Welcome back to another manic episode of No Hook. This week we’ll see people pushed past their breaking point, multiple tag team spectaculars, and Sandra Moone getting a chance at the Midwest Territory Champion Chain. There was a lot to offer here as we might finally see our rag-tag group get the win against some campers, Nolo Kitano battle Weapon X, and what happens when Glitch finally reboots. Plus, there was more mystery in the air as deals had been struck and saboteurs were in the wings. Let’s get into the action!

Matt Makowski (w/Filthy Tom Lawlor) defeated Nolo Kitano via O’Connor Armbreaker

The show opened with a singles contest between the Ghetto Samurai, Nolo Kitano, and Weapon X, Matt Makowski. This was going to be another battle of innovation as both fighters can change up their game in a second. The pair opened with grappling and Makowski ducked a kick to hit Kitano with a backdrop. They ran the corners and Kitano got revenge with a Gamengiri before dropkicking Makowski to the outside. After some abuse on the outside, Kitano rolled Makowski in and nailed him with a backbreaking into a tornado knee. Makowski struck back and rocked Kitano with a roundhouse. He dumped Kitano on his head with a driver and went for the O’Connor Roll Armbar but Kitano reversed into a Pele Kick. Kitano nailed Trigram’s Rotation but Makowski kicked out. The pair struck it out and Makowski got the stun again to put Kitano away with the O’Connor Armbreaker. This was everything I wanted it to be as the pair gave audiences a taste of what they could do. Both fighters have bright futures in the business and this was just a little reminder of that.

Myron Reed, Nikeem Avent & The Ody (Chris Copeland & Jack Andrews) defeated Don’t Die Miles, Jaiden, Dylan Derringer & Freddie Hudson via Triple Team Stomping on Miles

Things were about to get hectic. Myron Reed and his army of evil were about to take it to superheroes, shooters and the legendary Hornet Freddie Hudson. There’s plenty of animosity between these groups as Reed and the Ody have screwed them out of title shots. We had Lucha rules and too much action to keep a handle on. Everyone tried to single out Reed as the teams brawled and Unit of the Web dropkicked his face off. Ody the Flame continued to be bodied the flame as everyone kept breaking down their members. The Ody snuck up on Jaiden and Miles, taking Jaiden out with an assisted spear. Jaiden escaped but his tag just made Derringer a victim. We got blind tags galore as The Hornet took out everyone with an airplane spin and dropped Copeland onto Avent with a TKO. Ody the Flame took control again as they bullied Hudson and kept him trapped. Derringer got the same treatment as he was hit by a four-way double stomp/backbreaker that nearly won the match. Everyone bullied Reed again as everyone hit him with cutters. Reed caught Miles and tossed him into the ref for a low blow and triple-team stomps for the win. The villains had won the day but all those wronged by Reed had taken their pound of flesh.

“Hoodfoot” Mo Atlas defeated Ron Bass Jr via Sliding Southern Lariat

Time for a hoss fight. Mo Atlas, the Hoodfoot was about to get into it with the S.O.N of an S.O.B Ron Bass Jr. We saw what Bass did to Big Beef, could he do the same to Hoodfoot? They shunted each other, then Bass went right after Hoodfoot wrist-clutch elbows and clotheslines. He drove Atlas into the mat with a pedigree variant and ran into the buckles so Atlas could hit a diving shoulder block. Atlas lit up Bass with chops but Bass sent him flying outside with a falling uppercut. Atlas hit back again and brained Bass against the ring post. Bass did the same to Atlas and kept firing strikes before dropping the Hoodfoot with an apron backbreaker. Atlas chopped at Bass’s legs but he no-sold it and launched Hoodfoot over the steps and into the guardrail. We got another round of ugly, painful striking, and Hoodfoot powered Bass over for a Saito. Bass struggled to sit up so Hoodfoot ended it with a clothesline to the back of the head. This had been vicious. These two just threw strikes on strikes as we saw someone try and partially succeed in dominating the Hoodfoot in a way we’ve never seen before. Even the Hoodfoot could respect that.

Kai “Glitch” Fayden defeated Mitch Hewitt via Running Axe Kick

Despite the technical faults at play, Glitch had been put into another match. He was battling Mitch Hewitt on autopilot as his system had refused to give him manual control. With the devious dealer promising him freedom, we’d see if that would come to fruition during the match. Glitch was completely shut off so Hewitt held off on fighting him, trying to find the on-switch. He changed his mind and tried for an easy win but Glitch somehow kicked out. The shell of Glitch continued to mimic fighting but Hewitt kept dodging and crippled Glitch with a uranage backbreaker. Hewitt then made the biggest mistake of his life as he woke up Glitch with a TKO. The system had rebooted and Glitch punched his way into a Detonation Kick and Suplex. He frantically tore off his mask and went for the killing blow with an Axe Kick to Hewitt. It didn’t end there though; Glitch had truly snapped and went after Hewitt with a barrage of elbows until he was pulled away by ringside wrestlers. His friend Chase Holliday looking seriously concerned for him. The system had gone horribly wrong, Glitch was free but at what cost. He has teased more come to the grand finale next week.

Abby Jane, Colt Storm & Pancakes defeated Eli Knight, Kayla Kassidy & Shawn Kemp via Triple Roll-ups

With a rampaging android on the loose, J-Rose took the chance to move the newest trios match up the card, much to everyone’s hatred. Shawn Kemp wanted his team to work but all of them were starting to grow tired of it. They’d been granted this new chance against a team of rising stars as Abby Jane and Pancakes were back alongside Kerry Awful’s intern, Colt Storm. Even with those odds, it would be a real task unless they could co-exist. Knight tried to show off against Storm but it just pissed Storm off and led to him murdering Knight with a vicious combo of innovative offence. We got Pancakes vs Kemp next as Pancakes out-wrestled Kemp with a beautiful assortment of chain wrestling and arm-drags. Kemp was taking out by double dropkicks and we moved onto Kassidy vs Jane. She also showed off some nice Lucha-infused violence but Kassidy cut her off with a swinging neckbreaker and mockingly tried to choke her out with a chin-lock and in the ropes. We got tag confusion and Pancakes unloaded on Knight and Kemp. Everyone ate finishers as the match broke down and Kemp dropped Pancakes onto Kassidy’s knee with an assisted Atomic Drop. They prematurely celebrated their teamwork and all got dragged into roll-ups. They had started to work together but the surprise of it stopped them from finishing the match. The skills are starting to build but they need to improve their co-existence to the point that working together isn’t a shock. Congrats to the team of rising stars though, that win is a nice feather in the cap for them. Of course, Kerry Awful made his presence felt to celebrate his intern’s progress. Storm may have worked well with his team here but we can’t forget, he sold out to Crux. Plus, he was stirring the pot for Kemp, Kassidy, and Knight by showing them the real reason they’d been put together…

The Mane Event (Midas Black & Jay Lyon) defeated Creature Feature (Adriel Noctis & Lazarus) via Pop-up Facebuster on Lazarus

Roll up, roll up it’s time for a Mane Event. Black and Lyon were at Paradigm and they were about to battle another attraction, the Creature Feature. Who would win out in the battle of Big Top Bravado vs Shlock Horror? Midas and Noctis opened with some early technicality but Black took control with an uppercut and brought in Lyon for a double team flatliner/splash combo. They sent Creature Feature to the floor and Lyon took them out with a Tope con Hilo through a hoop. Noctis created some separation with a head kick and scored a near-fall with a springboard kick. Lazarus tagged in and clawed at the back of Lyon. He ate a buckle dropkick and Creature Feature cut him off with double knee kicks. Lyon crashed into the pair and dragged his way to Black for the tag. Midas adorned his hat and flew from the heavens for a diving crossbody. He ran a train on the pair and The Mane Event nailed Creature Feature with massive double team moves. They hit Lazarus with a kick combo and tried to end things but Noctis made the save and decapitated Lyon with another deadly kick. Lyon saved the match after Creature Feature hit Black with an Impaler Driver, throwing Lazarus into the Mane Event pop-up Facebuster. That got them the win and sealed Creature Feature’s coffin here. Both teams had put up a hell of a fight but the Mane Event had come to take Paradigm by storm and proved that the dead can in fact die.

Midwest Territory Chain: Chase Holliday defeated Sandra Moone via Beast Fist

Last but not least, the main event. Sandra Moone has blazed a trail through Paradigm and now, she was getting a chance at the Midwest Territory Championship Chain. We’d seen Jody lose the chain in violent circumstances could Moone snatch the chain back to #S4TB? To do so, she’d have to beat the Beast King, no easy task. They opened with a series of lock-ups as Moon and Holliday battled to show who was stronger. A forearm battle broke out as Holliday elbowed free and Moone pummelled him back. She trapped Holliday in a corner and assaulted him with a series of corner punches, getting the magic ten by attacking from outside the buckle. Holliday staggered away and Moone downed him with a Southern Lariat. Holliday chopped back into the match and dumped Moone with a Suplex. He smashed her in with another chop and she had to take a breather outside. Moone tried for the win with a small package but Holliday battled free and took her head off with a clothesline. He kept attacking with ground-and-pound shots but woke Moone up with some trash-talk and she unloaded on him once again with violent abandon. The nasty elbows returned and Moone hit a back kick into a running dropkick. Holliday powered out of Moone’s Landing and brought her crashing down with a Border Toss. Holliday took Moone to the top rope and hoisted her out of a powerbomb attempt to nail a Superplex and tried to hit a second one but Moone brought him crashing down with a powerbomb. Moone tried for the Stroke but Holliday dragged her into a back elbow and ended things with the Beast Fist. Moone had pushed Holliday to the limit but once again, he thrived under the pressure and brought things to an end with a Beast Fist out of nowhere. This ended the show in awesome fashion and very much felt like the main event.

All images courtesy of Paradigm, MySkewedView, Scottyda87, Screenshots

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