Welcome back to Paradigm Pro. We’re onto episode three of the big Businessman/J-Rose produced series and the matches just keep getting wilder. In this bumper episode, we’ll see Team Filthy battle Abby Jane & Pancakes, Ron Bass Jr meet Big Beef for round 2, Shawn Kemp fly the flag for his new teammates against Alex Kane, Zero Lucci battle Jaiden and Don’t Die Miles, and more leading to the main event that sees Suge D go one-on-one with the Shooter Freddie Hudson. Let’s get into it.

Team Filthy (Filthy Tom Lawlor & Matt Makowski) defeated Abby Jane & Pancakes via Crucifix Power Armbreaker

J-Rose had stumbled in on Team Filthy’s early-morning meditation. They wanted to fight and there just so happened to be two other wrestlers there early too, Abby Jane and Pancakes. Team Filthy weren’t being elitists so they got to fight under tornado rules. Team Filthy stared down their opponents, then Lawlor launched Makowski into the pair and beat down Pancakes. They whipped him into a corner but he suckered them in and took Makowski out with a superkick before throwing Abby into Lawlor. They tried to pin Makowski but Lawlor threw Pancakes onto the pin and tried to shake off the ball shot he’d taken. Pancakes was given a swift kicking and a roundhouse German, then rolled out of the ring. Abby stepped up to the plate and unloaded on both with chops but Lawlor just grabbed her hair. Abby took Lawlor out with a Lucha Arm-drag and sent Makowski flying with a head-scissor. Makowski caught a second and turned it into a double Tombstone with Lawlor. Pancakes saved the match and knocked Team Filthy loopy with a series of forearms and kicks into a double-team Tornado DDT. They locked Makowski in a double submission however, they forgot about Lawlor who took out Pancakes with an Olympic Slam. They turned their attention to Abby and ended her with a pop-up gut kick and a Crucifix Powerbomb/Armbreaker combo. Pancakes and Abby gave it all they got but they just couldn’t get past the power and experience of Team Filthy. It was a fun-as-hell fight though.

Kerry Awful (w/Hardway Heeter & Mr. Stuff & his intern) defeated Mitch Hewitt & Robert Martyr via Businessman Breaker on Hewitt

Kerry Awful wanted to let out steam. When his proposition to fight Jody had been rejected, he’d agreed to fight anyone J-Rose could throw at him. Enter Mitch Hewitt, who couldn’t fight Glitch due to him being out of commission (and stuck in his own failsafe hell with a very familiar dealmaker), and Robert Martyr, who was looking for a fight. Things were going to get ugly. I expected J-Rose to punch Awful in the face purely on how he was treating him. Awful tried to bully the pair but Martyr and Hewitt worked to punish him for being a condescending asshat. He tried to run but Martyr and Hewitt dragged him back in for more ass-kicking. Awful gave the pair a meeting of the minds and smashed the pair between the buckles until Hewitt got his boot up. He tried to hold Awful in place for some more double team but Awful dodged and Martyr booted Hewitt in the face. Awful went after Martyr with a Fisherman Buster and slam, then got blindsided by Hewitt. Awful shut him down with a headbutt and took out Martyr with a clothesline before throwing him at a top buckle-trapped Hewitt. He dragged Hewitt down with an arm-wringer Pele and dumped him on his head with a German. Everyone fought on the apron and Hewitt powerbombed Martyr onto Awful and his associates. Hewitt further beatdown Martyr with a sliding lariat and Martyr brought the fight right back with a boot and rolling elbow into a German. Neither would stay down. Mr. Stuff caused a distraction so Awful could hit Martyr with an Awful Driver but Hewitt made the save. Awful took Hewitt to the mat and locked on a vicious double armbar lock I’m calling the Businessman Breaker for the win. As per usual, slimy tactics had seen Kerry Awful win but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy it. These guys beat the absolute shit out of each other in a triple-threat sprint. Plus, Awful seemed very interested in Martyr when the smoke cleared.

Zero x Lucci (Hoodfoot & Chase Holliday) defeated Unit of the Web (Don’t Die Miles & Jaiden) via Saucy Bomb on Jaiden

Time for more tag action as Zero x Lucci of the Lost Boys took on the superhuman team of Jaiden and Don’t Die Miles. It was going to be a David vs Goliath battle of teams but if Jaiden and Miles could get the win here, it would be massive. The Unit rushed and hammered Hoodfoot and Holliday with corner strikes before turning Holliday into a stepping stone for a Jaiden dropkick. They scored a near-fall with an assisted senton and Jaiden continued to go after Holliday. Sadly, for him, Holliday decked him with a headbutt and tagged out. Zero x Lucci hammered Jaiden with double team strikes and snapped her with a double-team backbreaker and swinging uranage. Holliday prevented Jaiden from making a tag but Jaiden bounced the pair of each other and rolled over to Miles. Miles flew in and kicked down the Hoodfoot and the pair hit Zero x Lucci with dual cutters for a two-count. Holliday crippled Miles with a buckle side slam and killed off Jaiden with a slingshot spinebuster into a Saucy Bomb. This had been a heroic effort from Miles and Jaiden but the odds were just too stacked against them. They definitely took Zero x Lucci by surprise but surprise can only get you so far.

Ron Bass Jr defeated “Big Beef” Gnarls Garvin via Decapitator Clothesline

Oh no, here we go again. It was time for another big boy battle as Big Beef and Ron Bass Jr went to war again this time under No Hook rules. They’d massacred each other once, now they were going to do it again. They reached a stalemate on grappling so Bass locked on a headlock until Beef forced him into the ropes. Beef tried to throw hands but Bass rocked him with uppercuts and a massive shoulder block. Beef fell to the outside and hung Bass out on the ropes. From there this fight broke out into a slugging contest. Both men teed off on each other with Beef really hammering at Bass. Bass blocked a whip and thudded Beef to the mat again with another shoulder. He took elbows to Beef’s neck and posed as he fell. Beef dodged death and brought Bass crashing down with a Saito. He lit up Bass with cross faces and crushed him in the ropes with the Beefy Bomb. Bass fought out of a second Saito and nearly decapitated Beef with a clothesline. That knocked Beef out for the three-count and made him forget where he is. Bass has avenged the UWFI loss and taken a very big scalp here. I could watch these two fight all day.

Alex Kane defeated Shawn Kemp (w/Kayla Kassidy & Eli Knight) via Pumphandle Driver

Time for Shawn Kemp to lead by example. He’d extolled the virtues of fighting clean into his cynical teammates and now he was going to go out there and pick up a win for them. The only problem with that is, he was fighting the Suplex Assassin Alex Kane who was very much clocked in and ready to give Kemp all of that work. Even Kemp was absolutely terrified of this fight. Kayla Kassidy grabbed Kane’s leg at the start of the match so Kemp took advantage with a Bridging Suplex. Kemp got two and went for a follow-up but Kassidy grabbed his leg by mistake. Kane capitalised by hitting Kemp with triple Germans as Kemp begged for freedom. Kemp created separation with a boot and climbed up top for a diving moonsault, stunning Eli Knight with that feat. Kassidy tried to set a chair up in the ring but Kemp argued against this and Kane pushed Kemp into the chair. Kane finished Kemp with his own Pumphandle Driver and took the win. Once again, this ragtag team had cost each other the win. This time it had been Kassidy going rogue that wrecked them.

Suge D defeated Freddie Hudson via Submission

Okay, this is a big match. We were about to see a technical battle of wits as the Journeyman Suge D prepared to take on the Shooter Freddie Hudson. Both of these guys are technical marvels and both like to think ahead of their opponents, this was going to be special. He started with a battle of head traps as Hudson applied a side-headlock and Suge applied a head-scissor. Hudson broke the scissor three times in a row and reapplied the headlock. The pair changed tactics and went for the other’s arms as Suge applied some small joint manipulation. The pair went counter for counter until they reached a stalemate off a roll-up. They went into a bridging test of strength as Suge tried to break the bridge of Hudson before going into a double bridge standoff. Suge elbowed free of a waist lock and instantly regretted the mistake as he wanted a nice clean match. He tried to apologise and Hudson accepted it, resetting the match for another round of chain grappling. The battle of waist locks began again and Hudson broke free with a back elbow. Hudson too apologised and Suge grudgingly accepted. They returned to the lock-up and Suge backed Hudson into the corner with Suge giving less than a clean break. Hudson was not happy with the bitch-like response and called Suge out. The sportsmanship broke down and the pair agreed to throw hands. The punches flew and Hudson knocked Suge loopy with a high knee before getting caught out of a charge with a back elbow. Suge tanked a boot and dropped Hudson with a headbutt, collapsing into the pin. Hudson kicked out so Suge went after him with stiff knees only for Hudson to forearm him into a Fisherman neckbreaker. He booted Hudson away from the corner and drove Hudson into the mat with an X-Factor. They both struggled to their feet and Hudson bounced Suge off a turnbuckle for a Shiranui. He followed with a second rope moonsault and tried for a clothesline but Suge caught him into a lethal submission I can’t even name for the win. Yep, this was great. A nice mix of old-school grappling and gentleman’s brawling with a whole host of fun back-and-forth. Suge D is a masterful wrestler and will bring out the best of his opponents before besting them.

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