Welcome back to ChocoPro and to a very special episode. We break from the OOAK Tag League to drop into the Michinoku Pro Wrestling Dojo for a special crossover event. It would be the best of ChocoPro taking on some of the best of Michinoku Pro. Gatoh Move and Michinoku Pro are no strangers to each other but this was the first time they’d collided on the ChocoPro screen. There were two matches as Emi Sakura teamed up with Mei Suruga against Chie Koishikawa and Koji Kawamura and Baliyan Akki went solo against MUSASHI. It was time to see who stood tall when ChocoPro clashed with Michinoku Pro.

Mei Suruga & Emi Sakura defeated Chie Koishikawa & Koji Kawamura via Apple Cut Mutilation on Koishikawa

Up first was a mixed tag bout as Emi Sakura and Mei Suruga put the Queen gear on once again to team up. The Apple Queens were in for a tough challenge though as they were facing Suruga’s long-time rival Chie Koishikawa and Koji Kawamura of Michinoku Pro. Was he going to be able to match Koishikawa’s energy level and work with her? Koishikawa opened with her running wrist escape on Suruga and escaped the ride to lock on an early Guillotine. They kept their technical battle going on the mat and Suruga ran two sets of ropes to take Koishikawa on the ride. The pair tagged out and the veterans took over. They locked up and Sakura’s shoulder started troubling her. She got pissed and started going after Kawamura’s injured shoulder, throwing in scratches and chops for good measure. She threw the rules out with gut punches and got dropkicked for scratching Kawamura again. He tagged and Koishikawa dragged Sakura around the mat. She used the rolling leg drop to get the bow and arrow and got backed into the wrong corner. Suruga took over and gave Koishikawa a kicking. Kawamura came to the save but Suruga scared him off. Koishikawa tried to use the distraction for a roll-up but only got two. Sakura kept the bullying of Koishikawa going with hair pulls, tosses, and a hanging submission. Suruga came in to be cute on purpose but Kawamura broke it with a jump-scare. Koishikawa kept trying to take control but Sakura came in, pulled her hair, and used the ref as a human shield. Sakura took full advantage of this and attacked Koishikawa with her mic stand. The Apple Queens performed a live idol performance whilst locking in an Abdominal Stretch and milked it for as long as they could, the ref eventually breaking it up. Koishikawa had had enough and chopped free but couldn’t land the dropkick as Sakura caught her leg. She got it on the second attempt and finally made the tag.

Kawamura came in energised and hit a back elbow, then repeatedly ran the ropes to deliver a spinning one too. Sakura slapped and clawed free of a Crab but Kawamura took a page out of Koishikawa’s playbook and dragged Sakura around the mat. He kept dropping elbows and had his flow interrupted by an angry Suruga. They had a JoJo’s style strike-off and Kawamura jump-scared Suruga off the apron. Sakura did the same to Kawamura and the pair hit him with a double team hanging double chop. They destroyed him with knees and got taken out by a double dropkick. Sakura was right back up and nailed Kawamura with the Twisting Facebuster. She tuned up the band and took him out again with We Will Rock You. Suruga belted him with the Super Mei Punch and tried for Lucifer but Kawamura fought out. Suruga got it on a second attempt, hopping on his back for leverage. Kawamura spun her off and blocked a Cazadora to nail her with a Suplex after a barrage of forearms. Kawamura struggled over to a tag and Koishikawa unleashed a chop and a dropkick. Suruga fought off the Muffler but Koishikawa downed her with another violent chop. Demon Chie gave chase but Suruga rolled to the apron to save herself and rolled through the ropes to deliver a dropkick of her own. The Apple Cut mutilation was cinched in but Koishikawa wouldn’t quit so Suruga slammed her into the mat. Koishikawa tried for another quick roll-up but Suruga kicked out and broke Koishikawa’s spine with a double stomp and springboard splash. Sakura and Kawamura ended up fighting with Sakura eating a dropkick and Koishikawa using the chaos to hit a diving chop. Kawamura missed a moonsault and the pair punished them both with a Transformer rolling senton. With time running out, Suruga locked on the Apple Cut Mutilation again and took the win. Koishikawa and Kawamura had proven to be an excellent unit but experience trumps all and the Apple Queens stood tall this day. What a match though, pure anarchy crossed with excellent wrestling and Kawamura fitting right in with the ChocoPro formula.

MUSASHI defeated Baliyan Akki via Frog Splash


The main event of today’s episode was Baliyan Akki vs MUSASHI in a battle of the ones who fly. Akki was hoping this match right here would open doors as he was battling the next contender for the Michinoku Pro Junior Title. MUSASHI wasn’t going to slouch here though so Akki was in for a fight. They opened with a technical exchange with both guys trading momentum and holds. The pace picked up and Akki took out MUSASHI with a dropkick. MUSASHI dragged him down by the hair and ran him into the buckles. MUSASHI dismantled Akki with sharp elbows and brutally ground him down with face stomps and a chin-lock. Akki tried to chop back but MUSASHI just slammed him back to the mat. The abuse continued with a corner choke and turnbuckle trapped dropkick. A slugfest broke out and Akki sent MUSASHI outside for a tope con Hilo. He took out MUSASHI again with a Missile dropkick and a corner splash. MUSASHI fought out a Backbreaker but ended up back in the corner for more dropkicks and a knee. The pair went counter crazy and MUSASHI hit a corner forearm into an Exploder. Akki kept his wits about him but was quickly knocked back out with a basement dropkick. MUSASHI remained relentless but Akki started slugging back, dodging a step-up enzuigiri to lock in his Deathlock.

Akki kept trying to break MUSASHI’s legs and slapped him down to keep the pressure up. He tried for the Namaste Splash but MUSASHI stunned him on the top rope and after a little back-and-forth brought Akki crashing down with an arm-drag. MUSASHI tried to end things with a Frog Splash but got nothing but knees. Both guys were getting counted out so they slowly rose to their feet and hammered each other in the neck. The slugs became chops and Akki started throwing kicks in too, winning the exchange with a thrust kick. He climbed to the top for a 450 but MUSASHI dodged and drilled Akki with a superkick. Akki tried for a roll-up and nailed a Backbreaker but MUSASHI hoisted him up into a Michinoku Driver. That got two so he hit a Half and Half Flatliner and still only got two, Akki refused to die. MUSASHI climbed to the top one final time and got the win with a Frog Splash. Wow, this was an excellent match. There were no gimmicks or comedy, just 15+ minutes of pure wrestling action. The pair went from being too cool for sportsmanship to shaking hands which I think is only fair like that. The grand totals were 1-1 to each company but as always, the real winners were the fans who got to watch.

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move, FlyingVTrigger, DOGU Video courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube

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