This year sees WWE present their annual Hell in a Cell event in June instead of the autumn as per usual. The Hell in a Cell match has lead to some incredible and unbelievable moments, matches that have become arguably the most talked about matches in WWE history. So here is a list of what we believe to be the 10 must-see Hell in a Cell matches ever. 

10. Bad Blood 2004

Shawn Michaels vs Triple H 

After nearly a two year feud that involved The Heartbreak Kid returning to the ring after 4 years and numerous battles for the World Heavyweight Championship. Former best friends now bitter rivals settled the score once and for all. 

9. Hell in a Cell 2016

Charlotte Flair vs Sasha Banks 

The first-ever Women’s Hell in a Cell Match for the RAW Women’s championship sees Flair and Banks create history. The Boss and The Queen battle around ringside before the match with Flair power-bombing Banks through the announcer’s table. In the Cell, they use tables and chairs in a hard-hitting battle, well worth checking out this historic match. 

8. Wrestlemania 28

Triple H vs The Undertaker 

The fourth Wrestlemania in a row that The Undertaker fought a member of DX. This time it had Shawn Michaels as the special guest referee and the emotion and drama of the match was extra special as the match dubbed End of an Era delivered on the biggest stage. 

7. Judgement Day 2002

Triple H vs Chris Jericho 

A rematch from Wrestlemania X-8 sees Triple H and Jericho battle in a hard-fought match which costs Tim White, the referee, his career scary spot. Both superstars are praised for changing the way Hell in a Cell matches are fought with the ending being different too. Triple H would score the victory with a pedigree on top of the cell. 

6. Armageddon 2000

Kurt Angle vs Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Rikishi vs The Rock vs Triple H vs The Undertaker 

The biggest names of the Attitude Era battling inside a Hell in a Cell along with Vince McMahon and Mick Foley fighting on the outside trying to take down the structure. In a highly entertaining contest that consists of brawling all over the arena and on top of the cell. Kurt Angle retains his championship but not before Undertaker chock-slamming Rikishi off the top of the cell onto a truck below. 

5. No Mercy 2002

The Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar

A brutal contest that saw Brock Lesnar reach a new level status as the top person in the company, All within a year of his debut. Another hard-hitting battle that sees Undertaker bleed heavily. 

4. Summerslam 2008 

Edge vs The Undertaker 

A feud that started inside a Hell in a Cell at Survivor Series 2007 and finished at Summerslam 2008 inside the same structure. They would fight outside the cell after Edge speared the deadman through the cell wall. A fitting and epic match to finish a star-making feud for the Rated R Superstar. 

3. King of the Ring 1998

Mankind vs The Undertaker  

The most famous Hell in a Cell match of all time sees Mankind thrown off the cage and chock-slammed through the roof. If you haven’t seen it, you might want to brace yourself. 

2. No Way Out 2000

Triple H vs Cactus Jack 

A phenomenal match in a feud that would make Triple H the biggest heel in the most popular period in wrestling history. The match also stipulates that if Cactus lost, he would have to retire from wrestling. A brutal match inside the cell which spilt outside and up to the top with a great story throughout. The ending comes when Cactus Jack would be backdropped through the cell ceiling to the ring below. 

1. Bad Blood 1997 

Shawn Michaels vs The Undertaker 

The most must-see Hell in a Cell match is the first-ever Hell in a Cell match between Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker. We see peak Heartbreak Kid bounce all over the cell structure, taking a beating from the deadman. The match would spill to the outside and go on top of the cell. The first and possibly greatest Hell in a Cell match of all time that sets the formula for these kinds of matches for years to come. The ending would see Kane make his long-awaited debut and tombstone his brother to cost him the match.

Looking back over the 10 must-see matches, we see the same faces who have made Hell in a Cell matches what they are today. Without these matches, WWE wouldn’t be able to hold an event dedicated to this type of match every year 

Pics and videos courtesy of and WWE YouTube page 

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