What a season this has been. Across the past few weeks, we’ve been given show after show of maddening quality and high-grade matches galore. When the awards season hits, no one is going to be sure what to vote for. Before we get there though, it’s time for the season finale. We’re going out with a bang as we end the season with three more maddening matches. Rina Amikura comes back to spread song against Sayaka, Lulu Pencil gets another shot at victory by teaming with Cherry against Sayaka Obihiro and Sayuri, and in the main event, Best Bros take on two of their deadliest rivals Chie Koishikawa and Yuna Mizumori.

Rina Amikura defeated Sayaka via Northern Lights

Up first was a musical return from AWG. Rina Amikura was back and ready to spread music and murder as she locked up with Sayaka. The last time Amikura was here, Suruga tried to silence her, was Sayaka going to do the same? Amikura started by trying to overpower Sayaka and the pair broke into a technical exchange. Sayaka locked up Amikura’s legs and tried for the bow and arrow but Amikura blocked it. She made Sayaka pay with a double chop and faceplanted her into the mat. She hit the screaming splash and fed off the crowd for a second but crashed and burned as Sayaka rolled. Amikura tried to get Sayaka to hit the same splash but Sayaka preferred to go for a pin instead. She locked Amikura in the bow and arrow and got flattened against the wall after missing a forearm. The pair slugged it out and Amikura trapped Sayaka in a singing Crab. Sayaka forced a break so Amikura trapped her in a Canadian Backbreaker and charged her into the wall. She followed up with a rolling senton but Sayaka still had enough energy to kick out. Amikura climbed to the top with a bottle of some kind but Sayaka followed her up, threw the bottle away and tried for a roll-up. The roll-up train continued and Sayaka blasted Amikura with a dropkick. She tied Amikura in a knot and tried for the Sayaka Lock but Amikura forced a break. The Bridging roll followed but Amikura kicked out. Sayaka charged and Amikura took her out with a powerslam, then ended things with a Northern Lights. Amikura had weathered the Sayaka storm and come out on top. It had been a competitive little bout but the singing powerhouse had taken the day.

Cherry & Lulu Pencil defeated Sayaka Obihiro & Sayuri via Rear-Naked Choke on Sayuri

Next up was another shot at a win for Lulu Pencil. She was teaming with the veteran Cherry against a returning Sayuri and the workhorse Sayaka Obihiro. Could Cherry give Pencil another much-needed win or would the Ninja and heavy-handed Obihiro chop their way to victory? Sayuri and Pencil opened with another technical battle as Sayuri tried to win with a quick roll-up. They tagged and Obihiro crushed Cherry against the wall. She threw both Cherry and Pencil to the mat for a senton train into dual Kokeshis. Cherry cut off her momentum with a gut punch and choked Obihiro into a Magical Carpet hold. Cherry hoisted her up and swung Obihiro into throat stabs from Pencil. She gave Obihiro a few more stomps and tagged out to Pencil. Obihiro put the block on a slam attempt with a foot stomp and chopped the soul out of Pencil. She tried to break Pencil’s arm with headbutts and brought in Sayuri. ChocoPro’s ninja snapped Pencil around the mat and locked on a body scissor, trying to steal the win with a Gedo Clutch. The duo continued to bully Pencil with Obihiro laser-focused on breaking the arm. Pencil tried to chop back but Obihiro stopped her in her tracks and blasted her with more nasty chops. Pencil reversed a wall whip and took out Obihiro’s knees, then rolled away to tag in Cherry. She came in hot and tripped Obihiro into a heel hook. Sayuri made the save but Cherry countered their double-team work and crushed her and Obihiro against the wall before slamming Obihiro onto Sayuri for a double stomp. Obihiro struck back and trapped Cherry in a double arm-twist but Pencil was there to stop the fun and broke the hold with another throat stab. Sayuri did the same to Cherry by breaking her chin-lock with a kunai stab. Cherry got angry and hammerlocked Obihiro before repeatedly smashing her off the wall. Cherry tagged and Pencil came in with a splash. The stomps and chops followed as Pencil powered up but Obihiro caught the final one and hit her in the throat.

Obihiro tagged and dragged Pencil to the window for the Ninja’s knees. Pencil ate a clip of kunai edge chops but caught dodged the double chop and took out Sayuri’s knees for a dropkick to the chest. Sayuri countered the Stabber into a triangle and choked the life out of Pencil until Cherry made the save with a claw. Pencil avoided a Yakuza kick and tripped Sayuri into La Magistral for a two-count. Pencil and Cherry double-teamed her with wall attacks and played forearm ping pong with her as the ball. Sayuri nearly won with another roll-up and took out Cherry with the wall run takeover. She locked on the sleeper and cracked Cherry off the window for the Yakuza kick. Cherry kicked out of that and a Crucifix bomb to trap Sayuri in an arm and leg breaker and kill off Obihiro in the window before chucking her outside. The duo turned their sights back to Sayuri and ended her with a double-team STO into an accidental tripping Rear-Naked Choke. It hadn’t been the smoothest finish but Cherry had given Lulu Pencil another win. This had been a fun return match for Sayuri and ended Pencil’s season with another big win, even if she can’t stop thinking about getting revenge on Chris Brookes.

Best Bros (Baliyan Akki & Mei Suruga) defeated Chie Koishikawa & Yuna Mizumori via Double Pin on Koishikawa

Last but not least, the main event. The Best Bros were closing out the season against some familiar foes. Koishikawa and Suruga have had a friendly rivalry across the seasons and Mizumori and Akki have a fairly similar relationship. Now, their rivals were teaming to try and upset the Best Bros at the season’s end. Would they be successful? Mizumori participated in the ritual of trying to hold back Koishikawa at the start of a tag match as referee Sakura looked on in amusement. Akki and Mizumori opened with a shoulder barge battle as Mizumori gave special shout-outs in between tackles. Akki caused some misdirection and Mizumori got downed with the Best Bros crossbody combo. Suruga and Koishikawa renewed hostilities and opened with a more technical exchange. Koishikawa avoided taking the ride and trapped Suruga in the Guillotine. Koishikawa milked the hold for all it was worth and tagged out to Mizumori. She swung Suruga into the wall and held her in place for a Koishikawa chop. She trapped Suruga in a Crab and Suruga escaped by yanking on Mizumori’s hair. Koishikawa continued the submission chain with the bow and arrow and sacrificed her knees to hold Suruga in place for a Tropical Splash. The pair continued to decimate Suruga with deadly efficiency as they worked the numbers game against her. If she was mounting a comeback, they killed it off. Even Akki couldn’t shift the balance. Suruga found some momentum rolling the pair up and took both women for the ride. She sealed her comeback with a dropkick and made the tag to Akki.

He resumed the striking contest with Mizumori and flipped over the Papaya Mango charge. Mizumori kept striking and stunned him as he went for the Spider pose. He tried to fight off the Tropical Crab but Koishikawa stopped him dead with a Demon Chop. Mizumori barred his arms and Akki shook off the damage to deliver a stinging chop. Another striking bout broke out and Mizumori put the brakes on it with a Coconut Crush into a diving shoulder block. Akki hammered her into the Deathlock and both got downed off a lariat. Koishikawa tagged in and lit up Akki with chops before sniping him with a dropkick. She locked up his legs and applied the muffler but he quickly escaped. Akki caught her out of another dropkick and held her in place for the double chop breaker. The Best Bros tried for a double submission but Mizumori threw Suruga into Akki. He tried to charge but Mizumori dropkicked him into a roll-up. Akki continued to battle back but Mizumori bounced him off the wall so Koishikawa could nail the diving X Chop. Suruga made the save and took out Koishikawa with the Super Mei Punch. We got diving moves galore and Koishikawa took out Suruga with another dropkick. Koishikawa tried to roll up and tap out Akki but he rolled her up and dodged another X Chop to hit a double pin on her. Best Bros had won but it hadn’t been a dominant performance. This had been one for their rivals to show how close they can come to take them out. It was a fitting season end with a nice dose of ChocoPro tag chaos. Koishikawa and Mizumori made a lethal combo, it would be fun to see them work together again in the future.

Speaking of tag action, after the action Emi Sakura announced that ChocoPro will be forming its own 8-team tag league. While the date of this isn’t confirmed Sakura did hint it could take place over one to two months and would be clean and compact. Looks like season 8 is changing the game once again for Chocolate Square. The Best Bros will need to watch their backs if seven other teams will be gunning for them.

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move, Dogu, FlyingVTrigger Video courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube

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