Welcome back to MLW Underground and the grand finale of the J-Cup USA. We’ve seen Christopher Daniels and Sonjay Dutt fight off stiff competition to get to where they are. Now, as the finalists, they’ll have to battle it out in one final match to take home that J-Cup and become the first MLW Global Junior Heavyweight Champion. Alongside that, we’d see the Samoan Island Tribe in full force against Monsta Mack’s newest army and the acolyte of the Sinister Minister Mikey Whipwreck take on the master of the Big Wriggle Norman Smiley. Let’s get into the action.

Mikey Whipwreck defeated Norman Smiley via Avalanche Whippersnapper

Up first was a battle of insanity vs black magic. The unholy altar boy had cackled his way to ringside and was about to battle Norman Smiley in singles action. Who would come out on top in this odd match-up? Whipwreck quickly realised he wasn’t the popular man in the match and the pair went into a technical battle. Smiley escaped into a dance break causing the cameras to cut to ads. Whipwreck threatened a dance-off but went for the lock-up again out of spite. Smiley took Whipwreck on a ride with arm drags until Whipwreck put the block on and booted Smiley in the back, mocking the wiggle in the process. He hammered on Smiley’s head and dropped him with a huge dropkick. He powered up Smiley with a headbutt and Smiley knocked him on his back with a dancing clothesline. Another clothesline followed and Smiley tossed Whipwreck like a ragdoll with a scoop slam. Smiley tried to get lewd with it but Whipwreck kicked him in the cock as the ref was distracted. Whipwreck kept going with a basement dropkick and a guillotine leg drop and rope choke. Smiley got a two-count on a schoolboy but Whipwreck downed him again with a superkick. They battled between the two WarGames rings and Smiley took advantage by dragging Whipwreck’s face across the ropes. Whipwreck got trapped on the second rope after being bounced across the buckles and Smiley gave him the Big Wriggle. Whipwreck was dumped on the top rope but he raked Smiley’s eyes and hit the Whippersnapper for the win. Whipwreck had pulled out one hell of a win here, using Smiley’s momentum and tricks against him to upset the crowd in a big way. This was amazing fun to watch and a great win for Whipwreck.

The Samoan Island Tribe (Samu, Mana & Ekmo) defeated Monsta Mack, Rich Criado & Matt Martell via Table Splash on Martell

Next up was the debut of Matt Martell as he teamed up with Rich Criado against the Samoan Island Tribe. They had sent out Mana to take on both because that’s all they really needed. The pair jumped Mana but Mana took the pair out with a double clothesline. Mana was rampaging as he hit Criado with a Powerslam Cutter and Martell got a headbutt. The cameras cut and returned to Mana still wreaking havoc. A disruption emerged from the crowd as Samu and Ekmo emerged from the crowd beating the hell out of Monsta Mack. The match was a six-man falls count anywhere match as Monsta Mack was dumped on a table. Fighting broke out everywhere as the Tribe gave everyone a beating. The weapons came out and Criado got thrown off the stage in a wheelchair. Monsta Mack tried to re-enter the fight but got knocked away by Hulk hands. Fans got involved and beers were thrown as the Tribe continued to pulverise their opponents. Matt Martell got used as a punching bag for trying to fight back. Mack and Criado got some revenge with chair shots and a coast-to-coast bin crush but Martell woke up Mana with a shot to the head and all hell broke loose again. The trio corrected course with dual boots and a Monsta clothesline on Mana but it couldn’t win them the match neither could a shot to the head from a VCR. Samu and Ekmo charged and took out Criado with an Avalanche Samoan Drop and Mack with a trashcan superkick. Martell ate a Super Samoan Drop and the Tribe dumped him on a table for a devastating table splash from Ekmo to end the match. Everyone but the Tribe was dead at this point. Bloody Hell did this get vicious. There were broken bodies everywhere as all manner of weaponry got broken over everyone.

J-Cup USA Final MLW Global Junior Heavyweight Title: Sonjay Dutt defeated Christopher Daniels (w/Mikey Whipwreck) via Hindu Press

Last but not least, the main event. It was J-Cup USA finale time and we were about to see the first-ever MLW Global Junior Heavyweight Champion crowned. Who would it go to, The Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels or the Original Player from the Himalayas, Sonjay Dutt? Let’s find out. Daniels went for a rapid lariat and stomped down Dutt. He continued to beat down Dutt and got into it with the fans. Whipwreck got involved and gave Dutt a beating as Daniels distracted the ref. Daniels mockingly continued to assert his dominance with a Stalling Suplex and the cameras cut to commercial. When it returned, Daniels was still talking smack at the fans as he pummelled down Dutt. He got cocky and Dutt nearly took the win with a Dragonrana. Daniels stomped him back down and mocked the crowd’s Sabu chants with an Arabian Moonsault. Dutt wouldn’t stay down so Daniels launched him right into the buckles. The fans continued to get to him, leading him to ignore more pins on Dutt. He snapped Dutt with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and mockingly went for a second only for Dutt to turn it into an Octopus. Daniels threw Dutt to the outside, crashing him into the timekeeper’s table and playing dramatic as Whipwreck assaulted Dutt with the bell hammer to the bollocks. Even after that, Daniels’ ego prevented him from making a proper pin. Daniels kept doing cocky pins and cocky attacks and Dutt kept kicking out. Dutt scored a near-fall with a roll-up and got swiftly flattened again with a clothesline.

The BME followed but Daniels still couldn’t keep Dutt out for the count. He came back into the fight again with a springboard back elbow on Daniels and fired up on him with a series of nasty kicks and knees into a neckbreaker. Daniels fell outside and Dutt followed with a four jump Tope across both rings. He missed a follow-up splash and cracked his knee into the mat. Daniels swarmed and tried a quick pin into a Blue Thunder Bomb. A pinfall war broke out and Dutt took out Daniels with a surprise Rana. Whipwreck tried to interfere again so Dutt took him out with a Pescado. Daniels tried to claw him but Dutt snapped him off the ropes and took the win with the Hindu Press on Daniels. Sonjay Dutt is your first-ever Global Junior Heavyweight Champion. He had overcome the odds, the numbers, and the arrogance of Daniels to beat one of the best in the world and leave the Legion of Lost Souls with a black eye. What a match, what a comeback, and what a way to end your tournament.

All images courtesy of MLW Twitter, Video courtesy of MLW Video

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