Welcome back to ChocoPro Wrestling. Once again we’re celebrating a special occasion as it is the Best Bros birthdays! Baliyan Akki and Mei Suruga don’t just make a great team, they also share the same birthday too. Now, they were going to share the stain of five matches in a row as they took on a tag team gauntlet. Each team had ten minutes to try and pick up a win over Suruga or Akki and we only knew four of the teams. It would start with Sayaka and Tokiko Kirihara, move on to Beauty As Is, then to Chon Shiryu and Lulu Pencil and the last known team would be the Egg Tarts. One final mystery team would enter after that and end the gauntlet. Let’s see how Akki and Suruga fared against five teams.

Best Bros (Baliyan Akki & Mei Suruga) defeated Sayaka & Tokiko Kirihara via Propellor Pin on Sayaka

It was time to begin the gauntlet. Best Bros were ready, warmed up, and had new gear to show off. They were going to take out anyone who stepped onto the mat with them. Up first, Sayaka and Akki’s long-time rival, Tokiko Kirihara. Sayaka opened by almost stealing the match with a duo of roll-ups and locked on the bow and arrow. Suruga took Sayaka for the ride but she tripped Suruga into another pin and the pair got technical before tagging out. Akki and Kirihara went right back to their usual high-impact fighting and assaulted each other with knees and kicks. Kirihara tried for an STO but Akki blocked and locked on the Namaste Stretch. Sayaka made the save and the pair played ping pong with Akki’s body. Kirihara went to the window but couldn’t move as Akki dragged her down into a backbreaker. He hit her with a splash and brought in Suruga. She went straight for Lucifer and avoided Kirihara’s attempts at submissions. Kirihara trapped Suruga on her back and used the wall to escape, then bounced her off it again to slam her into the mat. Sayaka ran in to nail a dropkick and tied Suruga in a knot. Akki made the save but the duo trapped both against the wall for more strikes. Best Bros fired back and hit them with a double splash into the crossbody combo. Akki threw Suruga into a double stomp on both and Suruga ate another dropkick into a Judo throw. Sayaka slugged away on Suruga again but missed another dropkick and Suruga trapped her in the Propellor Pin for the win. Best Bros had put away their first opponents but they’d taken a kicking for it.

Best Bros vs Beauty As Is (Emi Sakura & Yuna Mizumori) went to time limit draw

Next up were even more rivals as Beauty As Is emerged from behind the curtain. Best Bros have had many run-ins with Yuna Mizumori and Emi Sakura in the past, could the pair ruin their birthday bash now? Akki and Mizumori opened with shoulder tackles and laid into each other with forearms and chops. Mizumori took out both Best Bros and blasted them with wall elbows. They booted Mizumori away and tried for a double submission but Sakura dragged Suruga away and threw her into Akki with a Giant Swing. Mizumori gave Akki a further beating and brought in Sakura who stunned him with kicks and threw him across the mat by the hair. Akki grew tired of her antics and punched her away, targeting the injured shoulder. He held her in place and directed Suruga to bite into her shoulder, both Bros were getting a bit evil. Sakura got revenge by pulling Suruga’s hair but couldn’t stop her further stomping her shoulders. She then tried to enter a stool into the fight so Suruga sat her down so Akki could chop her. She took another kicking but was able to break out of a Crab and hit Suruga with the twisting facebuster. She dropped Suruga with a gutbuster and the pair trapped her in a double Camel Clutch. Sakura wrenched even harder on the hold and tagged when Suruga escaped. Mizumori charged Akki and tried for a Tropical Splash but Suruga dodged and Mizumori hit the studio floor. Mizumori got revenge with a back body drop and crushed Suruga with an accurate Tropical Splash. She trapped Suruga in a Crab and Suruga bounced her off the wall for a Super Mei Punch. Sakura saved Mizumori from the Propellor Pin and prevented the Spider with a back rake. She tuned up the band and Best Bros formed a brick wall with their knees. They hit Mizumori with the double-chop backbreaker and Sakura with the Swanton Combo but couldn’t keep either down. Suruga tried for Lucifer and the Best Bros had both in submissions but time ran out. Best Bros had survived another foe, even if they couldn’t put them away, leading to some frantic fun here. Beauty As Is attacked post-match like the sore losers they are.

Best Bros defeated Chon Shiryu & Lulu Pencil via Labyrinth on Pencil

The hits kept on coming as a wearier Best Bros shook off the annoyance of the draw and prepped for their next foes, Lulu Pencil and the crafty dragon Chon Shiryu. Were Best Bros going to try and make quick work of Pencil here or could she pull an upset in the celebrations? Pencil started against Akki and worked over his wrist. Akki tried to break her arm so Pencil stabbed free and hit him in the throat. Pencil took out his legs with rolling dropkicks and tagged herself out. Suruga came in too and the pair went into a rapid Lucha-infused exchange. Suruga booted Shiryu into the window, crushed him in, and hammered him with a sign. She worked over his arm with window crushes and Shiryu caught her off the wall, chopped her back, and snapped her sternum over the window. He used her as a meditation mat but Akki broke that up and booted him outside. Suruga suffocated Shiryu with his own shirt and dragged his exposed back across the outer concrete wall. Shiryu caught a double-team Rana into a shoulder breaker and slammed Suruga onto Akki. They hit Akki with dual stomps and chops but Akki blocked their double chop and charged. Shiryu kicked out his leg so Pencil could hit a Stabber, then locked on a Camel Clutch, trapping his partner at the same time. Both Shiryu and Pencil got trapped in submissions and broke out to hit Best Bros with a Pencil Joust. Shiryu slammed Pencil onto Akki but Suruga saved the match. Pencil tried for La Magistral but Akki turned it into the Labyrinth pin and took the win. Shiryu and Pencil had been defeated and Shiryu wasn’t happy, carrying Pencil out of the studio in the Gory Special.

Best Bros vs Egg Tarts (Chie Koishikawa & Hagane Shinno) went to time limit draw

Best Bros were back to winning but couldn’t get lost in the moment as another deadly team was coming for them, the Egg Tarts. Koishikawa and Shinno were ready for war and hadn’t already been in three tough matches. Were they about to derail the whole gauntlet?  There were no introductions as Chie Koishikawa rushed in to say happy birthday with dropkicks. Shinno calmed her down and gave Akki a second to breathe before going into another round of their technical war. They reached a stalemate so Akki tagged out. Suruga threw everything at Shinno and nearly beat him with a sunset flip but he kicked out and booted her in the leg. He tagged out and Koishikawa lit Suruga up with chops, then launcher her with an arm-drag. She chased Suruga with Demon chops so Shinno pulled up the blanket and rolled Suruga into range for a Demon back chop. Suruga kicked away the leg lock so Koishikawa went on a run around the knackered Suruga. Suruga bounced her off the wall and tried for the Propellor but Shinno made the save and kicked Suruga in the face. Koishikawa got carried away with more chops so Suruga ran her into the wall and charged. Koishikawa chopped her from the window and brought Suruga to the mat with a diving double chop. They both tagged so Akki and Shinno went into another vicious slugfest. The pair violently beat the hell out of each other as the pair threw kicks, Swantons, and more at each other. Shinno and Koishikawa both teed off on Akki, forcing Suruga to make the save and take both out with a crossbody. She hit Shinno with a double stomp but he got his knees up on the Namaste Splash. Everyone got taken out by dropkicks and Suruga saved Akki from double team doom again. Both teams tried for desperation pinfalls and Shinno locked on an armbar but time ran out. Once again, Egg Tarts had proved to be a thorn in Best Bros’ side, taking near enough all the wind out of them before their final fight.

Beauty As Is defeated Best Bros via La Magistral Supergirl Pin on Suruga

Four teams down. Best Bros had two wins and two draws but no losses. They just had to survive ten more minutes and one more team to remain undefeated for the whole gauntlet. The thing is though, none of us knew who that team would be. The joke was on Best Bros as it was Beauty As Is again. They were smug as hell about it too. They swarmed the knackered Best Bros and Sakura tried to be Cute on purpose. She broke a sign across Suruga’s face as Mizumori trapped Akki in an armbar and choked him with birthday balloons. The Best Bros were thrown against the wall and had every previous opponent thrown at them. Sakura tuned up the band again and Sakura nailed the We Will Rock You. Mizumori crushed Suruga with a handstand splash and a diving shoulder block. Akki got pissed at Sakura slapping him and unloaded shots on both Sakura and Mizumori. Unfortunately, Mizumori prevented the tag. Mizumori tried for the wall run splash but Akki dropkicked her away. Sakura tried to fight Akki and got kicked in the face for it. Best Bros hit Sakura with the double stomp/Namaste Splash combo but Mizumori made the save and fought off both of them with forearms into a double clothesline. Suruga rolled up Mizumori but couldn’t keep her down. Mizumori locked on the Tropical Crab and took out Akki as Sakura tried for La Magistral. Sakura rolled on the pin and Mizumori locked Suruga in place with a Supergirl Pin. Beauty As Is had taken the win in the last fight but in fairness, they were fighting exhausted opponents in sneaky circumstances. It was still a celebration just not one they fully won. Hey, 4/5 ain’t bad and it had been a really entertaining series of matches. They even got a surprise birthday treat from Ryo Mizunami. Things are only going to get harder for Best Bros as they have to defend their titles against the Tag Team Destroyers, Minoru Fujita and Rina Yamashita. That is going to be wild. Happy Birthday once again Baliyan Akki and Mei Suruga!

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move, FlyingVTrigger, Chie Koishikawa Video courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube