Right here, right now. Happy Day 182 of 2021. Episode 26 of the year 2021. Days before Slammiversary: 16. We can set the figures one after another, play with them, try to analyse them… Right here, right now. Our world is meant to change again. That’s not a matter of figures, that’s a matter of fact. 
On the menu this week, from Nashville, Tennessee, TJP and Fallah Bahh will face off Rich Swann and Willie Mack. Chris Bey will square off with Petey Williams. Eddie Edwards will compete against Japanese Legend Satoshi Kojima. Kenny Omega and The Good Brothers will face off Team Dreamer, Sami Callihan, Moose and Chris Sabin. So no more words, let’s get ready for some action, but your French Enygma Steph way, of course…


The Nygma’s Chart of the Week

D’Lo Brown and Josh Mathews (Matt Striker will be back soon) were on commentary. On ‘Before The Impact’, Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo defeated Kimber Lee w/ Susan.

  • Satoshi Kojima waited for Eddie Edwards but he never came out. W. Morrissey appeared on the screen, he told Satoshi Kojima that he attacked Edwards’ in the parking lot and he won’t be able to compete tonight. Then, Brian Myers and Sam Beale came out. Beale and Myers attacked Kojima but Jake Something came to make the save. Myers and Beale retreated to the ramp. A referee stopped Myers and Beale and told them they will now be in a tag team match.

  • Satoshi Kojima & Jake Something defeated Brian Myers & Sam Beale.
  • Backstage, Gia Miller was asking Executive Vice President Scott D’Amore if he can comment about Tommy Dreamer’s new officiant position. His phone rang but pulled out a tarot card from his pocket instead. Rosemary and Havok appeared by magic. Rosemary wanted a tag team title shot at Fire ‘N Flava, D’Amore will take it under consideration but asked that next time, please just schedule a conversation.

  • Tenille Dashwood w/ Kaleb with a K defeated Rachael Ellering w/ Jazz. Not only she cheated but she and Kaleb attacked Rachael after the match. Jazz ran in but had a hard time keeping Dashwood and Kaleb off of Ellering. Jordynne Grace came to help her clean the house. After Kaleb and Dashwood left the ring, Ellering offered her hand to Jordynne but they hugged it out.
  • Backstage, Chris Bey was about to tell Gia Miller about last week and how he won’t take a side in the X-Division war when The 4 Non-Blondes Mafia (Raju, Shera, Fulton and Austin) interrupted them. Bey thought they were here to recruit him, Ace said they’ve got enough muscle so they don’t need Bey and thank him for staying out of it. They appreciated him staying in his lane, and since Bey wasn’t going to win the Ultimate X match anyway if he stays out of their way, he won’t get ripped in half. This all annoyed Bey who stormed off.

  • Rich Swann & Willie Mack TJP & Fallah Bahh ended in a no-contest when VBD attacked them all. Eric Young told the camera there’s nothing and no one who can do against them.
  • Backstage, Fire ‘N Flava were not in favour of having Havok and Rosemary just waltz in and demand a match for their titles. They tracked Scott D’Amore down and confronted him. D’Amore told the champions he hears what they’re saying, so next week, he is going to put Havok and Rosemary in action to see if they are fit to challenge Fire ‘N Flava for the titles.

  • Backstage, Tommy Dreamer, surrounded by Sami Callihan, Moose and Chris Sabin, told Gia Miller all three of these men have to put their animosities aside to secure a big victory over Don Callis’ team tonight. Chris Sabin agreed. Moose just wanted the win, and Callihan wanted to put his hands on Kenny Omega before their big clashing at Slammiversary.

  • Chris Bey defeated Petey Williams (oh, Canada…). After the match, Ace Austin and Rohit came along with Shera and Madman Fulton. The big men started abusing Petey Williams while Ace and Rohit told Bey to head out. Bey headed out, thought about it on the ramp. Here came Josh Alexander and Trey Miguel who took out the heels while Bey still stood on the ramp. Everything broke down, the heels started standing tall when Bey said screw it and headed to the ring. He dropkicked Shera and took out the heels. Rohit got dropped by Alexander and Bey. Ace was the last heel in the ring, Alexander, Bey, and Williams abused him for a bit before tossing him onto Fulton and Shera. The faces stood tall.
  • Backstage, after her loss against Deonna Purrazzo on BTI, Kimber Lee was trying to figure out how to take Purrazzo out. Lee told Susan the only way The Virtuosa will be taken down is if Su Yung reemerges and does the job. Susan turned to Lee and asked, “Who’s Su?”

  • Backstage, Jake Something said Myers made fun of his name, it won’t be the last time because he deliberately put a target on his back. He used to need a family name like a crutch, but not anymore. Now you can question his name, but do not question him as a man or if he’s a professional. He challenges Myers to a match, if Myers wins Jake will say his catchphrase, but when Jake wins then Myers will acknowledge Jake as professional.

  • Steve Maclin defeated Manny Smith.
  • Backstage, Brian Myers gladly accepted Jake Something’s challenge from earlier. But he informed Something there is no way he’s going to win against a guy like himself.

  • IMPACT World Champion Kenny Omega and The Good Brothers defeated Sami Callihan, Moose and Chris Sabin. Moose attacked Sabin, Callis attacked Moose letting him think it was Dreamer, Moose attacked Tommy Dreamer, Sabin came to make the save. He headed back in the ring, avoided a V-Trigger but got dropped with a Snap Dragon Suplex. Anderson tagged in, he and Doc hit a Magic Killer to win.

The Nygma’s Noticeable Facts/Awards of the Week

I’m extremely late this week so I will shorten things up a bit… For me, no match deserved to enter the Nutcracker category because there was a kind of equality in the interferences and post-matches attacks.

Eddie Edwards vs Satoshi Kojima was a dream match but peritonitis is unpredictable and I wish Eddie to come back soon at 100%. TJP & Fallah vs Rich & Mack was another match that would have torn the house down but Violent By Design were not agreeing with me. Don Callis provoking Moose to make his team win is nothing but a surprise. That’s sad in the sense very good action is washed away by bitter endings.

One major key of that episode was Chris Bey being heel or face. In an Ultimate-X match, there are no friends, no enemies, but everything that hurt. That face turn may have a sense after the PPV but, right now, I don’t see it as essential. Brian Myers is now targeting Jake Something. Ok, read my interview of Matt Cardona, I think he will be busy at Slammiversary but now with Jake…

Steve Maclin is super strong, he killed two wrestlers and, then? Rachael Ellering and Jordynne Grace are friends again, I just wish her the belts changed hands on PPV because another series of matches between Fire ‘N Flava and Grace/Ellering would be too much. And thanks to Petey Williams for celebrating Canada Day the best way possible, with a NutStomper…

We are closer and closer to Slammiversary, 2 weeks, 3 matches announced, a few in the making… I can understand the whole roster was not there for the last set of tapings and, obviously, prevented the company from building the card it wanted. But what will the card look like in the end? I’m very intrigued by Deonna Purrazzo’s challenger. Of all the faces we saw in the vignettes promoting the PPV, many are women with strong, very strong potential, former champions who could remind her not everything is eternal…

To be eNYGMAtic…

Please, accept the tons of apologies I owe you. The Nygma is not always controlling the issues Steph is dealing with… I wish after the pause I will have to take, I could find my pace back…
I think I said enough just above so I won’t add too many words to all of this. It was once again a build-up episode, made to settle new matches and new feuds.
We’ll see what next week’s episode will add to the PPV card but That Road to Slammiversary is not the easiest one… Impact Wrestling built incredible PPVs with way less than that… 
On this “Nygma Is Human” note, until next week (if I want), take care, stay safe, go get vaccinated, watch wrestling, and never EVER forget to stay #eNYGMAtic…

All pics, videos, and screenshots courtesy of Impact Wrestling and AXS TV. Photocollages custom made by @frenchnygma exclusively for @steelchairmag.

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