Welcome back to the OOAK Tag League. It’s the second half of the double-bill with two more high-octane matches from the blocks. From Block A, it’ll be TropikaWild chasing the same three points that Best Bros have by beating Dragon Ninja and the tournament debut for Mi☆Sayaka as they look to further bury the “reformed” team of White Comaneci. We’ve seen that Honda and Kirihara are just as dastardly as ever, even if they’re trying to look like angels. To observe the action, we had the casual Best Bros. Let’s see how the blocks stand at the end of this.

Block A: TropikaWild (SAKI & Yuna Mizumori) defeated Dragon Ninja (Sayuri & Chon Shiryu) via Wall-run Splash on Sayuri

Up first was the Block A battle to see if TropikaWild could keep up with Best Bros. They too had 1 point and a win here would bring them to level with Best Bros once again. On the opposing side, Dragon Ninja. After pushing Best Bros to their limits, they were out for blood and points. Dragon Ninja attacked during the handshake and nearly paid for it as TropikaWild downed Shiryu with double shoulder blocks. He popped up to save Sayuri and the pair double rolling chops. TropikaWild tried to fire back but Shiryu and Sayuri dodged to hit a combo of chops. They locked on double submissions and Shiryu bullied Mizumori into a fist drop. Shiryu kept yanking at Mizumori’s hair so SAKI yanked at his face with her boot. Shiryu kicked SAKI away and continued to pummel Mizumori. He tagged and Sayuri unleashed a clip of Kunai edge chops. Mizumori hammered back and dragged Sayuri to her corner for a tag. SAKI stretched out Sayuri and tried to break Sayuri’s shoulders but Shiryu broke the hold. Mizumori charged him and the pair tossed him away with a double back body drop. SAKI locked on a Camel Clutch but Mizumori ruined the hold by trying to help. SAKI made a tag and Mizumori tried to get a quick pinfall before changing tact and going for a crush. SAKI piled on and the pair forced Sayuri to the mat. Shiryu made the save but Mizumori was right back on Sayuri with a Tropical crossbody combo. Sayuri tried to strike back only to get bludgeoned down and trapped in a Crab. SAKI piled on and Sayuri was stretched out again. Shiryu made the save again but got swatted away and SAKI took Sayuri on a giant swing. Sayuri dodged the Vader Bomb and got her escape with the wall-run takeover into a Yakuza Kick. Shiryu flew in with a step-up double chop and struck it out with SAKI.

Chops flew everywhere and Shiryu took out SAKI’s leg to blindside her with a trust fall. He kept the hits coming with a flying Yakuza Kick and tried for the Gory Bomb but SAKI overpowered him and whipped him into Mizumori’s lariat. She trapped him in the rowboat and started swinging again. SAKI tagged and Mizumori rolled in for a senton. TropikaWild catapulted Shiryu into the wall and prepared to charge but Shiryu was playing possum and bounced them off each other for a wall dropkick. TropikaWild got revenge with a double-team window slam and Mizumori flattened him with a wall-stand splash. Shiryu took them both out again and tagged out to an angry Sayuri. She chopped the soul out of Mizumori and fought to the window to snap her arm in the frame. Shiryu dragged her to the other window and Sayuri hit the Ninja Knees. She kept up the pressure with the rolling wall slams and went for the Crucifix, only to eat knee as Mizumori transitioned into a Coconut Crush. Mizumori winded her with a Tropical Splash and a TropikaWild double-team splash. Dragon Ninja came back with a double-team takeover kick and Sayuri tried for the Sleeper. The pair used the window to trap and attack Mizumori and Sayuri almost got the win with a Crucifix and Ninja Stretch. She hit multiple Yakuza kicks but Mizumori wouldn’t stay down and caught Sayuri into a wall crush. Everyone got kicked and Shiryu was taken out of the match for good with a Yahho Suplex. We got a rapid exchange of pinfalls and Mizumori took the win with a sliding lariat and wall-run splash. Dragon Ninja had put up a formidable fight but the Tropical Powerhouses were too much for them. This was another close to the timer encounter for both teams with TropikaWild now match Best Bros in points. Dragon Ninja are now technically out due to losing two matches.

Totals: TropikaWild: 3 Dragon Ninja: 0

Block B: Mi☆Sayaka (Minoru Fujita & Sayaka) defeated White Comaneci (Antonio Honda & Tokiko Kirihara) via Bridging Suplex on Kirihara

Our main event saw the newly formed team of Mi☆Sayaka taking on the evil White Comaneci. Honda and Kirihara had been beaten by Egg Tarts and were looking to rebound from this. They were going to use every underhanded trick they knew to walk away the winners. Could Sayaka and Fujita find the chemistry to stop them? Sayaka opened against Honda and hit him with hard forearms, eliciting more slow-motion offence in return. Honda realised it was getting too intense for him and tagged out. Kirihara flapped in and Fujita tagged in to join her. Fujita was having none of it and took out Kirihara with a strong forearm. The pair were going rabid so Honda tried to calm them with song. Sayaka and Fujita played along and got attacked by throat thrusts when it became a heavy metal song. Once again, Honda sang and Kirihara performed the moves. Sayaka was attacked by the “angels” as Honda held her down so Kirihara could attack with a sceptre. Honda attacked with his wings and choked her out with his headband. Emi Sakura was sick of this and started pushing him about. He hit the fist drop but Sakura refused to count so stomped out Sayaka instead. Sayaka slugged back but Honda just pulled her hair and whipped her into the wall like a dick. He ran himself into the wall and Sayaka took him out with a dropkick. Honda fought out of a body slam and used gut punches to soften up Sayaka for a Shinbreaker. He worked over the knee and tried to tap her out with a leg lock. Sayaka fought free and tied Honda up in a knot. Honda escaped and absorbed Sayaka’s forearms to deliver stinging chops. He nearly got caught but used more rule-breaking punches to keep control. Sayaka rolled him through into another dropkick and tagged in Fujita.

He came in swinging and rocked Honda with forearms. He snapped Honda around the mat and nearly KO’ed him with elbows. Honda fired back with knee lifts and brought in Kirihara. She kicked the soul out of Fujita and kneed him against the wall. Fujita got his close-up as Kirihara picked him up and drove him into the wall again. Fujita fought off the straightjacket and threw Kirihara away by her arms. He took her out again with a flying shoulder tackle and dropped her on his knee for a Ribbreaker. He climbed up to the window but Kirihara followed and brought him crashing back to the mat. Fujita tried to rebound with another tackle but Kirihara caught him into a Judo throw. Sayaka saved him from the pin and he tripped Kirihara into the wall for a skull-crushing knee. Kirihara turned the Tombstone into a Guillotine and Sayaka had to come to the rescue again. Fujita made a tag and worked with Sayaka to hit a dropkick into a Russian Leg Sweep. Honda broke up the pin so Fujita smashed him off the sink. Kirihara was mercilessly pummelled but withstood the abuse to trap Sayaka in an armbar. Honda whacked Sayaka and Fujita with the whacky hammer and the teams battled for dancing elbows. White Comaneci landed them and locked on dual Cobra Twists. Fujita freed them both but Honda was quickly back with fan attacks. The pair brained themselves with the fans and Sayaka capitalised with her Bridging Suplex. Once again, good triumphed over evil as White Comenci’s antics bit them in the arse again. It had been a fun battle with Mi☆Sayaka finding a nice rhythm. Not to mention, it was a big win for Sayaka. They could be a dark horse in this tournament if they keep working like this. Much like Dragon Ninja, White Comaneci is technically out due to losing two matches.

Totals: Mi☆Sayaka: 2 White Comaneci: 0

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move, FlyingVTrigger, DOGU, Video courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube

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