Welcome back to GCW and the backyard battlefield they come to every 4th of July. Nothing says patriotism like backyard gimmicks, reckless danger, and graphic violence. The commentary team was going to have their hands full dealing with the shenanigans that break out whenever the backyard is visited. We’d see wrestlers in trees, cars and, trampolines as the wrestling went on. In the card we’d see, YDNB battle the Big Vin Squad, Natas vs Rickey Crash, Paco Loco vs KC Kwik volume 2, Nasty Leroy vs World Famous CB, and much more leading to the main event where Emanon looked to kill JJ Escobar in what was quickly becoming a backyard tradition.

YDNB (Jordan Oliver, Charlie Tiger & Ellis Taylor w/Griffin McCoy) defeated Big Vin Squad (Big FN Vin, Jay Malachi & Philly Mike Swanson) via Tiger Slam on Malachi

The show opened with a six-man clusterfuck of a tag match. YDNB was out in force to take on the Big Vin Squad. Oliver, Tiger, and Taylor would have to contend with the monster Big FN Vin, Jay Malachi, the aerialist, and Philly Mike Swanson, the smash-mouth one. This proved to be great fun as all six men battled around ringside, throwing chairs, bodies, and more around the garden and into trampolines. Everyone got their time to shine as both units clashed in the best way. Big FN Vin is a big FN star in the making. He played his role as a monster perfectly pulling off all manner of deadly bombs slams and even flips. It wasn’t until he was speared into the pool that he was taken out of the equation. Mike also got bombed into the pool as YDNB began to clean the house and Tiger showed that he wasn’t afraid to get wet with a frog splash into the pool. McCoy tried to get involved but he too took a dip when Malachi launched him with a flying cutter. YDNB weren’t to be denied though and Charlie Tiger took the win with a modified AA on Malachi. Everyone relaxed in the ring as hands were shaken as both units had had fun. Big FN Vin ended things with a laugh by chokeslamming McCoy into the pool again.

Mayday Jack (Cole Radrick) defeated Colby Corino via Swanton off a car through a door

Oh no. Things were going to get out of hand as Colby Corino took on the demolition derby of wrestling Mayday Jack. These two were going to fight anywhere and everywhere with nothing too risky for them to do. The pair brought chain wrestling to the backyard before having a wrestling contest on the trampoline. Things got increasingly more chaotic and Jack took a trip into the pool. Corino tried to dive onto him but splatted against the side of the pool. They ended up brawling in the pool and hit finishers in a place the ref couldn’t get to under the watchful eye of Jody Himself the lifeguard. Jack enlisted Jody and Earl Gardner’s help to kill off Colby by slamming Jody into him and a flamingo float. Colby repaid like with like and hit a scaffold diving elbow on Jack and the flamingo. Corino crashed into a chair and Jack sat him down for a massive running cannonball with an arms-crossed pose at the end. A door came out and Corino dropped Jack on the chair with a piledriver before dumping him into the ground with a brainbuster. Jack wouldn’t quit and ended things with a Swanton Bomb off a car and through the door. This had been mad-cap from the start and injected a whole lot of reckless fun into the action. It properly mixed the spirit of the backyard with some proper wrestling.

Backyard Pro Hardcore Title: Natas (Jody Threat) defeated Rickey Crash (Rickey Shane Page) via F5

The stakes were about to rise as Rickey Crash, motocross, freestyle, and all things bike racing legend was about to get a shot at Canada’s Backyard Pro Hardcore Title. The problem was he was against a demon, Natas. Crash might have had a size advantage but did that actually mean shit to a demon? He tried to have an orthodox match but Natas’ style of wrestling was anything but, utilising a whole host of biting and tricks. Crash started to find his rhythm and did his best to keep Natas trapped and grounded. It didn’t work though as Natas jumped at him and went back to biting. He was losing his rag with the ref as Natas messed up his face and hair as he started throwing her around. Natas latched hold again trying to bite his hand and rip his face off. We even saw a diving bite as Crash tried to escape. After a near-death experience by the pool, he thought he’d picked up the win with a Frog Splash but Natas wasn’t out of it. A door and tubes entered the ring and Natas hit the tubes back first off, a DVD. Natas got her foot on the rope and took out Crash with rope trapped double knees into a door German and a finishing F5. Crash had tried to exorcise the belt of Natas but he wasn’t successful as the demon took his abuse and dished out worse. Crash should stick to bikes for now.

Diablo (Shane Mercer) defeated Aerial Crow (Dyln McKay) via Horsebox Roof Slam

This was going to be a scary one. What happens when you put an aerialist in with an aerialist who is built like a tank? That’s what we were about to find out as Diablo took on Aerial Crow, the emo high flyer. These two wouldn’t be contained to the ring, they were going to take this fight everywhere. Diablo clearly had the strength advantage so Crow used the environment to hit dangerous flying spots and a Poisonrana to the grass. They battled to a swing set and Crow used them to hit a dropkick and a head-scissor. The problem is, he got caught and took a swim as Diablo hit Moonsault and Battery into the pool. Jody had to intervene as Diablo tried to drown Crow and he took out his frustration on the ref, suplexing him into the pool too. Diablo hit Crow with two goddamn beers and continued his murder spree. They fought to a car and Diablo did the deal on the roof of it. He cut off a Crow comeback with a lariat and threw him into the other pool with the Outsider’s Edge. Diablo could have ended it but made the grave mistake of letting Crow climb a tree. Diablo tried to follow but Crow threw him down and hit a diving elbow onto him. They continued to brawl and found their way to a horsebox and after some back-and-forth atop it, Diablo sent Crow crashing down through some doors with a Military Press Powerslam. Crow had taken the fight to Diablo in a big way but it wasn’t enough to stop the rampaging demon. They took the backyard fuckery to new levels and put on a thoroughly entertaining match.

Buried Alive Match: Paco Loco (Chris Dickinson) defeated KC Kwik (Kit Osbourne) via Grave Crucifix Powerbomb

Why does the universe hate KC Kwik? He got murdered last year and now, he was going to get buried alive by the same monster. Paco Loco is always angry at the best of times but after the entrance pyro attacked him, he was ready to fucking kill. Kwik took the fight to Loco but Loco cut him off with a brainbuster. Kwik continued to live up to his name and attacked quickly but Loco choked him out with a belt and dropkicked him in the ribs. The lights went out after a Pumphandle Tombstone but Kwik refused to die and stunned Loco with a Rolling Neckbreaker. A dreaded door entered the fight and Loco broke it with a thunderous powerbomb. Kwik fired back with a door part and Loco broke his legs with a Figure Four. This leg-based abuse continued as Loco used the ropes and his deadly technical knowledge to destroy Kwik’s mobility. They fell outside and fought towards the hole. Kwik equalised with a low blow but Loco caught Kwik’s superkick and hoisted Kwik into a Crucifix Powerbomb and dropped him into the grave through light tubes. Kwik had been prepared this time and definitely caught Loco off-guard but you just cannot stop the deranged and dangerous man when he’s ready to kill. Kwik took a nasty fall but once again, entertained a whole lot of people in the process.

Nasty Leroy defeated World Famous CB via Nasty Splash

Okay, this one was personal. CB and Nasty Leroy have taken their feud from social media to the backyard as Leroy proved he could wrestle as well as bust a move. CB had disrespected Nasty Team and now he was going to pay the price for it. Leroy ran circles around CB and brought people to their feet with an amazing Discuss Lariat after CB tried to nut punch him. The fight broke outside and CB used a kendo stick to take advantage and piss the fans of even more. He brought out the plunder and kept hammering away at Leroy. CB made his biggest mistake by mocking Leroy’s dancing and ate a whole bunch of jabs into the Bionic elbow. Leroy stunned CB even more with an Ace Crusher and gave him a caning for the crowd’s pleasure. CB hit Leroy in the dick again and set up a bunch of his dojo chairs. Leroy fought back and brought CB crashing through those chairs with a Deadly Drive for two. CB fired back with a superkick and covered the ring in tacks. They danced around the tacks and Leroy got revenge with his own low blow. He slammed CB into the tacks and slipped up trying for a second rope splash. CB capitalised and swarmed Leroy but it wasn’t enough and Leroy dropped him with a Flatliner. He shook off a damaged ankle and hit the Nasty Splash for the win. He had just bested a world-travelled veteran in the World-Famous CB. I had not expected to see CB get hardcore but he did. Not that it did him any good. Leroy got the win and gets to continue inspiring Nasty Team.

Series of Survival: The Chad (Tye Hyll), Claude Marrow Jr (Ruckus), Tony Deppen & Vampyro (Façade) defeated Fourth of July Blunt Guy (Steve Sanders), C-Spot (Everett Connors), Ayden Alexander (Dante Leon) & Nolan Edward via Money Clip on C-Spot

Next up was the big eight-man Series of Survival match. Once again it became a battle of generations as veterans and The Chad took on the new generation. Ruckus was back for the first time in forever and we were no doubt going to get more pyromania from Vampyro. They opened with blunt lighting and Marrow showed his thanks by double stomping Sanders in the dick. We got a rapid-fire series of one-on-one fights as different members of each team collided, Deppen and C-Spot trading fashion tips. Chaos rang out everywhere as C-Spot and Deppen fought in-ring and everyone else brawled around the backyard. Much like the first match, this was an excellent mash-up of styles as everyone went to war. Marrow Jr was on fire despite being away for so long and pulled out a whole host of innovative flips and Cutters. C-Spot hit the world’s cutest destroyer and The Chad hit something indescribable into Deppen’s knee. Bodies flew everywhere and Vampyro took out everyone with a scaffold dive. Everyone hit cutters and Vampyro nearly kneecapped Sanders with a springboard 450 to his legs. He nearly set Edward on fire but Edward blocked with a door and the pair fought up a water slide. They both fell down it and fought in the pool. More rapid-fire wrestling took place in the ring and Marrow hit a moonsault dropkick into a trashcan and C-Spot’s face. The Money Clip followed and Marrow had won the match. This was a fucking mess in the best way with everyone taking horrific spots and bumps for the spirit of the backyard. Ruckus hasn’t missed a beat and everyone here got the chance to shine amidst the wreckage.

Dexter White (Atticus Cogar) defeated Otis White (Otis Cogar) via Tube Cabin Brain Haemorrhage

We were going old-school now as we got a retelling of the Kane vs Undertaker feud by the Cogars. Otis was Undertaker, Dexter was Kane. The brothers of deathmatch destruction were about to have a backyard implosion. Otis started strong with rapid punches and Snake Eyes into a running elbow. Otis missed the apron leg drop and Dexter took him out with a Suicide Dive. A door was set up and Dexter cut off Otis with a palm strike. He trapped Otis in the roads and skewered him with decorations. Despite the weapons stabbed in his head, Otis swatted away a chair and slammed Dexter down with a Chokeslam. Otis got revenge on Dexter with a razor and Dexter gave Otis a chair to the face. A headbutt battle broke out on the apron and Otis broke the door with the Last Ride. A glass pane entered the mix and Dexter hammered red skewers into Otis’ head. Otis was unphased and muscled Dexter into the Tombstone through the pane. That got two so Otis had a tube cabin brought out. They fought up on the scaffold and Dexter fought off another Last Ride with a low blow and Chokeslammed Otis through the cabin. Otis kicked out at one so Dexter hit the Brain Haemorrhage onto the remains of the cabin for the win. He didn’t look happy to have killed off his brother but at the end of the day, a win is a win, and Otis would have killed him too. This entered deathmatch territory and once again provided something fun and unique. Otis going full Undertaker was entertaining as hell and the pair told an interesting little story as they went.

Pizza Cat Jr defeated Darc Angel (Marcus Mathers) via Roll-Up

It was time for the new generation to go to war again as Darc Angel took on Pizza Cat Jr, who looked an awful lot like Billie Starkz. They would no doubt have fun mixing it up around the backyard as they tried to score a win over one another. Pizza Cat wanted belly rubs but Angel wasn’t playing along. Pizza Cat was trying to have fun whilst Angel tried to be brooding and edgy. The Cat had claws and the better of Angel until he dropped her on her head with an apron DDT. They brawled around the outside and Angel threw snaps at Pizza Cat. The snaps went everywhere and Angel Liger Bombed Pizza Cat into the pool. Pizza Cat got revenge with a pool door Suplex and Mouse helped her out of the pool. The backyard brawling continued and things got hardcore. They fought to the swings and Angel used them to kick the hell out of Pizza Cat. Jody the Lifeguard tried to keep them out of the pool so the pair fought to the waterslide instead. Pizza Cat threw Mathers down the slide but he caught her with a right hand as she rode the slide in celebration. Pizza Cat tried to drown Angel and stabbed him up with one of those decorations. They both took each other out with a double trampoline clothesline and Angel survived an onslaught to hit a Tombstone through a door. Pizza Cat rolled through the pin attempt and won with a roll-up snatching a victory from the jaws of defeat. Well, this was a wrestle-stop tour of the backyard venue and had the pair smashing each other off anything not nailed down. It was all good fun and a rough and tumble match for two of the younger stars in the company.

Emanon (Jimmy Lloyd) defeated JJ Escobar via Door Platform Finlay Roll

Last but not least, the main event. Emanon was ready to take part in the annual JJ Escobar killing. The front-runner of P.O.R Wrestling had been gracing the backyard for the past events and was blown up by SHLAK last year. This time Emanon was going to see if he could up the ante. They opened with a firework duel and El SHLAKO hopped in to help Emanon. SHLAKO and Emanon slammed back some beers and Emanon spanked Escobar with a snapping tennis racket. Emanon broke flaming tubes on Escobar’s back and attacked him with a weed whacker. He looked to recreate the great burning of Escobar’s junk but Brett Lauderdale stopped it. That didn’t stop Escobar from setting Emanon’s dick on fire and hitting him with the weedwhacker. Emanon kicked out at two after that and got thrown into the pool. They battled towards a car and Emanon bounced Escobar off the pool. Emanon tried to run Escobar over with a car and chased him towards the horsebox. The crew set up a platform of doors and the pair fought atop the horsebox. They both crashed through the doors with a Finlay Roll and Emanon got the win. Emanon wasn’t done though and locked Escobar in the horsebox. A whole load of fireworks went off inside it and the fans cheered at the potential death of Escobar. Happy fourth of July everyone!

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