Welcome back to ChocoPro Wrestling. It’s a two-match show today as we all recover from the glorious battle between the Best Bros and the Tag Team Destroyers. Now we’d see a change of pace as Baliyan Akki teamed with Lulu Pencil once again to try and give her a win against Team Othello, the unit of Sayaka & Tokiko Kirihara, and in the main event, the Warm Caterpillars implode as Mei Suruga battles Chie Koishikawa. With Suruga gunning for Minoru Fujita’s Super Asia Title, this would be a great way to show she was ready. Let’s get into the action and see how it went.

Baliyan Akki & Lulu Pencil defeated Othello (Tokiko Kirihara & Sayaka) via Fold-up Pin on Sayaka

Up first with another match from the most successful Pencil combination as Baliyan Akki once again joined Lulu Pencil in battle. This time they were again Othello and Akki would get to have another round with Tokiko Kirihara. Could Baliyan Akki make lightning strike twice and give Pencil another win? Kirihara opened the match by working on Pencil’s legs but Pencil kicked her away and things got technical. They both tagged and Sayaka locked up with Akki. They too went for a chain wrestling session until Sayaka was able to escape a head-scissor into the bow and arrow. The pair traded leg locks and Akki trapped Sayaka in the Death-TF. Sayaka escaped but Akki continued to work the leg and tagged in Pencil for a leg-targeted Stabber. Pencil kept the leg attacks up with a Pencil Roll and Splashes, then tried for the bow and arrow. Pencil didn’t quite have the strength for it so just stabbed Sayaka up instead. Sayaka escaped another Deathlock so Pencil tagged out. He applied a Half Crab to the injured leg and tried for a wall splash but Sayaka dodged. Akki tried to rebound with a slam but Sayaka wriggled out and slammed him into the mat. She tagged out and Kirihara went right after Akki with kicks and knees. The pair fought for their patented stretches so Kirihara dragged Akki into a grounded Komaneci (Japanese Straight Jacket). Akki fought up and snapped Kirihara across his knee with a backbreaker. He tagged out and Pencil ran in with another splash. The stomps and chops followed with Pencil taking out Kirihara’s knees for a dropkick. Pencil climbed up top and blocked a counter to hit a Stabber.

She climbed onto Kirihara for the Octopus but Kirihara fell back and smashed her off the wall. Kirihara charged Pencil into the wall and locked on the Cobra Twist. Pencil rolled free and tried for La Magistral but only got two. She tried for the clotheslines but Kirihara just kicked her back to the mat. Kirihara climbed to the top and hit the dancing foot stomp, then turned Pencil’s kick out into a heel hook, trapping both legs to prevent an easy escape. Akki made the save so Sayaka booted him away, Sayaka tagged in and Pencil tried to dodge the forearms thrown at her. This got her so far but Sayaka trapped her against the wall and forearmed her. She charged but Pencil tripped her into a back elbow drop and Akki launched her into a splash. Sayaka wouldn’t stay down so Pencil trapped her in the Pencil Lock and tagged out. Akki and Sayaka slugged it out and Kirihara saved Sayaka from the Namaste Stretch. She worked with Sayaka to hit a double Judo throw and Akki fought both of them off. Sayaka recovered and bounced him off the wall, then murdered him with a dropkick. Pencil saved the match and Akki caught Sayaka out of another dropkick into a gutbuster. He folded Sayaka over and took the win. Akki had done it again, putting down another team and giving Lulu Pencil another win. This had been a fun watch with Pencil, Kirihara, and Sayaka getting the time to shine as Akki kept things moving.

Mei Suruga defeated Chie Koishikawa via Lucifer

Last but not least, the main event. The Warm Caterpillar showdown. It had been eight months since the pair last fought and now it was time to see how much they’d improved. Suruga was looking to impress ahead of her title shot at the next ChocoPro show whilst Koishikawa was out to prove she could take Suruga on in the singles competition. Koishikawa started fast with her running wrist lock and the pair battled to keep the other down. Suruga made the mistake of going for a test of strength and Koishikawa used her height advantage to crush her. Suruga fought out and tried for a quick backslide but Koishikawa kicked out into a Guillotine. They both battled over the hold and Suruga blocked a Demon Chop to lock on her levitating submission. Koishikawa flailed free and trapped Suruga in the bow and arrow. She nailed the rolling leg drop and reapplied the hold for more suffering before giving Suruga carpet burn from the mat. Koishikawa went on another run but Suruga was able to counter it into a faceplant. Suruga stomped Koishikawa around the studio and went to work on Koishikawa’s arms, trying to tap her out with an armbar. Suruga took sadistic glee twisting up Koishikawa’s arm and blew her shoulder with a dropkick. Koishikawa created separation with a dropkick but Suruga cut her off with another dropkick. Koishikawa tried to prevent the window-sill arm-drag but Suruga stomped her foot and snapped Koishikawa’s arm across the window. She broke Koishikawa’s arm in the window and dropkicked her off the wall.

The pair fought over a slam and Suruga ran Koishikawa’s head into the wall. The leaping double chop followed as Suruga desperately tried to lock in Lucifer. Koishikawa escaped with an arm-drag and chopped Suruga in the back. She sniped Suruga with a dropkick and wrenched her around the mat before locking in the muffler. Suruga escaped and the Demon chop chase began. Suruga tried to be cute on purpose but Demon Chie didn’t care for cuteness. Suruga dodged around the chops and nailed another dropkick before knocking Koishikawa down with the Super Mei Punch. She avoided a wall collision and stabbed through Koishikawa with a double stomp. Suruga missed another stomp and Koishikawa made her pay by turning it into a Crucifix and going back to the Guillotine. The chops came out and Koishikawa nailed another near-fall with a double chop. Koishikawa reapplied the muffler and tried for a Flying X Chop but Suruga dodged and ran Koishikawa into a wall. A roll-up war broke out and Suruga bounced Koishikawa off the wall again for another nasty dropkick. Koishikawa remained defiant so Suruga kept hitting her with dropkicks. She fought to lock in Lucifer and hit one final double stomp before tapping out Koishikawa with the hold. Koishikawa had held strong for so long and given Suruga one hell of a fight but in the end, Suruga stood tall. She had taken the chops and managed to weaken Koishikawa enough for Lucifer. She had a lot of momentum going into the next show but could she fulfil her want to be the ultimate ChocoPro ace? We’ll find out at ChocoPro #125.

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move, FlyingVTrigger, Chie Koishikawa, Video courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube

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