We’re back in Atlantic City for the third round of ICW action. This time the chains are up and we have some big matches to enjoy. Whilst it might be named Unlucky 13, for seven lucky competitors it would prove to be another big payday as they would take the winner’s purse of these prizefights. In this show we’d see, AKIRA take on Homicide. Casanova Valentine battle Tank, Reed Bentley vs Nolan Edward, and much more as it all built to the first-ever American Deathmatch Title defence where John Wayne Murdoch battled the deranged Sadika. Let’s roll the dice and see what happened.

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AKIRA defeated Homicide via Backslide

We were about to open with something special. The Death Samurai AKIRA was about to take on the indie outlaw legend that is the Notorious 187 Homicide. This was a kingmaker of a match here. He’d beaten Deppen in the sand, could he now topple another of wrestling’s most valuable? Homicide put his fork in a door as a sign of respect and the pair tried to score quick pins with clotheslines. Homicide stunned AKIRA with a dropkick and the pair went into a technical battle, AKIRA picking a leg and Homicide snatching an arm. The fight fell outside and the pair battled around ringside, Homicide making use of the floor with a nasty slam. AKIRA clotheslined Homicide into a chair and tried for a Helluva Kick after a barrage of chest kicks but Homicide was ready and sent him crashing to the floor with a lariat. Homicide kept hammering away with tyre-trapped punches and another nasty slam. He stalked AKIRA but he was playing possum and tripped him onto another chair to hit the Helluva Kick. The crowd brawling continued and AKIRA ate another slam on the hardwood floor. He posed and AKIRA made him pay with a turnbuckle Baseball Slide. The pair danced around a door and AKIRA put Homicide through it with a Shotgun Dropkick. Homicide hit back and gave AKIRA the same treatment with a Monkey Flip. Homicide gave AKIRA another slam, this time into the remnants of a door and the fork battled the bullet with both drawing blood, AKIRA getting the worst of it as the fork met dick. He tossed AKIRA around with T-Bones and nailed Three Amigos not once but twice. He tried for the threepeat but AKIRA turned it into a Small Package. He launched Homicide into the chains and booted him through them with an apron PK. AKIRA reversed the Gringo Cutter into a driver and the pair went into a Gator Roll war before AKIRA got the Muta Lock on. Homicide bit free and rolled AKIRA into a kicking submission trap, nearly breaking his arms. AKIRA fought up but Homicide put him right back down with another Suplex. He lit up Homicide with strikes and scored another near-fall with a bridging Northern Lights. He climbed up for the Shatter Star Bomb but crashed and burned, earning himself two Ace Crushers. AKIRA kicked out so Homicide called for the Cop Killa. AKIRA reversed into a Backslide and took the win, besting one hell of a legend. This was an old-school street fight. We had a nice mix of technical and torturous as AKIRA proved himself as a student of the game against one hell of a teacher. The Death Samurai is back in action.

Neil Diamond Cutter defeated Dale Patricks via Honey Badger Splash

Up next was something bloodier. It would be Honey Badger vs Jackass as Neil Diamond Cutter took on Dale Patricks in a ring of fuckery. These two will throw everything they have in any match they’re in, so it’s scary to think what they’d do here. Patricks was nursing a broken foot so Cutter had a target he could go for if he needed it. They started by throwing hands and danced around a can-board. Patricks’ foot gave out and Cutter pushed him outside. Cutter followed with a Suicide Dive and ran him over with a shopping cart. Patricks hit low and got revenge with a tray and a mousetrap superkick. Both guys beat each other with a fork-board and Cutter started a Violence party because Patricks tried to use Bob. Patricks shook it off and dumped Cutter in the shopping cart, then drove him into a ring-post. The tubes came out and Cutter got a fuckery tour of ringside, ending up arse first on a gusset seesaw with a plunger in his face. Patricks kept going with a cactus to the head and a bundle to the braincase. Cutter took the fight back with a tack skateboard and broke Patricks’ knee and a cinder block with a bowling ball. He cut up Patricks with tubes and scored a near-fall with a blockbuster. Cutter went after Patricks’ knee with a tack-bat and Patricks hit Cutter in the back with a tack-pan. He took more tubes to Cutter and bludgeoned him with the seesaw. The ring was covered in cutlery and Patricks kept up the punishment with a cinderblock piece and powerslam into the utensils. He tried for a cannonball but Cutter dodged and Patricks’ back met can-board. They slugged it out and after back-and-forth headbutts, Patricks speared Cutter through another can-board. He tried for the Tiger Driver but Cutter kicked out his leg and smacked him with a sign to land a Saito. Patricks battered him with a bundle and hit the Tiger Driver but could only get two. Cutter took them both out with a straightjacket backstabber and hit the double stomp/senton combo into the Quebrada off the chains. A barbed-wire door came into play and Patricks put Cutter through it with a Chokeslam. He hit a second spiked Tiger Driver but still couldn’t keep Cutter down. Snapping out of shock, Patricks hit Cutter with anything that wasn’t nailed down. Cutter went back to the leg and started another Violence party to stun Patricks with a cutter. He placed a bundle over him and took the win with the Honey Badger Splash. This had been chaotic madness with wild fuckery and heavy brawling. A riot to watch and Patricks’ best match in ICW so far. Absolutely incredible.

Tank (w/Reverend Dan “The Dragon” Wilson) defeated Casanova Valentine via Tube Door Hip Attack

Hoss fight! Hoss fight! Hoss fight! It was time for two big men to try and kill each other. Both of these guys like to hit hard and break shit, now it was time to see them go to work. Who would stand tall, the Strong Style Psycho or Brooklyn Black Death? Let’s find out. They opened with heavy hands and lariats, then went full-on hockey fight whilst pulling the other’s beard. Tank sent Valentine scrambling outside with a clothesline and took a tack-bat to his body, making sure everyone got a look. He swatted away Valentine’s comeback and bell-clapped him with trashcan lids. He forced Valentine back into the ring with carpet strips and Valentine whipped him into a barbed-wire door. Valentine choked out Tank in the chains and tried to bust him open the hard way, then sent him on another trip into the wired door. The pair duelled with water jugs and both collapsed for it. Valentine was the first up and hit Tank with a cap-bat. Tank tried to block another whip but Valentine sent him through another door with a Spear. The Stinger came out and Tank got face-to-face with it. After taking the Stinger, the fists came out again as the pair had a barfight. Tank stunned Valentine with headbutts and waterboarded him to a “USA” chant. Valentine fell to a corner so Tank placed a tube door in front of him and ended things with a huge, door-shattering hip attack. Tank had just secured a massive win in his comeback tour. At 50-years old he’s making claims and taking names, testing the mettle of the new generation. Valentine pushed him to the limit but when a Tank charges sometimes there’s no stopping it. As someone still new to Tank, it’s been fun seeing what he can do and Valentine might have just brought out that old-school violence in the best way.

The Kirks (Brandon & Kasey Kirk) defeated Danny Demanto & Alex Xcean (w/Mittens) via Bundle Curb-Stomp to Demanto

Time for something a bit different. The Kirk vs Demanto feud was being taken to a new level as Danny Demanto drafted Alex Xcean in as his partner against the full might of the Kirks. It would be tag team death with only one team standing. Would blood be thicker than water? After a round of shit-talking between the teams, the introductions were made and team Demanto instantly pelted the Kirks with bundles. Xcean broke more tubes with a bundle senton and Kasey whacked him in the head with a tack-bat. She slapped Demanto and dropped him on his face with a Tornado DDT. Kasey took to the air but Demanto caught her out of the air and dropped her with a Crucifix Slam. Brandon and Xcean fought at ringside and Xcean took over from Demanto in-ring, earning a barrage of slaps from Kasey. Xcean punched her down and hammered a gusset into her head. Demanto brought out an all too familiar shopping bag and poured lemon juice and salt into Kasey’s cuts. Brandon pulled her to safety and watched as Mittens got hit by his own mum. The Kirks pummelled Mittens as Xcean and Demanto just… watched? Xcean took out Brandon with a Suicide Dive and both teams attacked with tubes and fuckery. Demanto hit Brandon in the balls with a jug and Xcean hit Kasey with a tack-bat. Kasey tenderised Xcean with another and took a gusset to his head with extra lemon juice in vengeance. The fight returned to the ring and Xcean at a rolling elbow and Saito from Kasey. She unloaded with kicks but Xcean hoisted her into an electric chair Lungblower. He clotheslined a bundle into Brandon and set up a ladder. This heavily backfired as Brandon tipped the ladder and Xcean fell through a fuckery pile. Xcean was out leaving Demanto alone. He and Brandon duelled bundles and Demanto set up a glass pane. Kasey hit him in the balls and tried for a DVD but he sandbagged her. He tried for the Razor’s Edge but Kasey speared him through the pane. Brandon curb-stomped him through a bundle and the Kirks had won. This was a fuck little brutality fest with Kasey really getting to shine. She took the punishment and doubly dished it out. This was pretty damn good for what it was.

Reed Bentley defeated Nolan Edward via Tiger Driller

Time for some more madness. Reed Bentley is one of the top guys in ICW and now, he was being unleashed on No Flinch Nolan Edward. He was about to push Edward to the limit and really see how far that never-say-die attitude would take him. They opened with a lock-up and chopped it out. The two kept throwing bombs and tangled in the chains, Bentley sending Edward to the floor with a chain slam. Bentley broke the first tubes of the match with a headbutt and punished Edward around the outside, crushing his windpipe with a chair. He hit the Eagle with two bundles and sent Edward recoiling with broken glass. Edward came back with chair shots and carved up Bentley with a broken tube. Bentley dumped him on a chair and Edward ran the ring to deliver a tube kick. Edward broke another bundle with a Gory Bomb and double stomped him on a door. Edward tried to put Bentley through another door with a Regal-Plex but this just pissed Bentley off and he did the move to Edward instead. Edward busted more bundles on Bentley, using the Liability headbutt for extra force. They slugged it out and battled with the fuckery swinging tubes and chairs at each other. It was pure bloody anarchy. They threw out the plunder and punched it out, closed fists flying. Edward won the exchange and drove Bentley into the mat with a Cyclone backdrop and Drill Bit. A tube rack entered the ring as the two threw more furious hands and Bentley threw Edward into it. He bounced back so Bentley hit the Tiger Driller and ended it. This had been a war. It wasn’t pretty but by God had it been fun. Both these guys just went to town on each other. It was vicious, anarchic, and wild with both guys doing what they do best until one could stand no longer. Edward has earned another deathmatch veteran’s respect but the win wasn’t there, just blood and glass.

SHLAK defeated Psicosis II via Gonzo Bomb

Well, this was certainly unexpected. If you could have predicted SHLAK vs Psicosis II, I’d have called you a cheater. Here we are though and as always, SHLAK was ready to kill and had all the fuckery to do just that. This was going to be a brawl of epic proportions. They opened with hard slaps and went to the bundles. SHLAK took out Psicosis II with a Spear and drove him onto more bundles with a brainbuster. He did the same again onto the shards and punched another tube into his chest. Psicosis II broke free of a Fireman’s Carry and shunted SHLAK through giant tubes. He lost his temper and broke multiple tubes over SHLAK sending spooky dust everywhere. SHLAK hit him back for posing and the two duelled, SHLAK munching some glass as an after-smash snack. Psicosis II booted it out of his mouth and levelled him with a TKO. He hammered SHLAK with trashcan lids and the pair battled around the outside. Psicosis II laid SHLAK out on a door and broke him with a diving leg drop. SHLAK kicked out at one so Psicosis II grabbed a ladder and just smashed it against SHLAK. He got revenge with an Angle slam onto the ladder and dropped him again with a German. SHLAK Sabre Jr tried for a La Magistral but Psicosis II cleverly positioned himself in the chains. Psicosis II tried for a backslide but SHLAK kicked out and ended the match with a Gonzo Bomb. It had been a bit of a short, clumsy fight but it was fun enough. The fact this match even existed is random enough with the pair doing their best with what they had. Hopefully, the company bring Psicosis II back for another match as something seemed to go wrong here. SHLAK wasn’t happy and broke a glass pane on Psicosis II before leaving.

American Deathmatch Championship: John Wayne Murdoch defeated Sadika via Mask-Pulling Stoppage

Last but not least, the main event. John Wayne Murdoch vs Sadika with the title on the line. This was going to get crazy. There was fuckery galore and two people unhinged enough to use every last bit. This was going to be wild. The chants begun during introductions and Murdoch made his presence felt with a super bundle. He hit her again with a bumper sword and exploded more giant tubes across her back. The Duke was not fucking around. He kicked another tube into her back and carved up her head with broken tubes. He mercilessly beat her with a water jug and stunned her with more giant tubes. They fought into the crowd and Murdoch kept breaking tubes over Sadika. Sadika kneed low and started giving Murdoch the tube treatment, bursting a giant tube bundle into his chest with double knees, then kicked the broken remains into his back for good measure. They slugged it out amongst the fans, both throwing bombs and trading all around the room. Mittens was taken out and Sadika took more tubes to Murdoch’s head. A dumb fan tried to interject and got elbowed away, then Sadika choked Murdoch out with the Mexican flag. They fought to a less shitty area and Sadika suplexed Murdoch through a door. The pair battled around a cut-can door and they both crashed through it off the commentary table. They returned to the ring and Sadika fought off the Deep South Destroyer to but them both through a glass frame with a Leg Sweep. She buried Murdoch under more tubes and smashed them all with a Twisting Press. Murdoch somehow kicked out and tore at her mask. He stabbed a tube into the mask hole and the ref stopped the match. Murdoch had taken a cheap way out but he needed to, Sadika was going to kill him otherwise. For now, he’d kept the title and wanted another shot at Sadika down the road. They ended the show bonding over their hatred of refs and Sadika threw giant tubes into the crowd after him.

Best of the Bloodletting

  • AKIRA vs Homicide was exactly what you’d want it to be. It wasn’t overly gory or fuckery-heavy but it was full of hard strikes and harder lessons. AKIRA learned a hell of a lot this match and to take a win over Homicide is massive. To earn his respect is even bigger.
  • I seriously cannot put over how good Patricks/Cutter is. The pair beat each other senseless with creative fuckery and reckless abandon. It was fun as hell to watch and well worth the time it got. The respect shown afterwards was the icing on the bloody as hell cake.
  • Whilst it may not be for everyone, I’ve loved seeing Tank have a resurgence in ICW. I was unfamiliar with his older stuff but this new run has been a lot of fun with him bringing an old-school flavour to new-age fights. This match with Valentine was a nice blend of Hoss and death that made the most of its runtime.
  • So, Sadika vs Murdoch was fucking awesome. It was a wild, out of control mess of tubes, boards and brutality with both of them wanting round 2 down the line. The finish was weird but hell, when you’re facing Sadika, you do what you can to win before she kills you. It was the perfect mess to end this show and here’s to hoping round 2 is even crazier.

What Comes Next?

  • As it stands, AKIRA is regaining his killer edge. With Murdoch as his opponent tomorrow, could he steal a victory against the Duke when the fight enters the Pit?
  • So, Neil Diamond Cutter and Dale Patricks better be ICW mainstays now. After that epic today they deserve every shot possible. Can the pair end the weekend on an even higher note?
  • So, Brandon Kirk and Alex Xcean are due a fight, right? Based on their post-match altercation I’d like to believe so. Plus, now that ICW is going all-in on women’s fights, Kasey Kirk deserves more ring time, Murdoch has even granted her a fight with him if she wants it.
  • When is Reed Bentley going to get his chance at the Duke or the Title? He is putting on clinic after clinic, it’s about time the stakes got higher.
  • Murdoch was successful in his first title defence. Sadika made him suffer but he kept his belt. Who is going to step up next and try to take that belt off of him?

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