Welcome back to Deathmatch Downunder. Today, the company has provided quite the treat by releasing the secret show it hosted recently. The Burden of Experience was going to put the audience through their paces with a barrage of high-damage fights, brutal deathmatches, and a whole host of new faces. We’d see Murdoch in singles action, Damien Rivers battle in barbed-wire ropes and glass panes, Callen Butch battle FOX under Taipei Deathmatch rules, and much more leading to the main event where Charli Rose would battle Joel Bateman in a glass crush and light tube deathmatch. Plus, JXT was in the commentary booth. It was going to get messy so let’s get into the action.

Murdoch defeated Renegade via Package Piledriver

The show opened with a battle of the Bois. It was Ya Boi Murdoch taking on the Big Boi Renegade. Which boy would be superior in this fight? The outsider Renegade or one-half of the newly dubbed DMDU Tag Champs? Renegade instantly made his size advantage apparent dragging Murdoch into the corner and breaking up a chain wrestling sequence with a shoulder block. Murdoch fired back with a dropkick and followed the bailing Renegade outside with a cannonball. Renegade went to the eyes and launched Murdoch with an overhead belly to belly. He continued to give Murdoch a big boi beatdown and powered him overhead with another Suplex. Renegade got too comfortable belittling the crowd, giving Murdoch the chance to fight back but that was stopped by a head drag slam. Renegade trapped Murdoch in an abdominal stretch and played the xylophone on his ribs before snapping him over for a very built-up chinlock. Murdoch finally created some separation with a corner boot and tried for a diving shoulder block but Renegade moved and watched him eat shit on the canvas. Murdoch elbowed free of a superplex attempt and nailed a diving crossbody. They both struggled to their feet and slugged it out with vicious forearms. Murdoch built steam with a flying clothesline and jumping neckbreaker into a standing Shooting Star Press. Renegade wasn’t going to be overshadowed and showed off with a roaring elbow into a handspring stunner. Murdoch kicked out so Renegade tried for a second only to get caught into Crossroads. Renegade fired back with a lariat putting both men were down again. The pair hammered it out again and Murdoch hit a Snap Package Piledriver for the win. This had been an excellent opening match with big meaty men slapping meat with an influx of trash-talking. What a fun way to start the action.

Will Walker defeated Tom Barrett via Schoolboy

Next up were two new faces to me. Will Walker and Tom Barrett had a nice platform to show off here and it would be interesting to see what they could do. Walker was incredibly animated whilst Barrett just wanted to fuck him up and take his opportunity. Barrett charged but Walker dodged and took him out with a dropkick into a dive. He gloated and went for a diving elbow, only for Barrett to move, causing him to crash and burn on the canvas. Barrett let him have it verbally, then gave him a big fuck off knee to the face. He further assaulted Walker with forearms, firing up Walker and turning it into a chop-off. Walker stunned Barrett with an enzuigiri and pummelled the bigger man with corner splashes. Barret dodged again and dropped Walker on his head with a Dragon Suplex. He tried to crush Walker’s head into the canvas and knocked him into the ropes with a rolling elbow. Barrett tried for a Fisherman Buster but Walker turned it into a small package and nearly stole the win. Walker tried again with a Schoolboy and stole the win. This was a definite upset as even Walker (or as JXT called him Wanker) was shocked he’d picked up the win. This was rather short and quite one-sided so I’d love to see a longer match between the two or just bring Tom Barrett in to fuck people up more, that would be fun.

York defeated Zuzu via Fuck You Knee

Oh boy, last time these two were in a ring together, Zuzu nearly died. This time it was one-on-one and York was going to try and finish the job as Zuzu looked to get revenge. This one could get ugly even without deathmatch toys as York is a weapon unto himself. Plus, I now know York comes out to Toto’s Hold the Line, which is an automatic win. The Muscle Clown Zuzu opened the match with a “York’s a prick” chant and the pair hossed it out. Zuzu refused to move for York’s shoulder tackles so York gave Zuzu the same treatment. The two traded bombs and Zuzu hung York out on the ropes for a diving clothesline. York kicked out at one and unloaded with stiff punches and backhands before baiting Zuzu into a back chop and a dickhead insult. He lit up Zuzu with slaps and chops, then crushed him with a corner senton. Zuzu got sick of the insults and abuse so chopped back with a newfound fervour. Things went from bad to worse for York as Zuzu hit him with the world’s most athletic dick headbutt. He tried to choke York out with a triangle but York found the ropes and flattened Zuzu with a powerbomb into a massive Kamigoye knee. Though knowing York it’s called the fuck you knee or something. Either way, it won the match and knocked Zuzu out for the world’s most relaxed pin. This had been a stiff little sprint with a whole load of thrown hands and fun violence. I loved the trash-talk and the sheer physicality of this one. York continues to be one of my favourites on the DMDU roster.

GORE defeated Chanel Phoenix via One-Armed Gore Bomb

Well, this was going to be fun. The Snuff King GORE was back in action and this time he was unattended by Krackerjak. This meant there might be fewer shenanigans and just pure wrestling violence against his latest opponent Chanel Phoenix. Both fighters here had excessive MMA and wrestling training so this was going to be tough. Phoenix opened with stiff shots but GORE no-sold them and threw her into the mat. Phoenix took him out with a Hurricanrana and bounced him off the buckles for a German. GORE charged in a frenzy and Phoenix used that momentum to throw him out of the ring. She followed by jumping over the ropes for a boot and ill-fated crossbody. GORE caught her out of the air, bragged about it, and got ran into a ring post for it. Phoenix unloaded with more kicks but GORE floored her with a high leg lariat. He hammered into her back and threw her back into the ring for a huge body slam. Phoenix struck back but GORE turned a second Rana attempt into a sidewalk slam. GORE couldn’t get the pin so he lost his temper and mounted Phoenix for ground and pound strikes and canvas head slams. GORE got cocky so Phoenix locked in a cross armbar and nearly snapped GORE’s arm. He struggled through the hold and hoisted Phoenix up into a powerbomb before smashed her into the canvas one final time. GORE had taken all the shots Phoenix could give him and turned it into another Snuff Porn showcase. It was an excellent effort but just not enough to take down the Snuff King.

Taipei Deathmatch: Callen Butcher defeated FOX via Glassed Up Crossface

Time for our first deathmatch. Callen Butcher has been on one hell of a hot streak these past few months. From a breakout deathmatch main event to multiple wins over Gweedo in tag action has boosted him to new levels. Now, he was going to get very old-school ugly with the Big Rig, FOX. It was time for Taipei deathmatch rules so there’d be glassed-up knuckles and punches for days. This wasn’t just small shards either, these were going to fucking cut someone. They danced around each other to start and Butcher softened up with FOX with kicks. Butcher tried for a back-fist but FOX dodged and punched Butcher in the temple. Butcher bailed and FOX followed, driving more glass into Butcher’s head, spilling blood and shocking the crowd. He threw Butcher back in the ring and taunted at the crowd, giving Butcher a chance to recover. He finally got back in the ring and Butcher broke glass into his forehead. FOX fell outside and Butcher pulled off a piece of glass to stab into him. He gave FOX more punches to the head and rolled him back in the ring. FOX gave Butcher a low blow (ouch) and both guys got more glass to the face. Butcher trapped FOX in the ropes and glassed up his eyes and his arm. FOX created some separation and both got downed off double clotheslines. Another punch fest broke out and Butcher fired up off shoulder tackles, then launched FOX with a Spin Cycle. He did a salute to Nick Gage and hit the Five Knuckle Shuffle to sickening effect. FOX avoided the Pumphandle Driver and hit the Black Hole Slam for two. He locked Butcher in a glassy crossface but Butcher broke free, downed him with a lariat, and did the same. FOX tapped and Butcher had another submission win under his belt. This was vicious. Taipei Deathmatches are always nasty but these two made full use of their stipulation and went all-out. Nasty fun to watch. We even got a rare showing of respect from FOX.

Panes of Glass and Barbed-Wire Ropes: Damian Rivers (w/York) defeated Jason “The Crusher” Cole via Fuckery Pile Fall

The death and destruction continued with a barbed-wire ropes best 3/5 panes match. No pins or submissions here just pane-breaking pain as the winner would be the first person to put their opponent through 3 panes of glass. I know what Damian Rivers is capable of but what was Jason Cole going to pull out here. They started with trash-talking so Cole showed what he was capable of by throwing Rivers through a pane. They continued with their back and forth, then Cole took an even greater lead by dumping Rivers through a second pane with a hip toss. The fight went outside and York got in Cole’s face. Rivers recovered a bit and the pair renewed hostilities on the outside. Cole was getting confident and mashed Rivers’ face into the barbed wire. He rearranged the fuckery and set up the end with a Suplex but Rivers blocked so Cole threw him back in the ring. Rivers cockblocked him with a rope and attacked Cole with the cling-film box. He stabbed up Cole with the barbed wire and used Cole’s momentum to put him through a pane. He took the box and the barbed wire to Cole again, bouncing him off multiple sets of wired ropes. Cole got revenge with a wire trip and the pair slugged it out. Cole jabbed Rivers into the wire and slammed him into the glass pile with a side slam. Cole set up a double-pane tower of fuckery and set up for an over-the-ropes Suplex. York grabbed his legs and Rivers used the distraction to get the box again before kicking Cole in the cock. He suffocated Cole with the cling film and dumped him headfirst in the glass with a piledriver. He dragged Cole to the top and pushed him off into the fuckery pile below, scoring the win. Cole had given him hell but Rivers had survived the onslaught with a little bit of help from his friends and re-established himself as one of the kings of this shit. Gweedo made an appearance to attack Cole and the Connection mauled him until Butcher made the save.

Kid Valiant, Valido & Zane Zodiac defeated Mike Kaos, Xavier Black & Zachary Dualis via Meet in the Middle on Dualis

Well, this was going to be chaotic. Six-man matches are manic at the best of times but you were mixing Lucha and high-flying with attitude and violence. It was going to be a fun one. All six men started with a brawl and team Zodiac launched everyone outside with dropkicks to hit them with triple dives. Fighting erupted everywhere as Zodiac brawled with Black and Kaos jumped onto everyone else from a nearby ledge. In-ring Zodiac hit Black with a springboard Moonsault and took him out with a basement dropkick. We got a Lucha chain from Team Zodiac and Valido hit 2/3 Amigos before Black cut him off with a Stalling Suplex. Black got pissed and hit Valido with a ripcord chop and brought in Kaos. Valido slipped away and Valiant took over. They battled it out and Kaos did the deal with a Falcon Arrow. Dualis tagged in and the pair hit Valiant with a spinebuster/Meteora combo, then rearranged Valiant’s spine with a back kick. The pair forearmed the shit out of each other and Dualis dropped Valiant with a DDT. Dualis got cocky so Valiant took him out with an enzuigiri and found his tag partners taking out. He kicked out at Dualis and everyone got KO’ed by finishers until Zodiac kicked Dualis out of the air and hit Meet in the Middle with Valiant for the win. This had been another excellent showcase for everyone involved with Valiant and Zodiac showing off their teamwork and everyone else making the most of the time to shine. Hopefully, we’ll see these guys back again.

SUPLEX Explicit Title Light Tube & Glass Crush Deathmatch: Joel Bateman defeated Charli Rose via Designated Driver II

Last but not least, we got to the main event. The SUPLEX Explicit Title was on the line as Joel Bateman took Charli Rose to hell with their first deathmatch. This was going to be a baptism by fire as we’d have tubes galore and crushed glass galore. Things were going to get very nasty, very fast. Rose instantly went on the attack instantly and dropkicked Bateman to the outside for a Baseball Slide. They trapped Bateman in a chinlock and threw him into the tubes. Rose hit the Stroke and got another two-count. The offensive continued as Rose trapped Bateman in the ropes and snapped him down with a Sliding German. Bateman battled out of a sleeper and cracked Rose off the world’s toughest glass pane. He kicked a tube into Rose’s back and headbutted another into their head. The Hangman’s Neckbreaker followed but Rose refused to stay down. They danced around a glass pane until Bateman put Rose through it with a Snap Suplex. Rose kicked out at one so Bateman slammed them right back into the glass. Rose slugged back and Bateman attacked them with more glass and a corner lariat. They went back-and-forth in the corners and went into a full-blown slugfest. Rose cut him off with a glass pile bulldog and hit a second Sliding German onto the glass. Bateman rocked Rose with a jawbreaker and broke a bundle in their chest with double knees. He hit the Zandig and a pissed-off Rose started another slugfest, throwing Bateman head-first into the tubes. They broke another tube into Bateman with a cannonball and tried to set up a bundle but Bateman put them through it with a Falcon Arrow. Both fighters struggled up and Bateman set up the pane. He broke another tube on Rose and used it as a strutting guitar. He tried for the Designated Driver II but Rose put him through the pain with a diving crossbody. Bateman kicked out so Rose booted more tubes into his head but he still wouldn’t stay down. More tubes were set up and Bateman headbutted free of Rose to put them through with a powerbomb. Rose kicked out at one so he brained them with a chair and hit the Designated Driver II for the win.

This was incredible. I loved every messy second of it. Bateman has brought the deathmatch best out of two newcomers now and shows no signs of slowing down. Rose is an incredible wrestler and I can’t wait to see what they do next. This finished out another excellent show that had a more relaxed tone than some of DMDU’s other shows. Jay Stevens is one hell of an iron-ref and JXT needs to do more commentary. This was a breeze to watch and much like every other DMDU show, was a blast to watch.

All images courtesy of DMDU, Jake Hurdle Photography & Digital Beard,

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