the winner but he persevered and countered into a Destroyer to pick up that three-count. I hope this isn’t the last match between the pair as this felt like an excellent opening chapter with a whole lot of gas in the tank for future matches. This definitely delivered on the hype and shocked the hell out of me and the audience with the risks it took.

NWP Tag Title: The Tart Foundation (Aaron Atlas & Matt Brannigan) defeated Lowlifes 2.0 (Devonte Knox & Joey O’Riley) via Tart Attack on Knox

After intermission, it was time for some tag team action. The new champions Lowlifes 2.0 were in for a tough challenge as The Tart Foundation was coming for those belts. The Foundation were fairly relaxed coming to the ring but once their opponents appeared, it was go-time as the Lowlifes weren’t in the mood for fun… or were they? We opened with a battle of breakfast foods as Pop-Tarts met Lucky Charms. From there it became a very fun and competitive tag match with all four men showing off. This was my first time seeing Brannigan in action and I was very impressed with what I saw. Both teams had their fun strings of combos and the Tart Foundation won with a unique variant of the Hart Attack. Once again, this was just a fun match to watch with very little to nit-pick. It flowed nicely, didn’t drag and it was hilarious listening to Robert Black lose his mind over a team using a Purple Nurple in a tag match. This also gave the show a title change and keeps the tag division competitive.

NWP Higher Ground Title: Tanner Keeler (w/Tyler Finney) defeated Freddie Hudson via Elevated Belly to Belly

Tanner Keeler is one of my favourite members of the NWP roster. He’s brash, unapologetic and violent. That was the polar opposite of what his opponent, the Shooter Freddie Hudson is. Keeler was in for a tough time here as Hudson was out to show him Shooters Never Die. However, Keeler was now going old-school and the pair opened with an amateur wrestling showdown. It was a very traditional style match as Keeler tried to break Hudson’s knee and massage his ego as he let Hudson go multiple times to play with him more. Keeler has been on a mission to wreck opponents and Earl Joseph’s life. He managed to do both here as he withstood all of Hudson’s comebacks and retained the Higher Ground Title. He is the higher ground for a reason and this just proved it further. Keeler may still be evil as hell but he’s evil with purpose and has a right-hand man ready to save his arse when things go south. Hudson definitely put up a good fight but when you’re dealing with a monster like Keeler, there’s only so much you can do with a busted knee. Earl Joseph tried to get revenge with a chair but Keeler caught him before he could do so. You shouldn’t be provoking him, Earl, you’ll just make things worse…

Cole Radrick vs Mike Bennett goes to time limit draw

Mike Bennett has been dying to fight Cole Radrick for a long time. Since his return to the indies, he’s been trying to fight the best of the best and that’s what he considers Radrick to be. Coming from someone as world-travelled as Bennett, that’s high praise. Now, we’d see what happened when the pair finally collided. Would Radrick live up to Bennett’s expectations or would it all come crashing down in Rardick’s house? What followed was nothing short of amazing. This was 20 minutes of adrenaline-fuelled, hard-hitting destruction that went everywhere around the venue. The pair fought in the crowd, on the stage, ringside and eventually settled on a fight between the ropes after Bennett tried to kill Radrick with a piledriver on the apron. This wasn’t a match for the easily frightened as it was a drawn-out slugfest of killing blows, bombs and arm-breaking submissions. No matter how hard he tried Bennett couldn’t keep Radrick down as the wild heart just kept on beating. In the end, Radrick was able to outlast the count despite Bennett destroying his arm and earned his respect for doing so. This was the very definition of a super fight and went all-out for almost all of its runtime. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing this one play out and commend both guys for completely killing it. Though, since there was no winner… that means there’ll be a round two, right?

NWP Heavyweight Title: Solomon Tupu defeated Aaron Williams via Stairway to Heaven

Last but not least, the main event. Aaron Williams was about to have a great time amongst his droogs and try to dethrone the Samoan Hellraiser, Solomon Tupu. He had promised to bring NWP into a new age of terror and chaos but to do that he’d have to kill the unkillable. Could he achieve such a feat? Just before we start, it was incredibly cool to see Tupu open his entrance with a Haka, we don’t see that kind of thing enough. Onto the match. Yep, this was definitely a main-event level. Aaron Williams was in full-on ass-kicking villain mode as he had to get creative to temper the fire of Tupu. When his go-to moves didn’t work, he used his martial arts knowledge, submissions and some dirty tricks to chop down Tupu and batter him into countless near-falls. Unfortunately for him, he kept trying to attack Tupu’s head which is a no-go and it kept bringing him back to life and back after Williams’ blood. There was so much intensity, drama and heavy striking littered throughout that made the match seem wholly unpredictable. Tupu wanted a proper challenger and Williams nearly ended his reign there and then. As with all good villains, Williams got too carried away and it cost him dearly but for the longest time in this match, it really felt like he could take it all. That ended an awesome show with a whole lot of fun matches, moments and standout performances from wrestlers both well-known and obscure. I have to applaud the camera work as it did a fine job balancing between up close and hard cam action and the overall flow of the show worked nicely. This is a fairly easy watch so if you’ve got time to kill on IWTV, I think you found your next show to watch.

All images courtesy of New Wave, MySkewedView, Joy Denham, Prophet of Ash, OlSkoolOlFool

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