Welcome back to ChocoPro Wrestling. It was time for another special one-match show as Best Bros were in for one of their toughest challenges yet. They’d run their birthday gauntlet and fought through four different teams but now, they were about to fight another championship calibre team. Their next challengers were the formers King of Freedoms Tag Champions, Minoru Fujita, and Rina Yamashita, the Tag Team Destroyers. The last time these two teams met; it went to a draw. Now, the titles were on the line. Would Best Bros be able to find the killing blow to this elite tag team? Let’s find out.

Asia Dream Tag Titles: Best Bros (Baliyan Akki & Mei Suruga) defeated Tag Team Destroyers (Minoru Fujita & Rina Yamashita) via Propellor Bomb on Fujita

This is it. The next big challenge for Best Bros. The Tag Team Destroyers were here and they were going to try and do what they do best, upset champions. They’d claimed gold in some of the toughest companies around, now they were here to take more ChocoPro gold. Chie Koishikawa and Yuna Mizumori were there to observe and Emi Sakura was going to referee this epic encounter. Akki and Fujita opened with a strong lock-up and danced around the wall. The fight got technical as they went to the mat for some early submission work. They reached a stalemate and they both tagged out. Yamashita and Suruga took over with Yamashita pulling the cocky “I’m too tall for you” test of strength pose. Yamashita crushed Suruga into the mat but Suruga was able to reverse into a wrist lock. The pair continued to battle for wrist control as Yamashita tried to overpower Suruga. We got a lot of hair-pulling as Suruga went to Yamashita’s hair and Yamashita pulled Sakura’s hair to emphasise, she was having her hair pulled. Suruga tried to take Yamashita for the ride but Yamashita stopped her with more hair pulling. They both let go of the other’s hair and went for duelling scares. Fujita and Yamashita played shoulder block ping pong and crushed her between their bodies. Suruga got revenge with a double jump scare and took both for the ride. They hit the Best Bros crossbody combo and Yamashita clawed both in the eyes. They tried to take the fight outside but Sakura but the kibosh on it. That didn’t stop Fujita from bringing in an umbrella and cracking it off Akki’s ribs. The Destroyers continued to use everything in sight to beat down Best Bros and Fujita chopped the soul out of Suruga against the wall. He tried to choke Suruga out and wrenched both her arms until she forced a break. Yamashita clubbed at her leg as she broke the hold and the pair hit Suruga with double shoulder tackles. They tagged again and Yamashita threw Suruga across the mat by the ears. She just had no escape right now.

Yamashita tied Suruga in a knot and pulled at her ears again, preventing a break and moving her into position for Fujita to punch her in the forehead. Suruga forearmed back but the Destroyers were right back on her with Fujita planting her with a Russian Leg Sweep. Akki tried to come to the rescue but Fujita bounced him off another wall and fired up off of Suruga’s forearms for a snapmare dropkick. Suruga finally found her freedom by flipping out of a slam and pushing Fujita into the wall. She rammed him into it again and blasted Fujita with a dropkick before finally tagging out. Akki came in hot and punt-kicked both Destroyers, then nailed Fujita with his patented head kick combo. He took Fujita’s head off with a dropkick but only got two. He went for a Swanton but Fujita got his knees up and smashed Akki’s face into the wall with a running knee. He tagged and Yamashita got into a shoulder block battle with Akki. Yamashita got the knockdown rebounding off the wall and fumbled trying to set up a trashcan splash so Akki winded her on his knees. Fujita retrieved the bin and watched on in horror as Akki nailed Yamashita with a backbreaker. She tried to lariat back but Best Bros nailed her with the Swanton combo and Suruga tried for Lucifer. Fujita broke the hold and slammed Suruga over his knee. Things went from bad to worse as Yamashita caught Suruga out of a crossbody and ran her into the wall. Both Destroyers crushed Suruga against the wall and Yamashita tried for the sliding lariat. Suruga booted her away and the pair slugged it out again, with Suruga seemingly unable to make a dent in Yamashita’s armour. Yamashita grabbed her by the head and tried for the lariat again but Suruga caught her with the crossbody.

Suruga was pissed now and hammered Yamashita with ground and pound forearms. She tried to climb up the window but Yamashita tried to stop her, earning a diving stomp to the hand. Suruga charged again but Yamashita booted her into a DDT and took out Sakura hitting Suruga with a giant swing. Yamashita nailed the diving splash but Sakura was too busy recovering to make the count. Suruga took advantage with a schoolgirl pin but Yamashita kicked out at the last millisecond. Suruga staggered to her feet and smashed her palm into Yamashita’s head. Yamashita fired back with a superkick and finally hit the sliding lariat for another two-count. Suruga flipped free of Splash Mountain and tripped Yamashita into the wall, then ran her into the wall. Both dragged their way to the tag and Fujita met Akki with a dropkick. Akki nailed him with a dropkick into a splash and backbreaker. Fujita gave Akki a backbreaker and a splash too as the game of one-upmanship continued. He nailed a second backbreaker but Akki popped up, dropped a knee, and crushed Fujita with the Spider. The pair traded head kicks and Fujita mashed Akki with wrist-clutch shoulder blocks and high knees. He tried for an Exploder but Akki shunted him away and hit him with a high dropkick. He trapped Fujita in the Deathlock but Fujita was able to force a break. He hit the Namaste Splash but Fujita rolled him over scoring a two-count. The two traded lariats and Akki planted Fujita with a Uranage. Best Bros tried to double-team Fujita but he clotheslined Akki and the Destroyer closed in on Suruga once again. Suruga bounced Yamashita off the sink and squared up to Fujita.

Suruga tried to forearm Fujita into submission but he was a brick wall. She tried to go after his arm but Yamashita broke the hold with a forearm and the pair hit her with double forearms and double kicks. Suruga refused to stay down and ducked another double clothesline, causing Yamashita to take out Fujita. Suruga tried to take advantage with a quick pin but Fujita still had the wherewithal to kick out. She didn’t stop though and took out Yamashita with the Super Mei Punch. Akki downed her with a thrust kick and the pair nailed the Double Stomp/Namaste Splash combo. Yamashita was out so they turned their attention to Fujita. He fought off both Best Bros and tried for the Tombstone on Suruga but Akki made the save with a thrust kick and the pair hit Fujita with a double Tombstone. Yamashita ate the wall a final time and Akki threw Suruga into a Propellor Bomb on Fujita for the win. It had been a 35-minute war of attrition but Best Bros had come out on top once again. They had both endured a monstrous amount of abuse at the hands of Yamashita and Fujita but had stayed strong to hold their titles another day. Both teams nailed it here and with Mizumori wanting a shot at Yamashita, I hope it won’t be the last time we see her in ChocoPro. Next time at #124 we’ll have two more incredible matches as Baliyan Akki tries to lead Lulu Pencil to another victory against Sayaka and Tokiko Kirihara, and Mei Suruga once again goes one-on-one with Chie Koishikawa. This episode was incredible and it’ll be interesting to see what tops it.

All images courtesy Of Gatoh Move, FlyingVTrigger, Chie Koishikawa Video courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube