Round Four of the MLW 2021 Open Draft not only featured returning stars and a new signee, but Alicia Atout had big news in store for fans. She first kicked off round four by announcing two hard-hitting names returning to the league ranks. First up was Calvin Tankman, who strictly has gold and money on his mind while Josef Samael’s “Black Hand” of CONTRA, Mads Krügger, will be heading back on behalf of his unruly infidels.

While CONTRA continues to stake a claim in Major League Wrestling, Cesar Duran’s ever-mysterious Azteca Underground is continuing to ruffle feathers and they sure did with their newest signee, Luchador Arez. Under the ruthless watch of Cesar Duran, Arez’s mission is to collect gold and masks in the name of violence for El Jefe.

Arez enters the ring wearing Mayan tribal warpaint. A fierce warrior, Arez is a rapid-fire, relentless wild card in the middleweight division. The master of ‘strange style’, Arez is one of the hottest Luchadores to cross the border in years. Employing uncanny unorthodox counters to his aerial adversaries, Arez’s style is akin to a Lucha version of Krav Maga, disabling and destroying victims via a vicious art of defence.

Mentored by the legendary Blue Demon Jr., Arez has made an impact south of the border and will certainly be aiming to do so for Duran as “El Jefe” will be in attendance on July 10 in Philadelphia (MLW will also be in Dallas on September 11, click here for more info).

Duran will be in store for a “violent” treat as Atout’s big announcement was indeed just that: Battle Riot is returning and it will take place July 10 in the City of Brotherly Love. Battle Riot III will feature 40 men looking to stand alone with their hand raised and therein earning themselves a shot at Jacob Fatu’s World Heavyweight gold.

At this moment, there was only one name confirmed for the contest and it happened to be the longest-reigning champion in Major League Wrestling history, Alexander Hammerstone. Weeks back Josef Samael made clear that he has iron-clad control of who faces Fatu for his championship, but the Battle Riot could be Hammer’s one and only ticket at earning that golden ticket.

All pics and videos courtesy of MLW

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