Welcome back to ICW NHB and the Pit. It’s been a while since we visited the chains and cage of pain so they decided to go big with four different shows across Boardwalk Budz festival in Atlantic City. This was show one. A history-making Pitfighter show that would feature the first-ever female Pit fight as Sadika and Kimber Lee go to war. Alongside that, we’d see AKIRA rematch his first-ever ICW fight against Reed Bentley, Satu Jinn battle Jeff Cannonball, Justin Kyle vs Phil Baroni and so much more leading to the main event when Tank battles John Wayne Murdoch, let’s get into the action.

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SHLAK defeated Dan Maff via Attempted Homicide

What better way to open the show than a kaiju fight? It would be SHLAK vs Dan Maff in a monster-sized battle of the tough guys. The pit had only just entered the venue, was it going to get broken instantly? They started by throwing hands and Maff used an eye poke to stun SHLAK. He made the cage move by bouncing SHLAK off it and the pair traded chair shots to the head. Maff won the exchange and pelted SHLAK with a door. SHLAK headbutted back and drove Maff through the same door, shaking the cage again. They broke the door on their heads and Maff hit SHLAK in the balls. Maff disintegrated another door and SHLAK crushed Maff’s head in the cage door. SHLAK cut him up with wood and went for arm-trapped elbows. Maff bridged out and the pair fought into the crowd. SHLAK buried Maff under chairs and went to work on his arm. Maff dragged SHLAK back into the cage and crushed SHLAK into the chain-link with a cage door cannonball. SHLAK again shook this off like it was nothing and hit Maff in the leg with a chair. Maff gave SHLAK the grapefruit treatment and smashed him in the testicles with the same chair. SHLAK fought out of the Burning Hammer and speared Maff through a door for a two-count. A fuckery pile was made and SHLAK scored another two-count with a chokebomb. Maff ran himself through another door and SHLAK trapped him with a plastic bag, choking him out for the win. This was a chaotic way to start things but it was fun enough and got two heavy hitters and their cage damage out of play early.

Nolan Edward defeated Alex Xcean via Double Door Double Stomp

Next up was the battle of the new generation. Alex Xcean has been back-and-forth with the fans in ICW and was now taking on one of the new fan-favourites in Nolan Edward. Both of these guys are wild and reckless so this had the potential to be a car-wreck in the best of ways. They opened with a technical lock-up and battled for limb control. Xcean got tired of this and tried to attack with a trash can but Edward monkey clapped him. Edward kept attacking Xcean with strikes and threw him into the cage. Xcean got a taste of chain-link but dodged a charge and sent Edward into the cage with double knees. He took a chair to Edward’s balls and fucked them up further with a baseball swing. Xcean kept beating Edward around the cage but Edward caught a kick and sent him into the cage door. Edward went full Super Dragon with a steel chair Curb Stomp and set up a door contraption of death. Xcean got revenge with another steel chair baseball swing, this time to the head, and the pair traded trashcan lids. Edward stunned Xcean and put him through the doors with a double stomp off the top of the cage. That got the win and showed once again, Edward would do something batshit to win. I must say it was nice to Xcean back and seeming more comfortable in the Pit again. it made this a pleasant little daredevil plunder bout.

Justin Kyle defeated Phil Baroni via KO

Time for something a bit different. Things were about to get chaotic as Justin Kyle was throwing injury caution to the wind to battle the monster, Phil Baroni. These two were going to pummel each other around the Pit until one couldn’t walk anymore. There was nothing pretty here, just two guys throwing fast hands and knees. They kept a relentless pace as Kyle kept applying the pressure to Baroni. Momentum shifted back and forth as both tried to end each other with fists and knees. Kyle scored the first knockdown and kept the hits coming as Baroni talked tough but seemed unable to defend himself from headshots and kicks. He knocked Kyle loopy too but Kyle was bouncing back and hitting harder. After multiple rounds of back-and-forth barbarity, Kyle eventually got the win with a hammer blow after the pair took the fight bare-knuckle. What a fight. This did exactly what it needed to. It made both guys look good and gave Kyle another legitimate KO as he continues to be the king of the cage fight.

Casanova Valentine defeated Dale Patricks via Gusset Ankle Lock

How about another pit rematch as Casanova Valentine looked to beat the Deathmatch Jackass, Dale Patricks in the new-age pit? These two went bloody last time, what would Valentine do to be triumphant on hit big Pit return? They opened with duelling tack bats and Valentine stabbing one into Patricks’ leg. He went for what looked like a Figure Four but Patrick’s kicked him off and whacked him in the head. Valentine got the trashcan treatment and got nailed in the back and head with a water jug. Patricks attacked Valentine with a barbed-wire hoop and a cap-bat before taking a trashcan lid to his head and brought the tack bat crashing down again. He kept up the relentless assault with headbutts and a chair but couldn’t keep him down so bounced a trashcan off his head. A chair contraption was set up and Valentine slammed Patricks onto it. He hammered Patricks down and removed his boot to bite at Patricks’ toes. Valentine continued to abuse the leg and took the tack bat to Patricks’ back again. He gave Patricks a gusset to the head and drove a cheese grater into his foot. Patricks fought up only to get his foot stomped and his chin stabbed with a gusset stunner. Valentine set up the killer in a barbed-wire board but Patricks reversed into an inverted DDT. Valentine hit the Stage-5 Clinger into the wire but only got two. He took a gusset to Patrick’s foot and tapped him out. Valentine had won his comeback and racked up another win over Patricks in a savage fashion. This was the best bloodbath so far and I’m really glad to see both guys back.

Sadika vs Kimber Lee ends in No Contest

History was about to be made. Sadika and Kimber Lee were about to be the first two women to fight in the Pit and there was every likelihood they would steal the show. Kimber Lee is as tough as they come and Sadika is a sadistic, unhinged deathmatch monster. This was going to be incredible. The pair started with chops and worked up to forearms as things got heated. Sadika broke Kimber Lee off a door and braced herself as Lee hammered her with cookie sheet shots into a head kick. Lee tried to crush Sadika’s windpipe with a chair and Sadika snatched the chair away to hit double knees. Lee wasn’t out so Sadika attacked her with a trashcan lid and dug a chair into the back of her neck. Lee reversed a whip and sent Sadika flying through the door then grabbed a tack bat and smashed it into Sadika’s back. Hands were thrown and Sadika mauled Lee back into a seated position to fold her in half with a basement dropkick. She didn’t stop there as she hit Lee in the head with a chair and tried to bite at her forehead. This stopped temporarily then quickly resumed as Sadika hit her with another chair and took another bite. Sadika drove Lee into the cage and tried to choke her out but the ref interjected and found himself being chased as Sadika snapped. He ran away and Lee stormed off, she didn’t have to put up with this shit. The fight ended in anarchy with Sadika scaring off her opponent and the ref, God help John Wayne Murdoch when it’s his time to fight her.

Satu Jinn defeated Jeff Cannonball via Kenzan Chair Uranage

Who wants a big boy battle? Good was about to clash with chaos as the Soda Sommelier Jeff Cannonball was about to clash with the Uncivil Satu Jinn. This could go to either man as both can pull victories out from anywhere. They opened with hoss tackles and Cannonball called for a proper Sumo fight between the pair. Cannonball won the exchange and lit up Jinn with E-Honda like palm strikes. Jinn wanted a second round and tried to strike up Cannonball but failed and got thrown through a can door. Cannonball tried to send him flying through another but Jinn reversed and launched Cannonball through a strip door. Jinn brought out his cane knife and dug it into Cannonball’s head and mouth. Cannonball elbowed free and stabbed at Jinn with his own knife. He crushed Jinn’s head against the cage wall with chairs and Jinn pelted a chair back before monkey clapping Cannonball with trays. The gussets came out and Cannonball screamed as Jinn hammered one into his arm. Jinn didn’t stop there and took a bite out of Cannonball’s head. Cannonball fought back and hit Jinn with anything not nailed down. Jinn took a load of cut cans to the back and mashed Cannonball’s head into the cage before nailing him in the throat with a chair. Cannonball escaped another gusset with a nipple twist and stabbed the gusset into Jinn’s arm. Kenzans came out and Cannonball hammered one right into Jinn’s head. Jinn fired up and stunned Cannonball enough to put him through chairs and Kenzans with a Uranage. Cannonball was a good sport about the loss and the pair enjoyed some Cannonball Bloodied Orange Sodas to end the segment. This had been an excellent deathmatch hoss fight with a whole lot of bloody violence.

Reed Bentley defeated AKIRA via Sliding D

AKIRA’s first bout in ICW was against Reed Bentley. It almost stole the show then and now, as both guys had grown so much since, threatened to do so again. This was AKIRA’s time to shine. To show how far he’d come since that fateful night and most importantly, to try and avenge that loss against his Reject brother.  They opened with a cagey standoff and took the fight to the mat for some limb-targeting and submission work. Reed tried to fire up AKIRA with a slap so AKIRA impaled him with a double stomp. The shit-talking continued and the pair bounced heavy objects of the other’s head. AKIRA took repeated water jug shots and tasted chain link as Bentley bounced him around the cage. AKIRA came back with Kawada kicks and kicked cut cans into Bentley’s arm. Bentley took a can to AKIRA and tried to break his ankle. AKIRA tried to kick back but Bentley just point blank pelted him with a chair. AKIRA landed a Saito and stabbed up Bentley with the rapid-fire bullet. Bentley forced AKIRA to stab himself and AKIRA hit Bentley with a cap bat and exploded two more in his face. Bentley slugged back and nailed the Eagle before playing the drums with more exploding bats on AKIRA’s back. The pair duelled with strip swords and the pair got gusseted. AKIRA was cut the fuck up and Bentley made it worse with a trashcan to the head. AKIRA tried to come back but Bentley dumped him on a strip bundle with an X-Slam. Momentum changed in a second as AKIRA ran Bentley through a blade-board and put him through a saw-board with a DVD. Bentley countered the Scorpion Kick into a pop-up forearm and pelted AKIRA with assorted fuckery. He took AKIRA too lightly and ate a can-bat to the head. AKIRA went mad and gave Bentley gusset headbutts and nailed him with a trashcan. The pair pummelled each other with fuckery and broke a guardrail with a Tiger Driller. Both guys fired up again and AKIRA hit Shatter Star through the rail ruin but it wasn’t enough. Bentley hit an adrenalized Tiger Driller and Sliding D to end the bout and put both of them out of their misery.

John Wayne Murdoch defeated Tank (w/Reverend Dan “the Dragon” Wilson) via Stabbing Barbed-wire Halo

Last but not least, the main event. Tank was kicking his 2021 return tour into high gear and now he had a chance to really score a big win by taking on John Wayne Murdoch in non-title action. Murdoch has taken on any challenger and almost always won but did he stand a chance against the Strong Style Psycho? Wilson gave one the best intros of the evening and Tank went right on the attack, punching the soul out of Murdoch. He gusseted Murdoch and stuck him with a shiv. Murdoch tried to grind Tank into a gusset frame but Tank overpowered him and threw him into it. The fight broke outside and Murdoch used fists and the cage to stun the oncoming behemoth. The pair engaged in a barfight and thudded fists of the other’s skull. Bone met bone as the pair traded headbutts and Murdoch stabbed up Tank with barbed-wire and a gusset. He mauled Tank with a cap bat and Tank threw Murdoch through a gusset-board. Tank locked on the deathmatch crossface and carved him up further with a knife. Both guys took a gusset 2×4 to the arm and Murdoch reversed a whip to throw Tank into a barbed-wire door. The pair hit each other in the head with saws after Tank broke free of the door and Murdoch cutting him up. Murdoch took a saw to Tank’s dick and pelted him with more fuckery. Murdoch took the fight outside again and Tank rocked him with more sickening headbutts. Tank poked the eyes and tossed Murdoch through another barbed-wire door. Tank looked to end things with a barbed-wire halo and more knives but Murdoch turned it on him with a Jawbreaker and stabbed him until he passed out. Murdoch had survived Tank but it had been a bloody brawl and he was wearing the wounds from it.

Best of the Bloodletting

  • Whilst it may not have been a bloodbath, Kyle vs Baroni proved to be the super-fight it was advertised as. It was a fun, rapid-fire round of competitive striking and cage work that made both guys look great. Whilst it may not get a super-fight series like Kyle/Santee, it was certainly great to see Kyle spar with another MMA fighter. There was no ego in the Pit.
  • Valentine and Patricks upped the crimson counter in their bout and put on a brutally creative fuckery fest. Valentine is back and stronger than ever so as he said, it’s time to put respect on his name because shit is only going to get rougher with Brooklyn Black Death.
  • Kimber Lee vs Sadika was the perfect welcoming of women to the Pit. It was no less violent or chaotic than a regular Pit fight and showed that any woman looking to fight there could easily do so. It even ended in a hectic manner as Sadika scared of Kris Levin.
  • Fucking hell, Reed Bentley and AKIRA tore the house down. Separately, these two are some of the most dependable in deathmatches but they have to fight one another they’ll tell a story and hit you over the head with it. This was a manic match that had both guys go all-out because neither would give up. AKIRA may have lost but he definitely didn’t fail.
  • Whilst it wasn’t a technical masterpiece, Tank vs Murdoch turned into a fun, full-on fuckery fest to end the show. Both guys bled, bludgeoned, and tried to maim the other and it provided an excellent claret closing for a stacked variety show.

What Happens Next?

  • SHLAK just bested Dan Maff, the Battle of the Tough Guys winner. I know it’s not a proper title but that’s still a big win to take and an early shock of the marathon. Who knows what could happen next?
  • Alex Xcean is back and though he might have lost, he seems a bit less banged up and more than ready to go again in his tag team match later in the festival. Meanwhile, Nolan Edward seems to only be getting hotter.
  • Justin Kyle is on fire right now. No one seems to be able to stop him and I doubt the ICW crew he’ll be fighting tomorrow are going to enjoy the ride they’re about to take.
  • More women should definitely fight in ICW. The fans loved it, the match was fun and Sadika is completely wild. They cannot stop at this festival; it needs to be a regular thing going forward. There’s plenty of hardcore women who’d love to fight.
  • The Summer of the Samurai may not have started with a win but throughout the rest of the festival, AKIRA gets multiple shots at redemption and I have absolute faith he’ll recoup some fallen honour.
  • Murdoch took a beating in match one of his Boardwalk Budz tour of duty, he has multiple fights coming up, including his big defence against Sadika. What shape is he going to be in for her and how much of him will be left when it’s done?

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