Welcome back to GCW. After the roaring success of Tournament of Survival 666, the company wanted to continue its trend of stacked outlaw action. In the hangover, we got Zombie Walk, a more traditional GCW show full of unlikely matches and violent encounters all culminating in one hell of a surprise. We’d see Jack Cartwheel battle the GCW Gatekeeper, AJ Gray and Calvin Tankman throw down, Starboy Charlie try to upset Chris Dickinson, and much much more leading to the main event GCW Title match between Nick Gage and Jimmy Lloyd. There’s a lot to get into so let’s delay no more and get into the violence.

Tony Deppen defeated Jack Cartwheel via KO Knee Strike

First up we had the gatekeeper in action. Tony Deppen was here and he’d brought his ROH TV Championship with him. Thanks to that, Jack Cartwheel had even more motivation to fight, not only would he be beating the gatekeeper, he’d be beating an ROH champion too. Beating Tony Deppen though is no easy feat. Deppen was going to make the match his and refused to do a cartwheel in the opening. Things got fast and technical with both guys hitting high speed. Cartwheel’s offence nearly bit him in the ass but he was able to recover and was back, flipping and flying at Deppen. There was an awesome mix of technicality, striking, and high-flying as Deppen was not going to be outdone, using his smarts to make Cartwheel pay, mercilessly booting him in the face on an attempted slingshot. Any time Deppen could get fancy, he decided to spite the audience and lock on a hold instead. By the end we’d seen a barrage of lethal kicks, slugs, innovative offence, and Deppen doing what he does, making stars of people whilst taking the win in a smart fashion. You can have the ultimate athlete and Deppen will knock them out. He is the gatekeeper for a reason, he can take a whole lot of abuse and dish a load more out. Cartwheel definitely made the most of this opportunity and now he should have the Deppen rub, even in defeat.

AJ Gray defeated Calvin Tankman via Lariats

This was going to be incredible. Billy Dixon was on commentary as AJ Gray and Calvin Tankman collided once again. we had two heavy-hitting hybrid fighters ready to kill each other with stiff shots and unexpected agility. This was a very different type of Gray match. He couldn’t just smash down and throw about Tankman. The lariat wasn’t working and Tankman was just overpowering and wrecking him. As the match went on, Tankman pissed off Gray and that would be his downfall. Gray was hitting harder and taking risks as we say Gray bust out the high-flying stuff we’ve seen him try to repress. When he can’t slam you, Gray will use any tool to kick ass and we got to see both these guys in full-on killer mode. I would never complain at seeing these two in action and Gray showing off another style just proves further why he is not only the MF’N Truth, he is one of the GOATs in GCW. Hell, he even pulled out a Whisper in the Wind, how is that not awesome? If these guys were fighting anyone else, they’d be dead. These two were kicking out of murder shots and throwing the deadliest of hits. It was an incredible match and a whole ton of fun to watch. When the world’s best lariat hit, everyone was rocked as Tankman had taken three of those monsters. This might just be the must-watch match of this show.

Ninja Mack defeated Lucky 13 via 630 Senton

Time to get flippy. Ninja Mack was in the house and he was about to mix it up with the King of Dive Style, Lucky 13. Mack was originally meant to take on Joey Janela but due to injury Lucky 13 had stepped in. Now, it was time to watch the pair break the internet. As expected, this was fast and flippy but 13 brought out a more aggressive, brawling style as he mixed his deathmatch roots with the diving and athleticism. Both guys were hitting all kinds of flippy moves and broke an audio cable as Mack flew across multiple rows of chairs. 13 doesn’t like being outdone at the best of times but he wasn’t going to let Mack show him up in the diving division without a fight. There was so much innovation in this match I’d need a whole notepad to name it all. 13 was breaking out new moves, Mack was breaking the internet and the pair found they had excellent chemistry as 13 was doing his absolute best to keep Mack grounded. We had a nice balance of story and athletics as 13 kept the match grounded, forcing Mack into the underdog spot. When 13 hit an Air Raid Crash on the apron, I expected that to be it. Nope, that just woke Mack up and we got a Spanish Fly into a crossface. The bombs kept dropping and Mack won again with that incredible 630 Senton. As much as I want to see the Janela match, I hope we get a rematch of this somewhere down the line, both brought the best out of each other and had the crowd throwing money at them for the pleasure of viewing.

Second Gear Crew (1 Called Manders & Mance Warner) & Levi Everett defeated THRUSSY (EFFY, Allie Katch & Everett Connors) via Amish Missile on EFFY

Time for some chaos. Second Gear Crew was out in force joined by Levi Everett taking on BUSSY and their newest member, Everett Connors. We were about to get wild, stylish and hardcore as these two factions were ready to bring the plunder, pain, and madness. Katch was coming out on the scooter and EFFY was ready to get hardcore again. Now they had a fashionable prodigy to make it THRUSSY. Things started with a brawl and Connors hitting the world’s cutest trust fall. EFFY also bust out a Moonsault just to show things were getting crazy. He brought out the plunder and things got messy. We got Oklahoma Stampedes through doors and Mance got hit with the Pussy Piledriver through another door. These were just the opening shots as stiff strikes, brutal spots and sheer viciousness ruled as EFFY became a plunder king. Connors was the third person to go through a door as Everett tried to be the good force amongst the madness, churning the butter with all three members of THRUSSY. That soon changed as even he went wild with door parts. Connors really showed out here too, swinging the plunder with reckless abandon. SGC was dazed, confused, or dead as we saw the Two Gay Power Trip and more submissions. Mancer saved the match and powerslams caused carnage. We had splashes galore and EFFY found the most creative use of a staple-gun ever, stapling himself to Mancer in a permanent French kiss.

Katch threw deadly jabs but Manders wanted to kill the Katch with another Stampede through a door. Connors was taken out with a door spear and Everett upped everyone (literally) with a diving headbutt off a ladder, a very high ladder. Adrenaline gave EFFY a one-count kick out but an Amish Missile later and SGC had the win. This was an exceptional six-person journey to self-destruction. Everyone was incredible here; they deserved the applause they got. Both units celebrated together despite nearly killing each other. This is a top-tier plunder bout with a whole load of fun to be had. Genuinely loved Everett Connors getting hardcore, EFFY having one of the most innovative deathmatch spots ever, and the general disregard for doors all around.

JCW Scramble: Grimm Reefer defeated Marcus Mathers, Devon Monroe, Action Andretti, Dyln McKay & Kevin Giza via Diving Side Slam on Giza

We were back from intermission with a traditional GCW scramble with a JCW twist. We had a whole load of new faces though as Grimm Reefer returned to a GCW ring to show the young ’uns how it’s done. Alongside him was “All Balls” Kevin Giza who has been making a killing in IWA-MS and Action Andretti. Plus, we had Devon Monroe spreading some black sexcellence and Marcus Mathers and Dyln McKay representing H2O. It was the perfect melting pot of talent. Monroe tried to get everyone twerking to start but that wasn’t happening as Andretti seemed to be the only other guy in the fight who knew how. He used his ass to deadly effect with a Rear View but Giza was ready to kill. From there it was an ever-escalating series of encounters as everyone showed off, Giza and Andretti made the most of the spotlight, and Reefer showed everyone why he was the respected veteran he is. Giza really made an enemy of the New Jersey crowd by not only trying to wrestle Reefer but by breaking the man’s joint during the match. Rather than describing the action, I implore you to look up the match and see all this talent at work. They made the most of their time with everyone showing out for the post-intermission spot. Giza needs more opportunities with GCW and Reefer will continue to be the master of Reefer Madness getting the receipt on Giza for that blunt destruction. Plus, any time you see Mathers or McKay, it’s a good time.

Chris Dickinson defeated Starboy Charlie via Death by DVD

Oh god, now I know Starboy Charlie is a great wrestler. However, all I could foresee was murder coming. This would be the upset of a lifetime if Charlie could get the win over the dirty daddy Chris Dickinson. This was interesting purely based on the logistics of it, anything that happened in-ring was a bonus. The pair had an interesting dynamic as Dickinson seemed a bit less murderous than usual. He seemed to be taking Charlie lightly but Charlie was ready to fight and tried to catch Dickinson off-guard. He took the lumps and used speed and technicality to keep Dickinson guessing, even if it wasn’t always successful. He started to methodically attack Charlie but couldn’t keep him down for longer than two. Any time Charlie had a comeback, Dickinson snuffed it out. As expected, Charlie did eventually start to chain things together with strikes and kicks but again, it only lasted mere moments as Dickinson cut him off. Charlie continued to cleverly counter but sadly, Dickinson could counter too and wounded him with double knees off a 450. Charlie didn’t stop though and caught Dickinson with a powerbomb off the top. He really woke up the monster and paid the high price but his heart refused to give in as he nearly struck out Dickinson! When Charlie kicked out of the Brainbuster, Dickinson looked ready to flip. The counterplay went to new heights and Charlie trapped Dickinson in a Figure-Four. Charlie really put the effort in but when the bell rang, Dickinson was the winner after a deadly DVD. This was ridiculously impressive. I didn’t expect Charlie to hang in for as long as he did. Dickinson put him over on the mic too so even he was impressed by what he’d seen. Charlie wants to fight again, I for once can’t wait to see it. This was a strong start, now Charlie has to find the ultimate way to win.

Jordan Oliver defeated Dante Leon via Multiple Rebound Yakuza Kick

What was meant to happen next was a rematch with Ricky Marvin. In a card subject to change moment, we now had Oliver duking it out with Dante Leon. Anyone who knows Leon knows he can hang with anyone. He was about to test his mettle with the Star-Killer Jordan Oliver of GCW, a different Oliver to the one he’d fought before. This started rapidly as the pair picked right up where they left off with fast countering and furious kicks. The pair continued to chop, fly, crash and kill around the ring as the pair threw out kill shots and throwbacks to their last match as Oliver tried to catch Leon with the Boston Crab again. Oliver showed off his power game as he had a near 40lb advantage. Leon refused to die and fought back just as hard with his aerial attacks. Oliver set up a door and promptly went through it when Leon hit him with a flying cutter. Oliver got pissed and nailed his own cutter before going Yakuza Kick wild on Leon. He went rope running and nailed one final Yakuza Kick for the win. This was short and sweet with Leon hitting his key spots before dying at the boots of Oliver. It was fun to watch Oliver pushed into getting serious whilst giving Dante Leon another spotlight.

Deathmatch: Nick Gage (w/Dewey Donovan) vs Jimmy Lloyd ended in No Contest

Last but not least, the main event. It was time for a mosh pit of glass and tubes as Nick Gage came out to defend the GCW World Title once again. This time it was Jimmy Lloyd getting a shot at the title. Gage was going to dish out some MDK Justice after Lloyd’s antics at ToS the previous night. Lloyd was public enemy number one so seeing him get cut up with glass was going to satiate everyone’s bloodlust. The pair opened with a lock-up and no-sold tubes to score knockdowns. Gage threw Lloyd through a pane and Lloyd stopped a face wash with tubes to the head. Lloyd scored a near-fall with a rope-hung neckbreaker and Gage threw him through a tube door with an overhead belly to belly. He stomped Lloyd into the glass and cut into Lloyd’s face with a broken tube and the infamous pizza cutter, offering the audience a sight of the action too. Gage brought in the fans to hold up chairs so he could bounce Lloyd off them. Gage continued the abuse with a Brainbuster onto a chair and Lloyd countered a Chokeslam into a glass pile Falcon Arrow. A tube duel broke out and Gage smashed multiple tubes over Lloyd before hitting the Chokebreaker. He wasn’t done there though as he set up another pane of glass and broke it over Lloyd’s head with a face wash. Even that wasn’t enough as Gage didn’t even consider a pin and broke a bundle into Lloyd with the Corkscrew Elbow Drop. He set up another glass pane and cut Lloyd off with more tube shots to hit a second rope piledriver through the pane. Lloyd kicked out at two so Gage tried for another Chokebreaker, only for Lloyd to turn it into a bundle Air Raid Crash. G-Raver and his druids came to play, smashing Lloyd with a tube and taking him away. Gage fought off one of them and started breaking more tubes as the other started swaggering in a very recognisable manner. Everyone thought Jon Moxley had snuck in to play again but to everyone’s surprise, the druid hit the Paradigm Shift and pulled off their hood to reveal they were in fact, Matt Cardona. After all the sniping on Twitter and the call-out yesterday he had come to GCW for the King.

The match was thrown out as Lloyd had been carted away by Raver and Matt Cardona was basking in the hatred of the GCW faithful. He had entered the lion’s den and attacked the king of the pack. He swaggered out through the crowd as they all swore at him. Gage was slowly stirring to life and ended the show clutching his title in the ring. Now, three people were gunning for Gage. Jon Moxley, who had attacked twice now, Alex Colon, who wanted the title vs title match, and now, Matt Cardona who had just sent the ultimate message. Heavy lies the crown but Gage doesn’t care, he’d fight them all. That ended another incredibly fun GCW show. Despite the card changes, the matches had been top-tier and the new faces from JCW had elevated the scramble to new heights. This had mostly been a show to remind people just how good the wrestling in GCW was after the day of death yesterday. GCW is really firing on all cylinders at the moment as they kicked off their bad boy summer in style.

All images courtesy of GCW, Earl Gardner Photography, Robert Starkz-Bellamy (Mouse), IsThisWrestling, FITE, Gary Ward

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