Welcome back to ChocoPro. Season 8 has officially begun and we’re starting with the first two matches of the One-of-a-Kind Tag League. ChocoPro’s unique take on the tag league formula begins by giving us the first matches of Blocks A and B. From Block A, we’ll see Best Bros battle TropikaWild and from Block B, we’ll see Egg Tarts vs Melt Brain Dancing. Let’s get into the action and see who wins and who loses on the first day of league action.

To quickly explain the match rules, these matches take place under a twenty-minute time limit with two points being awarded per win, one point per draw, and no points for a loss. The team with the most points in each block will battle in the final for an Asia Dream Tag Title shot. If Best Bros win, they get to pick their own challengers. So, it’s all to play for here.

Melt Brain Dancing (PSYCHO & CHANGO) defeated Egg Tarts (Chie Koishikawa & Hagane Shinno) via PSYCHO Killer on Koishikawa

Our first match and the first match of the OOAK League was Melt Brain Dancing vs Egg Tarts. The dastardly villains PSYCHO & CHANGO were back to terrorise ChocoPro and they were looking to establish an early dominance against Shinno and Koishikawa. Who would take the first win here? PSYCHO and Shinno opened with some early-match technicality as PSYCHO tried to break an arm and roll Shinno up. Shinno gave PSYCHO a taste of his kicks and tried to tap him out with an Ankle Lock. He tagged and Koishikawa gave PSYCHO rug burn from the mat and used the rolling leg drop to lock on the bow and arrow. PSYCHO broke free and used a headlock to tag out. CHANGO tried to bend her arm but Koishikawa took him on a run and turned the hold on him. CHANGO tried to take her on a run but Shinno tripped him and Koishikawa trapped him in a Crab. CHANGO pawed her away and tried to trap Koishikawa in a headlock but he stumbled back and fell into Shinno, who tagged himself in. A knee war broke out and CHANGO managed to find his freedom. PSYCHO snapped Shinno around the studio and tried to choke him out, bringing in CHANGO to do the same. Shinno used the wall to free himself and Demon Chie chased CHANGO around the mat. She was about to deliver a Demon chop when CHANGO blocked it with a pot lid. The chopping hand of Koishikawa was compromised. With a target secured, the pair targeted Koishikawa’s hand, nailed her with double-team moves, and kept Shinno out of the equation. Rules meant nothing as PSYCHO punched and bit her, trying to soften her up. The beatdown continued but Koishikawa was able to escape a choke and started firing back. PSYCHO blocked most of the comeback but got caught and launched by an arm-drag.

She got the tag and Shinno came out kicking. He smashed PSYCHO into the mat and rebounded from a missed clothesline to hit a Dragon Screw into the Ankle Lock. CHANGO tried to make the save but just made things worse as Shinno Suplexed him onto PSYCHO. He tried for the moonsault but PSYCHO dragged him into the double arm-twist and the pair rolled around trading Ankle Locks and arm twists. PSYCHO won the exchange and brought CHANGO back into play. Shinno booted his way free of him but CHANGO used referee Sakura as a distraction and sprayed Shinno in the eyes. CHANGO played chop ping pong between the windows and nearly won with a roll-up but Sakura’s shoulder was still sore so she couldn’t count. Shinno and CHANGO battled around Sleeper Holds and CHANGO tried to win with a Dragon Sleeper. Koishikawa made the save and Shinno tried to fight both of them off but CHANGO cut that off with an enzuigiri to the back of the head. Shinno caused a meeting of the melted minds and hit a Hangman’s Flatliner through the window. He tagged and Koishikawa unloaded on CHANGO with chops. She sniped him with a dropkick and went for the X Chop but CHANGO used Sakura as a human shield. CHANGO tried to pull the spray trick again but Koishikawa blocked it with the lid and cracked him in the head as Sakura wasn’t looking. The Egg Tarts hit a chop combo but PSYCHO made the save. CHANGO fought out of the muffler and raked Koishikawa’s eyes to lock in the Dragon Sleeper again. Shinno came to the rescue but the pair took him out with dual scissor kicks and crushed Koishikawa with a double-team combo. She got the shoulder up so they hoisted her up for the PSYCHO Killer for the win. Melt Brain Dancing was the first team to score and win and the first team to score points on the board. It had been a world-class match but the villains took the win.

TOTALS: Melt Brain Dancing: 2 Egg Tarts: 0

Best Bros (Mei Suruga & Baliyan Akki) vs TropikaWild (Yuna Mizumori & SAKI) ends in time-limit draw

Our main event of the show was a clash of champions vs former champions. The Best Bros were going in as champs so the pressure was on to perform across the league. Their first fight was going to be anything but easy as they were fighting the tropical powerhouse team of TropikaWild. This wasn’t going to be a fight, pure and simple. Mizumori wanted Suruga and the pair opened with disrespectful shoves. Mizumori once again forced Suruga against the wall and gave special thank you messages. They battled for wrist control and transitioned to leg locks. The pair continued to technically trade until Mizumori broke the stalemate with a shoulder block. Suruga showed off her bridging skills but Mizumori just stomped her down. Mizumori put the blocks on the ride and the pair went into a pinfall war. They stared each other down again and tagged out. SAKI charged Akki with a big boot and dodged a wall attack to land a second. The pair kept countering one another and SAKI drove Akki into the mat with a facebuster. SAKI continued to have Akki’s number and the pair went into a shoulder block battle. Best Bros took the advantage with a crossbody combo and Suruga tried to be cute on purpose. SAKI countered her into the Rowboat and tried to swing her but Akki made the save. TropikaWild took advantage with dual body slams and swung Suruga onto Akki. The pair took out Suruga with multiple crossbodies and Mizumori nailed her first Tropical Splash for a two-count. TropikaWild trapped Suruga in a double submission and SAKI bounced her off the walls with rolling Gedo Clutches. She refused to let Suruga breathe and blasted her with another body slam before locking on a high-angle Crab. Akki made the save again and TropikaWild went for the kill with a catapult into SAKI’s boot. Suruga dodged a wall whip and sandwiched TropikaWild with a wall dropkick. She rolled Mizumori into the Swanton Combo and made her escape from the match. Mizumori squared up to Akki with forearms so he tried to tap her out quickly. Suruga did more damage with double stomps and tried to break Mizumori’s weakened leg. They tried to double-team but Mizumori took them out with a double shoulder block.

SAKI rushed in and booted Suruga in her face, dropped her on her tailbone, then booted her in the head again. She suplexed Suruga into the mat and locked her in the Rowboat. Suruga fought free and snapped SAKI’s spine with a double stomp. SAKI returned fire with a superkick but missed a Vader Bomb and ate a double chop. Suruga locked in the Bridging Deathlock and rammed SAKI into the wall. SAKI tried to counter but Suruga flattened her with a wall-run crossbody. Akki tagged in and started a slugfest, delivering deadly chops and getting stunned by rule-breaking gut punches. He got revenge with another stiff chop and landed the Spider. SAKI cut off the Namaste Splash and the pair traded Suplexes. TropikaWild jumped Akki and took a leg each to catapult him into the wall. They nailed a double back body drop but Akki broke free of the follow-up and dropped SAKI with a backbreaker before hitting a spinebuster on Mizumori. SAKI booted the Royal Dolphin Press away so Akki slammed her onto Mizumori for a double wall-run double stomp. Mizumori nearly stole the win with a trio of close pinfalls, including the Supergirl pin but every effort was thwarted. TropikaWild threw Akki through both sides of the window and Suruga saved Akki from a double-team killer. Akki hit another backbreaker and held SAKI in place for a Super Mei Punch. Mizumori and Akki traded more blows and Akki tried to tap her out again. Things broke down and time ran out. Neither team had secured the win here and thus, both got a point. Block B has a definite leader whilst Block A is still mostly wide open. These two teams had an incredibly fun match with both showing why they either held or hold the titles. Neither team could find the killing blow and Mizumori survived the clock despite Akki nearly tearing her knee apart. This ended things on an interesting note and give me high hopes for the rest of the league.

TOTALS: Best Bros: 1 TropikaWild: 1

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move, Chie Koishikawa, Sayaka, FlyingVTrigger, Video courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube

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