Welcome back to ChocoPro and the OOAK Tag League. After the wild opening show, we are going into a double-bill of chaotic tag team action. On the card today, we’re going to see the Egg Tarts look to get points against White Comaneci. At the same time, White Comaneci are looking to prove they’ve changed and are no longer the evil team that got disbanded. Then, in the main event, Best Bros look to take the lead in Block A as they try to pick up their first win against Dragon Ninja. Let’s see who achieved their goals.

Block B: Egg Tarts (Hagane Shinno & Chie Koishikawa) defeated White Comaneci (Antonio Honda & Tokiko Kirihara) via Ankle Lock on Kirihara

First up was the second block match for Egg Tarts. They had been thwarted by one villainous team, were they about to fall victim to a second. No, for White Comaneci were here to clear the villainous deeds of the past and serenade the ChocoPro audience before having a clean match. Koishikawa opened by screaming at Honda and forearmed him when he appeared unphased. She grew more annoyed as Honda hit slow-motion engine elbows and flapped away to tag out. Kirihara came in with the same motions so Shinno came in too. The same scenario played out with kicks as Shinno blasted Kirihara and Kirihara hit back with a lot less force. Kirihara became an Egg Tart pinata as Shinno kept kicking and Koishikawa locked her in the bow and arrow. Shinno tried to choke her out with a side-headlock but Honda broke up the hold with song. Egg Tarts took a seat and White Comaneci played them a song, but it was all a trap! Kirihara had been dancing and attacked the Egg Tarts with double throat thrusts as folk music gave way to heavy metal. Honda started singing moves and Kirihara would nail Shinno with them. Koishikawa tried to come to the rescue but Kirihara was waiting and trapped her in an armbar, mangling her fingers at the same time. Honda attacked her with angel’s wings and his headband before hitting her in the face with a rocket punch. White Comaneci wasn’t quite so pure. Honda kept going with the props as he hit Koishikawa in the face with a party whistle and Kirihara stabbed her in the gut with a sceptre. Sakura interjected before things could get too wild though and led Honda away before he could hit Koishikawa with kettle weights.

He told a joke that scared everyone and distracted Sakura so he could choke out Koishikawa with his boa. He mockingly beat Koishikawa with gut punches and laughed as Shinno could do nothing about it. Koishikawa hit her comeback flurry and Demon Chie chased Honda around the studio to deliver a soul-breaking chop. Honda escaped a Guillotine and chopped his way into a backbreaker. The jabs followed but Koishikawa countered the dancing elbow with another arm drag. She escaped with an X Chop and Shinno gave Honda a kicking into the wall elbow and bulldog. Honda countered his diving lariat with a gut punch and tagged out so Kirihara could repeatedly smash him off the wall. She locked on the Straightjacket and rolled him up for two. She trapped Shinno in the Cobra Twist but Koishikawa broke the hold with a chop. White Comaneci took themselves out with dancing elbows and hit Kirihara with a chop combo. Honda broke up their teamwork and hit Koishikawa with a whacky hammer. He tried to do the same to Shinno but Shinno dodged and Honda cracked Kirihara in the head with it. A roll-up followed and Shinno had nearly stolen the match. Kirihara came back with the Judo throw and blasted Shinno with kicks but couldn’t keep him down. She missed the dancing foot stomp and Shinno tapped her out with the Ankle Lock for the win. Egg Tarts didn’t fall for the same tricks twice and now had points on the board. White Comaneci had proven to be as evil as ever but Egg Tarts had given them their comeuppance in a funny as hell fight.

Totals: Egg Tarts: 2 White Comaneci: 0

Block A: Best Bros (Baliyan Akki & Mei Suruga) defeated Dragon Ninja (Sayuri & Chon Shiryu) via Apple Cut Mutilation

After that came our main event. Best Bros were going to rebound from drawing with TropikaWild and take out the fearsome team of Dragon Ninja. Akki and Suruga may be the top team in ChocoPro but Sayuri and Shiryu were not to be underestimated. This was going to be a fun one. Sayuri and Suruga opened with a rapid technical exchange and Suruga tried to jump-scare Sayuri into a roll-up. They both tagged and Akki and Shiryu kept up the technicality, grappling around the mat. Shiryu played dirty and Dragon Ninja hit Best Bros with rolling chops. Shiryu kept his focus on Akki’s head and drilled into it with a fist drop. He tried to break Akki in half with a Ninja Clutch and Sayuri nailed him with Kunai edge chops. Akki caught the last and scooped up Sayuri for the Best Bros throne attack. Suruga repaid the rule-breaking by trapping Sayuri in the window and hitting her with a double chop. She winded Sayuri with a handstand knee drop and brought in Akki for a double wrist-lock. Sayuri escaped and fought off the Namaste Stretch to nail Akki with a Yakuza Kick and tag out. Shiryu came in and started a strike-off then after a round of fast-paced striking and counterwork took out Akki with a trust fall. He leaped again with a diving Yakuza Kick and the pair went for another round of countering heavy shots. Akki won the exchange with a head kick and flattened Shiryu with the Spider. Akki dropped him again with a backbreaker and both men collapsed to the mat. Akki tagged and Suruga came in slugging, Shiryu withstood the assault and took out Suruga with wall slams into a Judo throw. He tried for another kick but Suruga countered and rolled him into the Swanton Combo. They tried to score the win with the double pin but Sayuri was there to make the save and Shiryu launched Suruga from the window to hit Akki with a flying head-scissor.

Sayuri picked up the slack and blasted Suruga with chops, then scored a near-fall with the rolling wall slams. Suruga tried to fight back but Sayuri snapped her arm off the window and Shiryu assisted her in hitting the Ninja Double Knee. Suruga wouldn’t stay down so Sayuri went for the sleeper. Suruga used the wall to break free and trapped Sayuri in Lucifer. She broke free so Suruga climbed up the sink but couldn’t do anything as Shiryu was ready and kicked her in the teeth. Sayuri dodged the double stomp and locked on the sleeper again. The pair went submission for submission as neither could keep the other locked up, even with help. Sayuri came the closest with a Rear-Naked Choke but Suruga escaped, countered the body slam, and bounced her off the wall. Sayuri did the same and landed the wall-run takeover, popping Suruga up for Shiryu’s devastating kick. She went to the Sleeper again and locked it on through the window before teleporting to the other window for another Yakuza Kick. Shiryu dived in with a knee drop and Dragon Ninja looked set to take the win. Akki made the save and took out Shiryu, giving Suruga a chance to wake up. She caught another Yakuza kick and turned it into a nasty double stomp. The pair continued their high-stakes trading and Sayuri nearly took the win again with a Crucifix. Shiryu saved Sayuri from the Propellor pin with a Gory Bomb and Akki saved Suruga from the Ninja Clutch. Akki took out Shiryu with a thrust kick and Best Bros took him out for good with the Double Stomp/Namaste Splash combo. Suruga set her sights back on Sayuri and tapped her out with the Apple Cut Mutilation. Best Bros had a win under their belt now and had taken the lead in the A Block. Dragon Ninja had pushed them to the limit as Sayuri and Suruga really went hell for leather. This was an excellent return to form for Sayuri and a big win for the Best Bros. Let’s see how those points look after tomorrow.

Totals: Best Bros: 3 Dragon Ninja: 0

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move, Chie Koishikawa, FlyingVTrigger, Video courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube

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