Welcome back to MLW Underground. This week boasted one hell of a main event as Homicide was going to go one on one with his protégé, Low Ki. However, the event was marred in controversy as a mysterious power broker was pulling strings behind the scenes. Alongside that, we’d see the Stampede Bulldogs, the legendary team of Davey Boy Smith Jr and TJ Wilson of the Hart Dungeon take on Puma and Bobby Quance and Sonjay Dutt defend the Global Junior Heavyweight Championship for the first time against Jack Evans. Let’s get into the action.

The Stampede Bulldogs defeated Bobby Quance & Puma via Springboard Blockbuster Bomb on Puma

Up first was the Hart Dungeon showing up to MLW in the form of the Stampede Bulldogs. We had the future Davey Boy Smith Jr, then known as Harry Smith teaming with TJ Wilson (FKA Tyson Kidd) as they took on Puma and Bobby Quance as part of the second Tag Team tournament. Could Puma and Quance upset the legendary Hart system? Quance and Smith started with a cagey standoff and Quance took things to the mat. The show cut to an ad break and returned to Wilson battling with Puma. Wilson had to shake off an ankle lock and had to shake off a lot more as Puma picked up the pace and took him out with a head-scissor. Wilson ate a brutal chest kick but dodged a corner splash and Smith kicked Puma off the apron. Quance tried to come to Puma’s aid but this just gave Smith the chance to beat him up further. Wilson jumped on this and followed up with a Snap Suplex. They kept beating down Puma between quick tags and kept him trapped in the Stampede Corner. They nearly scored the win with a double-team powerbomb into an ankle lock but Puma made the ropes. He nearly escaped with a pummelling snap Frankensteiner but Wilson dragged him back by the ankle. Smith came back in and continued to batter down Puma with chops and hammers before dumping him with a backdrop. Puma escaped the Running Powerslam and tagged out before Smith could grab him again. Quance flew in with a springboard dropkick and wrecked both Stampede members with innovative kicks. He was on fire with chops and nearly won with a bridging spinning T-Bone but Smith stomped in the pin. He nearly got another win with a Tombstone/SSP combo with Puma but Smith was there to save the match. Puma tried to trap Smith in a triangle out of the corner but Smith hoisted him up and the pair ended the match with a Springboard Blockbuster Bomb. The Stampede Bulldogs had taken the win and dominated for the most part. The tag team division was on notice as these two monsters were out for blood.

MLW Junior Heavyweight Title: Sonjay Dutt defeated Jack Evans via Standing SSP

Hey speaking of younger versions of big stars, Jack Evans was up next. He was going to be the first challenger for Sonjay Dutt. He was being touted by Teddy Hart (yikes, that would not be a good thing now) and he was full of confidence. That confidence got him nowhere though as Dutt came to fight and took technical dominance early with a head-scissor into an armlock. Evans fired back with a high kick but Dutt was back up and body blocked a second. Dutt continued to beat Evans around the ring and crushed Evans’ comeback by faceplanting him on the apron. Dutt scored another near-fall with a Frankensteiner and nearly decapitated Evans with a high kick. An ad break later and Dutt tried to take his head off again with a vicious clothesline. Evans kicked out of the double jump elbow and dodged the Hindu Press to blast Dutt with a superkick. Evans charged again but Dutt was ready and rolled Evans up for two. A standing SSP and Dutt was the winner. Evans had tried to outpace Dutt but he had failed and been beaten by the champ. This was a fun little match that saw Dutt get to show off. Teddy Hart was watching the whole time and attacked Dutt post-match as commentary complained about how Hart was pissing everyone in the sport off… if only he knew.

Between the Matches:

  • BREAKING NEWS: Four more wrestlers have been announced for Battle Riot III. King Mil Muertes, Caribbean Champion Richard Holliday, Zenshi, and Draft Pick Lee Moriarty will all be joining the already reported Alex Hammerstone in the massive event taking place in Philadelphia on July 10th.
  • PJ Friedman was back and he was pissed off. He’d been taken away from what he loved and with that, he’d lost everything. Now he was back and he wanted to take out Vampiro for having no respect for anything. Not for the business, the wrestling, or himself. He was going to make him respectful. The hunt was on.
  • Sonjay Dutt was trying to vent backstage after being attacked by the New Age Hart Foundation when Los Maximos interrupted him and berated him for calling him the world’s biggest scrubs. They challenged him to a six-man tag match at the six-sided ring event.

Homicide defeated Low Ki via Roll-Up

(PREVIOUSLY REVIEWED HERE) On name value alone, this match looks incredible. To see two indie darlings in their younger proving years unload on each other in a student vs teacher bout is just awesome. Fun fact, this match rocked and filled out the first spot of Low Ki’s MLW Anthology episode. It was one of Low Ki’s first matches in the company and my god was it a good one. These two tore the house down with a whole load of technical flair, smart counterplays, and vicious explosive offence. To read the action follow that link as I broke down the play-by-play. This time it was just fun to revisit and watch the spectacle with a relaxed perspective. Both guys were already great and showed even more potential for greatness. They had travelled the world and were making the biggest use of the main event spot their power broker had garnered them. After a long bout of intense action, we finally found out who that power broker was…

It was Gary Hart. He made his presence felt after Jerry Lynn had gone mad and attacked Homicide once again for embarrassing him with his winning streak. Low Ki had brought the fight to him when Gary Hart came out calling for blood. He cheered on Homicide and Low Ki as they assaulted Lynn and even let Low Ki loose on a gobby fan who was trash-talking their pairing with this legendary manager. The pair went full crowd kill mode as they followed that fan into the crowd to pummel him for his disrespect. When MLW CEO Court Bauer came out to try and break up the madness, they attacked him too. No one was safe as Gary Hart had come out to bring the real action, the real violence, and had promised to end Terry Funk’s career. Bauer tried to talk back so Homicide cracked him in the head with a broom. The show had ended in pandemonium as we saw a full-scale Hart invasion across the card.

All images courtesy of MLW Twitter, Video courtesy of MLW YouTube

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