Welcome back to MLW Underground. The historical deep-dive into MLW’s emo phase continues on as we get into more bloody violence. Today’s main event would see us enter Raven’s Clockwork Orange House of Fun as he made the rules in his match with Vampiro. Alongside that, we’d see Los Maximos fight some familiar faces in the Havana Pitbulls and Mike Modest makes his MLW debut against Jerry Lynn. Given Lynn’s enemies, could that massive match be derailed, and just who else is looking to cause chaos in the locker room? Let’s get into the action.

Havana Pitbulls (Ricky Reyes & Rocky Romero) defeated Los Maximos (Joel & Jose Maximo) via Cuban Execution

Up first was more action from the GTC Carnival. The Havana Pitbulls were stepping into the lion’s den as they took on the established MLW stalwarts Los Maximos. It was going to be fun seeing young Rocky Romero in action but he and Reyes were about to take on a stiff challenge. Romero and Jose started with Jose getting a swift taste of Romero’s kicking ability. The pair went technical and couldn’t keep the other down. The pair tagged and Reyes took on Joel. They picked up the speed with Joel getting the better of Reyes with a head-scissor. Romero cut off Joel with a knee but Jose was ready to dropkick him outside for some good old brawling. Reyes was in his element and starting making Joel pay for instigating it. The fight returned to the ring and both Maximos focused on Romero, crashing him into the mat with a double bulldog. Romero kicked down Jose again and escaped to Reyes. They nailed Jose with a double team hesitation dropkick and Los Maximos nailed Reyes with Total Elimination. Joel tried to keep the momentum going but Reyes took him over with a Bridging Northern Lights. Romero continued the beatdown but missed a blind tag on a Sunset Flip and got kicked in the back. Jose continued to take advantage of the misdirection and booted Romero in the back. This seemed to wake Romero up and he was back to nailing Jose with deadly kicks and knees. Romero tried for a German but Jose dumped him with a Backdrop and both crawled to tags. Joel and Reyes renewed hostilities with Joel taking out both Pitbulls before hitting Romero with the Washing Machine. Reyes saved the match and nailed a Saito but he was cut off by a Brainbuster and Romero was taken to the top for the Spanish Fly. Romero fought free and the Pitbulls nailed the Cuban Execution for the win. They had overcome the betting odds and took out one of the strongest teams in the MLW division. Once again, MLW showed that even back then, they nailed the tag scene.

Mike Modest defeated Jerry Lynn via Roll-Up

Next up was the silent entrance of Mike Modest. He was here from NOAH and refused to be made into a carnival act. He was a wrestler and as such he was going to be given a proper opponent, the whole F’N show Jerry Lynn. Modest had already pissed the fans off so no matter what Lynn did, he’d be the hero. They opened with a technical showcase and Lynn picked up the speed with a Hurricanrana. Modest ran into a boot and Lynn flew at him for a diving bulldog. Lynn avoided disaster and baited Modest into a Guillotine leg drop through the ropes. Modest kicked out of a Sunset Flip and threw Lynn to the outside for some brawling. He stomped down Lynn in-ring and trapped him in a corner for a hip attack. Modest continued to attack Lynn with elbows and steps but Lynn refused to stay down, nearly stealing the win with a Small Package. Modest raked the eyes and launched Lynn across the ring with a Northern Lights. He taunted a moonsault and ate a Missile Dropkick to the teeth. They both struggled to their feet and Lynn landed a clothesline into a Swinging Neckbreaker before dropping Modest on his head with a DDT. They traded finisher attempts and Lynn hit the TKO. Homicide came out to distract Lynn and Modest took the win with a roll-up as Lynn took him out. Modest didn’t care about how he won, he had taken the win and taken a high-value scalp in Lynn. This was a technically sound little fight with both guys having some fun.

Between the Matches:

  • BREAKING NEWS: Calvin Tankman and Savio Vega have been added to the Battle Riot. You can read about all the other fighters involved in the event in our latest news recap here.
  • The show opened with the aftermath of Funk vs Corino. Funk had been beaten and was seriously injured but instead of receiving help, Gary Hart came out to verbally assault him and kick him whilst he was down. Funk tried to keep fighting but damage took its toll.
  • Steve Corino and Shane Douglas were butting heads as Shane Douglas was claiming he never lost the MLW World Heavyweight Title. He was challenging Corino’s claim to be undisputed and Corino was not happy about this so he’d given Shane Douglas a title shot.
  • Los Maximos were furious about losing so they complained to the camera and challenged Teddy Hart and his crew for a fight at Dragon Gate, also throwing out Sonjay Dutt’s name. They wanted to fight them all and promised to drop the bomb.
  • PJ Friedman was going to kill Norman Smiley on Friday the 13th. He had nothing against Smiley, he just wanted to break his neck so he could send a message to Vampiro.

Raven’s Rules: Vampiro defeated Raven via Chair-Assisted Spinning Heel Kick

Last but not least, the main event. It was time for a bloody, violent falls count anywhere mess of a match between Raven and Vampiro. This was going to be a much a clash of personalities as much as it would be a clash on fists. Things were going to get nasty but it was going to be fun to watch. They shoved it out and quickly descended into throwing bombs. The fight fell outside and the pair brawled around the venue and the bar. They headed towards commentary and the titleholder Steve Corino. Raven threw Vampiro into a table and dropped it on his head. Vampiro got pissed and threw Raven through rows of chairs, then took the fight into the crowd. They brawled amongst the fans as they bled and fired the fans up. Both guys kicked the hell out of each other and sampled various areas of the venue, occasionally using a fan as an unintentional weapon. The fight returned to the ring and Vampiro nearly decapitated Raven with a boot. He slammed Raven down and climbed to the top but missed a moonsault and crashed to the mat, damaging his knee in the process.

Raven tried to fire back and hit the million-dollar knee lift but Vampiro countered a corner splash and screwed up Raven’s face with a bulldog. He grabbed a chair and Raven hit him with a superkick. He followed up with the chair drop toe hold but only got two. He hit a second time but Vampiro still kicked out. Raven gathered a tougher chair and pelted it at Vampiro. It cracked the ref in the face but allowed Raven to hit the Even Flow DDT. No one counted and Raven checked on the ref. Vampiro nailed Raven with a chair-assisted Spinning Heel Kick and took the win as the ref woke up. This had gotten vicious and Vampiro had held out to score a massive win over Raven. It had been a fun match and he ended the show celebrating in the crowd.

All images courtesy of MLW Twitter, Video courtesy of MLW YouTube

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