Welcome back to MLW Underground. The J-Cup USA continues with the semi-final bouts. We’d seen Jimmy Yang best Juventud Guerrera now he was going to take on the man who vanquished Super Dragon, Christopher Daniels. In the other semi-final, Sonjay Dutt, the player from the Himalayas that had taken out Tony Mamaluke would now have to battle Eddie Colon. Alongside that, we’d see some of the J-Cup losers in action as Juventud and Super Dragon teamed up against Los Maximos. Plus, we’ll see the goings-on of the Underground roster. Let’s get into it.

Sonjay Dutt defeated Eddie Colon via Powerbomb Catch

The action opened instantly as Sonjay Dutt met Eddie Colon in the first J-Cup semi-final. Dutt had fought a hard fight against Tony Mamaluke to get here and now he was taking on the guy that took Jerry Lynn out of the tournament, Eddie Colon. The pair danced around the ring and Colon went for an instant roll-up. Dutt kicked out and a technical exchange broke out that saw the pair trade arm drags into a dual dropkick standoff. Colon upped the aggression with some heavy chops but Dutt shook them off and launched him again with hip tosses into a snap Rana. Colon went to the eyes and beat Dutt in the corner. He missed a charge and threw himself to the outside where Dutt followed with a springboard corkscrew plancha. He cracked Colon with a dropkick and climbed to the top again only to bust his balls as Colon crotched him on the top buckle. Colon brought Dutt crashing down hard with a Crucifix Bomb and the show cut to a commercial. As it returned, Colon laid out Dutt with a Superplex for another two-count. Dutt fired up and Colon into a back body drop and hit his own Hogan combo of a big boot into a Standing Shooting Star Press. Colon upended that momentum with a clothesline and scored another near-fall with a diving sunset flip. Dutt kicked out and kicked off Colon’s face with another dropkick. A pinfall battle broke out and the pair ran the ropes until Colon faceplanted Dutt with a Flapjack. He rolled outside for a slingshot dropkick but Dutt caught him into a powerbomb and pinned Colon for the win. This had been a highly fun and competitive bout with both men getting to show off. The finish may have been a bit odd but in this case, brains trumped athleticism.

Los Maximos defeated Juventud Guerrera & Super Dragon via Roll-Up on Dragon

We were back with some tag action as Los Maximos were back once again to show how they were the best tag team in MLW. This time they’d be against two of the J-Cup contestants as Super Dragon and Juventud formed a ragtag team to kick some ass. Jose and Dragon started with a technical exchange and slowly picked up the pace until Jose cut off Dragon with an enzuigiri. Dragon made the tag and Guerrera ran wrestling circles around Jose, smashing him into the mat with a Cazadora bulldog. Joel came in to ease the pressure and sent Guerrera flying with a head-scissor. Guerrera raced back and took Joel out with a Cazadora Rana. Dragon was dropkicked outside and Guerra fought off both Maximos using Jose as a springboard for a Rana on Joel. He continued the assault with a guillotine leg drop on Jose and a vicious sliding dropkick. He tagged out and Dragon chopped the soul out of Jose. He launched Jose into the ropes but Jose nailed him with a leg lariat and finally tagged out. Joel gave Dragon a corner kicking into a bridging Northern Lights and trapped both men in a double submission. Dragon hammered his way free and tagged out again. Guerrera stomped down Jose and took him over with a Snap Suplex. He drove Jose into the mat again with a pump handle Falcon Arrow and hit the People’s Elbow. Jose rolled out of another slam and dropped Guerrera with a belly-to-back. Both made the tag and Joel took out Dragon with a missile dropkick. Joel attacked Guerrera with a powerslam and Dragon took him out with a Tiger Suplex. They cut to commercial and returned with Guerrera taking out both Maximos and hitting Jose with the Juvi Driver. That was the wrong Maximo so he gave a second to Joel. Guerrera was sent crashing to the outside and Dragon nearly won with a unique pin but Joel kicked out at the last second. The pair traded pinfalls and shots until Joel was able to keep Dragon down with an around-the-world roll-up. It had been a tough battle but Los Maximos had prevailed. This was fun but man, I really just want to see an old-school curb stomp from Super Dragon. As it stands, excellent tag match.

Between the matches:

We interrupt this feature presentation to bring you some breaking news. Current MLW monster Mil Muertes of Azteca Underground has signed on a multi-year deal. Cesar Duran, the proprietor of Azteca Underground, has taken credit for the deal and promises his monster will continue to bring the best of the violence.

  • Vampiro checked in with NOSAWA to ensure they were still on the same page ahead of their tag bout against CM Punk. NOSAWA was a dedicated Juggalo but that wasn’t going to be enough to ensure the match would happen. CM Punk addressed this and warned Vampiro that he had friends that are way stronger than NOSAWA.
  • Samoa Joe addressed the loss at the hands of Mike Awesome. He was disappointed that his fight had been stopped by chairs, he is the weapon and he wants more fights to show how dangerous he really is.

Christopher Daniels (w/Mikey Whipwreck) defeated Jimmy Yang via Last Rites

Last but not least, the main event. Jimmy Yang and Christopher Daniels were about to put on a war to ensure their spot in the J-Cup finals against Sonjay Dutt. Yang would have to contend with not only the devious Daniels but also the Unholy Altar Boy Mikey Whipwreck, who had followed Daniels to ringside. Daniels instantly went on the attack, hammering Yang down and taking him out with a jumping block. Yang slid under the follow-up and booted Daniels outside for a Baseball Slide. Yang scared off Whipwreck and beat Daniels down around ringside. He threw Daniels back in for a run-up kick and took him out again with a diving wheel kick with a kip-up. Yang followed with a Suplex and tried to snap Daniels’ arm with a double wrist lock. This trend continued as Yang tried to mangle Daniels’ arm and tap him out. Daniels fought free with a knee and rib-breaker, launching a series of targeted attacks on Yang’s midsection. He dumped Yang with another rib-breaker and Whipwreck hit him with a cheap shot. Yang kicked out of a pin and the match cut to commercials. When it returned, Daniels was still working to break Yang’s ribs. Yang nailed a crossbody and tried for a sunset flip but Daniels reversed into an elbow drop. More rib attacks followed and Daniels trapped Yang in an abdominal stretch, with a helping hand from Whipwreck. Yang launched Daniels with a hip toss and ran into another knee to the gut and a La Magistral. The pair chopped it out and Daniels floored Yang with a sickening clothesline. Daniels went to the top but Yang kicked him out of the air with a spinning heel kick. Yang came back with a clothesline combo and tanked a Tornado DDT to blast Daniels with a kip-up kick. Daniels missed the BME and Yang made him pay with another spinning heel kick. Whipwreck prevented Yang from going for the kill and Daniels was able to kick out of a standing Yang Time. He went for a second but Whipwreck crotched him and Daniels hit Last Rites for the win. The Evil Alliance had taken that last spot in the finals as Christopher Daniels had bested Jimmy Yang in an unfair fight. The action was top-tier and I will never complain about seeing Yang or Daniels in action. It ended another awesome episode of MLW Underground.

All Images courtesy of MLW Twitter, Video courtesy of MLW YouTube