Welcome back to GCW. The outlaws have ridden out from their regular hotspots to bring their brand of wrestling to Wyoming for a literal outlaw mudshow. Not only were they going to take a derogatory term thrown at them and wipe their ass with it, but they were also about to burn the barn down with a unique card of matches. In this card, we’d see Allie Katch vs Jimmy Lloyd, Chris Dickinson vs 2 Cold Scorpio, EFFY vs WARHORSE in a battle of caps lock names, Ricky Morton vs Atticus Cogar, and much more leading to the main event where the GCW World Title was on the line as Nick Gage took on Mance Warner in a bunkhouse brawl. Let’s get into the carnage.

Jordan Oliver defeated Gringo Loco via Torture Crab

The show opened with something speedy. The Star-Killing Sauce God Jordan Oliver was opening the show against the Based God Gringo Loco. We know what both men are capable of and we knew they’d make the most of the opening spot. Loco even brought a goat out with him. They opened with real Lucha wrestling and Loco hit what could have been the first dive in the state of Wyoming. Loco spent most of the early match in full control, he chopped Oliver around the ring and kept the goat chant going as he fought. Oliver came back with a Yakuza kick and made Loco pay with Suplexes galore. The fight became way more competitive as both guys tried to break the other’s body and the laws of physics. Oliver was trying to go for the ground game whilst Loco wanted to fly. They even took the fight into the fans and the livestock as some of the nearby animals had come to watch. It was all quite competitive as we got counters, cutters, and flying for days. Considering this was meant to be a mudshow, all the wrestling here was crisp and clever with Oliver eventually grounding Loco with the Torture Crab. It was an excellent opener with both guys showing off to the fans and the goats despite some technical difficulties. This pair was going to put on a belter and they didn’t disappoint here.

Chris Dickinson defeated 2 Cold Scorpio via DVD

Now for something completely unexpected. 2 Cold Scorpio is an incredibly tough, incredibly talented fighter. He’s made a resurgence over the past year or so and now he was in for one of the toughest tests out there, a battle with the Dirty Daddy, Chris Dickinson. We’ve seen Scorpio take on any challengers young and old but what result would he get here for Scorpio? Regardless of the result, this was going to be interesting and an absolute dream match for Dickinson. This match all worked on build-up. They opened with a technical feeling out process to find out which was the most tech-savvy. Dickinson was targeting a leg and as the match went on that respect seemed to fall to the roadside. You do not disrespect the legend. Dickinson learned that the hard way as Scorpio showed he too could pull submissions out. The fans were behind Scorpio so he was going to go all out for them, despite the knee problems he was facing. The rules were mere playthings to Scorpio as he got revenge on Dickinson for the attempted crippling and the mockery. This was a very hard fight as both guys tried to kill each other. It became a proper salty bastard fight and everyone loved it. That DVD was going to end it no matter who Dickinson had hit it on. it was one of Dickinson’s best in recent memory as he was really in his element with a veteran like Scorpio. Serious fun for a serious mudshow.

Jimmy Lloyd defeated Allie Katch via Running Tombstone through a door

Hey, want to see a murder? Jimmy Lloyd has become persona non grata in GCW since his interference in ToS and now, he was being fed to the dangerous Katch specialist, Allie Katch. Was Lloyd going to get murdered again or would he find a way to avoid the clutches of Katch? If he was going to die, he was going to at least enter in style as he entered on a fucking donkey of all things. We opened with real Katch wrestling as Katch locked to technically torture Lloyd. Lloyd did not appreciate this and went to the plunder. They duelled with cookie sheets and as blood flowed Lloyd attacked Katch with a cheese grater. It was entering real mudshow territory as the plunder got more and more use. Katch brought the technique back but Lloyd wouldn’t quit, even as blood poured down his face during a crossface. The pair continued to beat the shit out of each other as doors entered the mix and Lloyd tasted death by trashcan following a Satellite DDT. Katch was on fire and nearly took the win with a Pussy Piledriver. Lloyd remained the unkillable villain and ended things with a Running Tombstone through a door. As expected, the crowd was not happy and Lloyd remains persona non grata. This had been a vicious Katch-infused fuckery fight where Lloyd had come out on top. Katch may have lost but she is now a hero in Wyoming.

Bull Rope Match: 1 Called Manders defeated Matthew Justice via Doctor Bomb

SGC is for everyone! What better way to entertain the fans than with a little SGC in-fighting? Manders and Justice wanted to get crazy so they decided to have a bull rope match in the rural arena. With Manders being the Cornbelt Cowboy, he had to have the advantage here right? The horse he had come in on hadn’t worked with him so maybe the match wouldn’t either. As expected, this quickly got crazy as the pair used the bull rope to batter each other and send the other flying into other parts of the ring. The action spilled outside and every shot was accompanied by the sounds of cowbell. The plunder came out as SGC did what SGC do best, throw chairs and break brains. Neither man wanted to back down as the pair went wild with chairs, doors, and fists as Manders’ untrusty horse tried to interfere. Justice was getting mean and that cowbell became more of a weapon as time went on. The Christopher Walken skit was still as relevant as ever. No matter what Justice threw at him, Manders would not stay down. Manders got the ultimate revenge as he nearly broke Justice’s back by dragging him spine-first across a chair. Justice was on the ropes and this was made worse by an Oklahoma Stampede through a door. Still, neither man would stay down. The carnage continued with more broken doors and kill shots until Manders brained Justice with a CTE chair shot and ended him with a Doctor Bomb. Manders had proven here why he is in SGC and become a hero of Wyoming. They had shocked the audience with the violence on the show and as always, SGC sticks together no matter how many times they fight each other. This was most excellent fun.

EFFY defeated WARHORSE via exposed buckle Roll-Up

BECAUSE OF THE TWO PEOPLE INVOLVED HERE THIS SEGMENT WILL BE ALL IN CAPS. Okay, that’s a joke but the match wasn’t going to be. This would be a battle of personalities as WARHORSE and EFFY looked to bring both new and old-school wrestling to Wyoming. The pair started old-school and went into a headbang battle. They tackled it out and the mind games continued as EFFY did what he does best. WARHORSE took control as he brought heavy metal to EFFY’s glam rock look and aimed to rule that ass. The pair continued to get heated as they hit harder and harder with the tempo picking up. EFFY eventually went to one of the most sensitive areas as he bit at WARHORSE’s nipples and gave him the hip thrusts. Alas, metal would not be kept down as WARHORSE flew back at EFFY. Things got evil as WARHORSE exposed a buckle and EFFY gave WARHORSE a proper rear view into a blockbuster. The crowd were chanting for Daddy and he was definitely delivering. WARHORSE kicked out of Under the Rainbow and annihilated EFFY with a double stomp. The chops came out again and WARHORSE dumped EFFY into the exposed buckle for a Dragon Suplex and the elbow drop. EFFY wouldn’t die and after a whip war, bounced WARHORSE off the exposed buckle for a roll-up, stealing the win. In this battle of personalities, Daddy had bested the WARHORSE today. The pair had put on a match as varied as their personalities and gave the Wyoming fans something different. We got a dose of gayness alongside the metal, which I for one would love to see again. Chalk up another win to daddy.

AJ Gray defeated Orin Veidt via Diving Splash

Do you want blood? These two were about to shed it. Orin Veidt was back and this time he was going to have to tackle with the might of AJ Gray. This might be Veidt’s world but Gray was no stranger to it now, revelling in the barbarity of deathmatch. Now, it was time to see if they could scare this crowd. With all the fuckery entering the building, we were in for a barnyard barbed-wire bloodbath. The pair opened by dancing around the wire and Gray quickly took the fight into the crowd with a tope. Chairs came out and Veidt showcased some of his brutal creativity. Gray set up a barbed-wire door and dumped Veidt through a regular door with a shitcan throw. The door didn’t break so Gray threw him through it again. Veidt got revenge with a barbed-wire chair to the back and Suplexed Gray onto the door wreckage. Veidt learned the hard lesson that you do not start a chop fight with Gray and narrowly dodged death by lariat to hit a Final Cut onto a chair. The fight broke to the apron and Gray nearly killed Veidt with a hanging leg drop. Gray was all out of mercy and set up another barbed-wire door. He took too long though and Veidt put him through it with Total Anarchy. Gray refused to stay down so Veidt went for the other barbed-wire door. They fought to the top rope and both fell from the top through that door. The pair staggered back to the ring and traded headbutts. The violence powered both guys up and Gray countered the Assault Driver hit that devastating lariat into a Falcon Arrow onto the barbed-wire chair. Veidt kicked out and ate a second lariat but even that wasn’t enough for three. Gray climbed to the top and ended things with a massive splash. He had just bested another deathmatch superstar at their own game. Veidt had given Gray a tough fight but nothing can stop Gray right now. I genuinely loved this one, just two guys fighting it out in a fuckery fest.

Ricky Morton defeated Atticus Cogar via Small Package

This was Ricky Morton’s 50th state to wrestle in. He had basically completed the grand tour and looked to punctuate that celebration with a massive win over 44OH!’s Atticus Cogar. This was going to be an interesting one as we could see the upset of the century and maybe just maybe, Ricky Morton taking skewers to the head. This was going to be good. Cogar attacked like a bitch and tried to get the match won early but Morton wasn’t going down easy. The ref got in between the pair and Cogar slugged Morton with a loaded knuckle. Morton was too smart to fall for most of Cogar’s tricks and got stabbed in the head with skewers. Cogar didn’t impale Morton with them, just a quick stab and they were hidden again. He tried to end it quickly with the Brain Haemorrhage but Morton caught Cogar in a Small Package and stole the win. Morton had just fought in his 50th state and taken the win. He fought smart and turned Cogar’s arrogance against him. Of course, Cogar attacked post-match because he’s a sore loser and would have done way more to him had Joey Janela not run down from commentary to prevent that. Janela called Cogar out post-match and I think I know who will be facing the new-gen skewer fiend next since Cogar was too smart to fight there and then. He would happily wait until Homecoming weekend.

GCW World Title Bunkhouse Brawl: Nick Gage defeated Mance Warner via Piledriver

Last but not least, the main event. We were going to have ourselves a bunkhouse brawl as Mance Warner got another shot at the GCW World Title. He was going to show Gage just how a Southern Psycho throws down in a barn. There was fuckery galore and two men eager to use it. Wyoming was getting its chance to throw down with the God of this shit. Mance let Gage have his entrance, then speared him through a barbed-wire door. He took the wire to Gage’s head and exploded the door parts on him. They fought to the outside and brawled into the crowd. The fans got involved as Gage let them hold chairs and Mance tried to use on to get up. A chair contraption was made and Gage suplexed Mance onto it. Brett Lauderdale was probably having a heart attack as all these chairs were broken and Gage enjoyed some time with his gang. Mance brought reality crashing back by pelting him with a chair and taking the brawl towards the concession stands. Gage hammered Mance off of a cattle gate but couldn’t react as Warner threw dirt in Gage’s eyes. Gage managed to clear his vision and launched Mance into another table before clearing all the refreshments from the concession table. Gage tried to blind Mance with a candy bar and threw the table onto Mance. He continued to bounce Mance off the concession area tables and took the fight back to ringside. Mance got revenge with assorted plunder and made himself a barbed-wire knuckle duster. The jabs followed and Mance scored a near-fall with a chokeslam. Things went from bad to worse as Mance found a chair Gage had brought with him covered in tacks. He stabbed it into Gage’s head and looked for kneepad up/kneepad down but Gage pelted it at him.

Gage kept pelting and dropped Mance onto it with a double underhook DDT. He quickly went for the face wash and crushed Mance under another barbed-wire door with the Vader elbow. The pizza cutter came out and Mance was cut up in the ropes, making sure everyone got a slice of the action. Another barbed-wire door was set up and Gage dragged Mance to the top for a superplex. Both men crashed through the door and staggered to their feet for a slugfest. Mance nailed Gage with a running knee and lariat but somehow Gage kicked out. A child tried to help Mance pull out another door and he set it up on more chairs. He tried for another lariat but Gage nailed another DDT. Gage grabbed a staple gun and stapled Mance’s tongue to the door. Brett helped Gage with some lighter fluid and put Mance through the flaming door with a Spinebuster. The Piledriver followed and Gage had retained his title. Mance Warner had taken a fuck-ton of punishment but he couldn’t quite wrestle the title from Gage’s hands. It had taken tacks, fire, and doors galore to get rid of him but yet again the King got the win. Much like Veidt/Gray, this was a whole ton of fun to watch as we got an SGC chaos take on the deathmatch formula. The funny thing is, the cops were called on this brawl so it’s still real to someone in Wyoming goddamnit. That ended a really fun if occasionally buggy stream of a show as GCW had taken their multi-rung circus of violence to the state of Wyoming. The crowd has been on fire, even more so than Mance. This was just fun from start to finish.

All images courtesy of FITE, IsThisWrestling, Screenshots, Joey Janela

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