Welcome back to Paradigm and the UWFI Grand Prix. Today is the second round of the tournament to crown the first Super Middleweight champion. Alongside seeing the quarter-finalists try to tear each other apart, we’d see the return of Terminal Combat Rules as Chase Holliday battles Adam Slade in some Lost Boys warfare, Eden Von Engeland debuts against Athrun Amada, Dominic Garrini battles Cody Lee and in the main event, Hoodfoot defends the Heavy-Hitters Title against Flash Thompson. With all that action to enjoy, let’s get into it.

First though, as always with the UWFI series’ let’s check the rules. Victories under this ruleset can come from knock-out, submission, and ref stoppage. Fighters begin with a set number of points and will lose 1 point to 3 points every time they use a rope break, get knocked down, and require a ten-count be that from strikes or suplexes, break the code of conduct, and under extreme conditions if they leave the ring. Fights tend to be short and violent as the rule-set streamlines the fight and promises a winner.

Eden Von Engeland (w/Sidney Von Engeland) defeated Athrun Amada via Cobra Clutch

Up first was the debut of Eden Von Engeland. They were here to show their skills and keep the Von Engeland name’s reputation going in the UWFI Rules division. Their first opponent was another person making their UWFI Rules debut, Athrun Amada. Amada opened with leg kicks and took Von Engeland to the ground for more striking. Von Engeland went for an arm and Amada backed off. The fight reset and once again Amada went for strikes whilst Von Engeland tried to take out an arm. Amada kicked free again and loaded up a kill shot but Von Engeland ducked his roundhouse and caught him into an Air Raid Crash. They followed up with a quick Cobra Clutch and Amada had no choice but to tap out. This had been fast and furious with Amada showing off a lethal kicking game but alas, it had been thwarted by the cunning and mat prowess of Von Engeland. Both these fighters could be highly dangerous in future bouts.

Quarter-Final Match: Jordan Blade defeated Nick King via KO Knee Strike

The first tournament match of the evening was Nick King taken on the Ankle Breaker Jordan Blade. This was going to be a grappling bout for sure as King is adept in Folk Style and Blade likes to pick an ankle and snap it in half. The pair locked up and King instantly took the fight to the mat, grappling around Blade and forcing her to be defensive. King taunted and once again forced Blade to the mat to continue his grappling session, occasionally teasing blade with his ankle. This mat-based back-and-forth continued as the pair tried for submissions and Blade tried to avoid having to get into a standing fight. Things got intense as Blade threw forearms and King dropped her on her head with a Snap German. Blade shook it off and scored a six-count with a Gutwrench Suplex, then after a little more grappling took out King with a knee strike. This wasn’t Blade’s usual type of match but she was able to adapt and overcome, knocking King out since he wouldn’t open up for the Ankle Breaker. What a showcase for the pair.

Quarter-Final Match: Damyan Tangra defeated Brandon Williams via Head Kick KO

Next up was the Mat Scientist Damyan Tangra looking to progress to the semis with a big win over the Locksmith Brandon Williams. Both guys had picked up big wins in the first round but Williams had definitely had to go through hell to get his. Was that weariness going to cost him here? They opened with a striking contest as their styles of martial arts clashed and Williams took the fight to the mat with a headlock takedown. They grappled on the mat and Williams forced Tangra to the ropes after picking a leg. The pair returned to their feet and the striking resumed, Tangra laying in heavy palm strikes. Williams caught him into the ankle lock but Tangra rolled up and took out Williams with a head kick. The ref called off the match and Tangra was declared the winner. This had been another short and sweet sprint with both guys going hell for leather with strikes. Williams tried to get technical but Tangra wanted to avoid that Ankle Lock at all costs.

Terminal Combat: Chase Holliday defeated Adam Slade via Texas Cloverleaf

Time for something completely different, a return to Terminal Combat. 5 minutes of UWFI, then free reign to bring the plunder and bloody murder. Somehow the Lost Boys had picked this backdrop for a fight. Who would be left standing when the dust settled? Slade cut a deal before the match could begin, admitting he wasn’t too knowledgeable on UWFI rules and asked Holliday if they could cut to fighting. Holliday accepted and Slade instantly elbowed him in the face. He pulled out a load of plunder and the pair battered each other around ringside. Slade took control with tray and chair shots, then dumped Holliday on the apron with a backdrop. Holliday struck back and bounced Slade off of the ring-post. A chop-off broke out and Slade injured his hand hitting the ring-post with a sign. Holliday swarmed again with a pump kick and threw Slade into the railing for more chops. Holliday got his leg stuck on a run-up kick and Slade finally landed a hit with his sign. He took out Holliday again with the Deal Train and beat him with a wet floor sign. He pummelled Holliday for a run-up move but Holliday threw him into the crowd. They brawled out into the crowd and Slade got more shots in with his favourite sign. They battled over a railing and Slade hit Holliday with the deal onto concrete. Slade even got to hold the Super Middleweight Title before anyone else as he whipped Holliday with it. The fight finally returned to the ring and Slade set up chairs for a barfight. After a round of forearms, they went into a hockey fight and both knocked each other out with bombs, Slade ending the spree with a Superkick to a Mountain Dew crate. Slade went full-on Sandman with a can of Dew and hit Holliday with an Air Raid Crash into trashcan kendo shots. He tried to finish things with a senton but Holliday woke up on 9. Slade hit the Deal again and tried for a Chair Suplex but Holliday countered and broke Slade’s back with a chair powerbomb. The Texas Cloverleaf followed and Slade passed out. Slade really went all-out on this one huh? He took the Beast King to his limits in a plunder-powered brawl with a whole lot of fun injected into it. You may have lost the fight but you made Wrestling Society X proud Slade. We all know that’s the most important thing.

Dominic Garrini defeated Cody Lee via Ankle Lock

Who wants a UWFI showcase? Paradigm’s resident UWFIcon was in the building and he was going to give them all a lesson by taking on the Big Shoot Cody Lee. Garrini might not have been able to enter the tournament but that wasn’t going to stop him from sending a message to the fighters in it. They opened with a lock-up and quickly went to the mat as Garrini targeted about three different limbs before ending the exchange with a mocking kick. Lee got revenge with ground-and-pound palm strikes but Garrini barred an arm and forced him to the ropes. Lee got another takedown on Garrini and rained down elbow shots but Garrini guarded most and rolled through into his own mount for hellacious palm strikes. Garrini turned a Cross-Armbreaker into a Triangle Choke and forced Lee to the ropes again. To his credit, Lee refused to give in and charged Garrini again, knocking the wind out of him with a Spinebuster. Garrini was pissed now and went for the kill, tapping Lee out with an Ankle Lock. Lee did well here, lasting as long as he did against Garrini. Not only did he keep himself protected a lot of the time, but he also got the better of Garrini a couple of times. For the most part, though, this was an execution. Garrini isn’t going to be overshadowed in his playground and he proved that again here.

Quarter-Final Match: Robert Martyr defeated Phoenix Kidd via Arm-Trapped Elbow Execution

Back to tournament action and this was the time of the trash talkers. Phoenix Kidd and Robert Martyr aren’t afraid to verbally abuse you as they lock you up and hit you in the face. Both are also incredibly adept in this rule-set. Which was going to progress though? As expected, they opened by throwing hands and hockey fought their way through the ropes to the outside. Kidd took advantage with a Snap Suplex onto the concrete and dropped him again in-ring with a German. The pair traded slaps and the Suplexes kept flying as Kidd hit a Gutwrench and Vertical variant to a rabid Martyr, the second breaking Martyr’s leg against the rope. The pair struck it out again and Martyr caught a kick into a folding Backdrop. Martyr tried to go for the Crossface Chicken-Wing but Kidd wasn’t allowing that and continued to throw obscenities until Martyr trapped his arms and KO’ed him with elbows. This had been a fight pure and simple. No pretty grappling, just hands, kicks, and violent suplexes. I loved it. Real respected real and we got the closest thing to sportsmanship from the pair. In the battle of the tough SOBs, Poisoned Youth had bested Cruiser Brody on this day.

Quarter-Final Match: Cole Radrick defeated Lexus Montez via Guillotine Choke

The last of the quarter-finals would see the Wildheart clash with the Prince of Sport. Both men here are Paradigm stalwarts with a storied history in the company but only one could win here and continue their journey towards making history. The pair quickly locked up and Radrick tried for an early choke. They traded kicks and started throwing strikes with Montez catching a kick and taking the fight to the ground again. Radrick tried to bar an arm but Montez grabbed the ropes and forced a break. Montez got revenge with a liver shot and Radrick tried to shake off the effects by throwing roundhouse kicks. Montez knocked him down with another knee to the midsection and Radrick narrowly avoided defeat by getting up at 9. Montez came at him again but Radrick dodged into a back elbow and choked out Montez with a Guillotine, taking the win. Much like the previous fight, this was vicious. Montez really put his striking ability on show and Radrick was forced to keep his Wildheart beating and find a way to win. He goes through but the damage was clearly done.

Heavy-Hitters Title: Hoodfoot defeated Flash Thompson via KO Elbow

Last but not least, the main event. Flash Thompson had run his mouth during round one and now, Hoodfoot was going to break his jaw. Thompson might be a Golden Gloves boxer but his track record with the Hoodfoot isn’t good and his chances here didn’t seem good. That doesn’t mean an upset couldn’t happen. The bell rang and Hoodfoot instantly dropped Thompson with a Saito. Thompson returned the favour with a palm strike knockdown and the pair threw more bombs at each other, with Thompson kicking the hell out of Hoodfoot’s legs before dropping him with another palm to the temple. The strikes kept flying and Flash locked on the kneebar. Hoodfoot grabbed the ropes and fired up on Thompson’s trash talk to throw lethal knees and palms. Thompson collapsed into the corner and staggered back into action but Hoodfoot took him out with his KO Elbow strike and took the win. Thompson had been strong in the opening and cunningly softened up the legs but Hoodfoot is like an anime protagonist and will absorb that damage and fire it right back at you. That’s what happened here and he kept his title for another day. That wrapped up another awesome show with the tournament finals awaiting us next week.

All images courtesy of Paradigm, Screenshots, WokenRemastered

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