Welcome back to No Peace Underground and to a very special show indeed. Pride Month is all about celebrating those in the LGBTQ+ community and watching most corporations put rainbows in their logos. No Peace had put their money where their mouth is and put together a whole show and giving Parrow and EFFY the booking rights to it. We’ve seen Parrow spread fear and destruction across the last swathe of shows and now, he was bringing more talent into the fold. Evelyn Adonis was going to be our guide across this card, where we’d see MV Young battle a whole host of twinks, Billy Dixon battle Ashton Starr in a no-ring deathmatch, Dark Sheik vs Trish Adora, and more leading to the Last Daddy Standing main event. Let’s get into the action!

Billy Dixon defeated Ashton Starr via Chair Pile Elbow Drop

After an opening package lining out so many bigots and their interpretation of “the gay agenda,” we got a heart-warming message of support from hardcore legend Mick Foley. With that positive go-ahead, it was time for our first deathmatch. Enter Billy Dixon and Ashton Starr. Dixon has bled before in a brutal deathmatch, now he was about to introduce that to Ashton Starr. There was already tension in the air and Starr just tried to antagonise Dixon, throwing his jacket at Dixon during his entrance. It turned into slaps vs slugs and Dixon threw Starr off the stage. Starr kicked low and whipped at Dixon with a hair extension, lashing it across Dixon’s back and shoulders. He used it to tie Dixon up and smashed a tube on him. The tubes kept smashing as Starr got into a groove breaking them before letting Dixon get up to pelt him with a super bundle. Starr beat on the bloodied Dixon and paid homage to Mickie James by V-licking the blood. He covered the stage in tacks and tried for a Suplex but Dixon powered through and dumped Starr in the tacks. Dixon dragged Starr back across them and held him in place for an elbow drop. He tried to end it by pouncing Starr into a tube cabin but Starr cut him off with a throat thrust. They both battled it out until Dixon threw himself through it, falling prey to Starr playing possum. Starr carefully crept across to make a cover but Dixon kicked out. He took more tubes to Dixon and made the mistake of spitting on him. The Momma of the House of No Bullshit fired up and started hammering on Starr. He hit the Bionic Elbow and kicked low into a Stunner. Starr kicked out so Dixon grabbed him by the throat and Chokeslammed him through a door. He buried Starr under some chairs and ended the fight with an elbow drop. I loved this. It was full of attitude, violence, and both at their character best. The New Jack touch to the ending and the gratuitous tube usage added to the fun and just when I thought I couldn’t love Ashton Starr more, he surprises me with this.

MV Young’s Twink Gauntlet: Jai Vidal defeated Dillon McQueen, Eli Perez, Heather Monroe, Kelsey Reagan, Kevin Blackwood, Satu Jinn, Sawyer Wreck, Tye Hyll & MV Young via Ladder German Suplex on Young

Before we got into the massive Polyam Cult Twink murder, we got another video message from “the major league twink” Kit Osbourne. He was making breakfast and moaning about the fact he wasn’t on the show. He mocked Parrow and wished the best of luck to EFFY before threatening to see both soon. From that, we had the Twink Gauntlet of Death where MV Young was going to cause controversy and powerbomb twinks. He was out first and started the fight with the first twink, Gaytriarch Dillon McQueen. Young offered McQueen a condom and proceeded to fuck him up around the venue. McQueen wasn’t going to be disrespected and forearmed back, crushing him against a guardrail with double knees. Twink number two entered to spread sugar, spice, and to fuck up some lives. Kelsey Reagan was making her debut. She went right after the pair and tossed Young off the stage for a diving Rana. She pelted him with a super bundle and scored a near-fall with an enzuigiri. McQueen refused to be ignored and knocked Raegan out of the air with a leg lariat before slamming her onto Young. Twink 3 Eli Perez entered and brought some dreamboat flare to the gauntlet, instantly hitting McQueen with a bulldog. He went after Young and Raegan bounced McQueen off the plunder. They set up some fuckery as Twink 4, the Aesthetic Crippler Kevin Blackwood came out. He brought a chair into the equation but McQueen came for him. McQueen tried to hide from his kicks but Blackwood just kicked the chair into his head. Scoring the first elimination of the match. As that was counted, Young had Raegan up on his shoulder and threw her off the stage through the fuckery pile with a sick powerbomb. He followed up with an elbow drop and the second twink was gone. As Raegan was carted away, the Killer Bae, Heather Monroe came out as Twink 5. She attacked everyone with a fan and tried to kick Young in the cock but he caught her and threw her into a door.

The twinks were coming thick and fast as Tye Hyll appeared next and got into it with everyone, leaping onto them with a moonsault off a ladder. Hyll brained Perez against a pillar with a knee and nailed him with a standing SSP. Young dumped Monroe through another door with a backdrop and Satu Jinn entered as the next twink. He hit Hyll with a TV and tanked bundle blasts from Young and Perez. He started smashing tubes on his competitors and cut up Perez with a broken tube. Jinn rearranged the plunder and caught Hyll out of the air to end him with a guardrail uranage. He couldn’t celebrate as Sawyer Wreck was out next and she attacked Jinn with a thumbtack Nerf gun before pelting him with a TV. She followed with a crossbody into a ladder and eliminated Jinn with a literal twink pile. Young slugged it out with her and got chokeslammed onto the remaining twinks. A bad bitch entered last as Jai Vidal got the last spot in the gauntlet. He took out Blackwood and Monroe before stunning Perez with a kiss. Young eliminated Wreck and Monroe eliminated Perez with a seated crossbody. She kicked the life out of Vidal and Blackwood but was rocked by a forearm from Young. Monroe struck back but Young took her out with a spear, eliminating her from the gauntlet. Vidal took a kicking but slid into a scissor kick and tapped out Blackwood with a Rings of Saturn. We had two fighters left, Young and the last twink. Young attacked fast and threw Vidal off the stage. He set up a ladder and tried to put Vidal through it with a German but Vidal countered and crumpled Young with a ladder German for the win. Vidal had done it. He had pinned the king in his own gauntlet and outlasted every other twink. My God, this was ridiculously fun with a whole clash of personalities and styles meeting No Peace brand chaos. You love to see it. What a massive win for Vidal. Treehouse Lee made an appearance, feeling the vibe, and took out Vidal with a spinning Axe Kick. I don’t think he appreciated being left out.

Dark Sheik defeated Trish Adora via Door Spear

Time for another special match. Two of the most underrated wrestlers were about to clash as Dark Sheik took on the Afro-Punk Trish Adora under deathmatch rules. This was going to get wild. The pair shared a joint and got ready to fight it out. Sheik kept the joint and the pair locked up. The pair chopped it out and once again shared the joint, blowing smoke with each chop. Sheik upped the ante as she gave Adora a chop to the chest, the back, and the backside. Adora returned fire, lighting Sheik up with a barrage of chops, and returned the favour with a backside chop of her own. The fight went to the stage and Sheik climbed up the pole for a trust fall. Sheik tried to Suplex Adora onto a chair but Adora scooped her up and broke the chair with a slam. Adora reluctantly attacked Sheik with a kendo stick but with the more strikes she gave Sheik, the more her reluctance fell, eventually breaking the stick over Sheik’s head. Sheik kicked back and drove them both into the hardwood stage with a White Russian Leg Sweep. She didn’t stop there, using the stick to lock on a Crossface and forcing Adora to bite down on it. Adora fought free and matched Sheik with a stick-assisted Cattle Mutilation. Sheik fought up and hit Adora low with a Johnny Cage split punch. A Tiger Uppercut followed and Sheik clubbed down Adora with a trashcan. Sheik set up an expletive door and hit Adora with the can again. Adora forearmed back and trapped Sheik in the can for Lariat Tubman. She couldn’t pin though as Sheik rolled off the stage. Adora followed Sheik down for more beating and hesitated over using a tube. Sheik took advantage and speared Adora through the door for the win. As expected, the pair put on one hell of a nice little match. There was a mix of comedy and high-grade wrestling as the pair slowly succumbed to the environment around them and started getting violent. Adora’s hesitancy cost her here but, then again, she was going against an absolute veteran in Sheik.

Pup Collar Match: Odinson defeated Zicky Dice via Chair F10

Hey, how about something completely different? Odinson, Parrow’s tag partner has always been there for Parrow and now we had a battle of the friends as he took on one of EFFY’s best friends in Zicky Dice. Not only were they going to fight, but they were also fighting under Pup collar rules. At first glance, this looked like a really unfair fight, but life has taught us to never underestimate Zicky Dice. Odinson had already collared up so Dice took his time and attacked Odinson with the chain. He dragged Odinson into a chain lariat and whipped Odinson with the chain and into the crowd. They brawled around the bar and Dice got a bit too cocky so Odinson hammered him with strikes. Dice punched back and tried to grind Odinson into a chain-link fence. He continued to drag Odinson around by the chain and postured to the crowd. He tried for a stage piledriver but Odinson reversed into a back body drop. He chained Dice in and now the pair were properly locked together. He trapped Dice in a chain-choking Camel Clutch and smacked Dice away when he bit him. Dice used the chain for a nutcracker and stomped Odinson’s balls again before disappearing off stage for more plunder. He came back with dog food and tried to make Odinson eat it. Odinson fought up and smashed Dice off the pole. He knocked Dice loopy with a corkscrew uppercut and curb-stomped him into the dog food. Things went from bad to worse as Odinson broke tubes on Dice and hit a second corkscrew uppercut off a chair. Dice escaped the F10 with an eye rake and hit the piledriver for a two-count. He tried for a second on the chairs but Odinson’s collar came loose and he ended Dice with an F10 through the chairs. Dice had tried to use every trick in the book but Odinson was too much of a monster for it. He had brutalised Dice and taken the win in a painful fashion for Dice. Again though, it provided an entertaining addition to the card.

MSP (Aiden Aggro & DangerKid) defeated Culture Inc (Eli Knight & Malik Bosede) via Drip Drop on Bosede

After another call-out from Hardway Heeter, we went into some tag team violence. The MSP were making their debut in No Peace against Culture Inc. Aggro and the Shapeshifter DangerKid were about to bring chaos against the youthful high-flying Knight and Bosede. Both teams were bringing the attitude but only one team could get the win. MSP took out Culture Inc with dual-stage dives and Cultural Inc did the same with dual moonsaults. The pair focused their assault on DangerKid and tore up the ringside furniture. DangerKid found Starr’s hair extension from earlier and Aggro booted down Knight before hitting a flipping elbow drop onto him and a chair. Bosede saved himself from a double Suplex but DangerKid cut him off with a knee. They battled around the guardrail and Bosede threw Dangerkid through it. Aggro saved the match with a senton and DangerKid climbed the stage again as the pair hit dual cannonballs on Culture Inc. The shot trading continued as the crowd got to MSP and Culture Ince refused to stay down. Things got dirty as DangerKid started throwing chairs and Aggro tried to fish-hook Knight into quitting. Bosede gave DangerKid death by superkick and Culture Inc hit Aggro with the 10 Toes Down double stomp DVD into his seated partner. MSP kicked out and both teams went into a slugfest. Both teams collided with chairs and went into a beer-drinking barfight. Culture Inc was sprayed with beer and MSP waterboarded Bosede with their flag using the leftover beers. They set him up for the Drip Drop and took the win. This had gotten ugly as MSP decided to ignore the crowd and murdered their opponents with beer and brutality. This was my first time seeing MSP and I was thoroughly impressed, I’ll be keeping an eye out for them in the future. They seemed right at home pissing off the Orlando crowd and I was all for it.

Last Daddy Standing: Parrow defeated EFFY via Flaming Glass Chokeslam

Last but not least, our main event. EFFY had called out Parrow in front of everyone. He claimed to have made Parrow and now, he was going to destroy him. It was a battle of deathmatch bear vs deathmatch daddy under Last Daddy Standing Rules. You had to KO your opponent and sit in the Daddy throne for ten seconds to win. These two were going to kill each other and it was going to be glorious. The mind games began before the fighting as EFFY made Parrow wait for their fight, letting Goodbye Yellow Brick Road really sink in. He entered from the street, escorted by bodyguards and confetti cannons. A shunting match showed Parrow had the power advantage so EFFY stopped him with a flurry of shots before taking a chair to him. He broke a super bundle over Parrow’s head and dumped him on another chair with a DDT. He took the throne and got a four-count. EFFY charged again and Parrow lobbed him into a guardrail, multiple times. Parrow repeatedly stood on EFFY and tried to kill him with chair shots but EFFY, the mad bastard went full SGC-mode and demanded more chair shots to the head. He slammed EFFY into the chair pile and crushed a bundle into him with a splash. Parrow took the throne and got a five-count. EFFY was not going down that easily. He nailed Parrow in the head with a chair and chased him into the bar area. Parrow cracked EFFY with a beer and smashed him around the merch area before taking the fight to the streets. He hit EFFY with a Suplex to the sidewalk and the pair threw more bombs at each other. EFFY tried to drag Parrow back to the pit so Parrow broke another bundle on his head. We got duelling bundle blasts and EFFY took Parrow’s jaw off with two Bicycle kicks into the Leg-DT. He retook the throne but Parrow was up instantly. Clearly, there was more work to be done.

EFFY tried to dive onto Parrow from the stage but Parrow caught him and tossed him back onto the stage and another bundle. He powerbombed EFFY against the wall tubes and took the throne as EFFY struggled in front of him. He got up so Parrow hammered a gusset into his head. Effy did the same but Parrow just nonchalantly pulled it out and hit Greetings from Asbury Park. He sat on the throne again and waited for the ten-count, only for EFFY to get back up. Parrow charged and booted EFFY in the jaw before bouncing him off the wall and grabbing a barbed wire baseball bat. EFFY pretended to beg for mercy and drilled Parrow in the balls. He hit Parrow in the head with the bat and drove him through a tube/door contraption below. EFFY took the throne and Parrow rose from the dead. The chair returned and EFFY smashed it repeatedly across Parrow’s anatomy. He muscled Parrow up into a Suplex and dropped him across the bat and a chair. That had both guys down for the count and the crowd chanted fight forever. EFFY called for the kill shot and the Gorelando Death Squad got to work. We had glass, doors, and chairs, so of course, EFFY set it on fire. He looked to throw Parrow through it but Parrow grabbed him by the throat and chokeslammed him through it. EFFY dragged himself back up the stage and clung to Parrow’s leg, trying to pull himself up but he couldn’t make it. He slumped from exhaustion and Parrow was hailed as the top Daddy of No Peace Underground. This had been an ultraviolent spectacle and that’s exactly what I wanted. There was no downtime, no messing about, these two just tried to end each other. In the end, Parrow won but he was a good sport, sealed their rivalry with a little kiss, and left EFFY with the mic. He promised to keep making it gayer, as the show’s name wasn’t just a name, but a warning. EFFY is going to raise so much hell over these next ten years and no one is going to stop him. This whole show was a success in making it gayer. No unwanted stereotyped bullshit, just pure progressive bloodletting, and wrestling. If this is what the gay agenda brings, then I’m all for it. Give me all that LGBTQ+ violence. The world needs to see it.

All images courtesy of NPU, HeyyImRob, Screenshots

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