After weeks of build-up, tonight’s PPV hadn’t received the normal amount of hype as other TakeOvers in recent memory. Saying that, the Fatal 5-way for the NXT Championship was going to be crazy. The Women’s Championship was on the line as Ember Moon battled Raquel Gonzalez. Xia Li looked for revenge on Mercedes Martinez, and a new Million Dollar Champion would be crowned, but would it be LA Knight or Cameron Grimes? First up, MSK and Bronson Reed teamed up to retain their championships against the cunning and tactile alliance of Legado Del Fantasma.

Winner Takes All 6-Man Tag Team Match for the NXT North American and Tag Team Championships: MSK (C) (Wes Lee & Bronson Reed) & Bronson Reed (C) vs Legado Del Fantasma (Santos Escobar, Raul Mendoza, & Joaquin Wilde)

Lee and Mendoza reversed a multitude of moves as the match got underway. Carter and Wilde tagged in and did the same. Carter hit a dropkick, then tagged in Escobar. Reed tagged in and Escobar whipped out by tagging in Mendoza. He tried to take out Reed, but the Colossal caught him with a clothesline. He squashed him with a bonsai drop as Escobar tried to take advantage. Reed took him out and tagged in Wilde, where Reed dropped him with a gorilla press.

MSK held Wilde’s feet and hands as Reed squashed him with a standing senton. All three hit a double team move on Wilde, as MSK worked on Wilde. Escobar was able to tag in, but Carter hit a moonsault on him from the turnbuckle to the outside. Wilde flew over the ropes onto Carter. Lee did the same, followed by Mendoza. Finally, Reed landed a suicide dive on everyone. Back in the ring, Escobar hit a superkick on Lee as Wilde and Mendoza took out Carter on the outside.

Escobar beat Lee down in the corner, then connected with running knees and a hurricanrana off the turnbuckle. Legado Del Fantasma hit a succession of clotheslines into Lee who was in their corner. Escobar hit a brainbuster on Lee as Wilde hit an assisted standing 450 splash. Reed tagged in and squashed Wilde and Mendoza, then charged at the both of them in the corner. He dropped both men at the same time with a Samoan drop, then a suplex on Wilde. He called for Escobar to be tagged in, who managed to connect with a Michinoku Driver on Reed.

Mendoza and Wilde hit their finisher on Carter, but Lee broke up the pin by flying over the ropes into the ring. Escobar picked up the North American title outside as Reed charged out him through the barricades. MSK took out Wilde outside, then dropped Mendoza with their finisher. Reed followed up with Tsunami to pick up the win. I could have watched this match all night. A solid start to the PPV.

Winners: MSK & Bronson Reed (Still Champions) Rating: 8/10

Mercedes Martinez vs Xia Li W/ Boa & Mei Ling

Both women brawled out of the ring as the bell rang. Martinez landed a backdrop, then pummelled Li in the corner. Li wrapped her legs around Martinez on the apron, then pushed her into the ring post outside the ring. Li stomped Martinez’s stomach then wrenched her body into the ring post. Li threw Martinez into the turnbuckle a couple of times, then dropkicked her to the mat outside the ring. She went to kick her, but Martinez moved and she smashed her shin on the post.

Back inside the ring, Martinez landed some right hands, but Li caught her with a knee to the gut. Martinez hit a royal butterfly. Li hit a suplex on Martinez but was then launched into the turnbuckle. Martinez hit a cliff-hanger, but Li kicked out. Martinez drove some knees into Li’s jaw, then face-planted her into the mat. She hit a big knee into Li’s face as she fell out of the ring. Martinez hit a back body drop on Li as Boa tried to get involved. Li got out of the Air Raid Crash and hit a spinning kick, then pinned her for the win.

After the match, Li went to hit her with a steel chair, but Martinez stopped her. She picked up the chair and smashed Boa, then hit Li with it. Boa came back in and was hit again. Martinez continued to beat Li with the chair. As Li was hit again, Mei Ling got out of her chair and walked towards Martinez. Ling grabbed her throat. Martinez was able to hit her with a chair, but Ling grabbed her throat again and launched her off the ramp and into the barricade.

Winner: Xia Li Rating: 7/10

Million Dollar Championship Ladder Match: Cameron Grimes vs LA Knight

“The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase walked out with the two security guards holding the Million Dollar Championship. The fans chanted “LA sucks” as both guys locked up. Knight knocked Grimes to the ground, but he got up and did the same to Knight. Grimes hit a knife edge chop and an uppercut then floored Knight with a clothesline. Knight grabbed a ladder from outside the ring and went to throw it at Grimes, but he got out the way. Knight hit a clothesline, then mocked him by uttering his “to the moon” catchphrase.

Knight threw Grimes outside then went to pick up a ladder again. He set it up in the centre of the ring, but Grimes climbed up. They both fell off, and Knight almost smashed it into Grimes. Both men tried to hit one another with a ladder until Grimes got the advantage. Grimes pushed a ladder into Knight’s stomach as he went hard into the barricade outside. Grimes booted Knight in the chest from the apron. Knight shoved Grimes’ head into the barricades, then spun a ladder into his face.

Knight drove Grimes into the barricade again, then into the steel steps. He went to drive Grimes into the barricade again, but he reversed and launched Knight into them. Once more, Knight smashed Grimes into the barricades. Knight set up a ladder on the barricade and the apron. Knight connected with a shoulder barge from the apron to the ring and set up another ladder in the corner. Grimes threw Knight into the ladder that was set up in the corner, then smashed the same ladder into Knight’s stomach. Grimes tried to drive it into Knight’s lower area, but he moved and hit a neckbreaker onto the ladder.

Knight slid a big ladder into the ring and set it up. Grimes started to strike Knight but was shoved into the ladder face first. Knight set up a ladder on the ring post and went to Irish whip Grimes into it, but he reversed and sent Knight facefirst into it. Grimes delivered multiple kicks, then connected with a back body drop onto the big ladder that rested on the ropes. Grimes then threw Knight onto the ladder that rested on the apron and the barricades. He grabbed the golden ladder from the stage and set it up. As he climbed up it, Knight joined him. Grimes knocked Knight off, but Knight pushed the ladder and sent Grimes flying. Grimes hit a Spanish fly and left both of them on the mat.

Knight threw a ladder onto Grimes’ back who was on the ramp. Grimes drove a kick into Knight’s jaw. Grimes climbed up a ladder at ringside. Knight pushed the ladder but sent Grimes into the scaffolding. He climbed further up the scaffolding and hit a crossbody onto Knight. Back in the ring, Grimes climbed the golden ladder. Knight went to powerbomb him to the outside, but Grimes reversed into a hurricanrana. Grimes climbed the ladder again, but Knight pushed him off the ladder and through another ladder that was set up on the ramp. Knight climbed the golden ladder and grabbed the Million Dollar Championship for the win. After the match, DiBiase presented LA Knight with the belt as the pyros went off around the ring. So gutted for Grimes.

Winner: LA Knight (New Million Dollar Champion) Rating: 9/10

NXT Women’s Championship Match: Ember Moon vs Raquel Gonzalez (C) W/ Dakota Kai

Moon came out the gates fast, but Gonzalez knocked her to the mat. She went for a one-armed powerbomb, but Moon reversed into a head-scissors. Gonzalez threw Moon into the turnbuckle and delivered some knees into her stomach. She whipped Moon into the corner again. Moon got caught in the air, then dropped to the mat with a sidewalk slam. Gonzalez flew off the turnbuckle with a twisting Vader bomb and went for the pin, but only got a two-count. Moon was caught in a backbreaker submission, then was thrown into the mat.

Moon hit a superkick, followed by a few more kicks and a step-up enzuigiri. She hit another superkick and punched Gonzalez into the jaw. Moon hit a code red, but Gonzalez kicked out the pin. Moon locked in a head wrench submission, but Kai pushed the rope so Gonzalez could grab it. Moon launched through the ropes and connected with a suicide dive into the announce table. Moon went for another pin, but the champ kicked out. Kai distracted Moon as Gonzalez hit a superplex, but Moon kicked out of the pin. Gonzalez went for the one-armed powerbomb, but Moon reversed into a roll-up. Gonzalez kicked out and hit a big boot.

Gonzalez got caught with a modified Eclipse. Moon hit a codebreaker off the turnbuckle, then an eclipse. She went for the pin, but Kai put her foot on the rope. Shotzi Blackheart ran out and attacked Kai. Back in the ring, Moon drove Gonzalez into the steel post then hit a DDT off the turnbuckle and into the ramp. She pushed Gonzalez back in the ring and went for the pin, but the champion kicked out. Moon went for the Eclipse, but Gonzalez countered and threw her into the turnbuckle. She connected with the one-armed powerbomb and picked up the win.

Winner: Raquel Gonzalez (Still NXT Women’s Champion) Rating: 7.5/10

Fatal 5-Way NXT Championship Match: Johnny Gargano vs Kyle O’Reilly vs Pete Dunne vs Adam Cole vs Karrion Kross (C) W/ Scarlett

O’Reilly and Cole went after each other as Dunne fought with Gargano. Kross went after Dunne as Gargano was knocked out of the ring. Kross took out Dunne as O’Reilly got back in the ring. Kross booted O’Reilly in the head but got caught with a heel hook. Kross got out and hit a German suplex. Gargano entered the ring and hit a hurricanrana on Kross, but ended up being launched across the ring with a suplex. Cole came in but was taken out by Dunne, O’Reilly, and Gargano at ringside. Kross smashed Cole in the corner with some big lariats. The NXT Champion took out the challengers. He suplexed Gargano and Dunne at the same time, then almost pinned O’Reilly.

O’Reilly hit a flurry of kicks and knees. Dunne and Gargano ran in, but O’Reilly took them out. Cole came in and O’Reilly tried to lock in a cross-arm breaker, but Dunne interrupted. Gargano got caught in the mix. Kross powerbombed Dunne into Gargano and O’Reilly. Kross went after Cole on the ramp and almost powerbombed him. Dunne and Gargano attacked Kross, then sent him through the front door on the stage. In the ring, Cole took O’Reilly out with a big knee and a neckbreaker, almost getting the pin. Gargano put Cole in the tree of woe as O’Reilly sat underneath. He went to charge at him but Dunne came in and went for a pin.

Dunne went for the Bitter End on Gargano, but he reversed into a DDT. He then threw Dunne into Cole and O’Reilly. Gargano stomped down Cole. Everyone apart from Kross was in the ring, all trading blows until they all fell to the mat, where Cole almost pinned Gargano. O’Reilly and Cole traded blows until O’Reilly locked in an ankle lock. Kross came back to the ring and wiped out everyone by throwing them into the barricades and ring apron. He threw Gargano in the ring and dropped him with a tornado F5, almost pinning him afterwards. Kross booted Cole as Gargano hit a DDT on Kross, using Cole as leverage. He then took out O’Reilly with a suicide dive and Dunne with a flying DDT.

Cole hit a superkick. He went for a Last Shot, but Gargano moved out the way. Cole went for Panama Sunrise, but Gargano hit the Last Call and almost grabbed the victory. Dunne and Gargano booted O’Reilly. Cole booted Dunne as Gargano hit a poisonrana on him. O’Reilly suplexed Cole as Gargano booted him. O’Reilly held the suplex in a bridge for the pin, but Gargano stomped on his stomach to break it up. Kross came in and clotheslined Gargano, Dunne, and Gargano in the corner. O’Reilly moved as they all took him out. All five men beat the hell out of each other until Kross hit a lariat on O’Reilly as they laid on the mat.

Kross hit a German suplex on O’Reilly, then on Cole, then on Gargano. He went to do it to Dunne, but he landed on his feet and booted Kross in the head. Cole superkicked Kross on the apron. Cole and O’Reilly then worked together to powerbomb Kross onto the announce table. Dunne, O’Reilly, Cole, and Gargano slugged it out in the ring. Dunne tried to submit Cole as O’Reilly did the same to Gargano. Dunne and O’Reilly went after each other, but Dunne locked in a standing Kimura. Cole hit a neckbreaker on O’Reilly after clearing out everyone, but couldn’t get the victory.

Cole and Dunne traded blows in the ring. Dunne got caught with two superkicks by Cole and Gargano. Gargano hit One Final Beat on Cole, but couldn’t get the win. He locked in a double Gargano Escape, but O’Reilly broke it up. O’Reilly hit a jumping knee and a brainbuster on Gargano. He climbed the turnbuckle, but Cole threw him off. He hit Panama Sunrise on Gargano and went for the pin, but Dunne pulled him outside. Kross was back on his feet as Dunne called him into the ring.

Dunne unleashed blows on Kross, but he blocked every one of them. Dunne hit the Bitter End on Kross, but he kicked out. Dunne locked in a triangle choke, but O’Reilly, Cole, and Gargano broke it up. Dunne stomped on O’Reilly and Gargano’s fingers, then went to rip Cole’s fingers apart until Kross delivered a double Doomsday Saito. Kross locked in Kross Jacket on Dunne, but he ripped at Kross’ fingers. Gargano hit One Final Beat on Dunne as Kross tried to lock in Kross Jacket on Gargano. Cole hit Last Shot on Kross as O’Reilly hit the big knee on Kross, but Cole broke up the pin.

Cole took out everyone with superkicks. He went for Last Shot on O’Reilly but got caught with a submission. Kross locked in Kross Jacket on O’Reilly and made him pass out to retain the NXT Championship.

Winner: Karrion Kross (Still NXT Champion) Rating: 9.5/10

What Else Went Down

– Earlier in the day, O’Reilly was being asked about his match. The Way showed up and mocked him. A fight almost broke out until officials split it up.

– Tommaso Ciampa and Timothy Thatcher were backstage. They said they were going to destroy Grizzled Young Veterans this Tuesday in a fierce promo.

– Todd Pettengill was backstage when Hit Row interrupted. They talked about their new t-shirt and official record that is out now.

– Backstage, Pete Dunne and Karrion Kross were being separated by WWE officials.

– Todd Pettengill was backstage playing Karate Fighters with Dexter Lumis. He asked Lumis how the women were treating him these days. Lumis snapped and ripped one of the toy fighters off its handle.

NXT: The Great American Bash was announced, taking place on July 6.

– Beth Phoenix talked about this Tuesday’s NXT and said Tommaso Ciampa and Timothy Thatcher would face Grizzled Young Veterans, with Kushida offering an open challenge for the Cruiserweight Championship.

– As Johnny Gargano walked to the ring, Shotzi Blackheart and Dakota Kai were being held apart by NXT officials.

– As the show ended, McKenzie Mitchell grabbed William Regal backstage. She asked him what he thought of the event. He said he’d been in NXT for seven years, and he’d never seen such bedlam. Before he walked away, he said he thinks it is time for a change.

After The Bell

NXT TakeOver: In Your House wasn’t one of the best PPVs, but the main event was incredible. Karrion Kross didn’t feature in a lot of the big moments, but he was there when it counted. Pete Dunne and Johnny Gargano were two of the standouts for me, but it just wasn’t enough. Who is left for Karrion Kross? He’s proved he can beat the best NXT has to offer.

Cameron Grimes and LA Knight had a great match, but I am gutted Grimes didn’t win. I genuinely thought this was his time to win, but it wasn’t to be. Raquel Gonzalez and Ember Moon’s match didn’t do it for me, and neither did Martinez and Li. MSK and Bronson Reed vs Legado Del Fantasma was a solid start to the night, but the overall feeling for tonight was slightly underwhelming. I can’t imagine what William Regal meant at the end. Will be really upset if he decides to leave NXT. I guess we will find out on Tuesday.

Star of the Show: Pete Dunne Overall Rating: 8/10

All images and videos courtesy of WWE

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