Welcome back to Timebomb Pro. We’ve been taken away from the snuff basement and will now see their roster taken away from the no-ring style, forced to use the ropes of a ring. Since Dominic Garrini took the Timebomb Title, he had demanded a ring, fewer deathmatches, and the booking of his tag team partner, Kevin Ku. Timebomb management gave in to those demands and this is the result. A super show of resurrected faces, unholy alliances, and graphic violence where anything could happen. Let’s get into the action.

Four Corners of Death: Rickey Noren defeated Riley Jackson via Knife Cut STF

It wouldn’t be a Timebomb show without some violent art and they give Deathmatch Bob Ross, Rickey Noren the opening canvas in this gallery of wrestling. His muse this time was Riley Jackson in the four corners of death. The Young Gun had hijacked the opening of the show so Noren was going to hijack his skull for a new masterpiece with a whole lot of history behind it. Noren went after Jackson with corner punches and Riley returned the favour with ground and pound. Noren cut up Riley with a knife contraption and Riley took the fight outside for some rail-side brawling. He spiked Noren and caved his chest in with a bat. Jackson was having fun beating Noren with his own toys in his own playground. Noren punched up Riley in a corner and covered the ring in tacks which he introduced to Jackson with a sidewalk slam. Noren came at Jackson with a knife board but Riley stabbed low and the pair battled over the board. Riley kicked low and Noren crashed gut first onto the knives, driving them in further with a double stomp. Noren took more blades to the head and took another tool to Riley, carving him up in the ropes. Noren looked to be entering the zone but Riley cut him off with a DVD through a door. He refused to stay down so Jackson continued to strike, kick and cut until Noren hit him in the throat and broke the other door with an Exploder. Riley escaped another pummelling with a sunset flip dick stomp into a Sharpshooter but Noren grabbed a knife, kicked free, and made Jackson tap out with a knife cutting STF. This had been a fun little opener with a lot of stabbing. The spots were fun and the fuckery was creative. Nothing like some early show gore and what a first win for Noren. Oh, and he called out Mad Man Pondo, big moves there Noren.

Scramble: Damien Saint defeated 1 Called Manders, Jordan, Rock Solid Ross, Scott Story & Shane Black via Door Piece PK to Manders

Scramble time next as Damien Saint and Manders returned to action in Timebomb against a slew of hungry indie guys. This was going to be pure chaos. Manders had played a concert’s worth of air guitar by the time everyone had made their entrance and the Slasher Scott Story won the attire of the match award. This was one of the matches where everyone went hell for leather. An opening of 1 vs 1 leads to everyone showing off before someone interrupted their fun. Caution was thrown to the wind as chops were thrown, bodies flew and Shane Black got tossed into a body pile. Rock Solid Ross killed three fighters at once with a Tower of Doom and Manders killed him with a chair. A five-way slugfest broke out and Black pissed everyone off so they chopped the fuck out of him. Chaos reigned everywhere again as Jordan tried to kill Ross and Manders kicked the soul out of people outside. Ross was killed by a seated tumbleweed, Jordan and Saint killed each other further and Manders introduced a door into the fight. Jordan had been on a roll until Manders broke his back with an Oklahoma Stampede through a chair. He tried to do the same to Saint but got speared through the door. Saint gave Manders a piece of the door and PK’ed it into his face to get the win. The Ghost of Damien Saint had avenged his death in the murder basement and got a big win in a highly competitive scramble. It had been a fun watch with a perfect blend of chaos. It was nice to see so many new faces all deliver something interesting and entertaining.

Duke Cornell & The Carver of Cutter’s Alley defeated Northern Force (Paul Reed & Vernon Reed) via Package Piledriver Powerbomb on Paul

Time to see the unholy alliance in action. Duke Cornell had been able to calm the Carver after watching him snuff out Badger Briggs and offered him all the bodies he could want. Now, it was time to see if this dangerous duo could work cohesively with Northern Force being their first victims. The Force struck fast with double dropkicks and a double hip toss to the Carver and Cornell. They had come to avenge Badger Briggs and they were bringing the fight. Carver came to the rescue with a chain lariat and the duo bullied Vernon with hand stomps and trapped cross faces. The assault was never-ending as Cornell and Carver tore into both Reeds. Cornell mocking broke down Vernon, snapping his fingers and arm to prevent a tag. The Carver did the same in a much more brutal fashion, taking the chain to the abused Reed, holding him in place for Cornell’s knee. Vernon finally got an escape with a leaping clothesline on the Carver at least he thought he did until the Carver dragged him back to hell. He tricked both and flipped out of a double team to tag in Paul. He unloaded briefly but it was cut off and he was killed with a Package Piledriver into a Powerbomb. The Evil unit had worked perfectly together and massacred their first team. The Carver continued to brutalise the duo post-match as Cornell took to the mic. Cornell preached destruction and prophecy when a familiar theme hit. Cornell claims no one can stop him, Gangrel says different.

Free-Range Kara defeated Badger Briggs via Eat Defeat

The power of resurrection is strong in Timebomb as not only had Damien Saint come back, so had Badger Briggs. She’d fallen at the hands of the Carver but now, had a chance to get a win to her name against the line-dancing Free-Range Kara. Would Briggs be able to shake off death and get a win or was she doomed to fall again? Kara seemed to have an early strength advantage and pissed Briggs off by dancing at her. Briggs kicked away the third dance and went into a technical exchange but Kara launched her with arm-drags into a corner clothesline and bulldog. Briggs introduced Kara to her elbow but Kara turned it into a dose-do. Things got more serious as Kara tried for a schoolgirl and Briggs turned it into a Cross-Armbreaker. Briggs lit Kara up with kicks and scored a near-fall with a hair pull slam. From there Briggs continued to try and bully Kara into submission, she was not there for fun. Kara struck back but Briggs brought her back down with a lariat and choked her out in the corner. Every time Briggs wanted to administer pain the ref had to stop her. She scored another near-fall with a PK and jaw-jacked with the crowd before setting up a Cobra Clutch. She bounced Kara off the buckles and dropped her on her head with a German. Kara started fighting back and booted her way out of a corner, then elbowed Briggs down. They both reversed whips and Briggs ate a rolling elbow to the mouth. She uppercut Briggs in the corner and nearly got the win with a sliding clothesline. She tried again with a bridging Fisherman Suplex but still couldn’t keep Briggs down. Briggs made her pay with a spinebuster and a slugfest broke out. Kara took advantage with a swinging belly-to-back and won with Eat Defeat. This was a good little bout. Kara managed to win her Timebomb debut and we got to see a much darker side of Briggs. The pair meshed well as fun met fury and this was the result.

Frontman Jah-C defeated Arik Cannon via Tights-Pulling Roll-Up

You know shit’s going to be good when Frontman Jah-C is in the building. He dropped some slam poetry on the crowd, promising they were about to witness the birth of a superstar and proclaiming he’d get rid of Arik Cannon for good. That’s a big claim to make against the Anarchist. They opened with fast-paced technicality and Cannon took out Jah with a shoulder block. He didn’t fall for a drop-down and trapped Jah in a grounded headlock. Cannon got the better of a second technical exchange so Jah retreated outside. He returned fired-up and low-bridged Cannon to the outside. The pair traded punches over the ropes and Jah bounced Cannon off the ring post. Cannon avoided getting superplexed back into the ring and took out Jah with a lethal missile dropkick. He was now rocking the crimson mask and avoided falling for Jah’s referee as a human shield trick to deliver a gut kick. Jah avoided Total Anarchy and hung Cannon out to dry on the top rope. He beat down the stunned Cannon and tanked a shot to the jaw to deliver the Easy Rider. Cannon avoided more pain by clutching the ropes and dropped Jah with a swinging neckbreaker. He hit Jah with a wince-inducing chop and Jah dodged him into a beautiful superkick. Cannon refused to stay down and rocked Jah with another lethal fist. Jah bounced Cannon off the buckles again and took his jaw off with another superkick. He used Cannon’s blood as war paint and delivered more sickening strikes to Cannon. He locked Cannon in a Crossface but Cannon rolled him up and delivered a cutter into a superkick on the kick out. He dropped Jah with a Suplex but Jah rolled him over, grabbed the tights, and took the win. A veteran move to end a cross-generational fight. Jah had promised to show a sadistic side and he had beaten the hell out of Cannon. It was a very competitive, very violent fight with Jah starting that star-making journey.

Violence is Forever (Dominic Garrini & Kevin Ku) defeated Orin Veidt & Damon Spriggle via Chasing the Dragon on Spriggle

Last but not least, the Violence is Forever tag bout. Dominic Garrini refused to do deathmatches and wanted his partner in Timebomb. He got both wishes here as Orin Veidt and Damon Spriggle stepped up to challenge Garrini and Ku. Things were going to get humble and vicious. Spriggle started against Garrini and instantly had to go to the ropes. Garrini mocked Spriggle with more mat wrestling and Spriggle chopped Garrini. This seemed to have no effect as Garrini dragged him back to the mat with a side headlock. He took Spriggle over into a Cross Armbreaker and tagged in Ku. Spriggle booted away Ku and tagged out to Veidt. He came in hot and instantly took out Ku with a Falcon Arrow. He tried to ignore Garrini’s interference and picked a leg, dragging Ku back to his corner and Spriggle, hitting Ku with double team chops. Ku wrangled control of Spriggle and VIF attacked both men. Garrini kicked the soul out of Spriggle and taunted Veidt with a tag taunt before dumping Spriggle with a Suplex. He let Ku beat Spriggle down as Ku chopped a hole through him. Ku was unhinged, chopping and stomping despite the ref’s admonishment. Garrini carried on that beating and nearly took Spriggle’s nose off with a face wash. Spriggle fought back but the numbers overwhelmed him as Veidt was stuck shouting outside.

Ku gave him a free shot, then pummelled him again with stiff elbows. Spriggle caught him off-guard with a Southern Lariat and humbly made the tag. Veidt and Garrini charged the ring with Veidt swinging on both VIF, taking both over with a Double Suplex and double-diving DDT. He kipped up and splashed into a pin on Garrini for two. He let Spriggle back in to slug on Garrini but didn’t see Ku take him out in the ropes and Garrini run Spriggle into the buckles. VIF hit Spriggle with Ode to the Cookie man and Total Elimination but Spriggle humbly kicked out. He avoided the kill shot and brought Veidt in to clean house with kicks. He struck it out with Garrini and another chop fest broke out. Veidt got the better of the exchange with a deadly right and hit Total Anarchy as Spriggle took out Ku with a backdrop. Garrini grabbed the rope and kicked away Chasing the Dragon to knock Spriggle loopy with elbows into Kawada kicks. Spriggle no-sold a German and gave Garrini the elbow treatment but Garrini hit a blind tag out of a backdrop. VIF tortured Spriggle with another lethal combo of impact moves before ending him with Chasing the Dragon. Violence is Forever had killed off the company’s brightest star and his prodigy in their debut. The reign of Garrini had born its first fruit in this show and now, it would be interesting to see where it went next. There was less death and more wrestling but that wasn’t a bad thing. This show was a breeze to watch and full of fun moments. I must admit though, I cannot wait to see what happens when the Carver meets Gangrel now…

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