Welcome back to ChocoPro. We have another double-bill of tag league action to get into as not one but two shows happened in rapid succession. It’s finally time for Wasshoi Aniki to shine as Ryo Mizunami and Ayumi Hayashi take to the league to leave their mark. Across the two shows, they’ll take on Best Bros and Dragon Ninja to try and upset the board and blow the A Block apart. Alongside that, we’ll see Melt Brain Dancing in double show action too as PSYCHO and CHANGO look to maintain the stranglehold they have on the B Block. In their way are White Comaneci, who have nothing to lose, and Mi☆Sayaka who have gotten off to a strong start. Let’s see how it all went down.

ChocoPro #130

Block B: White Comaneci (Antonio Honda & Tokiko Kirihara) vs Melt Brain Dancing (PSYCHO & CHANGO) ends in a time-limit draw

Up first was a battle of two evils. The melodic insidiousness of White Comaneci was about to collide with the chaotic evil of Melt Brain Dancing. Honda and Kirihara were out of the league so they had nothing to lose here whilst PSYCHO and CHANGO had everything to gain. Once again, Honda pissed off his opponents with low-impact engine chops and flapped away when things got scary. Kirihara and PSYCHO continued the act with kicks. PSYCHO tried to break Kirihara’s legs but Honda came to the rescue with the power of song. As per usual, PSYCHO and CHANGO played along and got caught in the trap. Heavy metal took over again and Kirihara acted out the moves Honda sang on PSYCHO as CHANGO danced in the background. It was all fun and games until Kirihara went for an armbar and CHANGO finally broke it. Honda tried to pass Kirihara her sceptre but PSYCHO caught it and bludgeoned her with it. PSYCHO and CHANGO continued to bully Kirihara with their own brand of lawlessness. They kept quick tagging, choking, and striking as Kirihara remained caught in their net. They utilised double-team combos and nearly had the win but Honda broke their pin. They had some fun beating down Honda and went back to torturing Kirihara.

After more agonising moments of traps, strikes, and kicks, Kirihara finally got her escape by dodging a wall charge and taking out CHANGO with nasty kicks into an STO. Honda punched his way into the match and bounced CHANGO off of the wall. CHANGO countered and drove Honda back into the wall with a Russian Leg Sweep. Honda lit him up with gut punches and CHANGO whipped him into a pin trap. CHANGO made the tap and PSYCHO charged in with double knees. He drove Honda into the mat and applied a Camel Clutch. The pair traded punches and Honda dodged a Scissor Kick to land a Shoulderbreaker. He left and Kirihara came in kicking. She tried to snap PSYCHO’s arm but he caught her into a sleeper. She got the armbar on the second attempt and Honda took himself out with a whacky hammer. Kirihara started throwing bodies and referee Emi Sakura got attacked by both teams, Honda hitting her in the head with a fan. Honda saved Kirihara from the PSYCHO Killer and sent CHANGO out of the window with a Rocket Punch. PSYCHO ate the double fan attack and CHANGO got hit by a double dancing fan attack. Honda dropped PSYCHO with a Tombstone and Kirihara hit a diving double thrust but CHANGO made the save. Chaos broke out everywhere as both teams traded killing blows and submissions but as always, the clock came too quickly and the match was ruled a draw. White Comaneci finally has a point the board and PSYCHO and CHANGO remain undefeated in the league. This had been a mess of the match but I loved both team’s chemistry and the sheer shenanigans at play.

Totals: White Comaneci: 1 Melt Brain Dancing: 3

Block A: Wasshoi Aniki (Ayumi Hayashi & Ryo Mizunami) vs Best Bros (Baliyan Akki & Mei Suruga) ends in a time-limit draw

Wasshoi Wasshoi. Hayashi and Mizunami were in the building as Wasshoi Aniki made their big debut against the top team in the league right now. This was Best Bro’s last chance to score some points and increase their lead. Was Wasshoi Aniki going to upset that? Suruga opened things with a dropkick so she didn’t have to hear the Wasshoi chant. She bounced Hayashi off the wall and tried for a quick win. The pair battled over snapmares and Mizunami came in to chop down Suruga, unloading the machine gun chops. Akki tried to make a save but Mizunami just threw him into Suruga and began the chops again. Wasshoi Aniki fired up and Mizunami started throwing Hayashi at the Bros. The pair fired up again and blasted the Bros with musical chops. They tried to show off again but the Best Bros attacked and took them out with dual cross-bodies. Suruga bullied Hayashi with dropkicks and Akki locked on the Namaste Stretch. The pair hit her with a smothering forearm and Suruga took her for the ride after kicking Mizunami away. Suruga kept bullying Hayashi and Mizunami got more pissed off at being a spectator. Suruga attacked her and Akki threw Suruga into a double stomp on Hayashi. Akki stretched out Hayashi again and Suruga stomped her after the pair battered away Mizunami. Best Bros locked on a double submission and drove her into a wall-trapped Mizunami. Akki tied Hayashi up in knots but keep the hold as Mizunami nailed him with a leg drop. Akki tried to recover but Hayashi launched him with an arm-drag into a dropkick and made that much-needed tag.

After minutes of being a spectator, Mizunami charged and unleashed her frustrations on the Best Bros. She nailed a double spear and slugged it out with Akki, lighting him up with elbows. They both threw lethal shots with Akki dodging a dangerous lariat with a thrust kick. Mizunami dodged the Spider and took Akki’s head off with a clothesline. Mizunami got the tag and Hayashi came in to lock on a Bridging Deathlock. Akki avoided getting snapped in half and dropped Hayashi with a gutbuster. Suruga got another go at Hayashi and tried to tap her out with the Apple Cut Mutilation. Suruga caught a kick and winded Hayashi with another double stomp, then tried for a second and ran into a dropkick. Hayashi countered her way into the Wasshoi toss and tried for the Deathlock but Akki made the save and Suruga hit another double stomp. Hayashi and Suruga continued to keep countering each other and tried for continuous pinfalls. Everything got heated with desperation kicking in and bodies flying everywhere. Everyone was taken out but no one could get a pin. The bell rang and Mizunami continued to try and kill Suruga. Best Bros hit the Royal Dolphin Press but it was way too late. The match was a draw and this chaos was brought to an end. It wasn’t quite the hot start Wasshoi Aniki wanted but they’d gone one-on-one with the champs and brought them to the limit. They had two matches to go yet so they could get more points whilst Best Bros end their run at 4 points. They had gone out with a bang though as this was a corker of a match.

Totals: Wasshoi Aniki: 1 Best Bros: 4

ChocoPro #131

Block A: Wasshoi Aniki (Ayumi Hayashi & Ryo Mizunami) defeated Dragon Ninja (Chon Shiryu & Sayuri) via Jackknife Pin on Sayuri  

Show two opened with Wasshoi Aniki coming back in to put more points on the board. This time they were battling the team who were already out of the running, Dragon Ninja. Despite the points deficiency, Dragon Ninja was going to give Mizunami and Hayashi hell. Yuna Mizumori had taken over reffing duties so there may even be fewer ref bumps. Sayuri started against Mizunami and find herself outpowered. She didn’t appreciate being manhandled and tried to forearm back to Mizunami hammered her back to the floor. Sayuri back Mizunami into the Dragon Ninja corner to tag and Hayashi came in to battle Shiryu. He wasn’t a fan of the Wasshoi chant and kicked Hayashi in the shin. The pair battled over wrist control and Shiryu avoided getting thrown by the hair because of his dragon hair. He stomped her down and tried to smash up her arm. Hayashi fired up from nowhere and took out Shiryu with a crossbody. She tried to celebrate so Shiryu clawed at her face. Dragon Ninja hit the rolling wall chops and avoided Wasshoi Aniki’s double team to hit the chop combo. Dragon Ninja locked on dual submissions and Shiryu bullied Hayashi with the fist drop. Sayuri hammered her way into the match and tried for the bow and arrow, Shiryu rolling in to help with the hold. He quickly came back in and prevented a tag by bending Hayashi’s fingers. He hit Hayashi in the throat and tried for the Gory Bomb but Hayashi put the breaks on it and caught him into a pin with a Cazadora. She tagged and Mizunami bulldozed Shiryu into Sayuri and a tag.

She bulldozed through Sayuri too and scooped her up to slam her into the wall. A leg drop followed and held Sayuri in place for the musical chops. They passed the body so Mizunami could hit her Machine Gun Chops but Shiryu had seen enough and stopped this. Mizunami chopped him down and put him in a Camel Clutch, forcing him to watch as Hayashi made Sayuri dance. Hayashi dragged Sayuri by the hair and snapped her around the mat. Mizunami finally hit the Machine Gun Chops and the pair hyped up into the whipping Wasshoi chops. Sayuri once again forearmed away but couldn’t land the wall-run takeover and got dumped by Mizunami. Sayuri dropkicked her way to freedom and Shiryu got into a chopping battle with Mizunami. Shiryu tripped her into the window and crushed her head against the glass with double knees. He flew up the window for a dropkick and started another chopping battle. Mizunami won the exchange with a headbutt but Shiryu caught a lariat into the Gory Bomb. Both fighters tagged and Sayuri took out Hayashi with a Yakuza Kick. She kept the momentum going with the rolling wall slams and accidentally fired Hayashi up with Kunai edge chops allowing her to hit a dropkick. Wasshoi Aniki looked to end things with double-team but Shiryu interrupted and drove Mizunami onto Sayuri’s knees with a bulldog. They hit Hayashi with the Ninja Knees and fluidly blasted her with the window combo. Sayuri got a two with the crucifix and tried for the bow and arrow again but Mizunami threw Shiryu onto her. A roll-up war broke out and Hayashi took the win with a Jackknife Pin. It had been a hard-fought battle but Dragon Ninja were once again the losers of this fight. Wasshoi Aniki had been tested but their teamwork pulled them through and got them more points on the board. No matter the outcome, Dragon Ninja remained strong together and will only continue to grow.

Totals: Wasshoi Aniki: 3 Dragon Ninja: 0

Block B: Melt Brain Dancing (PSYCHO & CHANGO) defeated Mi☆Sayaka (Minoru Fujita & Sayaka) via Melt Brain Drop on Sayaka

Last but not least, the final main event of the double-bill, Melt Brain Dancing looking to pick up another win after failing to destroy White Comaneci. They were still seething and were going to take that anger out on Minoru Fujita and Sayaka. Despite this, we’d seen an unlikely team dynamic form between the pair that might just best the resident villains. PSYCHO and CHANGO jumped the pair but Fujita and Sayaka fought them off and forced PSYCHO to eat his own flag. CHANGO tried to scare Sayaka but she just grabbed his arm and tried to tap him out with an armbar. The pair bullied him against the wall and crushed him with ripcord forearms. Fujita took out PSYCHO and the pair hit CHANGO with the dropkick leg sweep. Fujita tried to break his fingers and dropkicked his head off before tagging out. Sayaka dropped her knees in CHANGO’s back and trapped him in the bow and arrow. A strike-fest broke out as Sayaka unloaded those deadly forearms and CHANGO downed her with a chop. CHANGO tried to score a cheap win with a face rake into a senton but Fujita gave him a kicking. He tagged and PSYCHO blasted Sayaka in the back of the head with a dropkick. He too raked at Sayaka’s face and drove her into a seated CHANGO’s boots. CHANGO tagged back in and started working Sayaka’s arm, splashing it and bending it in unnatural ways. The quick tags continued and Sayaka fell victim to nasty combos of offence. They did the same to Fujita to prevent him from interfering. PSYCHO tried to break Sayaka in half with a knee drop into a Camel Clutch and CHANGO choked her out when Mizumori was distracted. It was looking very bleak for Sayaka.

She started forearming again but CHANGO wasn’t having it and raked her eyes again. Sayaka got sick of the abuse and launched CHANGO across the mat with a dropkick. She crawled to the tag and Fujita came out to play, putting most of his attention and attacks on CHANGO’s shoulder. PSYCHO saved his partner so Fujita tried to break his arm too. CHANGO slammed him into the wall with a leg sweep but Fujita just barred the arm again. Fujita returned like for like and dug his nails into CHANGO’s eyes but couldn’t follow up as he used Mizumori as a human shield. Fujita shoved her away but CHANGO was waiting and kicked him into a Neckbreaker. CHANGO tagged and PSYCHO crushed Fujita with double knees. PSYCHO hit the Stroke and Fujita trapped him in an ankle lock. PSYCHO tried for the arm twist but Fujita rolled him up and knocked him down with a shoulder block. He made the tag and Sayaka came out swinging again. The forearms flew and Sayaka downed PSYCHO with a Facecrusher. He yanked on her hair and kicked her away. He tried for a scissor kick and missed, giving Sayaka the chance to roll him up into a knot. CHANGO used Mizumori to break the pin and sprayed Fujita in the face with hair spray. Sayaka blocked the spray with a sign and snatched the can to blind CHANGO. She slammed him into the mat and PSYCHO caught her into the arm-twist. Fujita made the save but CHANGO quickly kicked him in the face. They went for the PSYCHO Killer but Fujita knocked CHANGO outside and attacked him with an umbrella. Well, he thought he was. PSYCHO and CHANGO had switched places and hit him through the window. They took him out with double scissor kicks and tried to do the same to Sayaka. She dodged and hit PSYCHO with her Bridging Suplex but only got two. PSYCHO dropped her with a DDT and the pair finished the job with a Spinning slam. Melt Brain Dancing had taken another win and extended their reach beyond pretty much all the teams at this point. A-Block winners beware you have one nightmarish challenge ahead of you. That’s taking nothing away from Fujita and Sayaka who worked their arses off here. It was an excellent main event to watch, that’s for sure.

Totals: Melt Brain Dancing: 5 Mi☆Sayaka: 2

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move, Chie Koishikawa, Sayuri, FlyingVTrigger Videos courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube

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