Welcome back to ChocoPro. It’s time for another one-match show with incredibly high stakes. Mei Suruga, the Big Apple of ChocoPro has staked a claim at the Super Asia Championship after pinning current Champion Minoru Fujita in the Best Bros tag defence. Now, here she was going one-on-one with a chance to become the only ChocoPro double champion. Alas, this would be no easy challenge as when it comes to singles competition, Minoru Fujita is nearly unbeatable. Suruga would have one hour to break Fujita and get that win or will have to settle with having just the one title. Let’s see how she did.

Super Asia Title: Minoru Fujita defeated Mei Suruga via Venus Fly Choke

Here we go, the champion and challenger were set, Baliyan Akki was set to ref and we had an audience ready to cheer Suruga on. They went technical to start, battling around wrist-locks and working up and down the body. The momentum traded with each hold until Suruga trapped Fujita in Cute on Purpose. Fujita went for the ride and Suruga attacked him with stomps as he adjusted his kick pad. She tried to choke him out with a Guillotine and worked over his arm but Fujita trapped her hand and snapped her fingers. He continued to bend and splash Suruga’s arm, trapping her in a nasty hammerlock. Suruga escaped by pulling at Fujita’s beard and threw him across the mat by his hair. Suruga also started working on an arm, using her knees to crush it and her legs to twist it up. She twisted Fujita’s neck and went back to the stomping before tripping him into the window. Suruga distracted Akki by pulling Fujita’s hair so she could slam the window on him. Fujita was trapped and Suruga nailed him with a sponsor sign to the back. He fought off Lucifer and created some separation but Suruga was right back on him with a leg lock, bridging over to inflict more pain. Fujita fought up again but had to take a breather as his knee was wrecked. Suruga went right back after it with another leg lock and tried to level Fujita with shots only to power him up and get booted away. He dropped her with a backbreaker and threw her outside, closing the window on her. She tried to surprise him from the other window but Fujita was lurking in wait and caught her in a Cravate, then drove her into his knee for a rib-breaker.

Fujita refused to slow down and catapulted Suruga into the wall. He smothered her with his hands and Suruga slapped at his legs before buckling his knee with another dropkick. Suruga locked in a Half Crab and continued to hammer the knee trying to make him quit. Fujita escaped and the pair battled over a slam. They both attempted wall whips and Suruga jump scared Fujita into a Cazadora. A dropkick followed and Suruga crushed Fujita with multiple running sentons. He tried to stop her by grabbing her leg but Suruga forced Fujita into a headlock and bounced him off the wall. He collapsed to the floor and Suruga nailed another rolling senton and a Kokeshi. Fujita put the block on another wall bounce and flattened Suruga with a wall charge. He sniped her with a low dropkick and woke her up with a chop. Suruga returned fire with hammer-blows to the back and Fujita did the same, flooring her with one club. Suruga bounced back and slammed Fujita into the mat. She scored a near-fall with a dropkick and climbed up to the sink. Fujita stunned her up there and set up a table. Suruga fought free of a powerslam and bounced Fujita’s face off the table with a tornado facebuster. She forearmed Fujita back onto the table and tried to drown him in the sink, giving him an impromptu shower under the taps. Akki refused to count a roll-up and a pinfall war broke out. Suruga bounced Fujita off the wall again and tried for another sponsor sign attack but Fujita dodged and took her out with a shoulder block.

Fujita took a second to recover and hit Suruga with another backbreaker. He held on and dropped her on her face, then picked a leg for an Ankle Lock. Suruga tripped Fujita with a grapevine and trapped him in Akki’s Deathlock, the inventor shouting advice as she did so. Fujita refused to quit so Suruga tried to amplify the hold, giving Fujita a chance to escape. Suruga continued to work the leg with a double stomp and Fujita reversed the Propellor Pin into another Ankle Lock. Fujita tried for the Tombstone but Suruga chopped at his knee and lowered herself into a handstand kick into the wall. She went to the sink again but Fujita shambled towards her like a zombie and her kicks weren’t keeping him at bay. Fujita buckled her knee and brought her back to the mat with a running Tombstone. Suruga refused to stay down and nailed the Propellor Bomb but couldn’t make the pin. A slugfest broke out and Suruga nailed a wall run crossbody. She followed up with another double stomp and a sink double stomp but only got two. Fujita went to the roll-up well and Suruga matched him starting another chain of pinfalls. Suruga jumped on his back for a rear-naked choke and tried for Lucifer but Fujita was out of bounds. He returned fire with a swinging sleeper and trapped Suruga in a rear-naked choke. He let her loose and went for the kill with a diving splash but once again only got two.

Fujita was at a loss on what to do. He couldn’t keep Suruga down and stood over her winded body, trying to formulate a plan. Akki was trying to will her back to life because he didn’t want to make a ten-count and Fujita grew impatient, dragging her back up. Suruga slugged back but Fujita was knocking her right back down with return forearms. Suruga dropped him to a knee and the pair slugged it out on the floor. She knocked him loopy and crashed into him with the Super Mei Punch. Fujita kicked out and blocked the Propellor pin to hit a Snap Suplex. They battled over a second but Suruga was too tired to pull it off. She continued to hammer the brick wall that was Fujita but he was just absorbing the blows. Akki couldn’t watch as he drilled her with high knees and went back to the Ankle Lock. He transitioned it into a choke and Suruga passed out, Fujita mercifully cutting the hold short to pin her instead. This was incredible. Fujita and Suruga just had an ultra-compelling, high-tension epic that spanned 55 minutes with no downtime whatsoever. They had a methodical pace with a lot of deliberate limb-targeting and submission work. It was well-planned and well-executed with Mei really showing how far she could go even in defeat. In a season that keeps giving us MOTY contenders, this one might just be the best yet. If you have the time spare, you should totally watch this. It is a creative masterclass in tension, drama, and ChocoPro’s unique wrestling style. Suruga gave it all and deserves all the praises she will get from this. We also know Fujita’s next defence as Yuna Mizumori came out to lay down the gauntlet. That will be in the future though as next episode we will see three more matches. Best Bros will battle Chie Koishikawa and Yuna Mizumori, Lulu Pencil teams with Cherry against Sayaka Obihiro and Sayuri and Rina Amikura returns to battle Sayaka. The fun never ends in the Chocolate Square even if the season finale is swiftly upon us.

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move, Dogu, Chie Koishikawa, FlyingVTrigger, Video courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube

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