Welcome back to ICW NHB. Boardwalk Budz continues, as does the violent marathon of ICW shows. Next up is Gotta Earn it in the Pit. This time we’re leaving the cage behind and having an ultraviolent bash at the beach as the fighters have to literally fight in the sand. It is not going to be easy but in ICW, nothing ever is. Here is where we’ll see some stars get their chance to shine. Herzog, the deathmatch Viking Wizard gets his shot at ICW against Neil Diamond Cutter, The Black Diamond Ace Perry battles the Deathmatch Jackass Dale Patricks and Kevin Giza takes on Reed Bentley. Alongside that are fights from the ICW regulars in this literally gritty pit. Let’s get into the carnage.

AKIRA defeated Tony Deppen via Twisted Deathlock Choke

Up first was a very important match to AKIRA. Early on AKIRA had squared up to Deppen and now, years later he was ready to do it again and show how much further he had come. This wasn’t going to be a plunder bout; this was going to be a fight. They opened with grappling and technical wrestling in the sand but all sportsmanship was thrown away as Deppen threw pocket sand into AKIRA’s eyes. He dragged AKIRA to the floor and tried for a quick choke-out victory. AKIRA reversed and tried for a Full Nelson but Deppen had them both back on the floor. The pair chopped it out and descended into Rockem Sockem strikes and slugs. Deppen came at AKIRA with a frenzy of knees and forearms but AKIRA just picked him up and plonked him on the guardrail for a pump kick. Deppen was right back up and kicking the hell out of AKIRA but once again, AKIRA propped him up on the guardrail for chops and a head kick. He fell into the crowd but didn’t miss a beat as he smashed AKIRA off the guardrail and flew over for a slingshot DDT. AKIRA dropped to his knees but got quickly woken up with stiff chest kicks. He lit up Deppen with kicks and caught the KO Knee into a Twisted Deathlock Choke. Deppen tapped and AKIRA just got a win over the gatekeeper. This was everything you’d want from the pair in this environment. It was stiff, quick, and technical, just like the pair involved. They ended things with a hug so Deppen couldn’t have been too pissed at losing.

Dale Patricks defeated Ace Perry via Barbed-wire Tiger Driver

Time for some plunder. Ace Perry was about to get a baptism by fire as he entered the fight pit against the tried and test Deathmatch Jackass Dale Patricks. After last night, Patrick was nursing some wounds but he was more than ready to fight here. Perry was too and had brought a spike with him. They opened fast with both charging and countering. Perry brought out the kendo sticks and they duelled, Perry using his to avoid a chokeslam. He targeted Patricks’ injured foot and punished it further with the kendo stick and a chair. Patricks escaped with pocket sand and Perry nailed him in the face with a chair. He chased down Patricks to give him a gusset to the head and drove the spike into the wound left behind. Perry kept digging away with the spike and after applying some bloody war paint, smashed a chair into his back. Patricks tried to roll away so Perry crushed him with a slingshot senton and Patricks crunched him into the sand with a Powerslam. He flattened Perry with a big boy senton and chokeslammed Perry through a door. Perry started stirring so Patricks smacked him in the head with a trashcan lid and set up chairs for a barfight. After a round of fists to the face, Perry took his chair and rammed it into Patricks before pelting it into his face. Perry set up a barbed-wire door and stunned Patricks with a cutter. He hopped onto the railing and drove Patricks into the sand again with a springboard cutter. He rearranged the furniture and dropkicked a chair into Patricks’ face. Perry laid out Patricks on a guardrail and climbed a ladder but he took too long to pose and crashed through the guardrail. Patricks wasted no time and scooped Perry up for a Tiger Driver through the barbed-wire door. That was three and Patricks took the win after a hellacious beating from Perry. This showed just how much both guys belonged in ICW as Patricks had survived and capitalised whilst Perry was able to ignore a hostile crowd and half murder Patricks.

Justin Kyle destroyed the ICW Crew (Kurt Bale & Lance Scaper) via Barbed-Wire Powerbomb on Bale

Oh no… How does ICW reward its crew for their hard work? By throwing them at Justin Kyle in a 2-on-1 handicap match. Bale and Scaper were about to get a real taste of combat against the raging bull that is Justin Kyle and I doubt either were going to survive. The pair tried to jump Kyle but he easily fought them off and drove both through a door with a double DVD. He broke the door parts on their bodies and mauled Bale in the crowd with a trashcan. Bale fought back and stunned Kyle with a chair before throwing forearms. Kyle threw him back over the barrier and gave him a chair to the face. Both were pretty broken at this point and Kyle just kept swinging. He threw Bale away with a tornado F5 and put him out of his misery with a barbed-wire door Powerbomb. This was a massacre. Props to the crew for trying to step up to the beast but this was the only result there was ever going to be. Kyle has run roughshod through ICW and finally laid down the gauntlet to the Duke. That’s right, Kyle wants John Wayne Murdoch in a deathmatch for that title.

Neil Diamond Cutter defeated Herzog via Carpet-Strip Cutter

Everyone says BASKA! Herzog the Viking Wizard had finally voyaged to ICW and was about to start his pillage. However, ICW wasn’t going to make it easy as his first combatant would the relentless Honey Badger himself Neil Diamond Cutter. This was going to get crazy and Herzog was about to show why he had been brought in. Herzog went right on the attack clubbing Cutter with his arms and a chair. He didn’t even flinch at Cutter’s attacks and threw him straight through a can-board. He took a cheese grater to Cutter’s head and shook off multiple chair shots from Cutter to Terminator charge him with a gusset 2×4. Cutter snatched the 2×4 off of him and drove it into Herzog’s back. Despite the shots, Herzog kept charging so Cutter kept whacking him with the 2×4, drawing more and more blood. They traded chair throws and Herzog went after Cutter with carpet strips. Cutter struck back with a baton and stuck a gusset in Herzog’s head. Despite the gusset, Herzog headbutted Cutter and set him up in front of a can-board. He charged, Cutter dodged and Herzog met nothing but wood and cans. Cutter wasted no time and pummelled the downed Viking with plunder. Pocket sand returned again and Cutter stumbled away blinded. Herzog powerbombed him through a guardrail and Cutter jumped off a chair to put Herzog through a strip door with a Shotgun Dropkick. He caught Cutter out of a Cannonball but Cutter headbutted free and smashed more strips over Herzog’s head before delivering a cutter. That got the win and Cutter had played giant slayer against the rampaging Viking Herzog. He’d certainly taken a beating from Herzog but as always, the Honey Badger had found a way to beat the odds. Herzog got to impress here too as a domineering savage ready to maim. Bring him back ICW.

Reed Bentley defeated Kevin Giza via Tiger Driller

Oh no. Much like the ICW Crew beforehand. Kevin Giza had drawn a deadly hand in the Pit. He was going against the sadistically talented Reed Bentley. Giza might be all balls but Bentley has had more fun than most breaking whoever steps into the Pit with him. Now he had a new toy to play with. Giza had picked the worst time to debut too as it was during a Marijuana festival, something he absolutely hated. He shot himself in the foot by trying to get people to put their blunts out and with Reed being a big advocate for the bush, he didn’t take this too well. Bentley rocked Giza with a punt kick and took both chairs and a gusset-covered baking tray to his head. Giza attacked from behind and nailed Bentley with a chair but Bentley was right back on him, throwing a trashcan lid like a frisbee. Bentley attacked with even more plunder and used the gusset tray for a deadly senton. Giza used the rail as a weapon and tried to choke Bentley out with his foot before breaking a tack bat on his back. Bentley tried to hit back but ran right into another guardrail and wrecked his knee. Giza rushed in with a running knee and scored an early two-count. He gave Bentley a caning and rained-down fists. Bentley slugged back and ran himself through a barbed-wire door. Giza didn’t let him breathe and put Bentley through another door with a DVD. He pummelled Bentley around the Pit but mistimed a run-up and got launched into the crowd. Giza popped right back up and sacrificed his body to hit a springboard backstabber. Bentley started a violence party and dumped Giza on another can-board with a Regal-Plex. He followed up with the Sliding D but couldn’t keep Giza down. Bentley bit Giza and dropped him on the guardrail with an AA. They went into the crowd and brought a giant ladder into play. Giza got the stun with a cutter and scaled the ladder for a Frog Splash but ate nothing but sand. Bentley threw him back into the Pit and landed the Tiger Driller for the three-count. Giza had pissed a lot of people off but he’d proven a point. He’d taken the fight to Bentley and shown a small taste of what he could do. Much like our other newcomers, he should be back for more fights.

John Wayne Murdoch defeated Satu Jinn via Koji Clutch

Last but not least, the main event. Time for some Rejects warfare as the Uncivil One Satu Jinn looked to upset the American Deathmatch Champion before his big defence tonight. Jinn and Murdoch are no strangers to fighting one another so this was going to be fun. Murdoch threw a trashcan and the pair traded fast and heavy hands. Murdoch threw Jinn through a can door and carved up Jinn with his own cane knife. Jinn elbowed free and tried to rip Murdoch’s face open with his bare hands before taking the can knife to Murdoch’s forehead. They fought through the crowd and Jinn destroyed a guardrail missing a hip attack. Murdoch blasted Jinn with plunder and drilled him with dual water jugs. He attempted the Deep South Destroyer but Jinn overpowered him and dumped him on another guardrail. Jinn grazed him with a cheese grater and nailed him in the head with a barrel and trashcan. Murdoch stumbled across the Pit and bounced a gusset door off of Jinn’s face. He gave Jinn a caning but woke the monster up with too many shots to the head, earning himself a headbutt and a gusset to the arm. Murdoch came back with a saw but Jinn caught him into the White Russian Leg Sweep and both hit the sand. The pair traded more heavy shots and Murdoch landed a neckbreaker onto a chair. Jinn just to say kicked out so Murdoch locked on the Koji Clutch and took the win, putting Jinn to sleep. This had been the nice event-ending chaos you wanted and once again showed the Rejects have some of their most fun matches tearing each other apart. They ended this sandstorm of destruction with a bang. I didn’t know what to expect from this show but it turned out to be fun as hell and I hope all the new additions return. Ace Perry looked at home in the plunder, Herzog is a tried-and-true deathmatch veteran and Giza is the polarising star on the rise. All belong in ICW.

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